the fighter still remains

Minimalist D&D in Fours

A while back I started thinking about an extremely simplified version of Basic D&D (which is already extremely simple but whatever) and I was thinking of what classes to keep and which ones to wrap into other classes and it turned out to be a fun exercise. I decided to revisit it now mostly because it was fun but because I started thinking about what other elements of D&D I could condense into just four.

First of all, the four classes: they are Dwarf, Elf, Halfling and Paladin. The Dwarf remains essentially a Fighter with some extra Dwarfy abilities, Elf is still a mix of Magic-User and Fighter, Halfling remains a pint-sized Fighter but also gets to steal some of the Thief’s stuff, while the Paladin is basically a Cleric but more Fighty.

All characters are essentially Fighter types but with some twist on the formula. A part of this desire stems from wanting all characters to have a fighting chance when it comes to combat, but also because all the characters being able to potentially use all weapons and armor opens the field for more interesting choices in terms of equipment.

There are four ability scores: Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom and Dexterity. These are basically the prime requisites of the traditional four core classes, and each corresponds to a certain class (Dwarf is Strength, Elf is Intelligence, Paladin is Wisdom, and Halfling is Dexterity). Constitution and Charisma are simply done away with: your hit points are entirely up to your class, and monster reactions and hireling morale are determined in other ways.

There are four alignments: Lawful, Good, Chaotic and Evil. There’s no Neutral alignment, you gotta choose. Your alignment is basically used as your Charisma to determine monster reactions and hireling morale: for monsters and hirelings that share your alignment you have a +1 bonus to reactions and morale, if they neither share your alignment but are not opposed to it (such as Lawful vs. Good or Evil) you count as having a +0 modifier, and for creatures of opposing alignment (such as Lawful vs. Chaotic) you have a -1.

An important note: while I talked about the Halfling stealing the Thief’s stuff there are no Thief skills. The Halfling might have the best chances at hiding and sneaking, but stuff like picking locks, disarming traps and so on is no longer limited to a single class. At most the Halfling will have a slight edge over other characters in those areas, but Thief skills in general are out.

I’m currently thinking of other game elements that I could reduce to just four: saving throws or defenses; spell levels or number of spells at each level; armor types (cloth, leather, chain and plate) and so on.

This is all dumb but it’s fun thinking about it.

Shance Gladiator AU

I want a A/B/O AU where Shiro is still a Fighter in the gladiatorial arena, and cause he remains undefeated and obedient some rich galra or Zarkon himself gifts Shiro a ‘pet’ omega who happens to be Lance. 

(A/b/o isnt even the focus loool, you can cut it out and it doesnt change the plot at all.)

More on the AU under the cut! (It’s long and more like a story)

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author’s note :hello everyone! ik its been a loooonnnng time since ive written anything but… as u all know… fairy tail is over. my overall rating of the ending is a 6/10. i expected more but at the same time, a lot of it makes sense. in terms of gruvia, i do believe they are a canon couple. BUT, we saw no answer?! the answer that has been hyped up for almost 100 chapters im p sure?! and an “apology” that gray was gonna give juvia?! we never got that either which is suuuuper annoying lmao. but i do believe an answer happened. my hope is that one of these days later on in life mashima releases an omake dedicated to gray’s answer, but, until then, ill have this lmao. i tried to make this as realistic and as little ooc as possible. bc as seen in the last chap, while he is much more open towards juvia, gray is still a grump little tsun. and juvia is still a cutsie doting wifey. SO without further ado, here’s my take on gray’s answer.


For the first time in a very long time, Fairy Tail was at ease. Anyone or anything that was a threat to the world had been defeated. Things were possibly even considered “peaceful” for once. Just the thought of “peace” seemed like a foreign idea, a distant memory that was long gone from everyone’s mind for a long time, but finally, the war was over, and everything was back to normal.

Well, maybe not quite.

