the fifth mission

Work From Home.

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Author’s Note: This is by far the dirtiest smut I’ve written so far. First Steve Rogers smut I’ve ever written. Definitely not the last. AGAIN! I’ve had little to no experience in this, so yeah…. 

Based on ‘Work From Home’ by Fifth Harmony

Summary: You and Steve have been together for six months now, meaning you two still had things to learn about each other. When Steve was sent on a two-week long mission without you, you couldn’t help but tease him during a debrief meeting. However, your actions did not go unpunished.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: SMUT, Sexting, masturbation, toys, multiple orgasms, unprotected sex, boss kink, orgasm denial.

Words: 3476

I ain’t worried ‘bout nothin’
I ain’t wearin’ na nada
I’m sittin’ pretty, impatient, but I know you gotta
Put in them hours, I'mma make it harder
I’m sending pic after picture, I'mma get you fired

Two weeks. That’s the longest you’ve been separated from Steve since you two got together. And it was killing you. You missed him, worried about him, craved him. And it was driving you nuts.

You knew that whenever he goes on missions, contact was nonexistent for the sake of his and your safety. It just made his homecoming even more exciting. It spurred something in the both of you that made you guys get barely any sleep on his day back from a mission. This prolonged time away from each other only fueled your need for him. You were just straight-up horny, and touching yourself just wasn’t cutting it for you. Every night, you wore just a loose T-shirt and underwear to bed, trying to get off.

So you almost screamed in excitement when you got a text from him.

The team and I just got back from the mission. I’ll be home as soon as debriefing is done.

You bit your lower lip in anticipation at the thought of him being just a couple of floors above you. In less than a hour, he will be in between your legs, which made you more than impatient.

Hurry or I’ll get started without you. 👄

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anonymous asked:

Tell me a mistaken identify story!

“I really think I need to speak to whoever the supervisor here is,” Stella says, staring at her first job briefing in her e-mail inbox.

“Everybody feels like that with their first mission,” says Marion, who just seemed like a very nice HR rep until about thirty seconds ago. She’s wearing a pin with a cat on it. She should not be allowed to be part of a terrifying spy organization if she wears pins with cats on them.

“No, I—there’s been some kind of huge mistake.”

“You were chosen for this job, I promise, we pay utmost attention to our candidates’ strengths and weaknesses. This should be a walk in the park for you. If you still feel the need to protest after this first assignment, we’ll refer you up to speak to someone more in charge, but you understand that clearance to see them can be something of a tricky issue.”

The message in her inbox is still telling her that she’s supposed to take down an international smuggling ring. This is not the nice IT job trial period she thought she was getting. However, if she tells the scary spy agency people this, they are probably going to disappear her, so she’s just going to have to take down an international smuggling ring.

Sure. Cool.


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rebelcaptain recs (3/30/17)

If you’re into a bit of smut or modern AUs, this week’s rec list is for you!

Check out the master list or the master list by categories.

Poco a poco by canardaublard // 16.5k (multi-chapter) – Former child prodigy Jyn Erso’s first year at Yavin School of Performing Arts would be going so much easier if she wasn’t stuck with violist Cassian Andor as a duet partner. 

whatever means necessary by BadOldWest // 3.3k (one shot) – Imperial RussianAU. Cassian Andor has strict orders to get information out of Jyn Erso by whatever means necessary. She’ll prove to make that as difficult as possible for him.

i fought the war (but the war won) by ephemera (incognitajones) // 1.6k – Five times Cassian Andor, intergalactic medical aid worker, crossed paths with Jyn Erso, freelance war reporter.

Paper Jam by Iolaire // 14.8k (multi-chapter; WIP) – Modern-AU GradSchool!verse in which Cassian is a jaded PhD candidate in his sixth year and Jyn keeps breaking the printer. 

