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by the way, do you have any advice on breeding water fleas and fairy shrimps (and maybe triops too??) because I always wanted to have these as pets but my populations either never hatched or died very soon..

Hmm, for fairy shrimp I have only ever either bought sea monkeys or cultured fairies and fleas directly via taking soil from their pools and then rehydrating it. I got it from protected land though (I was working on a field project). I can’t in good conscience recommend running around and taking soil from vernal pools. I’ve tried to catch live Daphnia and keep them in a fishbowl just for fun but they didn’t do well as you said. 

Have you looked at science supply companies like Carolina Biological? I bought some mealworms from them and it worked out for me.

“Child labour is all we need to make Britain a success post-Brexit.” said Sir Buggers Luggeridge KCB, Brexit Tsar, today. “Children working in every field and an urchin for every chimney. Truly, Britain will set the standard for the 21st century.”

In the Beginning, There were Six.

(Sky Factory AU!! I wanted to make this sound like a creation myth of an old religion. How the world came to be. I can’t do any formatting or anything - I’m on mobile - but I’ll fix this up later. Sorry there’s no readmore. :) )

In the beginning, there were the Six. The Creator came first, erupting into being with nothing but the knowledge and curiosity to craft the malleable essence of the universe into a world for all Things. Manipulating the universe was easy, he would say. He didn’t /need/ assistance to do it, not really. He could do it alone, if he wanted. He was more than capable.

But infinite life in space grew lonely, even for the mightiest Dark God. Tasks grew numerous and tedious. So, after creating the beginnings of a World for All Things, the Creator made the rest of the Six. This group, he titled the Five.

Each of the Created Five had a distinct job. They would be in control of their own parts of creating a functioning World. However, they had to work together – it was only by cooperating would they be successful, guided by the Creator and his knowledge of the creation of the World.

The first of the Five to be created was the Sun King, as he claimed for his moniker. The Sun King was a vain creature, able to command the sun for heat, light, and energy. Much of the rest of the world relied on the Sun King for their abilities to function and he knew it. He usually lent a hand to the Creator’s powers and projects, innovative and curious as well, wanting to create the brightest World possible.

Being the brightest made the Sun King a callous little creature, quick as a whip but incredibly vain. He was quick to anger, sharp as nails. Exhausted and feeling overworked providing light to the world, he created Night – a place where his warmth and power would not reach. His powers and command of the Sun soon became critical to the Creator’s projects and it was only he - and occasionally the other Five - who could calm his wrath and bring forth the light. The two, the Creator and the Sun King, were rarely separated.

Next of the Five to be created were the Dual Gods, the Shepard and the Farmer. Two sides of the same coin, one was rarely found without the other. The Shepard was first gifted with the ability to create sentient life to walk the World for All Things. His Creations, which he dubbed “animals”, populated the empty world that the Creator had provided. The Shepard nurtured his flock, cared for them with the utmost love. It was rare to see the Shepard depart from his pastures to interact with the others of the Five unless he had a new discovery to show his fellow Gods or was demanding another bit of the world to be Created. He worked solely with the Farmer, whose Creations fed and protected his flocks almost better than he could.

For the Farmer created plants and food, something the newly created World of All Things so desperately needed. Under the Farmer’s guidance and leadership, the crops he tended grew to tremendous heights. He spread his gifts to the newly Created world, giving his gift of food to the Shepard’s flocks. Abundance flowed and hunger was a thing of the past. Huge trees towered, forests and plains sprang up wherever he walked. He was a God of Nature and left his mark on the World below.

But like the Sun King and the Creator, the Farmer and the Shepard had a vindictive streak that would be hard to avoid. Each God had a light and a dark side and the seemingly benevolent Gods of Abundance were no exception to this rule. Angered, the Shepard created another Flock. Monsters spawned as a direct retaliation against the Sun King’s seeming laziness, created in the dark of his rest. Death and suffering were introduced to the World of All Things for the first time and nothing the Creator did would stop them. The Creator had made his fellow Gods but could not dictate their powers or where these powers were directed. He could only guide and create, not Destroy.

