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Here we go for the english version! I will post it later directly on Tumblr!

Hope you’ll like it!

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Something I noticed

After watching the promos eople have been wondering what the hell happened to glossaryck, but if you look closely you can see the strings and notice that this glossaryck is made out of cardboard. Some speculate it’s a trap, but it looks like it’s part of the episode “face the music” with that little princess puppet we where shown in it’s promo

We don’t know what’s gonna happen to glossaryck though, he mentioned he “doesn’t have a side” but still we can never be too wary

Ludo: Glossaryck?

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Allura vs Korra


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Okay now while Allura is Physically stronger than Korra with her ability to Morph into other species and how she manhandled Zarkon’s Hench Man on his spaceship when sneaking on.

And while she had that BADASS FIGHT against the Witch and her men on the Season 2 finale

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I’d give the slight edge to Korra because Korra has all the elements on her side and is more of a Brawler MMA Fighter

also when she unleashes her Avatar State she becomes a force of nature and could overwhelm Allura by using Earth, Metal, and Air.

Gotta go with Korra there since she’s more of a combatant 

down in the dumps- very quick announcement!

something that was really bothering me, and had been bothering me for a long while, was the way that i wrote the third chapter of Down in the Dumps. I had gotten some stinging amounts of mail all demanding updates as well as a lot of pressure in my day to day life, and doing what i thought was best, i took to my computer, wrote something and submitted it as was.

fuckkkk was i upset with it.

i didn’t like my style, the plot, or the content. and the storyline felt forced and contrived.

this was meant to be a fun project for me to persue, and with the amount ofmean things that were being said everyday about why i wasn’t working harder or what they did/didn’t like, i wasn’t following my own ideas and perspective for this story and wrote something i wasn’t happy with.


i’ve deleted chapter three (not chapters 1 or 2!), and i’m going back to do it again. i’m going to do my best to have it up ASAP. but whatever it will be, it will be more to what iwant to write and how i want to write it.

this story is my form of catharsis! it’s how i get through my day, by jotting down things in notebooks.

so that’s what i’m going to go back to doing! letting it be my project (and ignore the most frequent of steaming messages in my inbox). i’ll put up a chapter i like and then continue from there!

i have more written! but the anxiety of that chapter and my own daily responsibilities of school and family life were holding me back from publishing anything else. now that i’ve taken that step and deleted that chapter, i can start fresh! and i can have a better perspective of why i started this in the first place!

to those who have stuck with me, thank you! it means the world. and hopefully now, with this major anxiety troll off my shoulders, i can start writing more frequently again! you’ve all be so wonderful and i appreciate it. so bear with me!

(chapter 1 and 2 are still up, and if my plans go right, the third chapter will be up in a week or two! followed by the fourth!)

thank you again to all my incredible friends for their amazing support! y’all are the best!

Remember how Eurus seemed to have her little game set up to go on indefinitely, like there was clearly an end set up, but she was going to see how long she could drag it out, and only skipped the the final level because Sherlock stopped playing by her rules, and made her play by his.

When do we take over and make them play by our rules? I’m tired of playing by theirs.

hello, toffee

Ah yes the foreshadowing in svtfoe is so subtle, really takes a trained eye to catch, you probably wouldn’t get it


ask vivandk a question

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1) I can play the ukulele and I’m trying to learn the piano so that I can finally play kpop songs

2) I can eat Brussels sprouts like potato chips. I will fight anyone who says that they don’t like Brussels sprouts and invite them over to dinner and serve them Brussels sprouts and I won’t let them leave until they’ve converted into Brussels sprouts lovers.

3) I’m extremely clumsy and oblivious to my surroundings. The first day I had chemistry lab, I knocked over a beaker that was half full of lead nitrate and tripped down the staircase in front of what seemed like the whole student population.

4) I love love LOVE plants !!

5) I hate talking in front of people and I forget how to say words when I’m put in the spot light.

I’m going to tag @cmimiu @kallianofdiabolos @17-bts-fairytales @lance-lance-revolution @mari-flower-dl and anyone else who’d like to!! Totally chill if you don’t want to do it, though :>

4,000 Celebration!

I’m so close to 4,000 followers! I seriously never thought that I would have so many people read my writing, much less like it. I’ve spent a while thinking about how to celebrate and I finally decided!

I have 2,577 songs on my iPod (without the instrumental ones) so as soon as I get those last 12 followers, I’m going to open a Special 4,000 Followers Drabble Requests! The songs are all in a playlist, sorted alphabetically by title. 

Send me a number between 1 and 2,577, and a sentence that you want me to use in the drabble and I’ll write something based off the song!

Think of the possibilities. Whatever sentence you send me could have absolutely nothing to do with the song at all and you’ll get some sort of super interesting, convoluted drabble. Or fate could be shining and the sentence and song could be absolutely perfect in every way!

Sentences can be anything

  • Dialogue (”She said that about me?) 
  • Description (The walls were freshly painted a terrible shade of orange) 
  • Thoughts (Stop talking to yourself! People are gonna think you’re crazy) 
  • Actions (The room started spinning…)
  • And More! 

So send that number (1-2577) and send that sentence!! (EDIT: 13, 16, 26, 38, 548, 1979, 1991, 1999, 2571  already requested)

So after retrying the Mysterious Tactician special nap several times, I finally got the 2 star female Robin.

Which means I’ve now achieved my goal since day 1.

I can finally make a team composed entirely of my units.

(I am so happy right now, I don’t even care that it’s gonna take a while to get her to the same level as the other three.)