Faking It by mosylu // 2.8k (one shot) – With Cassian posing as a rich houseguest and Jyn as a servant he’s sleeping with, this latest assignment is more difficult than most. Then a sudden development demands that their pretense get more convincing. 

i mean no disrespect by caramelle // 5.3k (one shot) – Cassian Andor is going to start dating again.The only problem is, Cassian Andor doesn’t really know where to start. Modern AU.

the ghosts that survive by Elizabeth (angrhaine) // 3.4k (one shot) – Love doesn’t cure Jyn’s and Cassian’s many problems. But it helps.

The Fifth Mission: The One Where They’re Pirates by angel_deux // 35.8k (multi-chapter; WIP) – With the help of a contact of Jyn’s, Rogue One starts their new life away from the Rebellion. 

i’ll be there for you by caramelle // 4.2k (one shot) – Or, the one where Jyn and Cassian start sleeping together casually, and everyone feels the need to check on Cassian but not Jyn.

You know what I just realized? No one ever told Neville of Sirius innocence. Yet he went to go on the rescue mission in fifth year when he thought he was in danger.

That means Neville literally just saw how worried Harry was, and just made a quick, and correct, decision that Sirius must be innocent. Neville dropped everything to try and help save someone he didn’t even know because his friends were worried about that person!

I’d declare that Neville is the kindest dude in that series if I didn’t already know that. And overall, Neville doesn’t get near as much appreciation as he should.

Lucky Mascot

So I’m working 50+ hours a week at the moment, and i’m a single parent and I’m basically a mess of stress and self-pity so I haven’t had a chance to update Mission Medic (not that anyone cares!)

But reading @iwillbeinmynest ‘s latest fic (which it won’t let me link to) put an idea in my head so I wrote this on the bus this morning (and that tells you a lot about the quality to expect! Sorry) x

Team mascot, lucky charm, that’s what they called her.  All because the first mission she went out on was such a success.  The team had no injuries, bar the odd scrape; there were no losses; and everyone was in and out, getting what they needed, in record time.  After the second mission went the same way, Clint started insisting it was definitely due to their new mascot, said that they needed her along just like he needed to always wear his lucky pants on a mission.  The team didn’t hang around together for very long after that admission but the name stuck with her, and when she managed to snag a high-level Hydra operative as a prisoner on her third mission, it was confirmed.  Even Bruce, ever the scientist, would act sceptically but liked to ensure she went along.  When Bucky decided on the third mission that he needed a hug for luck, Steve did tell him he was pushing it, and gave him a look that she didn’t quite understand, but she was happy to play along with that one too. Of course, she protested – it was down to the skill of the team, to luck, hell even to the position of the planets, not to her.  But secretly she loved it, who wouldn’t!

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when yoongi found out jin’s mission (trans)

pietro | dessert in bed | maximoff



shivers down his spine,

whipped cream,

what happens after midnight,  overall theme, it takes place at 1 am.


undressing with his teeth

for dessert





NOTES: I had such a fun time doing  this one. I just really hope it turns out the way you want it to, lovely nonnie!

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nervouscupcakestudent  asked:

Merhartwin and praise kink? ♡

Whoo boy. This is my absolute favorite thing ever, and I’m not sure it’s possible to do it justice, but here goes:

Harry notices it right away, of course, but he doesn’t fully grasp the implications. He tells Eggsy he sees a young man with potential, and it’s so true, but it’s even more true after he says it, because Eggsy looks at him like he’s just thrown a loaf of bread to a starving man, and says “What have I got to lose,” with the tone of someone who means it, and Harry realizes this could be dangerous, this could be a weapon, but all he really wants is to see Eggsy succeed and to see him smile. So between missions and comas, Harry hands out compliments like biscuits, and tries not let himself preen too hard in the spotlight of Eggsy’s adoring gaze. (He fails at this. Merlin tells him so, at least twice a week.)

Then, Eggsy fails the dog test, because Eggsy only trusts people who trust him, and Chester King is not one of those. Harry hurts for the younger man, hurts for himself, hurts for the look of sadness and the look of failure in Eggsy’s eyes. And all those feelings come spilling out of Harry in the form of anger and bitterness and disappointment, and he watches the strong curve of Eggsy’s jaw weaken, watches him wilt like a sunflower in a hailstorm, but it’s too late to take the words back, and in that moment Harry doesn’t have anything kinder to replace it with.