The Farmer’s revenge was no different. Plants of food and bounty became mixed with plants of death and destruction. He worked on strange projects in far away fields, breeding poison and death to any who harvested or consumed his creations. He also would withhold his benefits from the World of All Things out of spite, creating famine. Millions of the Shepard’s animals perished in these Dark Times, willing the Sun King to return to the skies and the Gods of Abundance to be appeased.

Walking the Line to keep the Gods satisfied and creating beneficial things was dangerous indeed.

After the Sun King and the Gods of Abundance, the last two of the Five were Created to help enhance his World. The Blacksmith was next, a lighthearted God armed with a powerful smelter. He infused the land with powerful minerals and ores, hiding them deep underground for only the very ambitious (or lucky) to find. His talents only fueled the Creator to greater discoveries. His newest Creations - power fueled from burning rocks, harnessing explosions, etc. - turned his brainchild a World into something far more powerful and uncontrollable than he ever could have imagined, alone in the Universe.

The Blacksmith rarely angered, not like his fellows. But when he did, it wasn’t surprising to see mountains pop with liquid metal, hot and deathly. And he had a sharp, bright streak of humor, hiding his precious prizes in a place hardly any could find.

To use the metals of the Blacksmith, to eat the crops of the Farmer, to tend the flocks of the Shepard, and to reap the benefits of the Sun King, the Creator took the next step to create the World of All Things – he created Man.

But Man, the Creator learned, was uncontrollable. They meddled, argued, lived, and died. They used too much. They asked Questions.

To help handle Man, to combat the Monsters that crawled around the world, to bring the Questions of Man to the Gods, the Creator made the Last of the Five. Every pantheon needs a trickster God and a God who fought for the rights of the Created, and this was no different. They needed a God who asked Questions himself. Who meddled.

The Warrior was one such God. Armed with the fire torches and sword that became his symbol, the Warrior went out to cure the world of his fellow’s anger. He cleared Down Below of the monsters that plagued them and gave Man another source of light, heat, and energy that did not come from his fellow God – fire. It would cut through the darkest night and keep the monsters at bay. The Warrior also brought back Man’s Questions to the Gods, meddling in their affairs and asking them ‘why?’, propelling the Creator and the other Gods to bigger and better inventions and Creations. While it seemed like he had the smallest job, the Warrior had the most important – protecting Humanity and reminding the Gods to continue climbing to new heights.

Alone, the Gods could not create the World for All Things. But together, their Creations grew to bigger and better heights. Individual jobs blended. New jobs emerged. They went from Six distinct Jobs to the creation of One World.

And the world they created shone bright with the image of their combined power.

Can’t say no to that

Requested by anon: Can you please do an imagine with Brett where he’s in love with the reader who isn’t like other girls who spend their time desperately try to get his attention but rather spends her time reading books. The reader wears glasses.

A/N: so I guess this is a imagine based on my preference which (for the ones who are interested) you can read (here).  Sorry this is so short…

Words: about 980
Warnings: nothing.
Pairing: Brett Talbot x reader

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Headcanons for IDW Rodimus, Drift, Skids, Swerve, Brainstorm, Ratchet, Ambulon, and First Aid reaction to their bot s/o saving them but getting a little hurt in the process (maybe they got shot in their arm or punched in the face) [sorry if that's a lot, I just love a lot of giant robots!]

Rodimus puts himself in front of you and flares up, protecting you as he comms Ratchet. Once he’s sure you’re going to be okay he goes after who hurt you. Then he immediately races to the you to kiss and cuddle until Ratchet discharges you from the medbay. Then he carries you to your habsuite to kiss and cuddle more.

Drift is going to kill whoever hurt you. Even if it was just a dent, no one touches his s/o. After the battle he holds you close, his field curling around you as he begs you not to put yourself in front of him like that again. Please. He’s…not worth it…

Skids’ world is in slow motion- but too fast- but he pushes through the panic to get you to the medbay. He kisses your cheek and promises to return after the battle. When he returns he’s covered in energon, but don’t worry, it’s not his. He scolds you just a bit for being foolish- he’s more than capable of taking a hit- but he’s mostly just glad that you’re okay. 

