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Sakura Haruno Fic Recommendations

I’m an admitted serial Sakura shipper. If there’s a single man in Konoha (or outside of it), you can almost bet I’ll find a way to somehow ship them. But honestly, even if I don’t necessarily ship them, I may find the story beautiful and put it here for others who ship them. Most are in the Naruto-verse but will be stated otherwise if not. 

Most, if not all, are Rated M. So be warned that almost all of them contain smut/adult content of some kind. I’m trying to branch out and read things that don’t contain smut but it’s a little challenging. I like steamy reads. 

Happy Reading!

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Screwed Up

Originally posted by keito-plier

Request: heyyyy did you see ethan’s ikea livestream? you should do a fic similar to that where a female y/n is helping ethan build furniture and when he gets frustrated she tries to put his mind on something else also ALL OF THE FLUFFYNESS thanks ;)

Summary: Boyfriend Ethan just can’t build furniture, Fem!Reader tries to ‘help’

A/N: Hello, go drink some water, that is all. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 644

Request some more children!

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Cute  [ ii ]

h2ovanoss fic - pastel!punk! highschool au
warnings: language, even shittier humour, mention of blowjobs (joke), jon’s two cute gay moms
3981 words
part two


Brock was waiting for Jonathon when he finally escaped the building and sought out the yellow car. The remainder of his day had been fast and plain and the sight of his lift home sparked excitement in his eyes. He hadn’t seen his friend all day except for a few rolled eyes across his science class.

“How was detention?” Both boys slipped into the vehicle, shutting doors and putting on seatbelts. Brock started the car as Jon let his head fall back and eyes close. He sighed, a smile still painted on his lips.

He glanced at the driver as they pulled away from school. “Nothing interesting, just got called cute by Evan Fong.” He grinned, arms stretching up and hands finding their place at the back of his head. He let out a yelp as the car jerked, stopping uncomfortably suddenly at the lights.

“You what by who!?”

The boy let out a laugh, memories dancing around his mind. The day had been made by his hour in detention. “We talked all lunch and I accidently said his smile was pretty and so was he, and he told me I was cute and said ‘See you around’,” he recounted, words almost blurring together as his mood mirrored Brock’s, which was highly excited.

“Oh my God, oh my God, do you think he’s gay? Bi maybe, or probably pan? You have to get his number! Oh, oh, oh, and then go out on dates and share milkshakes and hold hands on ferris-wheels and kiss under fireworks… When’s the next carnival? Jon I’m so excited!” He was practically squealing and Jon laughed loudly, unable to drop the grin from his face if he tried. His happiness was overwhelming and probably over-exaggerated and unrealistic. But he took happiness over rationality most days.

“Slow down, you idiot, I have to have more than one conversation with him before I can even consider anything else. He’s pretty much flawless, so I’ll settle for anything I can get, even if it’s just being friends.”

Brock stared at him in almost disgust, before shaking his head determinedly. “Look Jon. You’re hella gay. He’s hella hot, and possibly, probably, queer seeing as he called you cute and I have a feeling. You have to go for this! You cannot let this badass, sexy, bad boy get away, alright?” Jon’s laugh filled the small vehicle again as his house slowed down beside them.

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Masterlist // 091017

Genre Represenatives

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Forgive & Forget 

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Look Here 

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She’s A Monster 

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Daddy’s Little Girl 

BTS Reaction to another member walking in on you two “getting intimate” 

BTS Reaction to you walking in on them cheating on you 

BTS Reaction to you moaning their name in your sleep 

BTS Reaction to you texting them a dirty pic while they’re out with friends 

BTS Reaction to you having cute moans 

❊K I M - S E O K J I N❊

When you ended up being too loud the night before and the members tease him for it 

Accidentally texting in the wrong chat

❊M I N - Y O O N G I❊

BestFriend!Yoongi comforting and confessing to you when your boyfriend cheats on you 

