the fight in the space center was my favorite part though haha

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Let's start with younger generation of Flores, Elena, Isabel and Esteban?

Ok! Younger Flores generation it is! I’ll try to keep this relatively brief, haha!

Elena - As far as her moral alignment is concerned, I think she is the poster child for chaotic good! She is willing to do ANYTHING to do what is right, even go against the law to do so. She still has a long way to go, but she is growing into her role as a leader to her people and is an excellent role model for anyone– kid or adult!

Random head canon regarding Elena - Her favorite food in the world is pan dulce and she’ll fight anyone for the last piece. Much to Esteban’s chagrin, Elena and Isa often have thumb wrestling matches at the breakfast table to see who will get the last piece. She LOVES chocolate. She has no dignity when it comes to eating chocolate and often asks Mateo to use his abundance spell to ensure that there is plenty of chocolate around the palace at any given time. The closer the friend, the less personal space matters to Elena. 

Isabel - Careful and calculating, Isa is very much neutral good. She wants to do what’s right and doesn’t mind if the rules have to be broken, but also thrives with structure and order. Isa is a sweet little sister who adores her big sister. One of my favorite things about Isa is how she is so clever and calculating but she’s still a child who likes to race her sister through the castle and shove as many sweets into her mouth at one time as she can.

Random Head Canon Regarding Isabel -  Isabel is very neat and tidy and precise about everything. Her room is immaculate in spite of the many unfinished inventions she has lying around. She believes that there is a place for everything and everything has a place. Isa loves both science and the arts! She loves to draw. Her artistic style tends toward naturalism and her anatomical sketches of everything from people to plants and objects are accurately rendered and very precisely detailed. Though she’s a visionary and often gets lost in thought or in analyzing some physics problem, she is an extrovert and thrives in social environments, which is why she begged to go to school in the city with the city children. She loves to go on outings to visit the villages just to play with the other children, which is where she met her best friend Cristina. The girls bonded over their love of the arts.

Esteban - Believe it or not, I love Esteban! I’ll admit that early on he got on my nerves and I couldn’t figure out if he was a villain or not. I seriously had mixed feelings because on the one hand we had sweet moments like Island of Youth and on the other hand he seemed entirely too pleased to deny Elena the crown (First Day of Rule) and determined to undermine her authority at every turn (Model Sister). He is stubborn, quick judge, and slow to listen.

However, my perspective on his character took a complete 180 after King of the Carnaval. I still believe all of those other things about him, however, I understand that his characters flaws run deep but there are a lot of strengths in there and he has a heart of gold. I consider Esteban to be morally aligned as lawful neutral because he does love law and order but he tends to be a little more self centered than others centered, which is where the neutral part comes in. That’s not to say that he doesn’t care about others, just that he is more often concerned about how something makes HIM look or whats in it for HIM. He is interested in recognition and glory to some extent. But at the same time, he deeply loves his family and wishes to protect them.

Overall, the phrase that comes into my mind when I think of Esteban is “you are one magnificent bastard”, which is significantly kinder than the way his voice actor described him in an interview once (Esteban, the “resident douche bag”, lol!).

Random Head Canon Regarding Esteban - As a child, he was about three years older than Elena but still young enough that they played together and at that time he didn’t care one lick about proper princess behavior. They played sword fight together, climbed trees, played olaball and ran all over the castle grounds together. Though he was a picky eater, Esteban’s favorite food is Luisa’s tamales. Even as a little kid, he would eat the tamales without having to pretend a jacquin was flying to its nest. Esteban is hard on Naomi because he see’s her potential for leadership and to do great things and eventually will take her under his wing as a mentor and teach her politics and Avaloran history. They have different ways of doing things but he’s come a long way in his attitude towards her since she proved to him what she could do when she put her mind to it at her royal quince.

Ok, well that’s about it for now. I could go on, but I think this post is long enough at the moment. Thanks for the ask!