Swerve is sobbing and incoherent until Ratchet shakes him and says “they’re okay, stop that blubbering! It was just a few dents!” For the next few days he’s clingy and happy to wait on you hand and foot, playing your favorite movies and making your favorite snacks.

Brainstorm barely even registered the hit before he blasted whoever hurt you. In the medbay he’s a shaky mess, and once you’re deemed okay he finally snaps. What the hell was that?! Were you trying to get yourself killed?! You’re never allowed to take a hit for him! He’s kicked out of the medbay until he cools down. When he comes back in he still pouts, but tells you he’s sorry and he’s just worried about you.

The whole time Ratchet fixes you up he’s that grumpy-quiet. After you’re all patched up you expect to hear a lecture, maybe even some yelling, but instead he just sits next you on the medberth and pulls you into his arms. He asks you to please never scare him like that again.

You think Ambulon is too shaky to patch you up, but he’s able to compose himself and get to work. His servos are gentle and his movements are careful; he constantly asks how you’re doing. As soon as he’s sure you’re no longer in pain he lies next to, snuggling close so you can both get some rest.

First Aid’s expression is steely and unreadable. His movements are precise, his focus sharp, until his work is done. Finally, he allows his field to flair out, projecting worry/relief/anger as he lets out a long ex-vent. You wonder if he’s angry at you until he nuzzles your face tenderly, “they hurt you…” Snuggling ensues as he tells himself you’re okay, you’re here with him…

Sorry for not posting artwork so much this month

I have so many school projects, homework, camping, field trips, No weekends, works and works and going to the school contests, skipping class, damn homework, less drawing. I want to draw it so badly and I want this to finish as soon as possible. ;-;

I hope you guys can wait. I’m so sorry for busy studying all month

Advice from a College Senior at Berkeley

Long post! This is definitely based off of my personal experience but some might find it useful. I am not a super social person, but I managed straight As most semesters, was involved in clubs and a Cappella, had 2 part time jobs at one point, and did research for 2 years. See below the cut to find more academic, research, and Berkeley specific advice.

If anyone actually reads this, ask me if you have any questions about school, life, research, Berkeley, food, or nutrition!

Apartment Related~

Things you need for your apartment that you might not have considered:

  • can opener
  • wine corker (even if you don’t drink you might want one for cooking)
  • a second trash can for recyclables
  • good quality food storage, esp. ones that can be baked or microwaved in
  • quality mug, tea, coffeemaker, whatever will prevent you from buying overpriced coffee on or around campus
  • pepper spray
  • plunger
  • sink/bathroom declogging detergent
  • fan
  • something to kill wall/ceiling bugs, such as a vacuum with hose or a swiffer sweeper without the cloth
  • air fresheners
  • quarters
  • an extra laundry basket or bag for clean clothes, because no way will you fold everything right away and you need space as more dirties pile up
  • flashlights and candles for power outages
  • tool kit and first aid kit

Things I bought that I didn’t really use:

  • hair products– just had no time
  • Brita filter– tap ended up being just fine and I got too lazy to clean/replace filters

Food advice from a nutrition major~

  • don’t share food with your roommate, especially perishables
  • don’t buy more fresh food than you can reasonably eat in a few days/a week
  • use going out to eat as a social activity, not your primary source of meals. You will save SO MUCH money and eat SO MUCH healthier
  • Investing in quality caffeine and accessories at home saves you SO MUCH TIME AND MONEY

School, Work, and Research Related~

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but what would be the best way of forcing people to perform manual labour? In my story, the fighters of a conquered country are rounded up and sent to labour camps, but I can't see them being easily intimidated into doing work unless maybe their families/other civilians were being threatened? This is a pre-industrial sort of world, if that makes any difference. Thank you for running this blog!

I can see why you’re struggling with the idea. It is difficult to get your head around how stuff like that happens.

I feel like it’s important to point out that forced labour did happen before the advent of guns (Egypt I am looking at you) and that historically many countries didn’t really have a regular army.

While some of your fighters will effectively be professional soldiers the vast majority in a pre-industrial society are likely to be men and women who some times fight but have another main profession. Most armies will have been made up of farmers, potters, tradesmen and the like. They might have seen combat before but they may not have the experience or discipline of professional soldiers.

