the fillmore silver spring

Not kpop related but, I work right next to a pretty popular concert venue and a lot of big name bands perform at it all the time. I had seen that one of my favorite rock/metal/alternative/whatever you wanna classify them as bands, Pierce The Veil was performing today and when I pulled into the parking lot and saw all of their buses I couldn’t help but scream in my car. I’m so upset I can’t go to the concert but still hella cool that they’re literally within yelling distance of my office.

Photo of the Day: Doctor Sung of TWRP (opening for Ninja Sex Party) — The Fillmore Silver Spring — October 3rd, 2016 [x]


Tonight was magical 🔥🎉👏🏼 #piercetheveil #ptv (at The Fillmore Silver Spring)

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Photos of the Day: Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge (Fortress Tour, Spring 2014; The Last Hero Tour, Winter 2017 and Spring 2017) and Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators (World on Fire Tour, Spring 2015) — Rams Head Live!; The Fillmore Silver Spring; The Hippodrome (Baltimore) — April 21st, 2014 [x]; May 13th, 2015 [x]; February 10th, 2017 [x]; May 9th, 2017 [x]