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Prompts 5 and 21

Thor x Reader

Prompts #5 “Where do you think you’re going?” “Uh, my pole dancing lessons?” and #21 “I’ll throw hands with this bitch, fucking watch me!” 

Word count: 1465

Warnings: Cussing

Dressed in a snug but stretchy pair of pants and a tank top, you made your way out of your room with a bag slung over your shoulder. You were uninterrupted until you got to the floor below yours, where the elevator stopped. Clint walked in and gave you a once-over, raising a brow at your appearance. He stood next to you and you both watched the doors close.

“Going to the gym?” He asked without turning to you. 

“Dance lessons,” You didn’t miss a beat with your answer. It would be kind of embarrassing if everyone knew you were actually going to pole dancing lessons, because they likely wouldn’t take your answer of “I want a strong core and more flexibility” as an answer. 

“Didn’t know you could dance,” Amusement lilted his tone. 

“I can’t, that’s why I’m taking lessons,” 

He huffed a laugh in response. The elevator opened and Clint made his exit. You were thankful, you didn’t want to go into any further detail. 

“Have fun,” He winked.

You made it to the ground level without any further incident and thanked your lucky stars. You started towards the front entrance, looking like a teenager sneaking out in the middle of the night. 

“Where do you think you’re going?” A voice boomed from your left.

You jumped in your skin and became completely still. “Uh, my pole dancing lessons?” 

You winced. Shit, I gave myself away. 

“Pole dancing?” Thor came into your view with a curious expression. 

“Haha, uhhh yeah… Don’t tell anyone about it though, please?” He frowned at the rushed urgency of your sentence.

“Why, what is this type of dance?” 

You paused; trying to find a way to explain it in the least painful way possible.  “Well, it’s where people.. dance around a pole. You have to be really strong to do it. I wanted to test myself, you see.” 

“Oh, that sounds delightful! May I join you my lady?” Eagerness plastered his face.

You shook your head vehemently. “I don’t think so.”

“Oh, why not?” 

“I - um. You have to sign up.. for the class. And it’s mostly women and homosexuals in there.” 

“I have nothing against homosexuals. I often find myself attracted to the smaller ones.” 

You laughed. “Nobody here has anything against gay people, Thor. Gosh, I love you. No, you just have to sign up for it and I know a few women and men there are fans of you, and I wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable!”

You didn’t want to let him find someone and have them take away any chance you had with him, actually. 

“You are such a great friend, Y/n. Your concern warms me. Do you think I could come watch, then?”

You choked on air. 

“Uh, maybe when we do our performance. Practices aren’t really.. public.” 

He clapped his hands together. “I am Thor, Son of Odin. They will not deny me entrance to watch and cheer on my best friend at her practice!”

You pinched the bridge of your nose with your thumb and forefinger. Panic was seeping into your pores and you were wondering if you would have to stop with the lessons because of your nosy friend. 


“Yes, Y/n?”

I am denying you entrance.”

He frowned. “But-”

“No. Performance time only.”

He sighed heavily, full of disappointment. “I will respect your wishes.” 

“Thank you. I’ll see you later.” 

“Goodbye, have an enjoyable practice.” 

After you left, Thor looked up what pole dancing was. He was surprised that you would partake in an activity like that, but now understood your reluctance with him coming to watch and letting the others know.

He found himself wanting very much to watch you dance like that for him. Just for him. And he didn’t know how he felt with everyone in your class seeing you dance like that. What if there was a man or woman that took interest in you? You were very attractive, it wouldn’t take hardly anything for someone to fall for you in the same way he did.

When he finished investigating the specific type of dance, he laid back on his bed and shut his eyes. What would he say to you after discovering that you wanted to dance like this? He imagined you dancing on and against the pole. Slowly you stripped off your clothing, down to your underwear. You walked towards him slowly and seductively, hips swaying and chest out. 

His mouth nearly watered at the thought. He slowly ran his hand down his chest and under his pants. He imagined it was your hand instead of his against his skin. He sucked his bottom lip between his teeth as he began stroking himself. 

When he was finished and sticky with cum he felt immensely guilty. He shouldn’t be thinking of his best friend in that way. It was grossly inappropriate and demeaning. 

He lumbered off of his bed and to the bathroom where he showered off. 

Despite his guilt, the next few days were brimming with lust filled visions of you. Every time you bent over he was assaulted with the fantasies and struggled to ward them away. 

While you were at your lessons one day, Thor was overcome with the impulse to go and actually see you dance. So he did. He walked into the building with confidence, and when the receptionist asked him what he was looking for he replied simply. 

“The pole dancing lessons.” 

She pointed him in the right direction, and only then did he begin to worry about his actions. He walked to the door to the room. It was cracked open slightly, but he didn’t want to peep in. He put his hand on the handle, willing himself to enter, when the door opened. 

A woman in tight clothing exited, running right into Thor. She looked up in surprise, but when she saw who it was a sultry smile overtook her lips. 

“Oh, the mighty Thor. What brings you here big boy?” She looked at him through her lashes. He was startled, and looked up, eyes meeting yours. You were standing stock still, eyes on his and seething. He instinctively took a step back. 

The woman stepped forward to close the gap between them. His eyes shot down to her.

She put a hand on his chest. “What do you say you come home with me?” 

He removed her hand. “No thank you, miss.” 