They also might not have any strong loyalty to their unit, loyalty to the cause of fighting for or their land/lord sure, but they’re likely to have a greater loyalty to their hometown, their family, etc. In the time period you’re talking about it took roughly 100 food-producing people to support one person who wasn’t producing food. It’s worth remembering that includes nobles and scholars as well as professional soldiers.

I’m going to try and illustrate my point with a quick historical example here.

Dahomey was a small kingdom around where modern-day Benin is in west Africa. The traditional Dahomean army was actually divided in two, the part made up of male soldiers and the part made up of female soldiers.

A lot of the Europeans who visited Dahomey expressed….let’s call it ‘surprise’ that the Dahomean women were often better soldiers then the men. I believe this may have been down to how the two armies were organised.

The male army had professional generals but the body of troops was made up largely by conscripting young men for short periods of time.

Being part of the female army on the other hand meant severing all ties to the home-village, giving up any chance of marriage and children and entirely dedicating oneself to protection of the King and the palace. The ‘Amazons’ of Dahomey were all professional soldiers who did little but train and fight. (And occasionally hunt elephants. I assume they got bored-)

You know your characters best but on an individual level it’s worth bearing in mind that most of these ‘fighters’ are fighters in a secondary sense. For most of them the question isn’t ‘how do you make professional soldiers do this’ but ‘how do you make anyone do this’.

And well the answer is really surprisingly easily.

During Mao’s ‘Great Leap Forward’ millions of people across China were essentially forced to work and often on projects that they could see were detrimental to their own interests.

Houses were pulled down and destroyed to turn the bricks into fertiliser, leaving people homeless. Furniture and equipment was destroyed either for fuel or smelting iron and people lost the means of farming their own land. People were taken away from the fields at crucial times in order to work on ‘irrigation’ projects that turned out to be useless. This resulted in harvests being lost and contributed to widespread famine.

Add to this reports of abuse. Beatings, denying individuals food rations, forcing people to work bare chested in the snow- I’m quoting the least extreme examples.

The general population vastly outnumbered the gangs forcing them to work. In most cases the gangs weren’t particularly well armed. They were carrying whips and knives, not guns.

And yet, as in plantation slavery across the New World, they did successfully force people to work.

I am not entirely sure of the psychology behind this. On that point you might want to ask ScriptShrink.

Practically speaking though I can describe how it’s done.

The leaders are either killed or separated from the rest of the group. Often they’re humiliated and ‘made an example of’ in some manner. The group is ordered to work and any infractions are violently punished.

It runs on fear. Not for distant people who aren’t under the guards’ control but for the individual. They create an atmosphere of terror, make it clear that they are willing to kill and maim anyone in the group. They actively work to break up the usual social bonds and stop new ones from forming.

Often they try to recruit a few people from each group that’s brought in as a collaborator, giving them (for example) more food and privileges. This helps divide the group and hinders organisation. They also try to break up groups as far as possible, separating out the ranking officers, anyone with religious authority, doctors and the like. It usually doesn’t go as far as separating families but it can.

The end result is a group of people who see their best chance of survival as obeying and working.

When refusal to work leads to being beaten to death few people refuse. Even if they understand logically that if everyone refused then no one would die.

Of the many wars* waged by ex-slaves against whites in Brazil, Cuba, Haiti etc I think it’s very significant that most weren’t spontaneous. They weren’t as a rule the sudden rejection of forced labour by a few hundred people on one plantation. They were often organised across multiple plantations or instigated by societies of escaped slaves from entirely outside white colonial society.

They were careful, considered, well planned acts of war that wouldn’t have been possible without regular communication across thousands of people and a level of community organisation that slavery tries to annihilate.

There are a lot of sources I could recommend for forced labour. I’d very much like to recommend some of my books on Bahia in Brazil because frankly I think everyone should know about Palmares. But I think they’re a bit too academic and only tangentially related to your question.

