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Tenka Moon Chapter Fujibayashi Genya Preview

Note: I’m sorry for any wrong and off translation since I’m a learner, please correct me for any mistakes *bow* And I translate without knowing the context before I’m playing, so there are potential mistakes somewhere~


Fujibayashi Sakuya
Sarutobi Sasuke
Fujibayashi Genya
Hattori Hanzo
Kirigakure Hotaru
Narukami Kyoichiro

“……If you have any trouble, come to Oshu.”

The man with eyepatch who helps you…

Genya [ Don’t you also aware you are going to be dealt with? “Nuke shinobu“-san = “Runaway/fugitive ninja”-san ]

(Note: I’m not sure about the context since I don’t read until this point yet, so subject to edit on [ 始末されて = shimatsu sa rete ] since it has lots of meaning -_-)

The older brother from twins childhood friend, Fujibayashi Genya

Genya [ Thank you for taking up troublesome tasks every time~ ]

Sakuya [ I cannot entrust the job to rokudenashi = good-for-nothing like you. ]

Genya [ Choose the way of living yourself, alright? ]

Genya [ It’s impossible for me, since it’s too troublesome. ]

Genya, the strong and reliable older brother. The twins were in good terms.

Everything is different from within memories.

However, while living together in Oshu…

Genya [ Still, an older brother protects his younger brother at any times. ]

His way to protect his “important things” as he becomes an adult.

Genya [ …I feel as if wanting to live as you are, as you want, but my intention would put me in a very difficult situation/position. ]

Genya [ After all, I am a bird inside a cage. ]

Hidden face of rokudenashi, the incomprehensible feeling.

Sakuya [ If you have intention to betray Iga, you would be dealt as nuke shinobu together. ]

Genya [ Such thing, I’ll do it with a bang/properly. ]

(Oh, this CG is similar to Shigezane 2nd CG~)

When the time for you to face your real thought for the fiirst time on important things…

Can you release yourself from the sad fate?

Genya [ Mimi, it’s good/alright already. ]

Genya [ …It cannot be stopped already, so come back here. ]

Genya [ Hey, Saku? ]

Opening the path of love for the Shinobi with fate of living in the shadow,


Since I can’t resist a good crack drabble or a prompt event, I came up with a few ridiculous Klaroline drabbles for you to enjoy for April Fools.

If you have any cracky requests I will do my best to write something for you today!

You can thank realynn8 for this one. She wanted some Kol and Caroline bonding, and what better way than over a mutual enjoyment of making Klaus suffer?

Part II


The Destructive Duo


Kol Does Revenge Part I


The Destructive Duo.

Kol named them that, though the others would have chosen more colorful words to describe the two vampiric mischief makers. But Kol said alliteration was more annoying and Caroline couldn’t argue with that.

The Original had originally suggested “The Debauchery Duo,” but Caroline had quickly shot that down. Playing pranks on Klaus was one thing, practically alluding to being some sort of sexual deviant in league with his brother was another. And not one that she had any desire to see the outcome of.

No, Kol and Caroline’s relationship was purely nonsexual; no matter what Kol might try and convince you of otherwise. “You” mostly being Klaus, of course, which irritated the hybrid to no end, which, also of course, was why Kol continued to do so.

But that was the whole point, wasn’t it?

It had all started after Klaus and Caroline’s first major fight after she had moved into the Originals’ home. Klaus had tried to eat one of Caroline’s male ‘study buddies’ and things had just gone downhill from there. There was a lot of screaming and cursing (the non magical kind, of course), vase throwing and door slamming, silent treatments and eye rolling. It went on for weeks before Kol, finally fed up with it all after their fighting interrupted his liveblogging of Big A’s reveal, approached Caroline with a much better solution.


Well, not really revenge as she had always seen it, involving blood and death and things that would ruin your shoes. No, Kol’s idea of revenge was more like an elaborate series of pranks. Thinking on it later, Caroline realized that her definition of revenge would probably change too if those she most sought to rain it down upon were her four immortal siblings who couldn’t be killed (without a lot of effort, of course).

So, pranks it was.

It only took Klaus waking up covered in maple syrup (pure Vermont maple syrup, Kol accepts no substitutes) and ostrich feathers (Kol had said those were a bitch to procure) and Caroline had immediately felt better. Klaus’ sticky and enraged face had been her Facebook icon for months after, his internet humiliation furthering her amusement and curbing his desire to snack on attractive male college students (that Caroline knew about, anyway).

If Kol had ever thought his assistance and their pranking would be a onetime thing, which he certainly didn’t, that thought would have been dismissed the moment her phone snapped the incriminating picture and she asked him what filter looked best.

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A little reminder to people who like to say "Belle never calls out Rumple on his shit"

Umm… Seriously, guys??

Do you remember Belle’s 2nd (!) scene on the show?

This is in the 8th minute of Skin Deep. The very first day Belle met Rumple, and one of their first scenes is about Belle freaking out because Rumple promised her a room but locked her in a dungeon instead. (Though I don’t really know what she was expecting from the Dark One. Yeah, SD Belle was bit naive.) This little scene shows us that from day 1 Belle is not really fond of Rumple’s little habit of toying with words. 

But that’s not the only thing she has problems with when it comes to her man, and she never has problem with giving Rumple a piece of her mind:

From situations where Rumple has some really idiotic lines, like “I didn’t think you’ll miss your family so much”…

…to really serious topics, like tortureing and killing a man:

And of course when he throws her out:

Actuallly this is one the most accurate summaries in two sentences on “what’s the problem with Rumplestiltskin’s personality”. The other one is the “You toy with words. Like you do people." 

Which brings us to their time in Storybrooke:

Actually, I was looking for the ”He attacked me. It most definitely is my concern.“ line, but I couldn’t find a gif with that. 

Edit: Well, this is said to Neal, not to Rumple, but I realized it would be good to put here Belle’s  opinion on the curse too:

I dare you, please tell me again how she never calls out Rumple on what he does?

Soooo… can some people stop talking about how Belle has a double standard because she only called out Regina and Hook on their shit?? (And if you’re wondering why Belle only talked with them about what they did only in S3B, I think it’s quite simple: she told them: in both case that was the fiirst time she stayed alone with them and had to actually work with them, not just tolerate them in the group. Also someone -sorry, I don’t remember who- wrote a very good meta about how Belle only called Regina and Hook out when Rumple was nowhere around -you know, S3B-, because she knows how Rumple would react and she is not going to use him to get revange. That’s just not in her character. Thank God. But this was just a side note.)

What I wanted to say with this post: Belle always  calls Rumple out. From the first moments of their relationship. 

And before anyone starts to scream about how she "brushed off” what Rumple did ti Milah: please go and read this essay, written by the lovley screwballninja here:

I don’t think I could say anything more about that, she summarized that question perfectly, I think. 

All in all: Rellay guys, it’s okay to hate Belle. It’s okay to hate Rumple. It’s okay to hate Rumbelle. But it’s definetley not okay to state false facts. Not cool, guys. That won’t make your argument stronger, it’ll only make you look silly. 

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