While calmness finally seemed to reign over the world, the city of Magnolia, like most of the rest if the country, was in shambles.

Some cities were practically turned to dust, others had some fractions of buildings left, some were completely obliterated and almost unrecognizable to the former townspeople who once called that place their home.

Most of Magnolia, including Fairy Tail itself, still stood proudly.

After all this town/guild’s been through, it was apparent that it was a fighter. Even after a whole war, it still remained in one piece. (Barely).

The first thing everyone did was get to work on repairing the town and the guild. While the guild itself didn’t look too bad, there was still much work that needed to be done.

Just a few days later things were looking much better than before, with the help of everyone from the guild.

Gray however, did not have the guild as his number one priority. Sure, he was putting his heart and soul into fixing the place he loved, the place he and his friends called their home.

But there was just something on his mind that kept bugging him. As if he had unfinished business to attend to.

And every time his eyes landed on Juvia, he was reminded just what that little something in his head was. He promised her an answer, right before the war began. Now that the war was over, he just didn’t know exactly what to do. Hell, he was so stuck he hadn’t even talked to her for the past couple days. As much as he hated to admit it, he was avoiding her.

While Gray was a stubborn man, he wasn’t a stupid one. Especially after this war he knew where is head was at and what Juvia meant to him, but he didn’t know how to put his jumbled thoughts into words.

As he caught himself staring at Juvia as she painted the walls for, well, he didn’t even know how long, he decided to take a break hammering the floor for a second.

“I’m gonna go get some air” He said to Laxus who was hammering with him.

“Sure, Fullbuster. But don’t take all day. We got a lot more work to do.” He harshly reminded Gray as he turned around and began to walk out.

“Yeah, yeah.” He waved his hand and continued for the door, well, where the new door would be going.

As Gray away from the guild, he saw a certain place stick out to him. It was the balcony he and Juvia had their last real conversation. Where he promised her an answer.

But honestly, Gray didn’t know what the answer was. He didn’t even know where to start! How could he put his feelings, his emotions into an “answer”? What would he say? Where would he do it? When? How would he even start the damn conversation?!


All of his questions came to a screeching halt, and any minuscule scraps of a “plan” he had came crashing down.

He jolted up from the edge he’d been leaning on and quickly turned his body around to face Juvia. Just the very sight of her drained everything from his mind. He just looked at her so–so differently now. He saw her in a completely different light yet it seemed so right? And maybe even familiar? As if a part of him had seen her like this all along. It was all so strange but so familiar. He didn’t know what to make of it, or even what to say.

“J-Juvia!? What’re you doing here?”

“Juvia did not mean to frighten you! But–” She stopped and looked to the ground while fiddling with her fingers in her hands. “I saw you leave, so Juvia followed you.” She said more timidly.

“Well, I just came out to get some air. We should head back.” Gray avoided eye contact with Juvia and began to walk back to the guild.

“Oh. O-ok.” Juvia said even quieter, and much sadder.

His mind was practically screaming at him: “What are you doing you idiot!? Now’s your chance! Talk to her!” But his mouth remained shut and his legs kept walking past her.

Maybe he was a stupid man after all.

“No.” He thought to himself.

He planted his feet before he let himself walk too far away from her. Before he let this chance slip away. Because if anyone knew that life was too short, it was Gray. The world could be a cruel place. He might’ve never gotten the chance to speak to Juvia again for all he knew. Juvia could get taken from him all over again, and he would look back at this moment and hate himself for never getting to say what he wanted to say. He was not going to ignore this feeling anymore, because he might never get the chance to express it again.

“Juvia, I wanna’ say something.” He said, sure of himself. But as soon as Juvia looked up at him with those adorable big eyes that were glistening with slightly welled up tears, he lost it all over again. Just why did she have to look at him like that?!

“Yes, Gray-sama?” She asked, more curious than sad, now.

“Well- I- uh–” He looked around and itched the back of his head.

