the fighting is on all of my dashes

All this Tony hate on my dash is really kinda getting on my nerves.

Let me point it out to you this way: Steve is in Wakanda, trying to figure out what’s going on with Bucky.

Thor and Hulk are tearing shit up in Asgard (probably, we will find out in Ragnarok)

Tony really is the only one getting ready for shit, becausr that’s what he always does. Thanks to his PTSD, he tends to lean more towards the side of paranoia. Of course they are going to focus on him so far, because 1) they just started production. Relax. And 2) He is still the only one running as an Avenger; everyone else is taking care of their own shit.

Tony Stark is just as important as the rest of them, and vice versa. He can’t do it alone, though he’s stubborn and will try. That’s when his friends will come in and sweep in and save his ass. ‘Cause as we saw at the end of Civil War… STEVE IS STILL THERE FOR HIM IF HE NEEDS THE HELP. STEVE SENT A LETTER HIMSELF JUST TO LET TONY KNOW HE IS NOT ALONE.



“There’s no version of your story where you aren’t a hero.” (x)

tell me about the sound a ship makes
when it crashes. the grooves we furrow

into the earth. our cracked glass
and failed transmissions,

the universe conspiring to dash us all to pieces
before we even start.

meanwhile, i will speak to you
about light. how i turn static

when i hear your voice, a billion electrons bursting
to bring you home.  

my god, look at those mountains.
all my dreams are of falling
from some great height.  

perhaps we were always destined for impact.
perhaps this force will kill me, but then

who can blame the acceleration a body experiences
when hurtling towards something

it loves?

—  before the fall (25 m/s2), k.m.
The One With The Taser

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader

Summary: Affected by Allison’s death, Isaac often takes his frustration out on you and after a fight you can’t recover from, you break up with him only to find yourself coming to his aid months later - but helping him comes at a painful cost - at least for him it does.

A/N: ya girl is finally using horizontal split lines for scenes and the keep reading thingy so my writing doesn’t take a million years to scroll past on your dash xx thanks for all the love in my ask recently! 

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Marinette forced herself to smile as Adrien apologized and gave her a pat on the shoulder. “I guess I’ll see you Monday then,” he said.

“See you then,” she said, fighting the tears building in her eyes. She couldn’t feel her legs as he walked away like nothing had happened. Was my confession that meaningless? She thought. All you can do is wish me well with a smile on your face?

She knew that he was affected and was too polite to show it, but was too hurt to care. He has another girl he likes? Who does he like? Another model? An idol he ran into once or twice? Her thoughts continued to swirl as she walked back home.

“Marinette,” Tikki said, flying out of the bag as soon as they got home. “You…” Her voice trailed off as she realized there was nothing to say. Calling Adrien a jerk or a loser would just make Marinette cry harder.

“I’m so stupid!” Marinette cried, collapsing on the floor of her room. “Why did I have to say that? Why did I have to open my dumb mouth and tell him about my dumb feelings?”

Tikki picked up the phone from her backpack and flew it over to Marinette. “Do you want to try calling Alya?” She asked. “Maybe she’ll be able to make you feel better.”

“I don’t think anything can make me feel better,” Marinette sputtered, globs of tears soaking her shirt as they ran off her chin. “I-I-I’m just so stupid,” She said as she choked on sobs.

Tikki flew over and hugged her cheek, wiping away some tears as she did so. “No, you’re not,” Her kwami sighed, “You’re just crushed.”

“I guess that’s why they call it that,” Marinette sniffled.

“Call it what?”

“A crush.” Marinette stood up and crawled into bed. “Sorry Tikki. I don’t think I’ll be doing much superhero-ing today.”

Tikki sighed as she flew over to curl up with Marinette. “It’ll get better. I promise,” She whispered in her young companion’s ear.

I’ll be writing and posting a piece of flash fiction every day this month. Feel free to send me prompts! You can also read this on Archive of Our Own.

I just have this total headcanon now of Satin and Chenille deciding to make an outfit for Branch to celebrate him joining the Snack Pack and being like, “Yes, this is totally going to go with that blue!” and Chenille just pulling back and being like, “Um… I think you mean green?”

And there’s this whole fight and the entire town picks sides and poor Branch is in the middle of it getting dragged around by trolls to look at him in different lighting situations and peeking at his skin and he sees Poppy and just like dashes over to her.

“I almost wish I hadn’t gotten my true colors after all!”

And Poppy having to decree then and there that no one was allowed to decide colors for anyone because True Colors are in your heart and also they needed to back off her man. And Branch is hiding behind her like a scared kid.

  • Arthur: *Looses Merlin in the heat of battle*
  • Arthur: *Yells over the fighting* Arthur Pendragon doesn't deserve to be king
  • Merlin: *magicks his way through a wall and probably most of the army* WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY???
  • Arthur: There he is! Wait Merlin, did you just use magic?
  • Merlin: Noooooo...what makes you say that?

