the file data is destroyed

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I can just see the Resistance base after watching the videos of Eon. Leia doesn't know if she wants to see more videos of her granddaughter but decides they really should ensure if there is anything valuable. If not she'll see more of her granddaughter. Can she really lose? Apparently she can, when before the visual even kicks in the audio has groaning and seductive words, Kylo praising Hux for how tight he is. - A Force slip later and the data file is destroyed.

Imagine instead of turning it off upon Leia’s loud orders, Poe accidentally turns the volume up and the sound of General Hux’s moans and Kylo’s lustful praises get blasted around the base!!!!

(Young Justice) Beast Boy x reader

Summary: You and Bart time traveled to the past together and stuff happens with you and Beast Boy at first meet.

(BTW: Sorry for the bad grammar and spelling, I’m just going off what I remember hearing in the episode …


(Year 2056, February 28th)

“Are you sure this is going to work, Bart?” you asked.

“Of course it will, don’t worry.”



(40 years earlier, in the past, February 28th)

“Decryption Completed” “Translation Completed” 

“Is that the Krillitane intil?” Robin asked.

“What Krillitane intil!?” Beast Boy wondered.

Nightwing started explaining everything, “The data files M’gann and John recovered on Molina Island before it was destroyed” he said.

“ey noted.”

“Apparently the krollatanians (plz don’t kill me i dont remember how to spell it) were snatching humans to use as, guinea pigs.” “They were hoping to find something, something inside us” 

“What?” Robin asked again.

“There’s no English word for it, the nearest translation for it is, meta-gene.”

“What’s a meta-gene” Questioned Robin.

“Never met a gene I didn’t like” Beast boy nudged Robin.

Then the conversation got interrupted by the computer machine thingy. (I’m not smart) 

“Warning unknown energy impulse detected”

Then there was a bunch of noise like lightning and thunder and something came in the room.  

Nightwing started backing them all up to get away from it. 

Bart then jumped out and shouted, “TADAAA” 

“Intruder Alert, Intruder Alert.”

“Computer, lock down cave” Nightwing demanded.

“Well, I think we found our unknown energy impulse.” Beast Boy said.

“Impulse? That’s so CRASH!” “Catchy dramatic, one word” Bart said quickly then speeding over to every one of them.

“Like Nightwing, and robin, and Beast Boy” “Except that’s two words, Blue Beetle two words, hey is he here too!?” Bart then sped away. 

“Nevermind, Impulse can find that out for himself” He then laughed and ran off againnnn.

“WAIT YOU IDIOT” You shouted and then jumped out of the machine.

(Did I mention you have cat ears and a tail and that when you get mad you turn purple and can change into any cat like a cheetah, lion, a house cat, etc. ?)

“Who are you!?” asked Nightwing, getting in a fighting stance.

“ugh, don’t worry about me, I’ll just stay here while you go get him.” 

“How can we be so sure?” Robin asked, crossing his arms.

Nightwing then grabbed some handcuffs and put them on you and sat you down. “Beast Boy, watch her!” 

Then Nightwing and Robin went after Bart.

You then sighed.

“Hi” you said to Beast Boy, “You know your my favorite!”

“What are you talking about?” He stared at you.

“My favorite superhero dummy.”

“Oh… Noted.”

“So where you from?”

“40 years from the future…” You said.

“I don’t believe you.” he sat by you, trying to see if you were lying.

“Gonna have to, me and Bart just came out of a machine and Nightwing is probably going to do a DNA test on us… Bart is The Flash grandson.” 

“Wait, What!?” 

(Few minutes later) 

“And there goes Bart” 

“… I still can’t believe your name is Dick” giggled Garfield.

“It’s Richard. . “ Dick sighed.

“So who are you the granddaughter of?”

“Oh I was made in a lab, I don’t really have parents.” your ears flattened on your head sadly.

“CAN I PET YOUR EARS!?!?!” Garfield asked eagerly.



“Fine…” you gave up.

“Well, while you all watch her, I’m going to call Wally and do a DNA test.” Dick said while leaving.

“OH MY GOSH SHE PURRS!!!” “YOUR SO CUTE!!!” said Garfield cuddling into you and kissing your face.

Out of Focus - Part 1(A Persona Series Fanfiction)

“Out of Focus” - Part 1: August 2014

Fandom: Persona

Genre: General

Characters: Mitsuru Kirijo, Wakaba Isshiki(mentioned), Fuuka Yamagishi(mentioned)

Summary: Mitsuru Kirijo was no stranger to compromises. She had lived her whole life with them, always shackled by rules. It was the reason she believed herself to be more than capable of dealing with them.

I jokingly announced this fanfic in a post before, under the mock-title “Frustration”. It is basically going to cover my theories on what the casts of previous Persona Games were doing before and during the events of P5. This is a non-betaread version of the first chapter, so excuse any typos. A better version will come eventually. 

Severe Spoilers for Persona 5.

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MIA (part three)

Series summary: When your husband Bucky goes missing while on a mission, you decide to suit up and go find him.

Bucky x reader. ANGST /FLUFF/LOTS OF ACTION. Word count: 1183

TW: Significant other is missing in action, torture, reader kicking some serious Hydra ass

A/N:  This is part three of a multi-part series. If you’d like to be added to my tag list so you know when I upload new fics, just let me know!

Missed a chapter? Check out part two here

After what seemed like a lifetime, you reached an area of Siberia a few miles away from the Hydra base Bucky was supposed to have broken into. The jet would’ve attracted too much attention, so the three of you put on some jackets that had been stored in the jet and started walking.

“So, what’s the plan when we get there?” asked Sam.

“Well, we—“ began Steve, before you interrupted him.

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