“Let me change your mind.” She leant up and pressed a kiss to his lips. He ripped himself away in alarm. She followed his movements, unfazed.

You turned to your friend in the class and growled, “I’ll throw hands with this bitch, fucking watch me!” 

“Bet, I would pay to see that.” He said.

You marched forwards and yanked her back by her arm. She yelped, but waved her hand around and ended up smacking you across the face. 

“You fucking-” you spun her around “cunt!” You slammed your fist to her face. 

“Oh no! Stop!” The instructor yelled. 

The woman tried to hit you back but you had the upper hand from years of combat training. You turned her to the nearest wall, smashed her face against it, and held her hands tightly against her back where her arms were turned up. 

“Understand this, honey. If someone says no, that means no.”

“Thor, won’t you help me?” She cried. 

You sent him a look that read, ‘Absolutely not, I’ll kill you.’

He waved his hands in defense and shook his head. “I did ..say no..” 

You applied pressure to her arms and she cried out before you let her go. She fell to the floor and began to really cry, but you ignored her and made to leave.

“Yesss, bitch!” Your friend, Anthony called out, tossing you your bag.

“Thanks, Tony. Talk to you later, baby.” 

You escorted Thor out of the building with a strong grip on his arm. You only let go when you were back out on the sidewalk where you could see your car. 

“What. did. I. say.  about. coming. to. practice.” 

“I apologize, Lady Y/n. I didn’t mean-”

“You Never Mean,” You spit. 

“I looked up pole dancing and just wanted to watch you dance. I didn’t want to start a fight.”

“Get in the car.”


“Get. in. the. car.” 

He quickly got into the passenger seat. You got in the driver’s and sped off, refusing to look at him, your jaw tight. 

He didn’t try to talk to you the entire way, and instead looked out of the window in shame. 

When you arrived back at the Tower, you stopped him right before the front entrance. He looked at you curiously.

“Can I kiss you?”


“Can I kiss you?”

“Oh Odin, yes.”

1) things you said at 1 am
2) things you said through your teeth
3) things you said too quietly
4) things you said over the phone
5) things you didn’t say at all
6) things you said under the stars and in the grass
7) things you said while we were driving
8) things you said when you were crying
9) things you said when I was crying
10) things you said that made me feel like shit
11) things you said when you were drunk
12) things you said when you thought I was asleep
13) things you said at the kitchen table
14)things you said after you kissed me
15) things you said with too many miles between us
16) things you said with no space between us
17) things you said that I wish you hadn’t
18) things you said when you were scared
19) things you said when we were the happiest we ever were
20) things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear
21) things you said when we were on top of the world
22) things you said after it was over
23) things you said on the streetcar at 1 am
24) things you said with clenched fists
25) things you said in the back seat of a cab
26) things you said sitting still
27) things you said on the phone at 4 am
28) things you said but not out loud
29) things you said in the backyard at night
30) things you said on the highway
31) things you said while I cried in your arms
32) things you said I wouldn’t understand
33) things you said at the back of the theatre
34) things you said in your sleep
35) things you said that made me feel real
36) things you said you’ll never forget
37) things you said with the tv on mute
38)things you said while holding my hand’

39) things you said when we first met
40) things you said when you met my parents
41) things you said you loved about me
42) things you said when you asked me to marry you
43) things you said in our vows
44) things you said before you kissed me
45) things you said on new year’s eve
46) things you said when you kissed me goodnight
47) things you said in a hotel room
48) things you said on our honeymoon
49) things you said when we were 18
50) things you said when we were 70
51) things you said as we danced in our socks
52) things you said with my lips on your neck
53) things you said in the dark
54) things you always meant to say but never got the chance
55) things you said under your breath
56) things you said in the spur of the moment
57) things you said when no one else was around
58) things you were afraid to say
59) things you said after we fell in love
60) things you said [make your own]


the ones with single quotes aren’t mine, but the rest are. great story and fic prompts

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In My Feelings

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Request: Billy smut based on In My Feelings by Lana Del Rey

Pairing: Billy x Reader

Word Count: 3,227

Warnings: Smut, language, smoking?, choking 

Authors Note: I dunno if this really fits the lyrics for this song but i just got this vibe and idk my mind ran with it. Hope you guys like it, let me know! I also haven’t edited this cause I wanted to get it out so Im sorry if there are any mistakes! 💕

Disclaimer: I do not condone Billys behaviour/views on the show and do in no way intend to romanticise his racism & abuse.

Listen To: In My Feelings by Lana Del Rey

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Final piece for the @kagehinaficzine!

It was my very first zine experience so i was extra nervous, but what do you know, I got paired up with the one and only, amazing Esselle who bravely lead us through this journey and created the fluffiest Spring kagehinas working with… animals!

Check out Essie’s fresh and warm fic here!

anonymous asked:

Hey it's the Disney anon! Yeah I meant sort of live action BATB cause I love the Bucky fic you did😊 So if it's something you'd be happy to write for can I request a reader x gaston fic where they grew up together and she is in love with him but is convinced it isn't mutual & that he deserves better so doesn't tell him. Another guy asks her out & she accepts cause she thinks she should move on if gaston will never love her. But Gaston actually gets super jealous/possessive. Hope it's ok thanks❤

Pairing: Gaston x Reader
Fandom: Disney ; Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Warnings: /

A/N: asdfghjkl, I’m so glad you send me this request, I literally grinned so hard when I got it! I don’t normally post two things a day, but I literally had the easiest time writing this. This prompt gave me so much inspiration that I just typed it in one go and I’m actually quite happy with how it turned out. I hope you like it as well and if you have any other gaston x reader request please send them my way. I LOVE writing for him and the reader. (added Gaston to my fandoms list)


“You’re staring again,” LeFou, who had seemingly snuck up on you, whispered.

