the final call


“Ajusshi, Who Are You?”


Jessie Mueller’s Final Curtain Call in Waitress

victuri-oh-nice  asked:

“Geez, thanks, I thought you’d be happy,” he said, jokingly.

‘Yura,’ Otabek whispered, coming out of his shock and finally inviting Yuri inside his apartment in Almaty. ‘Sorry, I was just surprised to see you… here.’

‘Well, get used to it cause I’m going to be here for two weeks!’ his bright smile was enticing, making Otabek move without realising. ‘Beka?’

Otabek grabbed him by the chin, gently, bringing their faces impossibly close, and then stopped, giving Yuri a moment to make the final call.

Thank you for the sentence! I totally assumed that it was Otayuri! I hope that’s alright! :)

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ishidaisatroll  asked:

Yes! The Goddess Leader is female!! Wasn't expecting that in Nakaba question guessing that was your ask? Finally we can call the Goddess Leader Queen.

Man Nakaba was on a fire with his Q&A this chapter.

Which one is yours?

Would been nice if he answered if last Archangel is female or male as well. Oh well just glad we got confirmation the Leader female! Especially considering we saw quite a few male goddesses in this flashback. With 3 of them being Archangels. With Nakaba confirming Sariel being older than Elizabeth, I’m pretty sure the unknown Archangel being her older sister/brother.

Yeah, the one with the goddess leader (or should I say queen?) is mine! He really answer a lot of asks in this chaptert, probably because he had so much space or maybe he just wanted to get a few questions out of his stack of questions. Maybe he stores them somewhere lol.
I think the reason why he only mentions the goddess leader being female is that the last Archangel is male and this not worth mentioning because of that. 


We call everything on the ice “love”. (GET MATCHING ITEMS ON REDBUBBLE! ;) )

I kinda just want them to go on roadtrips and be happy together

So we can take the world back from a heart attack
One maniac at a time we will take it back (x)

Casual reminder that this is the FIRST TIME Isak has complimented Even on his physical features.



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