So I’m going to recommend the book I’ve got on Mao’s famine. ‘Mao’s Great Famine’ by F Dikötter Bloomsbury press. I have the 2017 paperback edition but I don’t think there’s been anything major added since it was first published.

It’s grim going, the number of deaths and atrocities is difficult to take in. The scale will be larger than would be possible in your setting, but the basics of how it was done are the same. It should give you a pretty clear picture of how forced labour works on the ground.

I hope that helps.


*I refer to them as wars rather than revolts because the black combatants referred to them as wars.

A Dilemma, Sure.

eh, mystery huhuhuhu, angstish, way too fast character development lol
3556 words
warning: minor death, legit 1 second, swearing too
Updated: 1st September, 2017

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His smile could brighten anyone’s day. People who walked in gloomy, always left with a more positive look on their face. He let people talk to him as he made their hot drink, he has heard all the rants and gossip around the busy town, none of which lasting long enough for him to reply. His hair added to his character. It covered his forehead, softening his features, making him approachable and catching the attention of many wandering eyes. But he never interacted much. It was who he was. It was what he was known for. It was his persona.

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Give Me Love (Peter Pan x Reader)

There weren’t just Lost Boys on Neverland. There was also a group of Lost Girls. You were one of them. Unlike the Lost Boys, who only liked to be violent, the Lost Girls had different talents that they used. You were a painter. You painted every plant, sunset, and animal you could find. Your current project was a field of flowers. You had been working on it for weeks. Every day, you would sit in the same spot and paint. Every day, someone would come and watch you, but you had no idea that they were.

He admired you from far off, hidden by the forest. He could watch you for hours and still want more. Today, he decide, would be the day he would talk to you. He couldn’t wait any longer.

He waited in his usual spot for you to come. And you came. You set up your easel and began painting. He wanted to just walk up to you, but his legs would not cooperate. Eventually, he forced himself to go up to up.

“Hello,” he said. You looked up in surprise, fear evident in your (e/c) eyes.

“What do you want?” you asked.

“I just want to talk to you,” he said.

“I don’t believe you,” you said. “You’re Peter Pan. You never ‘just want to talk’.”

“Well, this time I do,” Pan said stepping closer. You took a step back in response.

“How do I know if you’re telling the truth?” you inquired.

“You can’t,” he said. “But I am telling the truth. I’ve been watching you paint this painting,” he gestured to you painting, “from the day you started it. I’ve wanted to say something every day since then, but I never could get the courage to. Until today, that is. I’ve seen you smile, I’ve heard you sing, I’ve felt your pure joy, I’ve smelled your paint,” he paused, taking a deep breath, “will you let me taste your lips?” You stared at him with wide (e/c) eyes. You shyly smiled and blushed, putting a hand to your heart.

“I- wow… I mean,” you stuttered, searching for your words. You “This is- I mean, I-” Pan cut you off by kissing you.

“I’m just going to take that as a yes,” he said.


#FindYourWay with Alex: an AmeriCorps intern with BLM California

Alex Studd-Sojka is an AmeriCorps intern with American Conservation Experience (ACE) working for the Bureau of Land Management in the California State Office. Over the next year, Alex will be exploring California’s many rivers in anticipation of 2018’s 50th anniversary of the National Wild and Scenic River Act. 

Keep reading to hear Alex’s story and how she got this amazing opportunity to live in California and work on rivers with the BLM.

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Imagine an America where Republicans cared as much as about poor white people as they pretend they do. Picture it. Imagine the universal healthcare that cared for all Americans no matter if they could afford healthcare or not. Imagine the welfare programs that were adequately funded and took care of people in need. Imagine how fast a veteran could get into a VA doctor. Imagine how few homeless people there would be as subsidized housing assisted those with unstable incomes. Imagine the well funded programs helping reeducate people who are trained in dying fields like coal mining. Imagine the public works projects hiring low income people to improve infrastructure. Imagine the mental health funding to take care of those in need. Imagine a world where Republicans really cared about poor white folks and didn’t just use them as cash machines, voting bases, and canon fodder in their war against poor people of color.

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What do you want to do after college? How is your studying at the outer banks helpful?

