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MM fanfics fascinates me bc often a lot of the time the fact that they’re all korean is completely left out

i mean, cheritz doesnt rlly include a lot of korean tropes in it and the english translation left a lot out (in japanese subs sometimes the honorifics like -chan -sama -kun and stuff are still left in but cheritz removed all the honorifics. if you listen closely to the voice acting though you’d hear Yoosung call V “Pwi-hyeong/hyung” and idk itS JUST RLLY CUTE HE CALLS EVERYONE (aside from jumin i think i dont remember) HYUNG AND CALLS JAEHEE NONNA)

and whenever fics leaves in the korean honorifics and certain stuff like “oppa/aigoo/yah” u k n o w that they’re probs a kdrama/kpop fan too

Title: Like Ghosts

Fandom: K Project

External: AO3

Rating/Warnings: 18+ (NSFW), Knifeplay

Summary: “Saruhiko…doesn’t it hurt?” “No. This is the only way it doesn’t.”

Notes: My gift for Sarumi Secret Santa, for Maru. I was torn between writing cute fluff or angsty smut and, well, the angsty smut won ^^

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anonymous asked:

omg. i cant believe the ask box is open. do you have any more royalty!au or ageswitch (jongin is older) fics???

I’m just gonna list all the royalty!au I know of and hopefully you’ll find something! :

/claps my booty your way/ ageswitch:

- Admin K

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I was looking through Brutasha tag yesterday and i saw like 15 posts of people complaining that Brutasha is  canon and that Joss Whedon is an asshole.  First of all, why can’t you just  … i don’t know go somewhere else to complain? I found cute headcanons and fics and fanart .. and oh someone want’s to kill Joss Whedon again okay …. 

Me : I came here to have good time and i honestly feel so attacked rn.

Stop that childish complaining and stop hating everything! We wanna just ship this pairing okay? Yeah, i don’t like some canon pairings too but i’m not planning to kill J.K. Rowling because i don’t like Romione. 

Can’t you just go and read your  fanfics and pretend that AOU never happend? 

I’m so tired of the bitchy attitude towards this ship and Joss Whedon. He didn’t turn  Nat just a love interest. Natasha started having feelings for Bruce, and she decided to run with it. She has been through so much, just like Steve said, she deserves a win. Why can’t you be a badass female spy/avenger and still love someone? 


Okay… Darkiplier is fun and all but when you make him RAPE someone. It’s not fucking okay. Stop. I read a TERRIBLE fanfic. (didn’t know it was Darkiplier because they didn’t put it in the title or the description.) it was all cute and shit at first and then they gave Mark a personality disorder. I was like, okay cool, whatever. Then they introduced Darkiplier. I was like 😐 k. Not gonna let that discourage me. THEN HE FUCKING ABUSED THE CHICK AND RAPED HER. THAT IS TOO FUCKING FAR. YOU REALIZE THAT IF MARK FUCKING READ THAT HE WOULD BE TORN APART RIGHT?!


And I’m not talking about a small fanfic. This fic had 9.5 FUCKING THOUSAND PEOPLE READING IT.