You blinked a few times to break the spell you were under before and turned around, wanting to convince him that, no, you weren’t staring at Gaston like a fool in love. 

But the look he threw you was enough to know that it wouldn’t work on him.

“It’s not like I don’t understand. And I’m certainly not the one to judge you,” he winked at you and you had to laugh a little. “But what I don’t understand is why you don’t tell him. You’ve known each other for so long..”

“Oh LeFou. If only it were so easy. Look at him..-” he was currently chasing Belle again. “He doesn’t feel the same and I doubt he ever will. He needs a woman who cooks for him and plays the good wife. You and me both know that I’m not that kind of woman.”

“Neither is Belle! Which is why he fancies her! So what makes you different?”

“I’m a huntress, LeFou. Belle and me are completely the opposite of each other. If she’s his type then I’m most certainly not.”

“She’s beautiful. That’s why she’s his type. And do I need to remind you of your beauty?”

You sighed and turned around to face your friend, smiling a little, then hugging him.

In the meantime, Gaston gave up for today in chasing Belle and approached the two of you.

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Silly Kitty | Seokjin

Pairing: Seokjin x reader
Genre: Hybrid!AU, fluff, if u squint there’s a tiny bit of angst
Warnings: this is 21.7k of pure fluff god is dead and we killed him
Notes: I started out following the request and then it just got out of hand, I couldn’t stop myself oml this fic has been haunting me for WEEKS. also i deviated a lil from the request im sorry i love u I hope it doesn’t disappoint!!!!

just lots and lots of fluff I guess?? I love Jin so much but I don’t see a lot of love for him. Oh! Maybe something along those lines?… How about… desperate hybrid jin, stuck on the streets, who starts following the first person who shows him affection and them just not knowing what to do, doesn’t know the first thing about having to take care of more than just themselves? - jin anon

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safe and sound

Summary: You hate the fact that with every thing he does, Steve makes you fall for him more and more; even though he doesn’t know it.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 2,172 [I’m sorry]

A/N: Can you tell I’m in love with Steve? hope you all enjoy, I’ve got one more fic coming for ya this weekend! xx | masterlist

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Fic Rec List

I suck at describing why I like a lot of these. Basically they are all well written, diverse and exciting fics. They made me feel all of my feelings, some are damn hot and will make you need Jesus, some will make you yell at your screen and others will make you sad and in need of a cuddlebuddy.

9/10 times if I’m being too slow with updates it’s because I’m busy reading or re-reading all of these.


@soobadnoonecanstopher - Honestly, read any of Lori’s work because it’s all great. These 3 fics got me so hooked on her writing and I’m obsessed.

2AM  (Minseok)

IGU (Baekhyun)

The Boxer (Yixing)

@pebble-xo - The Secret will give you about 5000 feelings and I’m still processing the latest update for it, go read now!

The Secret (Baekhyun)

Good Enough (Sehun)

@gwaenchanhajagiya - Like I love all of it. Soft Yixing, Pathcode inspired writing, Fluffy Jongdae and then the freaking brilliant Engraved series. <3 <3 <3

Engraved (Kyungsoo)

Cerca Trova (No pairing)

Little Big Secret  (Yixing)

Hot Chocolate Kisses  (Jongdae)

@xiustories (formerly solarexact) I’m not sure if some of these will move over to @smuttyfairy but I love these as well

Sex  (Minseok)

Muse (Yixing)

Chemistry (Baekhyun)

Allegiance (Baekhyun)

Royals (Sehun)

@xosincerelya - Do you want to be conflicted? Because this is such a well written fic and it will make you yell at the screen and want to hug it at the same time.

Guilty (Kai, Baekhyun)

@xiumin-on-this-shit - My guilty pleasure fics!  There are so many chapters to keep you happy and reading and I just fell into these and loved everything. Highkey want to live in All My Idols. Like now.

Good Girl/Bad Girl  (OT12)

I Am An Alpha (OT12)

All My Idols (Multifandom)

@oh-beyond - These are two of my fav stories right now. There is a whole lot of variety in her masterlist, something to suit everyone :)  

The Saviour (Baekhyun)

Monster Stalker (Baekhyun)


All’s Fair (Baekhyun)

Higher (Suho)


Poison (Kai)


Foretold (Kai)


Apartment 5108 (Sehun)


One Shot (Chanyeol)


Incipient (Suho)


@btssmutgalore - I never thought I’d hate and love Kookie and Yoongi so much in fics but then these happened. Holy hell…and the smut is A+

Monster (Jungkook)

Self Control (Yoongi)

@war-of-hormoan - These are frigging amazing.

Aisles (Jungkook possibly Hoseok but idk)

For You (Taehyung/Jin)

Weights & Measures (Yoongi)


Unexpected (Yoongi)

Big Bang


The Scandal (G-Dragon)


Underground Rapper (G-Dragon)

“New Kind of Love” Part 1

                                        ❝Risky Business❞

Summary: (Modern Day AU) Bucky Barnes is just another frat boy, with great looks to serve and a carefree vibe. And you’re just another good girl, with good grades and pastel pink vibes. How could two people be so different, yet perfect for each other?