As he stuttered out somer more gibberish, his eyes met Juvia’s again. This time though, her gaze put him at ease. As her head tilted, the azure waves of her hair slightly fell and parted perfectly, just like always. Her slightly puckered and parted lips along with her hooded doe eyes beckoned him. He felt as though his eyes could get lost in the ocean that were hers, and, did she always have such long eyelashes?

“Do you remember before the war? When I–” He paused. The words just were falling out of his mouth, even though he tried his very best to make sense of it all in his head. “–promised you my answer?”

“Oh of course! How could Juvia forget!” She lit up instantly and a natural smile spread across her face. Gray always loved that about her– how the littlest things could always put her in a better mood and make her happy again. As if she wasn’t feeling the opposite just a second ago.

“Well, to be honest,” Gray strolled back over to the ledge and rested his elbows back on the ledge. “I kind of can’t stop thinking about it”

“Oh?” Juvia hastily followed him to the ledge. “Is that why you’ve been avoiding Juvia?”

“Yeah.” He admitted. He turned his head to Juvia. “I’m surprised you haven’t come up to me before today, actually.”

“Juvia figured Gray-sama would talk to Juvia when the time was right. But, it had been days since you’ve even stood in the same room as me. So Juvia decided to come talk to Gray-sama.” She said simply. She then leaned her body over the ledge and placed her elbows on it, just as Gray was.

“I see.” Gray looked back out onto Magnolia.

Before anything else was said, Juvia scooted over and rested her head on Gray’s shoulder. It startled him a bit at first, since Gray was never the touchy-feely type, but he didn’t say anything. He just looked down at Juvia, saw her peaceful smile and closed eyes, and looked back out.

“Juvia’s thankful that you’ve been by her side.” Gray eyes widened a bit, and he looked back down at Juvia, listening to her. “Through it all, you’ve always been there with me, Gray-sama. I’m very grateful to have you.” Gray remembered words very similar to those when he said them a little while ago, in that very same place, right before the war.

“Hm.” He hummed. “Suddenly I have a weird case of Deja Vu.” He huffed a small chuckle.

She lifted her head from his shoulder. “Juvia said those words over and over and over again during the war. It’s what kept me alive, really. It was my spirit. Knowing that Juvia was a help to you, knowing you were grateful for Juvia, knowing Juvia would get an answer after the war was over. It all contributed to my fight. That was my reason for fighting. So that Juvia could remain at your side, helping you, Gray-sama. And then when Juvia took her life for you. And why Juvia did that blood transfusion–” Chills were sent down Gray’s spine as a look of disgust was put on his face. He hated thinking about that day. How he thought he lost her. It was complete agony. “– it was all because I love you.” She looked over and smiled sweetly at him.

“And Gray-sama has been there just the same for Juvia. So, thank you.” Juvia leaned over and placed a cheek on Gray’s cheek.

Gray felt his face warm up, and he knew he was blushing. He looked back out in front of him, slightly embarrassed.

“Well, you don’t have to thank me for something like that” Gray stood up from the ledge, and turned to Juvia, looking at her. “Because I will always be by your side.”

Juvia looked up from the ledge with wide eyes and blushed cheeks. “And I mean that, Juvia.” Gray continued. “I will always be there when you need me and when you’re in any type of danger, or just if you need someone to talk to, even. For whatever you need.”

“Gray-sama…” Juvia said, almost like she was in a daze.

“And- and when you did that blood transfusion, and I thought I lost you… I– I can’t let that happen again. And I’m sorry you had to ever put yourself in that kind of danger for me. So I will be by your side. I will protect you so you’ll never have to do something like that again.” Gray was more serious than ever. Something as precious as Juvia’s life meant so much to him.

“I said I was gonna’ take your feelings seriously, and I mean it. No more uncertainties, no more waiting for answers.” Grays mind was going a mile a minute, and everything seemed to be flowing out of his brain and onto his tongue perfectly. “This is it. Just you and me.” He paused for a moment. “Forever.” He blurted. He was really blushing now.