I have literally no idea. I’m an environmental major so I want to go into the env. field but that’s super broad, I’d love to work with climate change policy or global environmental policy and have thought about law school but not 100% sure. Kind of just trusting the universe and having faith that if I pursue things I’m passionate about I’ll end up in a good place.

The OBX field site is helpful because it involves an internship, capstone research project, field work, lab work, and classes focused more in depth on my major



You and your friends were at the bleachers of the football field. You were working on your Science project that had you doing research outside. Suddenly, the football team came out of the locker rooms and started practicing. You wish you could play football because you and your brother play it all the time and you’re better than he, your dad, and your guy friends. Unfortunately, football at your school is only for guys. “Heads up Y/N!” You turn to see a football hurtling towards you. You reach up and casually catch it with no trouble at all. You hear a few ‘damn’s and whistles. The captain of the football team, Michael Clifford, started coming up the bleachers to get the ball. When he got one step away from you, you throw the ball as far away from you as you can. That just so happened to be about 50 yards away. Michael just stands there, stupidly staring at you. “Damn. Did you just–” You laugh at his expression. “Michael, your girl has a strong arm. You’ve asked her, right?” one of the guys on the team yelled. You look at Michael with a confused expression. His eyes are wide open and he looks panicked. “Shut your damned trap, Luke.” “Asked me what?” you asked confused. “I was wondering…” he looked nervous and he scratched his head. “I was wondering if you wanted to go to Homecoming with me and be my girlfriend. I understand if you don’t want to or think that this is some joke, but I swear it’s not. I’ve loved you for a long time. I just have never had the courage to ask you out.” He rambled. “I’d love to go with you– and be your girlfriend.” His face lit up and he kissed you sweetly and quickly. “See you after practice, babe.” he said and smiled. You blushed and turned back to your project, only looking back up when you heard various butt-slaps and a few ‘about time’s.


Ashton was failing the math class you were both in. “Miss Y/L/N, would you please come here?” Your math teacher, Mrs. Hemmings, asked you one day at the end of class. “Mr. Irwin is not quite passing my class, while you have all A’s, and I was wondering if you could tutor him after school? I’ll give you some extra credit because this is extra work.” she asked. “Yeah, sure.” “Come by after school ends, and he’ll be here.” you nodded and left towards your PE class. The rest of the day was a drag and you could not wait to go home. You went to get your books to go home, but saw a note on the door of your locker: Ashton Irwin – Tutoring (Hemmings). You groaned and went into Mrs. Hemmings room after all your classes and saw Ashton sitting in a chair drumming his fingers against the desk’s top. “Hi.” you said awkwardly sitting down next to him. “Let’s get this over with.” he muttered avoiding your eye contact. During that time you taught him the Pythagorean Theorem, the distance formula, and perfect squares. It all came to him easily, and you questioned on why he was having trouble. At the end of the session, his friend Calum came and got him for some type of intense baseball practice. Ash winked at you and left. “See ya tomorrow Y/N.”  The next few weeks were nice spending time with Ashton. He eventually became your secret best friend because he didn’t want the “embarrassment”. You hated the idea, but whatever. “You maybe wanna go out sometime?” Ashton asked you one day . “Like on a date?” “Sure.” “As long as it doesn’t humiliate you.” you teased. “It won’t, sorry about that by the way.” “No problem, pick me up at 7:00.” this time, you winked and left the classroom.