Prompt: You’re my crush and you came over to my dorm with your friend. In the middle of the visit, I realize you were flirting with me. At the end of the visit, I realize you’re flirting with me to make your crush jealous | AU

Pairing: frat boy!Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1990

Warnings: none for now

Author’s Note: new fic!!! finally, i got some time to put this thought together, although i’m posting the intro, this fic won’t be updated as frequently, since i have my midterms exams are coming up. so don’t ask for updates, please. taglist is open! 

special shoutout to, Carolina (@sanjariti) for helping me edit this, you’re the best, wifey <3 also, thanks to my sweet summer child, Ari (@whyisbuckyso) for coming up with a decent summary ily 

‘New Kind of Love’ Masterlist | Main Masterlist

(gif is not mine)

“I thought you said you didn’t want to come here,” Your dorm roommate, Wanda teased you as she dropped down on the couch you were sitting on. She must have caught you bobbing your head to the rhythm of whatever music that’s been blasting through the room. She sat so close to you, you could smell the stench of alcohol and sweat oozing from her body. But maybe it’s not her, just the air in this frat house. Her tight dress showed off all her best assets, and best thing is she wasn’t even shy. Wanda rests her head on the armrest of the couch, her exposed neck showcasing the dragon tattoo inked over the skin.

“No, that’s not what I said,” you defended yourself, looking at her.

“I couldn’t wipe that fucking frown off your face until I promised to help you clean the room.” She said, yet again teasing you.

“Technically, it was a bribe.”

“Which you took,” she was fast on the reply, smirking lazily.

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descent into rarepair hell
  • me: wow, I sure do love [story]! so many awesome characters and themes, the writing's great, and there's even some really cool fanfic -
  • brain: ship the thing.
  • me: um?
  • brain: you see these two idiots?
  • me: yes?
  • brain: that's the thing. we ship it now.
  • me: but -
  • brain: ship it.
  • me: but there is exactly ONE FIC for this pairing EVER -
  • brain: ship it.
  • me: - it's got zero chance of becoming canon -
  • brain: ship it.
  • me: - they hardly even interact, I don't know why you'd consider investing in -
  • brain: SHIP. IT.
  • me: ...
  • me: I hate you, myself, and everything we stand for.
  • brain: shhh. headcanons.
sweet summer love

Summary: Summer love is the best kind of love, and Steve doesn’t know where he’d be without it - or you.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

A/N: y’all, Steve has got my ass whipped. enjoy another fic of my favorite boy, and let me know what you think! | masterlist

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so i got this idea that derry was the upside down of hawinks and someone told me to write it, so here i am.

however, my wonderful co-writer and beta @richiewheeler helped me out A TON and she’s gonna be helping me write this whole fic so pls give her some love as well pls and thx

i hope you guys like it! we are SUPER DUPER proud of it 

without further ado, here is my stranger things/it crossover

summary: a stranger things/it crossover fic 

pairings: reddie def, and lots of others to be determined

words: 1991

Will Byers always had to ride his bike home at night, it seemed. Mike’s Dungeons and Dragons games managed to always run way longer than the group had anticipated, usually, 10 hours was a normal time frame for them. School nights always ruined the flow of it, sure, but Will’s team always won. Sometimes he wondered if Mike let them win, or, perhaps, it was just luck.

His older brother Jonathan was working a late shift, as was their mother, which was a common occurrence. He didn’t mind riding his bike so late, he’d gotten used to it. Nothing happened in Hawkins, so it was almost therapeutic. The sound of his bike wheels thumping against the pavement and crickets that chirped in the darkness.

Mirkwood, a street so familiar to him he could almost see it just as he would in the day, stretched in front of him. Since it was only a fall Sunday, there was no one there. He hummed to himself and looked through the woods of Hawkins Forest. He’s almost home.

Will looked back at the road, and saw a tall figure standing right in the middle of the street. Yelping, he slammed on his breaks, nearly falling off the front of his bike as he skids to a stop.

It was a clown, with wild red hair and a pristine costume. If it were Halloween, Will would’ve been impressed. But the autumn holiday was last month and this didn’t seem like a costume. It was too real as if the face paint wasn’t actually paint at all.

“Hey there, Will. Where are you off to?” The clown spoke, his words causing Will to physically shiver in fear.

His mother’s warnings of don’t talk to strangers rattled in his head, so he just swallowed and wanted to leave it there. But he had to know.

“How did you know my name?” Will asked, his voice sounding scared to his own ears. He wished he could be stronger about it, but he wasn’t.

“I’m a friend of your dad’s,” The clown said. “He tells me all about you, Will.”

He hated the way this guy said his name, and he knew his dad didn’t say many positive things about him. He changed the subject, “Why the clown outfit?”
“Well, I’m Pennywise the Dancing Clown,” The Clown- Pennywise- said, grinning. In the light of the moon, his eyes shined bright and his teeth looked so sharp. “I was just at a party, and I thought I’d take Mirkwood home.”

Will smiled awkwardly a little, “We call this street Mirkwood too.” He didn’t know why he continued to talk to strange man in a clown costume. He almost felt compelled to stay.

“I know,” Pennywise said. Something in Will’s stomach twisted and his fingers clutched the handles of his bike until his knuckles went white.