So instead, he goes to Kentucky and gets himself shot in the head and dies on the blistering concrete in front of an ungodly church. (For a little while.)

Merlin notices it almost from the beginning as well, but from the opposite side. He notices how Eggsy gets infuriated with Charlie’s cruelty, but never really defends himself with anything of quality, like the young man doesn’t think he’s got anything to defend himself with. Merlin notices the shadows in his eyes and the chip he carries on his shoulder, and he lets Harry be the one to soothe it and take care of it, until the parachute test. 

Because Merlin is their trainer, and he has to stay impartial, but it fucking kills him when Eggsy looks at him with a hardness in his eyes like dull diamonds, and proclaims himself expendable in way that’s meant to challenge the Handler, but also whispers ‘I know it’s true, it’s always been true,’ underneath the harsh tilt of his words. Merlin can’t pull him close and curl a hand around the back of his neck and soothe away the wrongness of it right then. The best he can do is yank the cord of Eggsy’s parachute like a heartstring, and growl into the younger man’s stunned face about how that’s so much bullshit, before stalking away. He still sees the way Eggsy’s face lights up from that, though, and the way the line of his shoulders settle into something easier and prouder.

Merlin, in his own subtle, gruff way, tries to make sure it stays that way from then on.

Harry is discovered to be Not Dead, and Eggsy walks in on him and Merlin kissing gently in the hospital bed, and everything is wonderful and whole, only Eggsy doesn’t seem to realize it.

Harry and Merlin watch for weeks as Eggsy keeps a safe distance from them, careful and respectful and kind. They watch him excel as Galahad, watch him mother hen the other agents to distraction between their missions to put the broken world back together piece by jagged piece. They watch him take care of everyone but himself, a true gentleman and a true Kingsman, in a way not even Harry’s fussiness ever quite accomplished. 

They watch him watch them, with his eyes full and his hands nervous, words flickering soundlessly on the tip of his tongue. They watch the line of his shoulders dip back to ‘not good enough’, as he flits between missions and debriefings, barely stopping long enough to sleep. They watch until it’s painfully obvious that Eggsy is never going to push for anything else, that Eggsy doesn’t think he deserves anything else.

And they can’t let that go on. They don’t want to.

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Trek for Newbies, Part One: What Is A Star Trek

(The other Trek for Newbies posts can be found here.)

What is a Star Trek?

Star Trek began as one of the first science fiction TV shows, and went on to become one of the most beloved and influential television franchises of all time. Modern science fiction television, modern television in general, even modern fandom have all been enormously influenced by Star Trek, not to mention the legions of scientists, engineers, astronauts, etc who cite Star Trek as a direct inspiration.

As of 2016, there have been five live-action Star Trek TV series; the first began in 1966, with a sixth series scheduled to begin next year:

The Original Series (1966–1969)
The Next Generation (1987–1994)
Deep Space Nine (1993–1999)
Voyager (1995–2001)
Enterprise (2001–2005)
Untitled series (2017–)

There are also twelve movies, an animated series, and god knows how many books, comics, video games, and so forth.

Ok, so what’s the premise?

In the future, the human race has developed faster-than-light travel and begun to explore the galaxy, which is also home to countless other intelligent species. Humans and several other species have formed the United Federation of Planets (‘the Federation’), a utopian post-capitalist society.

The Federation operates an armada of starships, called Starfleet, which carry out missions of exploration, research, peacekeeping, and humanitarian aid. The first four series of Star Trek focus on the highest-ranking Starfleet crew members of one Federation spaceship or space station as they carry out their missions. (The fifth series is set just before the formation of the Federation, but is structurally the same.)

Wait, a utopian post-capitalist society? Is Star Trek far-left propaganda?

Yes. It’s awesome.

You can’t separate Star Trek, even modern Star Trek, from its origins in 1960s America. You’ve got the Cold War, with the memory of World War II still fresh in everyone’s mind; you’ve got the Vietnam War and the draft; you’ve got the struggling civil rights movements and associated crackdowns; and at the same time, you’ve got the very first humans travelling into outer space.