Juvia stood up straight, across from Gray. “Forever?” She repeated.

“Yeah. Forever.” Gray confirmed with complete certainty and seriousness on his face.

A huge smile took up Juvia’s whole face. “Oh, Gray-sama!” She squealed as she held arms up into their and jumped into his, wrapping her arms tightly around Gray’s neck.

Gray paused for a moment and staggered back, but a smile eventually snuck its way onto Gray’s face as well, and he reciprocated the hug. Juvia continued to squeal and it made Gray chuckle as he wrapped a second arm around her.

“Alright, Juvia you’re kind of choking me.” Gray murmured out as Juvia’s arms slowly got tighter.

“Juvia is just so happy!” She loosened her grip and pulled away slightly to face Gray.

“I can see that.” Gray smirked.

“Well isn’t Gray-sama happy too?” Juvia asked.

Gray paused for a bit. He took a moment to look down at the woman in his arms. It was the woman he’d risked his life for time and time again, the woman who showered him with unconditional love that Gray never knew that he needed, the woman who drove him crazy, the woman who could be so thick at times, but was so clever and smart and knew him better than anyone else, the woman who would do absolutely anything for him, the woman he cared about more than anyone. And he was sure.

“Yeah.” He smiled. “I am.”

Juvia matched his smile with an even bigger one. She fully broke free from his arms and placed her hands on his cheeks as she pulled him in for a much awaited kiss.

Gray was shocked for a good few seconds and wasn’t sure what to do until he finally rested his hands on the small of Juvia’s back and fell into the sweet kiss of the woman that Gray would call his.



Thank you, Hiro Mashima, for bringing this beautiful couple into my life. And thank you for the adventure.

OK, so I'm like 17 and my friends are a lot more immature then I am

i was playing D&D 5e with my friends, specifically the game straight out of the Basic Set (not long after finishing that we switched to a custom ruleset since we couldn’t pay attention.)

Another guy, who was not my friend but was related to one of my friends, was playing with us since otherwise we would only have 3 players. He managed to disgust even us and we had a falling out. He didn’t attend any more games, nothing like that.

So we killed off his Dwarf Fighter, Strong John Thor.

We still possess his remains, stuffed in an urn, to this day. Even though we’re not even playing the same characters.

hockey hell is real and i am in too deep: a rec list

i have read a disgusting amount of hockey rpf in the past few months i am a human disaster

a handful of ships because i’m garbage. sorted by ship, rating within ship, and length within rating. updated 10/1/15

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Culture Shock

Context: The party has just killed a Helmed Horror in a cave and the half-orc fighter starts examining the remains.

Half-Orc: Is the armor still glowing?
DM (Me): No.
Half-Orc: Can I put it on???

I look at the size chart and ask her height and it would fit.

Me: I mean, I guess…
Half-Orc: I put on the armor!
Ranger: Are you sure that’s a good idea?
Half-Orc: The armor is mine now! And the awesome sword!
Me: Okay, you get +2 to AC and intimidation.
Half-Orc: Amazing!
Wizard: Wait wait wait, you’re actually gonna wear the thing that just tried to kill us?
Half-Orc: Yeah why wouldn’t I?
Wizard: Cause it’s literally evil incarnate! It’s gonna possess you or melt your face!
Half-Orc: But I killed it. You kill a thing, you wear the thing!
Ranger: Um what?
Half-Orc: I killed it, I can wear it, I’m gonna wear it.
Everyone else: ……..
Half-Orc: I guess it’s just an orc thing

The Boxer
Bob Dylan
The Boxer

In the clearing stands a boxer,
And a fighter by his trade
And he carries the reminders
Of ev'ry glove that laid him down
And cut him till he cried out
In his anger and his shame,
“I am leaving, I am leaving.”
But the fighter still remains

“but the fighter still remains” – a journeyman playlist

Spotify or videos/acoustic versions:

cold coffee // ed sheeran
stealing cars // james bay
halo // lewis watson
wake me up // ed sheeran
catch you on my way out // finish ticket
the boxer // mumford & sons
unsteady // x ambassadors
ready // kodaline
breathe // rhodes
to build a home // the cinematic orchestra (feat patrick watson)

seventeen reacting to your tattoo.