“My mom’s expecting me home,” Will started to excuse himself, but Pennywise frowned. That frown sent a wave of discomfort through his small frame. A frown like that wasn’t normal. It was far too sinister, too off to be ordinary. The clown tilted his head a bit, his hair staying in the perfect “windblown” shape it had been in. That wasn’t normal either. His eyes, Will noticed, were a bright orange color. Number three on the ‘not normal’ list about this guy. One was lopsided as if he had a lazy eye. One concentrated on Will’s figure, the other looming off slightly to the right of him. Number four, check.

“Let me show you something first.” The clown spoke slowly as if he was trying to be friendlier, more convincing. Will felt as if he didn’t have much of a choice. The man blocked his way regardless, so he stayed put and kept his mouth shut.

The clown smiled once more. His face suddenly contorted, his head snapping to the side violently at a 90-degree angle. That’s when Will realized it was no longer a person. This thing wasn’t human, it never was, to begin with. Will watched in horror as this thing transformed into a large-scale version of the Demogorgon, one of the many pieces in Mike’s Dungeons and Dragons campaign from today. He was terrified, slowly backing up with his bike in a vain attempt to separate himself from this monster as much as he could. Will glanced around him quickly, seeing if he had a possible escape route. He didn’t.

When he glanced back at the monster, it started to advance. With no choice, Will threw his bike down and ran down the street, the thumps growing louder behind him. The last thing he heard was his own terrified scream before he hit the pavement and his vision clouded black.

In a town closer than they thought, Georgie Denbrough bounced beside his brother, Bill, as he made a paper sailboat as a storm crossed through Derry.

This was a tradition they had when it rained, seeing how fast one boat could go in the pouring rain. Georgie liked that even though Bill was sick, he was still gonna let him play. It wouldn’t be the same without him, but they both agreed that tradition was important. They couldn’t miss an opportunity.

“S-she’s all ready, Captain,” Bill said, coughing a little. Georgie nodded vibrantly and took the boat in his hands. Slightly sticky to the touch, he knew how much work his big brother put into it and made sure he handled ‘her’ carefully.

“D-don’t forget your g-galoshes,” Bill reminded as Georgie nearly raced out the door. “M-mom will k-kill you.”

Georgie made a face but nodded once more. When he ran down the stairs to the mudroom, he pulled on the dark green boots that chafed against his ankles.

He ran outside and Georgie turned, waving up to Bill’s window, showing off how well the boat was maintaining its structure in the downpour. Bill waved back at him, so he took that as his signal to start his boat’s journey. The static hum of the walkie-talkie in Georgie’s pocket made him smile, knowing Bill was sorta there with him.

“Be careful.” His brother’s voice crackled and Georgie was off. He placed the boat down near the street curb, watching with glee as it raced down the road following the direction of the water flow.

He tried being careful, he really did, but it was too easy for him to get distracted. Georgie wasn’t too surprised when he smacked into the orange sign, coincidentally at the perfect height to hit his head on. He didn’t want to lose the boat so he tried to keep up, but he cried out in horror as it fell down the sewer drain.

“Bill’s gonna kill me,” He moaned, disappointed in himself. He kneeled down and tried to see if it had caught on something. But instead of seeing the boat, he saw a kid.

Georgie yelped and fell backward, landing on his butt. Even to a little kid like himself, it was a little odd to see someone in a storm drain. The kid in the drain smiled meekly, holding up Georgie’s boat. He had brown hair, that was wet and flat due to the rain. His outfit consisted of a vest with a flannel underneath and a pair of jeans from what Georgie could see, but it was dark in the drain.

“Hey, Georgie, is it?” He asked, looking down at the paper boat. A drop of water landed on the ‘S. S. Georgie’ Bill had written on it, smearing the ink a bit.

Georgie nodded slowly, a little thrown off by his question but answered anyway. “Yeah, that’s me!”

The kid smiled. “Hey, I’m Will Byers. Nice to meet you.”

Georgie smiled back at him. “How did you get in there?” He asked, “Are you stuck?”

Will nodded solemnly, before his expression changed. If people got lightbulbs over their heads like in the cartoons, there would’ve been one above Will’s head. “If you help me out, I can give you your boat back! How does that sound? You can help a new pal out.”

The small Denbrough contemplated it for a second, before agreeing.

Will grinned. “Grab my hand.” He spoke, reaching his hand upwards towards the opening in the drain.

As Georgie reached down, Will’s face changed drastically. It contorted into something sinister, multiple rows of teeth baring in a mere instant.

His scream of agony could be heard all the way down the road but by the time anyone had checked, Georgie Denbrough was gone. The only evidence of that he was ever there was red water slowly flowing into the storm drain.

But no adult nearby saw it.

Will woke up with what he thought was the start of a migraine after the worst nightmare he’d ever experienced. A goddamn clown accosted him when he was just trying to get home. He just wanted to eat Jonathan’s breakfast and see his friends at school. He wanted to hug his mom and have her tell him the nightmare clown couldn’t get to him again until he believed her.

But instead of smelling pancakes and nearly burnt eggs, all it smelled like was like stagnant water and blood.

Will’s eyes snapped open, and all he saw was gray. He pushed up onto his palms and looked around.

He wasn’t in his room, safe in his bed under the covers and dry. Instead, he was in a wide, circular room covered in trash, soaking wet. How long was he asleep? Did he get knocked out?