The original Star Trek took all that in and presented an optimistic vision of the future. In the Star Trek universe, the human race is part of a peaceful, egalitarian, diverse society working for the greater good. The message was: things might be bad right now, but they’re going to get better. Humanity is better than this, and someday soon we’ll grow past it, stop fighting each other and oppressing each other, and we’ll explore the stars together. I’m not crying you’re crying.

That’s not just a post-hoc interpretation – it was the stated goal of Star Trek’s creator, Gene Roddenberry, to make a show with a progressive political agenda and a diverse cast. That philosophy has continued inform the various series of the show, to greater or lesser degrees. Many episodes of each Star Trek series are allegories for contemporary cultural and political issues, which the heroes try to resolve through humanism and optimism.

At pretty much every step of the way, progressive moves by the various series have been opposed and sometimes blocked by the networks, because of course.

Tell me more about this utopian post-capitalist society.

Humans develop faster-than-light travel, or ‘warp drive,’ in 2063, and begin encountering intelligent alien species (most of whom, yes, happen to look almost exactly like humans, we’ll get into that later). In 2161, humans invite several of these other species (including the Vulcans and some other guys you haven’t heard of) to join together as the United Federation of Planets, which is pretty much explicitly Space United Nations. Over the years, new species apply for membership in the Federation, and by the 2300s it has over 150 member planets with thousands of colonies.

According to the Federation charter, they operate based on the principles of universal liberty, rights, and equality, and they share their knowledge and resources to further the goals of peaceful cooperation and exploration.

Federation worlds have no class divisions and money essentially no longer exists. The show is sometimes frustratingly vague about how this works in practice.

Skip the Space United Nations stuff and get to the spaceships.

The Federation operates Starfleet, a fleet of spaceships whose primary mission is to explore deep space and look for new forms of life. They also engage in scientific research and conduct peacekeeping, diplomacy, and ‘defense operations’ aka torpedoing people who are really asking for it.

Starfleet is the setting for most of Star Trek. Three of the five Trek series (The Original Series, The Next Generation, and Voyager) take place on Federation starships which run around exploring cool new planets and getting in fights. Enterprise is a prequel set before the Federation formed, but it’s basically the same thing. A typical episode of one of these shows would involve a visit to a new planet or encounter with a new lifeform. Deep Space Nine is the exception – it takes place on a planet-orbiting space station under joint Federation control, and is more heavily serialized. (Eventually they also get a spaceship.)

Each series revolves around an ensemble of Starfleet officers including the ship’s captain (or station commander) and various other high-ranking officers. There are also non-Starfleet characters, as well as an unspecified number of nameless Starfleet grunts who are constantly catching lasers to the gut (‘redshirts’).

Wait, how can these shows possibly have any conflict if they take place in a utopia?

There are lots and lots of non-Federation alien species, too, and they do not have classless utopias. Some of those species are major powers which sometimes come into conflict with the Federation, including the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, the Cardassian Union, the Borg, and the Dominion.

There are also untold hundreds of unaffiliated alien civilizations, which fall into two categories based on how technologically advanced they are. Some alien species have invented faster-than-light travel (they are ‘warp capable’) and have discovered the existence of other intelligent life forms. Others haven’t developed space travel (they are ‘pre-warp’) and have no knowledge of other intelligent life.

In dealing with non-Federation aliens, the Federation follows a guiding principle called the Prime Directive. The Prime Directive is a huge deal throughout Star Trek. It forbids interference in the natural development of any pre-warp civilization – meaning, don’t let them find out that aliens and space travel exist. This leads to dozens of episodes in which Our Heroes have to throw on alien peasant garb and pretend not to be from another planet. The Prime Directive also says you can’t interfere with any warp-capable civilization without the consent of its leaders, leading to dozens of episodes in which something is horribly wrong and Our Heroes can’t really do anything about it.