I’ve been wondering since the season 2 finale of Race to the Edge why Viggo is the one that is in charge of the dragon hunters. Ryker, being the oldest, should have been the heir to the throne, but until the season 4 finale we constantly see him following Viggo’s orders, and there was no doubt that Viggo was the one ruling the tribe. This had me stumped for the longest time, but I think I’ve finally come up with a theory. One way I could see this happen is if Viggo was a legitimate heir while Ryker was not. Maybe they’re half-brothers. I know, genetic-wise they don’t seem that way, but genetics can be funny like that sometimes. If this theory isn’t true, then I still have absolutely no idea how Viggo, the younger brother, was the ruler of their tribe.

Massive Boss battle guide post

sigh these videos and posts are good

I recently did the julius fight and I was just so lazy and just beat him without real explanation but it made me want to make this big video guide to help everyone soon for 1.5 + 2.5

*by clicking you will be brought to post with massive text guide and video guide.

Lingering Sentiment KH 2 Final Mix +

Data Xemnas KH2 Final Mix +

Sephiroth KH2 

Ice Titan KH FM

Mysterious Figure KH1 

Sephiroth KH1

Julius KH3D (didn’t make a guide post but will soon)


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Can you explain how the overall fan reaction was after the Book 2 finale? You've said people were writing Bryke letters to change the story to Zuko not going bad. I was a kid when I watched this episode on TV so I didn't understand the impact this had to the whole fan base but I know that me and my friends were really sad and even as 7-8 year olds we were really confused as to why Zuko had gone bad all of a sudden when he was good and happy throughout the whole Book!

It was a pretty harsh backlash. It wasn’t like before where he made mistakes like yelling at his uncle or stealing the ostrich horse, where you could see that he was still struggling and confused. This was his uncle who had been with him for the whole show, nursed him through his fever, and they had just opened their tea shop and Zuko was so happy. A lot of people stopped liking Zuko altogether after that. Especially since everyone loved Iroh. The entire perception of his character was radically different.

This was before Book 3, so we never saw Zuko doing anything so bad before. No Combustion Man, or anything. We saw him as a normal person, like after his date with Jin. Most people never saw Zuko as really bad or a true villain but then after that, many people did. I remember people just being incredulous that Zuko would have done that and saying that it made no sense that he just instantly trusted Azula after she lied to him before. Most people were incredibly shocked since there was no foreshadowing that he was capable of being so cold to his uncle.

A lot of his fans were just very depressed and dreading Book 3 and they were very vocal in their unhappiness. He was the most popular character, so a lot of people were very upset. I also noticed that a lot of people sort of lost interest in his character arc, because they had been building him up to be good for so long and then it just fell flat. People were expecting some kind of exciting payoff to all the development, and what happened was very anti-climactic. They make him go so far backwards after he had come so far being good. There wasn’t as much enthusiasm for his character after that. A lot of people will say it is a great plot twist nowadays, but that was definitely not the reaction I saw back then. Most people were getting bored with Zuko or they hated him.

Personally, I think it was a horrible plot twist and Zuko’s arc would have been far more interesting and engaging if they had actually built on his awakening instead of tearing it down. I always knew Zuko was going to join the GAang and it felt like they were just trying to be tricky and I honestly found it cheap. Zuko’s betrayal never really felt like a natural thing, but a way to artificially take things in an unexpected direction, at the expense of valuable character development.

Here is a quote from Bryke when they were asked about his choice:

RM: Can you speak at all to Zuko’s decision in “The Crossroads of Destiny”? He’d agreed with Iroh that Azula was psycho and had to be taken down, he’d been burnt literally by her, and then ‘boom’ he betrays his Uncle.

BK: When you study Eastern philosophies, the ego is a really tough enemy or antagonist. Again, we like to treat our characters very realistically. In real life, people have moments of great weakness, usually tied in with the ego. Your siblings can push your buttons. I have four siblings, a brother and three sisters, and no one can get you like your siblings. Azula knew ALL the right buttons to push to play at his weaknesses, parts of his ego which were susceptible to her. She did it well, and it was a moment where he just tasted this thing which he’s wanted and focused on, obsessed over, for so long. I think it was very realistic.

MDD: A lot of people were not happy with his choice. Actually, I thought that made it an awesome episode, that people felt that betrayed by him…which is how the kids felt.

RM: I’ve seen the letters posted on your wall asking for you to rewrite it.

MDD: You know it’s done for a reason. I think Zuko just had to go through that to eventually come out where he’s going to. He’s got a good side in him, we’ve seen it. It’s just this other side is still banging on the door. Keeps getting in and messing him up.

BK: Mike and I and Aaron and the writers…everybody…we want this to be entertaining. We want it to be fun to watch and exciting and emotionally engaging. But we certainly try to stay away from just being tricky, just for the sake of crazy twists to fool people. We really talk about these decisions. Even though we’re trying to be entertaining, sometimes there are different perspectives. Sometimes you have to take your medicine. There are great movies I love where something harsh happens that upsets me, but later you come to understand it really needed to happen for the story they were trying to tell. It wasn’t easy to swallow, but it makes for a better story. That’s the case here. You know, people have big reactions, but we’re unrattled. This is the story we’re telling.

I just find it interesting that they didn’t want to upset 7-year-olds by not having Aang end up with Katara, but they had no problems upsetting kids by making Zuko, the most popular character, go bad. They even happily bragged that kids felt betrayed by him and how it made the episode awesome. I always got the impression that Bryke didn’t like Zuko because of things like this, even when I first read this quote back in 2007.  And I cannot help but feel that part of their love for the episode and Zuko’s decision was not because it made for a better story, but because it killed Zutara. I always thought that their explanation for why he betrayed his uncle made no sense, and I felt even more strongly about that after I saw what they did with Zuko in Book 3.