Something dripped on his shoulder, and he looked up to see a trash pile that nearly skirted the tall ceiling. But more astonishingly, bodies floated. They floated around the room like limp rag dolls that Mike’s sister Holly played with. And they were all upside down.

A sound of squelching caused Will to look to his right, only to come face to face with the same clown that he saw on the street.

As if it wasn’t terrifying before, its clown face was now smothered in blood. It grinned, and the crimson-stained teeth looked even sharper than he remembered.

In its long, twisted fingers, it held an arm with a chunk taken out of it. In that quick glance, he could see blood and muscles and bone.

Will screamed and scrambled backward, a sharp pain in his side as his heart nearly beat out of his chest. How was this real? How was none of that a dream?

No. This is still a dream. This isn’t real, Will focused on convincing himself. He scrunched his eyes shut and dug his nails into his palms.

“Not real, Willie?” The clown’s scratchy voice said, sounding so close. But he refused to open his eyes. “Do you want to see a dream?”

He screamed and his eyes flung open. The clown grabbed him by the throat and leaned in close. Its breath was rancid like the trash that littered around them. It drooled blood and saliva all over him as he squirmed in a vain attempt to escape the clown’s death grip on him.

“I’ll show you a goddamn nightmare.”


i hope you guys liked that as we’d love to write a part dos

let us know how y’all feel about it!


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Hi everyone! So this is part one of the ABO Verse fic I promised to post. I finally got around to writing it and voila! Let me know what you think pretty please? It’s kinda short but every first chapter is right? xxx 

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Summary: The a/b/o verse where Hydra fucked with Bucky’s hormones and temporarily made him a Beta (because they take orders better) as the Winter Soldier, but now that he’s safe at Stark Tower, Tony hires Y/n to help re-orientate him back to his natural-born rank as Alpha.

Tags: Angst, fluff, smut (duh), and everything else I can’t remember right now lol

Tagged Lovlies: @softforseb@mrtinslydia, @wine-and-space-donuts, @aislinsekhem, @creideamhgradochas (lemme know if you wanna be tagged x)

(oh and I did this lazy crappy last minute minimalist cover, but I would love if you guys submitted your own covers :) Sexy, angsty, whatever you want idc but I’d love to see some!!! You guys are way better at graphics than I am lol)


Opia n. the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel                                      simultaneously invasive and vulnerable

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I love your blog. I was wondering whether you can recommend me some good supernatural or magical AU fanfiction. I love those types of fics but I don't know where to start. Thank you :)

Thank you for this request! I’ve read some fantastic magic AU fics, and I’m more than happy to recommend some to you! 


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Magic AU

Expomise by thankyouforexisting, Teen, 68k
YOI/Hogwarts crossover that is too pure for words. First year muggle-born Yuuri get paired up with the Victor Nikiforov in potions class. Filled with after school study sessions, magic, pining, and skating! LOVE!

You Charm Me by Yuechum, Gen, 1.8k
Magic AU where Victor is a human pining for the witch, Yuuri. Quick and cute fic filled with fluff and magic!

A Thread of Silver by orbitdorsi, Teen, 23k (WIP)
Once upon a time, Yuuri got lost in the woods and met a fairy named Victor, who helps him find his way. Years later, they meet again.. but Yuuri doesn’t remember that night so long ago. Stunning fairy AU!

Worth War by flippednique, Teen, 36k (WIP)
What makes Yuuri Katsuki so special? Why are they sending General Viktor Nikiforov to save him? I LOVE THIS FIC

Strange Magic by mandathegreat, Explicit, 13k
In which Viktor Nikiforov is the Pride of Durmstrang and the Seeker for Russia, Yuuri is Hufflepuff’s Hero and a Hot Mess, and there is a Triwizard Tournament, which is a shame because Yuuri really needs to play Quidditch this year, and he doesn’t really have time to fall in love. SO GOOD JUST READ IT!!

Magic on Ice by chibilysis (xyrilyn), Teen, 30k (WIP)
Yuuri’s first accidental magic took the form of a miniature snowstorm in his room. By the time his parents realised something was off, Yuuri’s bedroom was one feet deep in magical snow. Hogwarts/YOI crossover that is amazing!

Mismatched by orion_keep_me_company, Mature, 60k (WIP)
Viktor Nikiforov has spent two thousand years without a soulmate, having given up centuries ago. Yuuri Katsuki has to struggle with leading thousands of werewolves despite being the youngest leader in werewolf history. Very intense magic AU! Thumbs up!

That’s the trouble with us by heygorgeous, Teen, 6.3k (WIP)
Viktor Nikiforov is a legend. That, anyone within a five mile radius of the porcelain demigod can tell; the fact that there’s a statue of the man smack in the middle of the institution’s courtyard goes to show exactly how deeply regarded he is. One of the best magic AUs I’ve read!

The Hour by orphan_account, Teen, 18k (WIP)
Yuuri opened his eyes. That was the last thing he remembered – the coolness enveloping him starting from where long, pale fingers were pressed against his cheeks and rippling throughout his feverish body, and then crystal blue eyes locking into his. I couldn’t stop reading this omg

Enchanted by FlishFlash121, Teen, 5.8k (WIP)
Viktor Nikiforov is the eleven king of an enchanted forest. Mortal Katsuki Yuuri finds himself on a mission in said forest. Lovely magic AU!