Ok, so that’s the basic premise and setting. What are the differences between all the shows? Who are the characters? What is the future technology like? What are some good episodes to start with?

Oh my god, this is going to require a lot more posts than I thought.

Next Up:

Alien species: Vulcans, Klingons, non-corporeal godlike beings, etc

Star Trek tech: replicators, tricorders, holodecks, etc

The basics of each of the five TV series: premises, main characters, good intro episodes, fan reception

The cultural influence of Trek: why we have iPads, slash fiction, and Whoopi Goldberg

Bryan Fuller and Star Trek

5 Times Aliens Thought They Were Married (And 1 Time They Were)


The first time it happens he and Bones have spent most of the away mission bickering.  Which is normal for them.  It’s probably their fifth or sixth away mission since they left on their five year mission.  The locals are friendly enough this time around, and Jim’s pretty pleased with the whole things.

It’s not until just before they were leaving that their host says something that makes Uhura smirk.

“What was that, Lieutenant?”

She just grinned.  “Elder Arrias was just telling me it was good to see that Starfleet valued marriage enough to allow couples to serve together, and you and Doctor McCoy must have had a long happy partnership so far.”

He just shrugged it off.  It wasn’t the strangest assumption an alien had made about their crew.

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When It Comes Around (a birthday fic for Clint)

The first time Clint’s birthday came around at SHIELD, Phil didn’t realize it. He didn’t even realize it when Clint showed up in his office, hair wet from a shower and in jeans and a t-shirt with ratty purple Converse. He didn’t realize it when Clint held out a small envelope and said, “Uh, I found this for you,” and then turned and left with his trademark half-smile and half-wave.

Phil opened the envelope and sucked in a sharp breath. There was a Captain America trading card there, one that he’d been looking for over several years. There was a scrap of paper in the envelope, too, and Clint’s lazy scrawl read, “Thanks for treating me like I’ve got something to contribute to this place.”

Phil stared at it for a long time and then put the note back in the envelope and in his bottom desk drawer, with all of his most important files. He slipped the card into his scrapbook at home that night with a smile.

The second time Clint’s birthday came around, Phil still didn’t realize it. He was busy standing in the corner of a hospital room watching Clint’s chest rise and fall with the help of a respirator. He clenched his arms tightly across his chest and ignored the ache in his legs from standing for several hours. Jasper found him there and pressed an envelope into his hands and forced him to sit in a chair.

“Barton asked me to give this to you today if he wasn’t around.” Jasper stole a glance at Clint and then back at Phil. “I figure he wanted you to have it today, you should have it today.”

Phil stared blankly at Jasper until he tapped Phil’s hand and said, “Open it.”

Phil did, and it was tickets to a Rangers’ opening game for the coming season.

There were two of them, and a note. “If we’re both around, we should go. Try to keep our calendars clear, okay, boss?”

Phil clenched the envelope until the doctors came in an hour later and said they thought Clint was going to pull through, and would Phil like a bed for himself brought into the room? He nodded and looked down at the envelope as if it held a winning lottery ticket.

The third time Clint’s birthday came around, Phil knew it was coming, but he hadn’t put together that the previous two gifts Clint had given him were on the same day.

Clint invited Phil over for dinner at his apartment and had the place spotlessly clean and a dinner laid out for them. Phil set a package down at Clint’s plate, and noticed an envelope at his own plate. He realized that this was a pattern just as Clint walked out with steaks for the plates and saw the gift.

Clint grinned at Phil and said, “You know what today is, then?”

Phil pulled the envelope on his plate open, and pair of vintage SHIELD cufflinks and another note slipped out. He looked up at Clint’s face and saw him biting his lip and looking down at his own gift. “Open yours,” Phil said as he unfolded the note from Clint. He read as Clint opened, and pulled in a shaky breath at the words.

“You’re as classic as it gets, Phil, and you hold me together. Thanks.”

He looked up and Clint was pulling out the small frame from his box, and his jaw dropped a fraction before he looked up quickly at Phil. “Where did you get this?” he whispered.