Scoups: it was a tattoo along your back, saying your favorite quote. “How come I’ve never seen this before!!” he thoroughly approves of this and finds it quite attractive  

Jeonghan: Your tattoo was the words ‘Live long and be free’ written in Mandarin along your ribs “OH! Y/N What does it say” he’d be really intrigued by it and have many questions. 

Joshua: it was a intricate dragon design that wrapped around your shoulder and ended at your hip. “ Jagi!!! did that hurt! is it healed?” he’d be really worried about if you were in pain but he’d find the tattoo its self amazing. 

Jun: on your left side was a flower design that started at your mid side a stopped at you thigh. Would touch it and run his fingers over the design if you let him. “WAHHHH DAEBAK” 

Hoshi: Your tattoo was a quite extravagant Mandala design. it started at your high back and ended at your mid spine. When he first saw this he would gasp because he didn’t think you’d be the type to get a tattoo and a big one on top of that. After he gets past that he’s like a kid at a candy store asking you so many questions. 

Wonwoo: On your back you had tiny birds from you shoulder diagonally to your left rib area and the words ‘i am free’ written there as well. Wonwoo would find this tattoo extremely pretty and delicate. “maybe your next one should be a couples tattoo” he’d say winking even though he’s scared to do it. 

Woozi; your tattoo was a tribal like moon design on your upper rib cage. the first time he saw it he’s be surprised but also so intrigued but its intricate designs. he probably want to touch it but refrain from doing so. in his defense even if he doesn’t say so he really likes it. Might find it attractive this gif has no relevance i just thought it was cute he looks likes a seal 

DK: it was a meaningful quote on your right shoulder blade. His eyes would get all big and he’d rush over to you and take a closer look. he’d tease about how he wants to get one. yeah mhmm sure dk 

Mingyu: it was a small constellation tattoo on your collar bone. he’d find this so so so attractive. He wants to get one but is afraid of pain. When he first sees this he’s going to ask many questions but also go on and on about how attractive/hot it is and it looks really good on you. he’d get really close “what is it”

Minghao: it was a small three bird tattoo on the back of your shoulder. more so then being intrigued by the tattoo its self hell be more intrigued by the meaning of it. “what does it mean jagi” 

Seungkwan: it was at the lower middle of your back and it read ‘ but the fighter still remains ‘ he’d find the ink at the bottom of your back quite alluring. it would have to mean a lot to you in order for you to put it on your body so he’d like to know the reason behind it. 

vernon: it was a beautiful rose with a water paint affect on your ribs. he was shocked to find that you had a tattoo you hated pain but thought it was gorgeous it looked so good on your fair skin. ‘I’ve always wanted one’ he’d touched it like it was glass. 

dino: it was one of those little hamsa hands on the inner heel of your foot he’d be very surprised but so allured by it asking so many questions “oh! is it real?” 

Then I’m laying out my winter clothes
And wishing I was gone
Going home
Where the New York City winters aren’t bleeding me
Bleeding me, going home

In the clearing stands a boxer
And a fighter by his trade
And he carries the reminders
Of ev'ry glove that layed him down
Or cut him till he cried out
In his anger and his shame
“I am leaving, I am leaving”
But the fighter still remains

Lie la lie …

Playing around with MyPaint. What do you think?

Song by Simon and Garfunkel - “The Boxer”

Since the Clowns came back in :Re... (Clowns/Pierrots thoughts)

Below are all the times they’re mentioned in TKG. Actually they’ve been mentioned quite a lot but I guess we didn’t notice how important they were before chapter 143 because they were always spoken as if belonging to the past.

