LeeLoo from the movie The Fifth Element

chalk pastel on BFK Rives Paper

by Ashly Lovett

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Leeloo is a supreme being that is awoken 5,000 years later to a future with flying cars and space travel. She was created as weapon to save the human race from a “great evil” that is literally a dark planet hurtling towards Earth to destroy everything. I felt Leeloo’s journey was a good fit for this week’s challenge. From the beginning of her waking, she dealt with only controversy. And when she looked up the word “war,” she became even more wary over humans and their overwhelming will to destroy each other. It took good ol’ Bruce Willis (playing Corbin Dallas) to explain that there are many things worth saving, like love. He then kisses her and she’s a happy weapon again and destroys the “great evil” seconds away from its impact with Earth. Fin.

This illustrations depicts the moment she sees the futuristic New York city.