Phil shrugged and said, “There’s a place that collects old circus memorabilia down in the Village. I took a chance and stopped in a few times. Found it on the third try.”

It was a small post-card with Clint’s picture as The Amazing Hawkeye on the front. It was in mint condition.

Phil moved to Clint’s side and decided to take a chance. He reached out and brushed his hand down Clint’s cheek. “You’ve been getting me presents on your birthday,” he said gently. “Why?”

Clint didn’t answer right away. He put down his picture and stared at it on the table for a moment before looking up at Phil. “You’re the first person in a long time to see me for who I am,” he said, and he leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to Phil’s lips. “I never liked my birthday, until I met you. I figured celebrating what you do for me is a way to make it a good day instead of what it was, before.”

The steaks got cold.

The fourth time Clint’s birthday came around, Clint was AWOL after being sent to kill The Black Widow. There were no envelopes and no boxes, and Phil spent the day trudging the sweltering streets of San Jose looking for signs of Clint and his supposed target.

He found Clint bleeding from a bullet wound to the shoulder, but holding a gun to Phil’s chest making him swear that SHIELD would at least give her a chance. When they finally made it back to SHIELD, Clint slipped an envelope into Phil’s hand as Clint shut his door to his quarters to begin his suspension from duty.

Phil stood outside the closed door and stared at tickets to a birding tour of the city for a day next month and a note that read, “Walk with me and look at the beauty right under our noses. You seem to find it in everything, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble. Clint.” He closed his eyes and imagined Clint collapsing in his bed to find the new, plush purple pillows and bedding Phil had snuck in before they’d left on the mission.

The fifth time Clint’s birthday came around, Phil and Clint both realized what they had going for them, so they agreed on a gift together. They ended up laying in a hammock together in Tanzania watching a sunset and drinking an umbrella drink. Clint reached down to the ground under the hammock and tossed an envelope on Phil’s chest. Phil looked up and blinked in surprise.

“Go ahead,” Clint said, and Phil heard a tension in his voice that definitely should not be with them in Tanzania. “Open it.”

Phil did, and something hard fell into his hand. He stared at it and then looked up at Clint, all sun-browned and tousled hair, wearing nothing but beige linen pants and staring at Phil with wet eyes.

“Clint?” Phil asked, and Clint nodded.

“Marry me, please,” he said, reaching over and placing the silver ring onto Phil’s finger. “You make every day the best day.”

Phil sucked in a deep breath and looked down at the ring and back to Clint’s kaleidoscope eyes. He nodded. “Okay. Yes. That sounds brilliant.” He leaned over and kissed Clint slowly, and tasted wine and hope and a future he never imagined.

Clint pulled back and grinned before he pressed his forehead to Phil’s and closed his eyes. “Best birthday, ever.”

Phil had to agree.



Minutes ago the first official trailer for the fifth instalment of the Mission: Impossible Franchise was released and with it finally the name for it: Rogue Nation.

rashaka  asked:

[[future s3 prompt]] Bellamy sitting out somewhere, out in the quiet night, with Clarke laying beside him on the ground with her head in his lap. She's sleeping, and his fingers comb gently through her hair in small, sacred touches. He doesn't know if it's helping her relax enough to sleep, but he thinks it is. He hopes it is. [[....AKA THINGS I NEED TO SEE IN SEASON 3 PLEASE.]]

I left this nice and vague in terms of setting so hopefully you can headcanon it somewhere into season three.

“I’ll take first watch,” Bellamy offered, like he always did.  They’d been hiking for almost a week, and every night, he took first watch.  Clarke tried fighting him on it, but it was pointless.  He was the only person on earth as stubborn as she was, so she eventually just let him win.

Besides, she never slept all the way through the night anymore, so when the nightmares threatened to choke her she would take over and Bellamy would pretend not to notice as he laid down to sleep.

It was the third night of their mission that it started.  She laid down next to him, facing the fire, but sleep wouldn’t come.  They’d had two close encounters with panthers that day and her heart was racing— she couldn’t forget that second panther coming within a hairsbreadth of clawing out Bellamy’s throat.  If she hadn’t jumped on its back with her dagger, he’d be dead.