Eros in Progress by trixiechick, Teen, 61k (WIP)
Becoming soulmates was just the beginning of the story. Amazing soulmate/magic crossover!


American Gods Crossover Verse featuring TechGod!Tony

Fic Prompt: Loki ( Old God ) and Tony (New God) are plotting ways to stop the new threat against their dominions. Possibly Thanos and Lady Death.

p.s. I am thinking of Jarvis as some kind of Siri (navigation app) Tony has that helps him control and implement his powers.

Pairing: FrostIron

Original Post #1 Post #2 Post #3 Post #4

Art Notes:

Man that took me a long while to put up this continuation of my verse! Real life really got in the way. But happy that I finally finished this one after a long interim wait.

disclaimer: Got the Jarvis skeleton off google and tweaked it XD because I don’t have the patience for all the straight lines. LOL

Work From Home - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stuart Twombly/Reader
Words: 2,656
AN: A little birdie told me there’s going to be a couple of Stuart fics coming out in the next week….here’s one for ya. I love you guys, I hope you like!

Your boyfriend Stuart worked long hours a lot, and it could get pretty lonely. He loved his job, and you knew it he was good at it. He was incredibly smart, and he’d been chosen out of hundreds of applicants for the internship that got him started with Google, and you were so, so proud of him. You just missed him.

He texted you whenever he had a free moment, asking you about your day, and making plans with you for dinner, telling you stories about his co-workers, or jokes that made you laugh. But sometimes you wished he could stay in bed with you all day, putting those fingers to better use on your body, instead of on his phone or computer.

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~Maybe I might love you.–

My piece for the @hq-ghibli-zine !!! Unfortunatly, this zine ended up falling through, but I’m still really incredibly grateful to have been able to get to know so many fantastic writers and artists through the process!!! One specific writer in particular ( who I got super lucky to be paired for a collab with, I’m looking at you @sweetferretxd ) wrote the amazing fic ‘Stand by Me’ which, I’ve already lost count how many days straight I have been reading, I actually have it open right now in another tab so that I can read it again and I have zero regrets!!! I just feel so warm it’s as if I’m melting into the earth’s molten hot core!!!

–Maybe I might love you.~

upholstered furniture

pairing: pansy parkinson x harry potter

setting: modern, non-magical, reality/film star au; based on this

word count: 4,654 words

(7:22 am) Did you see the casting news yet? For Boy Who Lived?

(8:15 am) fuck off its sunday

(8:16 am) Ronald.

(8:17 am) unless they chose to go with an actual fucking cgi flamingo i dont give a shit right now and it can wait until tomorrow

(8:19 am) It really can’t. Harry’s going to fire you when he finds out.

(8:19 am) ??????? get ur blasphemous ass back to church no he’s not

(8:20 am) Yes, he is. It was YOUR idea to scrap the chemistry test.

(8:23 am) omg what is ur DAMAGE chemistry tests r dumb af harry hates them

(8:24 am) And sometimes you have to act as his AGENT, not his best friend, and advise him to do the things he hates, Ronald. Like chemistry tests.

(8:25 am) thx for the fortune cookie fun fact i’ll pass it on to harry’s latest oscar nom ok

(8:29 am) Check Variety. They reported on the casting this morning. There was a “leak” at the studio. Naturally.

(8:32 am) harrys gonna fucking fire me ur right

BREAKING: Hurricane Hollywood star tapped for female lead in Paramount’s Boy Who Lived

October 11, 2016. Los Angeles.

Well, it’s official.

Seemingly permanent tabloid staple Pansy Parkinson (Hurricane Hollywood; The Hottie and the Nottie), better known for her outrageous late-night party antics than she is for her acting prowess, has been cast as Harry Potter’s (Under the Stairs) on-screen love interest for the futuristic dystopian thriller, Boy Who Lived, slated for release by Paramount sometime in Summer 2018. While Parkinson has been persistently vocal about her desire to make the transition from her Cristal throne in Vegas to the slightly more respectable silver screen, this will be her first role in a major motion picture.

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Let’s Hurt Tonight

Prompt: “You don’t need to protect me” from @southsidejuggie writing challenge thingy.

Based off: Let’s Hurt Tonight by One Republic (listen to it maybe while you read it idk)

Pairings: Sweet Pea x Reader

Warnings: lil fight, mentions of blood, fluff, angst. Some gifs because I never use gifs and credit to their owners.

A/N: Requests are open! Headcannon requests welcome! Why not send me your favourite song (and a pairing if you want) and I’ll try to make a lil fic. I enjoyed this challenge and encourage you to give it a go! Or maybe send me a gif and I’ll try and write a fic off that, that could be fun!


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Sweet POV.

I never got to be a kid. I was practically out of the womb and into a leather jacket. My childhood was stolen by Serpents, whether or not that was for the best is still up for debate. The only thing I was definite about was my luck in finding yn. She made me feel like a kid. She accepted my glaringly obvious problems. When I went off, which happens a lot, she’d come to me and say that’s enough. She knew how to be there for me, calm me down, be my friend and I wanted more.

“Do you think that ginger over there is single?” FPs party was in full swing and yns eye had been caught my the ginger who caught my eye with his fist some time ago. I practically growled at her words.

“Oh I guess he is taken” she laughed at the sight of a girl trying to take the gingers face off with her lips. Northside love is gross.

“Come on yn, let’s go this place is dead” too many people wanted to get with yn here for my liking.