I’ve just followed a bunch of heathen/ pagan blogs. My research for ‘Amber Curse’ has been reintroducing me to my personal spiritual beliefs. I’ve always claimed myself agnostic because I do not believe in any particular religion (a label that was surpisingly easier to hold in a heavily Christian community), but spiritually I’ve always held deep seated pagan/ nature-worship beliefs. Hell, I used to have a shrine specifically dedicated to my practice in middle and high school, pieces of which are still scattered around my room. Between my research reminding me of my personal feelings and the knowledge that there is a growing heathen community in my city, it was probably only a matter of time before I fell headlong back into my spirituality. It’s actually quite comforting.

The only downside to the bellarke fam is we all reblog the same stuff so scrolling through my dash is like “there’s tierney’s roast…oh there it is again. There it is with a gif. bellarke hug bellarke hug bellarke hug. Some fight about stickers or potatoes maybe? ‘BLOCKING ALL OF YOU’….tierney’s roast again.”

Listen, all you folks out there with AvPD: you’re amazing.

Every day, against all odds, you show up on my dash.

You live in a world that has taught you to feel unwanted, defective, unseen. But you keep on existing anyway.

You’re all warriors. And you are beautifully fierce.

Don’t listen to the voices – those around you, or within you – that say you’re weak or incapable. You aren’t. Because every single day, you are here, fighting and winning. Even in the moments that feel empty and unnameable, you are learning and growing and gathering strength.

I see you collecting these little things that feed your soul. Assembling the tools you need, for the hard work of staying alive and being well.

You are astonishing, and brave, and powerful. Someday, you’ll carve out a life where you can finally become yourself.

You are real. You matter. And you’re not alone.

Real talk. I know there has been a lot of politics on here recently. I know most ppl are probably sick of it. I know most of you followed this blog for fandom, which is meant to be an escape from all this reality. 

I know, and I’m sorry.

If it helps, I’m tagging with #us politics if you want to blacklist.

The thing is, this same thing happened in my country when I was a teenager. I have seen how this plays out. I can’t do anything about the situation in the US. I can’t vote. I can’t protest. I can’t call up my representative.

All I can do, is reblog a few posts on my blog that show solidarity with the ppl who are out there fighting this fight – and make no mistake, this is a fight, and the outcome will have global consequences.

Everyone’s dash should be their haven, so if you can’t use blacklist and you can’t deal, no hard feelings if you choose to unfollow.

letsmysticmeessenger  asked:

I got my phone fixed momma and I died without checking tumblr. Also I came back and I'm confused what's all this ship wars I see on my dash? Whatever that doesn't matter love you💖💖

Well, like
we have a new ship
LittleFellows, but Chip deserves better than hands (THIS IS A JOKE)
Me and your mother don’t love each other anymore, until SHE SAYS WHAT SHE NEED TO SAY
I think me, Chip, have to find someone that’ll be ONLY MINE, this will evict fights

pokemon go team leader + professor willow headcannons:

im like a million years late and these have probably all been said already but none of it’s on my dash so im doing it anyway

  • candela’s easy to rile up and sometimes her pokemon have to actually stop her from getting into fist fights with other trainers who mock her
  • spark comes from a rly rural area with not a lot of technology so when he first got internet he got super obssessed and became meme king
  • blanche is genderqueer
  • candela can’t cook without burning at least one thing in the kitchen
  • their respective eeveelution pokemon are bffs
  • spark is lowkey rly overprotective if you say/do a single bad thing to anyone he cares about he will come fuck you up bc his caring nature makes him a mother hen
  • blanche always forgets to eat/shower/sleep when they’re working so the other two get vaporeon to douse blanche in water if they’re working too hard and not paying attention to themselves
  • blanche has gotten waterproof cases for all of their belongings because of this
  • spark is rly bad with directions
  • candela can sing like an angel and she sings blanche, spark, and/or their pokemon to sleep when they can’t sleep
  • candela gives the best hugs out of the trio
  • spark’s the one who does blanche, candela, and professor willow’s hair because he’s learnt a lot of grooming skills from taking care of his pokemon
  • there’s an entire room in their house dedicated to incubating eggs 
  • blanche is bad at receiving unexpected gifts because they always get kinda embarrassed and shy about it
  • candela’s the kind of person to just spontaneously buy something from the store as a gift because it reminded her of blanche or spark
  • spark accidentally called professor willow dad once and he found it rly endearing so now all three of them call him dad to the point where willow even says a shitton of dad jokes and the only who laughs is spark
  • blanche loves cuddles when they’re sleepy
  • candela had some sort of delinquent past (maybe team rocket) but changed her ways
  • professor willow unironically uses ‘xD’ and everyone finds it rly adorable