Her hands started to shake just thinking about it, so she stuffed them into her armpits and squeezed her eyes shut.  His touch was so soft that at first she thought it was a breeze tickling her forehead, but then she realized he was stroking her hair back.  She breathed in through her nose and out through her mouth, forcing herself to relax.  He kept going, running his fingers from her crown to the very ends of her hair and then starting again, even, deliberate movements that let her adrenaline start to ebb until her limbs felt heavy enough for her to sleep.

After that, Bellamy took first watch and stroked her hair until she fell asleep.  Every night.  She started moving closer and closer to him, needing more than just his touch— even the simple warmth radiating off his thigh helped her relax, and on the fifth night of their mission she gave up the pretense entirely and laid down with her head in his lap.

Bellamy didn’t say anything, just started working his fingers through her hair until sleep crawled up her spine and engulfed her.

The nightmares were different every night, except they weren’t.  It was always her dead, back to haunt her.

Her eyes flew open and for a second, she didn’t see the fire, just Finn’s body tied to a post.  But then it was gone and Bellamy’s hand was resting comfortably on her head, so she breathed in and out until she could sit up without flinching.  “My turn,” she said, like she did every night.

And like every night, he laid down a safe distance from her, because Bellamy would always comfort her but he wouldn’t seek it.  Not outright.  She scooted closer to him and paused, waiting for him to protest.  He didn’t, so she moved a little closer again until his curls brushed against the side of her jeans.  She reached out, tentative, and ran her fingertips lightly through those thick curls.  His hair was softer than she was expecting and she smiled to herself because that was just like the man himself.  “This okay?” she whispered and wasn’t entirely sure he could hear her over the crackle of the fire.  She gently scratched her nails along his scalp and something like a moan escaped his lips.

“Thank you,” he breathed, and Clarke leaned back to let him place his head in her lap.  His head was heavy but she welcomed its weight.  She wove her hand into the thatch of curls near his forehead and let them separate out between her fingers, soft silky wisps against her palm.  His brow smoothed out and his lips parted as his breaths got deeper, more even, and then he was asleep.


Elon Musk releases images of Falcon 9 landing attempt

Late last night, Elon Musk, CEO, founder and chief designer of SpaceX, tweeted images showing the failed landing attempt of his Falcon 9 last week.

Four tweets were sent between 1:42 and 1:54 AM EST to John Carmack, Chief Technology Officer of Oculus VR and founder of Armadillo Aerospace with the above images.

Musk tweeted out a short description along with each image which describes in better detail the events of the landing attempt:

The captions below correlate to the images above, top to bottom:

  • Before impact, fins lose power and go hardover. Engines fights to restore, but …
  • Rocket hits hard at ~45 deg angle, smashing legs and engine section
  • Residual fuel and oxygen combine
  • Full RUD (rapid unscheduled disassembly) event. Ship is fine minor repairs. Exciting day!

This new information now paints a better picture of SpaceX’s landing attempt that could only be guessed at previously. It was theorized that the Falcon 9 first stage impacted the barge at a greater than normal velocity and toppled into the ocean.

Images released last week showed the barge returning to its Jacksonville port with burn damage and metal fragments under tarps:

Musk also stated that the next landing attempt will occur on January 31, after a Falcon 9 launches NASA’s DSCOVR mission. 50% more hydraulic fluid will be added to the grid fins on this second attempt to ensure that they do not run out prematurely, as on this mission.

This particular Falcon 9 launched a Dragon capsule to the International Space Station on the fifth Commercial Resupply Mission for the company.