“No it’s not-” she chuckled “-come on let’s dance”

“Oh no no no no” she rolled her eyes, grabbed her drink and made her way to the dancefloor, dragging Toni as she went. I watched the two of them dance as much as I tried not to.

“So are you going to profess your love for yn tonight or…”

“Oh take a hike Fangs”

“Listen dude if you don’t someone else will, I might even” he took a step in their direction before I caught his shoulder roughly and dragged him back. Glaring.

“Don’t even thi-”

“Relax SP, it was a joke. Looks like Rick isn’t joking though” he laughed before drawing my attention to Rick getting awfully close to my yn. Nope. Not happening.

Rick caught in by her hips, her face dropped and she was visibly very uncomfortable. Yn tried to push his hands off her but they were then just replaced quickly again. Ohh I’m going to prison tonight.

I stomped over and jumped between them, pulling Rick off yn. My back to him and eyes on Yn. She gave a nervous laughed and I smiled at her reassuringly.

“Hey brother what the hell?!” I felt his hands on my back as he shoved me, sending me into yn. With my size, yn was easily knocked to the floor, drenching herself in her drink and breaking the glass.


“Ynn I’m so sorry” I caught her by the hand, her blood mixing on my hand. Toni toke it from me to assist our best friend.

“Big.mistake.buddy” I turned my attention to the perpetrator. He’s dead meat. I flew at the drunken slob before Fangs could stop me. The both of us rolled around the bar floor, I got on top of him, delivering a few blows to the face. He clipped my jaw in retaliation before whipping out a knife. It was then some seniors stepped in and hauled me off him, not before I got another kick in.

“Yn! Take him home!” Fangs grabbed me from the senior while he went for Rick.

“come on Conor McGregor let’s go home” she smiled at me, drying the end of her skirt with a napkin, her hands cut from the glass. The bar continued in it’s usual chaos. I trust Fangs and Toni to handle Rick.


We got back to my trailer, practically our trailer, the incident started to take its toll on me. I threw myself down on my battered couch. The fight, the emotions, seeing yn bleed, I was worn to the bone. I watched yn busy herself in the kitchen looking for my probably empty first aid kit. She was so at home here, hell she was here more than I was.

“You’re going to need to start paying me for this” she sat down next me with a barely existent first aid kit. She was right, this was too much of a regular occurrence. I took her hands in mine, the blood having dried into her worn hands.

“You should look after yourself first”

“Don’t be silly, it’s just a few scratches, I’ve had worse” she has and I hated it it. She rolled her eyes at my concern. I brought her hands to my lips and kissed them gently, looking in her beautiful eyes. YN gave me a gentle smile before slowly slipping her hands from mine again. She wiped her hands on an antiseptic wipe, I saw her wince at the sting, relatable. She pushed my hair back then and inspected the damage. I definitely left Rick worse and I knew her too well to know she was going to give out to me. This could get rough.

“You need to stop getting into fights”

“I know I know, I was just protecting you”

You don’t need to protect me, I’m a big girl, I earned this jacket the same way you did” she took a slightly more serious tone as she opened antiseptic wipes.

“Im sorry yn, it’s my job, call my union” that gained a small laugh from her. My favorite sound.

“You should start looking for a new job”

“Never” she bit her lip slightly at me. I just love this girl.

“This is going to hurt” she unfurled the wipe.

“I have to say something to you yn that I couldn’t before” my heart reverberated off my ribs like it may burst out, she was so close to me. She then pressed the burning wipe on my broken skin and I winced. Despite how many times she’s done this for me I’ll never get used to that sting, I think she likes seeing me squirm to be honest.

“Yn you’re hurting me”

“Hah, I’m sorry Sweets, I told you it would hurt” she smirked, getting another wipe, the other white one now tainted red forever.

“No yn, I mean you are hurting me”

“What? What have I done? You’re the one who pushed me!” She laughed but a pang of guilt ran through me.

“i mean, not being with you is hurting me” I let the words out and she looked from the cut on my chin to my eyes. I couldn’t tell if she was scared or shocked. I hoped for the latter.

“Well I bet being with me would hurt more” she almost whispered, going back to my mark. I took her hand from my jawline and laced my fingers through hers. Her free hand went to the side of my face, I pressed my lips to hers and she shuffled closer on her knees. Yn swung a leg over the other side of my lap so she was now straddling me. We reconnected with nothing but passion, until she granted my tongue more access. I dropped her hand and put them both on her hips, her arms wrapping around my shoulders.

“Sweet Pea, I love you”

“I love you YN” I kissed her tenderly.

“But sweets I’ll hurt you”

“Well let’s hurt tonight”

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Much love Xx

P.s I must start tagging the people who want to be tagged in my fics again, my apologies.


Here’s my illustration for the Captive Prince Big Bang 2017 !

I was paired with @randomstufffromotherblogs to illustrate her fic, which first chapter you can find here.

I made my drawing to work like a cover for the fic, rather than draw a specific scene from it. I love the idea of hockey player Damen and figure skater, and Iggy did a wonderful job of transposing the canon relationships into those settings. Im really glad I got to work woth her as an author. And Iggy : thanks for bearing with me and being so understanding, I wasn’t the easiest artist to work with

It’s been a while I did a digital drawing, and colouring andnlights are still my weakness, so I apologize for any mistake. I was still pretty proud of this drawing, the pose and the light altogether. I hope you’ll like it too !