Luke was a popular football player at your school. You, not so much. You were one day out on the field talking with your friends, one of them who Luke didn’t like so much. Luke and his friends were trying to be funny as he threw the football at your friend’s head. You saw the ball and pushed him to the side and caught it. You smirked, knowing it came in handy that your father was a football fanatic. Luke was gawking at you as you leaned backwards and threw the football back to him. He caught it with ease. “You’re not funny, Hemmings!” you shouted to him laughing with your friends. Later, at your locker, you felt a tap on your shoulder, you turned around and saw Luke standing there, awkwardly playing with his feet. You rolled your eyes and ignored him.  He hugged you around your waist, catching you off-guard, making your clumsy self stumble forward. He caught you before you hit the ground. You looked up and saw he had flowers in his hand. His eyes were looking over towards his friend Calum. You cleared your throat and he looked into your eyes again. He pulled you up and hugged you. You untangled yourself from him, you were uncomfortable. “Is there anything you want to tell me, Luke?” you whispered. “Yeah– I’m sorry.” His eyes told you he wanted to tell you much, much more than he spoke. “Thank you for the apology and the flowers, so I’ll see you around I guess.” You said and grabbed your backpack and the flowers out of his hand and started walking to your car. Luke thought this was you telling him ‘goodbye’ forever. He swore his heart was breaking. He raced to you. “I love you. About earlier, I just wanted to get your attention, and you know how I’ve been hanging around your friends? Well, I wanted to get to know you more. I love you Y/N.” You stared at him wide-eyed, then leaned up to kiss the corner of his lips and wrote your number on his arm. Now this is the day he likes to look back on. Not because he learned you liked football, not because you two almost kissed, because he told you that day what he never would have had the courage to say.


Calum was your school’s head soccer player. You have had a crush on him since the third grade and kind of stalked him. You had actually never talked to him, but his locker was right next to yours, so you heard him talk all the time. You knew his likes and dislikes, and what he would prefer to do. One day, you were packing up so you could leave school for the day when your locker was shut in front of your face. You looked to see the culprit, but all there was was Calum smirking. You smiled. “Hi, Y/N.” he said. “Hey…?” you said confused on why he was talking to you. “I just wanted to know if you would like to go out on Friday?” he asked. You heard a snicker and saw Michael in the background. You rolled your eyes and said the hardest thing you would ever possibly say with total ease, “No.” you stated flatly. He looked shocked. “I- I thought you liked me?” he questioned with a sad expression on his face. “This is the first time I’ve talked to you, I don’t know you.” you lied. He pouted and retreated to Michael. For the rest of the week he tried to get you to say ‘yes’ to the date, and the rest of the week you said the opposite. “I promise it’ll be fun!” he pleaded. “Calum, go away!” you whined.“C’mon Y/N! Please!” he groaned. “Oh my God Calum! If I say yes will you stop asking me?” “Yeah…” “Pick me up at 6:30.” You said and left a smiling Calum to go to first period.

iKON's Travel Variety Show Announces Air Date And Reveals New Stills

iKON’s Travel Variety Show Announces Air Date And Reveals New Stills

External image

iKON’s upcoming variety show “Global Friendship Project School – Rebellious Field Trip” (working title) has confirmed its official broadcast date!

The show has been produced by YG Entertainment, and the main cast includes Jung Hyung DonJo Se Ho, Kim Shin Young, and the members of iKON.

External image

Through this show, the iKON members will become students of “Yang’s High School,” and they’ll be getting the…

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Boris Pelcer (Bosnia/USA) - Byronic. Acylic & Digital, 4x6 in.

Boris Pelcer is a Bosnian-born artist & designer based out of Milwaukee, WI, USA. He is driven by a desire to constantly experiment, which keeps him engaged in both his personal project & commercial work. His work explores various creative fields: art direction, branding, graphic design, typography, lettering, illustration, drawing & painting.

[more Boris Pelcer | artist found at supersonicart]

i came back to tarot via Temperance at the suggestion of the hawk; i completed my first pass through the land of learning tarot with a new (transformed & transformative) deck, the grail deck. there i drew Lucifer which, harking back to the original rider-waite that i began with (pictured above), calls it the devil. 

these two basic, foundational interpretations, straddling either end of what feels like my first hike up the tarot hillside feels right. these point in a concrete and practical way so much to the situation with my mom; while all the exploration and interpretive work i’ve done between them, points to me and what i will do with that situation. 

as far as psychological work and tools go, i like this. there is some connection to… my body and thus the earth. worthy mind work, exercise, practice. projective fields made conscious. the world projective fields nested, within projective fields. 

that said, i’m going to spend the next few hours outside and this evening from 5-8 is the new once-per-month adult dj skate at the rink. :) also, chicken soup…

and my cordless driver drill battery is charged and ready to go on a few projects… one involves a little alter table cabinet thingy… seems like a good place to store and focus tarot cards & journals and energy.