The Space Shuttle prototype Enterprise flies free after being released from NASA’s 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) over Rogers Dry Lakebed during the second of five free flights carried out at the Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, California, as part of the Shuttle program’s Approach and Landing Tests (ALT). The tests were conducted to verify orbiter aerodynamics and handling characteristics in preparation for orbital flights with the Space Shuttle Columbia beginning in April 1981. A tail cone over the main engine area of Enterprise smoothed out turbulent air flow during flight. It was removed on the two last free flights to accurately check approach and landing characteristics. A series of test flights during which Enterprise was taken aloft atop the SCA, but was not released, preceded the free flight tests. The Space Shuttle Approach and Landing Tests (ALT) program allowed pilots and engineers to learn how the Space Shuttle and the modified Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) handled during low-speed flight and landing. The Enterprise, a prototype of the Space Shuttles, and the SCA were flown to conduct the approach and landing tests at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, California, from February to October 1977. The first flight of the program consisted of the Space Shuttle Enterprise attached to the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. These flights were to determine how well the two vehicles flew together. Five “captive-inactive” flights were flown during this first phase in which there was no crew in the Enterprise. The next series of captive flights was flown with a flight crew of two on board the prototype Space Shuttle. Only three such flights proved necessary. This led to the free-flight test series. The free-flight phase of the ALT program allowed pilots and engineers to learn how the Space Shuttle handled in low-speed flight and landing attitudes. For these landings, the Enterprise was flown by a crew of two after it was released from the top of the SCA. The vehicle was released at altitudes ranging from 19,000 to 26,000 feet. The Enterprise had no propulsion system, but its first four glides to the Rogers Dry Lake runway provided realistic, in-flight simulations of how subsequent Space Shuttles would be flown at the end of an orbital mission. The fifth approach and landing test, with the Enterprise landing on the Edwards Air Force Base concrete runway, revealed a problem with the Space Shuttle flight control system that made it susceptible to Pilot-Induced Oscillation (PIO), a potentially dangerous control problem during a landing. Further research using other NASA aircraft, especially the F-8 Digital-Fly-By-Wire aircraft, led to correction of the PIO problem before the first orbital flight. The Enterprise’s last free-flight was October 26, 1977, after which it was ferried to other NASA centers for ground-based flight simulations that tested Space Shuttle systems and structure.


Orbital ATK’s fifth resupply mission to the International Space Station lifted off from SLC-41 at Cape Canaveral at 11:05:52pm EDT March 22. The flawless countdown began at 3:45pm and culminated 7 hours and 20 minutes later when the vehicle leapt off the pad. 

21 minutes later, the Cygnus cargo freighter separated from the Centaur upper stage, officially concluding the launch. 

OA-6 marked the first flight which I successfully captured at night. As seen above, the rocket streaks off SLC-41 and into the Florida sky, moving downrange and out of sight within minutes. 

P/c: For All Mankind.


45 Years Ago Today: First Humans Land on the Moon

Apollo 11 was the spaceflight that landed the first humans on the Moon, Americans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, on July 20, 1969, at 20:18 UTC. Armstrong became the first to step onto the lunar surface six hours later on July 21 at 02:56 UTC. Armstrong spent about two and a half hours outside the spacecraft, Aldrin slightly less, and together they collected 47.5 pounds (21.5 kg) of lunar material for return to Earth. A third member of the mission, Michael Collins, piloted the command spacecraft alone in lunar orbit until Armstrong and Aldrin returned to it just under a day later for the trip back to Earth.

Launched by a Saturn V rocket from Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island, Florida, on July 16, Apollo 11 was the fifth manned mission of NASA’s Apollo program. The Apollo spacecraft had three parts: a Command Module (CM) with a cabin for the three astronauts, and the only part that landed back on Earth; a Service Module (SM), which supported the Command Module with propulsion, electrical power, oxygen, and water; and a Lunar Module (LM) for landing on the Moon. After being sent toward the Moon by the Saturn V’s upper stage, the astronauts separated the spacecraft from it and traveled for three days until they entered into lunar orbit. Armstrong and Aldrin then moved into the Lunar Module and landed in the Sea of Tranquility. They stayed a total of about 21½ hours on the lunar surface. After lifting off in the upper part of the Lunar Module and rejoining Collins in the Command Module, they returned to Earth and landed in the Pacific Ocean on July 24.

Broadcast on live TV to a world-wide audience, Armstrong stepped onto the lunar surface and described the event as “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”