Actually all those moments can help us learn a little more about who they are/were. (Pictures are in order: ch 30, 61, 78, 86, 90, 109, 111, 140 and 143) It’s rather long, sorry.

Hide, a human and that ghoul “expert” know about them, which means they were rather famous.

They were strong/cunning enough to interfere with Yamori and his people (Naki) and he ended up captured by the CCG and tortured because he had information on them.

Hi you two, Itori’s little helpers: Nico to Aogiri and Souta to the ghoul restaurant. You’ll notice she never goes and observes herself, she, as well as Uta, mostly stands in the background and watches or waits for the tale. I doubt the clowns have a true hierachical order, they seem rather free of their moves, so I wonder whether or not Nico and Souta went of their own accord out in the front  or if Itori and Uta still have a “higher rank” and told them to…

Introduction of Roma who was in Kokuria until now, so she definitely belonged to the gang before her arrest and was captured during “the Clowns’ annihilation” by the CCG (otherwise why call her a clown?).

So Arine, Houji, Arima and Hirako are all mentioned having taken part in the « Clown annihilation » but Arima didn’t take them down, since his fight with Yomo was interrupted by Yoshimura so the counter attack with Houji and Arine probably happened a little after.

By the way, Arima was 19 years old “10 years ago” when he fought against the Owl so it makes him 29 by the end of TKG and 32 in :Re. So since he’s 22 in the picture above, then the “Clown annihilation” roughly took place sometimes around 7 seven years ago (by the end of TKG).

I don’t think I have to remind you what Uta and Itori looked like when Arima came to the 4th ward and fought with Yomo, they were teens, probably between 16 and 19 years old.

They’re behind the accident with Rize (no kidding) and started the whole mess with Kaneki. Notice the checkered pattern on Souta’s shirt, same as Uta’s floor and Director Washuu’s. I don’t know if that means anything for the CCG Director but I felt like pointing it out.

Special theory of mine: Rize had a rather distorted sense of humor, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she knew about the Clown gang, or was even a part of it. She traveled a lot, from ward to ward, leaving when it became annoying (example: the 11th ward) like Nico, Roma and Souta. She probably was independent and not really on the Clowns’ side, otherwise why choose her to be in the accident if she was their friend? But I’d bet you she knew them, otherwise why the victory sign and why does Souta stays behind after the accident, as if he wants her to see him and to realize what happened to her?   

I realized recently that all the masks behind Uta are probably the masks of all their former comrades that were killed/captured during the “Clowns’ annihilation”. It makes sense when you realize that each time they were mentioned, the speaker also mentioned “power”, “gang” and the fact they were hard to destroy, which means they were a famous and big gang.
What’s interesting is that everybody in the CCG (+ that ghoul expert) think the Clowns are really destroyed while 5 of them are still having fun behind everybody’s back.

To avoid being chased by the CCG again, they are acting in the shadows, not making any claiming about their actions which means nobody out of Rize (who saw Souta on the day of the accident) and Kaneki (since Itori mentions a clown when she saw Roma’s name) know they exist (maybe Yomo and Yoshimura do but that’s not even sure).
Uta and Itori are seven years older so maybe they gained a little more of maturity and decided it was better to keep a small gang in order to have fun for a longer time.   

I believe the Clowns are Kaneki’s personal nemesis actually. They created the half ghoul, Shiro!Kaneki tortured by Yamori and even Sasaki Haise (since I think they’re behind Anteiku being found out by the CCG (strangely the manager tells Roma Kaneki will come back to Anteiku and a page later, the CCG found out about them) and we all know what it lead to in the end…).
Because of them, Kaneki/Sasaki has been through numerous ordeals but he also has seen all the sides of Ishida’s world (human, nice ghoul, crazy ghoul, CCG investigator). He enjoyed his life as a human, but because of them he also found out he could enjoy a ghoul life (with Anteiku and Touka, Hinami), and now Sasaki seems to have found some happiness with his CCG coworkers (Akira, Suzuya and the Quinxes).I don’t think there will be an end to this story before Kaneki confronts them and he’ll have to choose which life to live.

Final thoughts to keep in mind: we know nothing of the Clowns’ abilities except for Nico’s fast recovering capacity.
About Uta: we never saw his Kagune/Kakuja and he still remains a very good fighter without it. He seems to like cannibalism (so why not the Kakuja form) and he has a weird habit of eating eyes (and dicks) while his own eyes are always on Kakugan mode (someone once mentioned that maybe he tore his own eyes out which is why he has some sort of fascination about eyes?). He managed the 4th ward as a teen because he was the strongest around so I’d say either a SS (since he could take Yomo on) or SSS rank (because if he’s the main villain he’s definitely one of the strongest ghoul of the story; I can totally see him having a double/triple Kagune, like Hinami actually).

About Itori: Yomo told us since the very beginning that there was no way to describe her as well as the fact she likes to use people (and that himself was used once). There are no honorifics between her and Uta (hell, he’s the one calling her “Itori-san” but he also calls Touka that so…) and since Uta said managing the 4th ward was boring, either they’re both leading the Clowns, or she is the one with the most power. However, since she has the 6 tarot card number on her collarbone in chapter 143 as well as the Ying and Yang symbol in her glass, Uta and she are probably equal.
Also, we’ve never seen her fought or her Kagune form (I’d say Ukaku since she always wears shirts/dresses showing her shoulders and scapula in the manga but that’s really guessing with no other hints) and she showed only one Kakugan (chapter 34).
Of course it was when she mentioned the one eyed King the very first time and she showed only one kakugan by closing her other eye. I’m not saying that she’s a half ghoul, but both in the manga and anime she showed to be rather melancholic when she explained about “a human and a ghoul falling in love and their child rarely being able to live” so actually who knows? So does she have one or two Kakugans, I can’t say, but the topic of half ghouls made her melancholic the two times they were addressed. Let me add that it’s almost the only scene they kept similar to the manga whenever Itori was concerned in the anime. I think it means something.

About Nico: amazing recovering capacities (he’s a rinkaku), wants to see something beautiful and was disgusted by Yamori’s violence on the mother and child in the Aogiri arc.

About Souta: he’s the only one we’ve never seen the face of, so I’d say we’ve met him without his mask without knowing it was him (you know that guy Touka mistakes for Kaneki at the university? Well he has a similar haircut in my opinion -> I’m pretty much suspecting everyone right now).

About Roma: enjoys violence and tragedy, and Yoshimura didn’t mention her to Yomo when he entrusted him with Nishiki, Touka and Rize in the last arc, so either he knew about her or he deemed her to be strong enough to take care of herself (at the same time, if he knew about her why letting her work in Anteiku?).

Done. :) At this point, I can’t think of anything else about them. (Feel free to leave some thoughts if you want since we’d rather be ready for whatever jokes they’ll plan in :Re in my opinion…)

Edit: Roma is indeed a rinkaku with 8 limbs (Tg:Re chapter 21), she reminds me of Rize, using her fake frail appearance to get investigators into a trap.

The Boxer

  In the clearing stands a boxer and a fighter by his trade
And he carries the reminder of every glove that laid him down
And cut him till he cried out in his anger and his shame
I am leaving I am leaving but the fighter still remains

The hits kept on coming that night. Punches to the gut. The face. His side, his temple, his arms. 

There was a unique feel to it. The way that the air would sound as his opponents fist sailed through the air before landing on its target. Him. The way the fist would sound as it came into contact with flesh and bone and muscle. The way his skin felt as it rippled and how his entire body reacted to the hit, sending him staggering backwards. 

This was what he knew. What he was good at. This was who he was. 

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