Everyday Texts Pt.1  

When you ended up being too loud the night before and the members tease him for it

❊J U N G - H O S E O K❊

Rough day at work 

When you ended up being too loud the night before and the members tease him for it

❊K I M - N A M J O O N❊

Needy Namjoon 

When you ended up being too loud the night before and the members tease him for it

❊P A R K - J I M I N❊


When you ended up being too loud the night before and the members tease him for it

❊K I M - T A E H Y U N G❊

When you ended up being too loud the night before and the members tease him for it

❊J E O N - J U N G K O O K❊

When you ended up being too loud the night before and the members tease him for it

Jungkook attempting to sext

Me: let’s go sleep
Me to me: LEt’s GO ReAD FANfICtioN ABoUT oUR OTP AlL the fuCkINg niGHt so we CAn incREaSe our aLrEADy OBviOus dARk CIRcles

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mr min is my favorite fic ever i'm so EXCITED for the next chapter the suspense is k i l l i n g me

You know what. Let’s just drop a little teaser here because I’m dying from a headache and cute Mr. Min is killing me so I need someone else to be in pain too.

Cute. You were cute when you were frustrated, from the displeased wrinkle between your brows to the thrumming of your fingers against your arms as you locked them in front of your chest. Yoongi allowed himself one second—two, three—before he forced his attention elsewhere. “It’s just a ride home. I assure you, I don’t have any sinister intentions,” he sighed. He heard you grumble something under your breath before you finally acquiesced and followed him to his waiting car.

To say the drive was tense would be an understatement. After you gave your address to the driver you chose to remain tight-lipped. You were more interested in watching the rain race across your window than with engaging Yoongi in conversation. What caught his attention, what finally forced him to muster up the courage to try and break the silence, was a small sniffle and the quick movement that followed of one of your hands wiping something from your cheek. Something in his chest cracked with the sound. His hand twitched against his leg and nearly left him completely to reach for you but before he could stop himself you cleared your throat and did it for him.

“I don’t know where he went.”

Yoongi pursed his lips and took a deep sigh. “I’m sure he’s shadowing someone else’s meeting. Minsung has meetings with clients, they seem close, I’m sure that’s who he’s with.”

“I’m not an idiot. You and I both know he’s not doing anything related to work. Don’t coddle me, Yoongi,” you scoffed and sniffled again.

His eyes darted to you and the crack in his chest widened because, damn, did his name sound wonderful rolling off your tongue. Even if it was with venom. “How do you know my name?”

You finally turned away from the window to face him directly. “You’re not an idiot either. You know exactly how I know.”

“Ah, my mother,” he muttered with a nod. The silence returned again as you both watched the buildings pass by out the window until Yoongi grew too frustrated with the questions in his head. “I take it your new position in the company is related to her visit at your home?”

You whipped your head around and whispered, “How did you know she came to my place?”

He stretched his neck and licked his lips. He was taking a risk, hedging his bets on the fact that his mother already suspected he was fighting back—but also by putting a little trust in you. What was it Hoseok had said? You can’t be with someone if you can’t be vulnerable. His teeth grazed his bottom lip as everything in his body tried to pull him back. It was as if every nerve ending was shouting in pain, trying to remind him how poor of an idea it was, but his brain told him that change only came to those who worked for it, who wanted it so badly that they would toss themselves out to the wolves if that’s what was necessary.

“I hired someone to follow her.” There. It was out in the open. He had said it to the one person he was positive was working for his mother. He had announced his secret to the one person he wanted to trust but couldn’t. He couldn’t fathom a reasonable way to be more vulnerable than that.

wanna chat? pt. 17

on ao3
| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17

i said a bunch of things in the note on ao3 but its like. sooo long so yeah just check that out please and thanks ilysm 

(son of a gunn = adrien, the worst = alya, lol death = nino, its red = mari)

what is happening in this anymore


son of a gunn: NASA!!! PLANETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!!!

son of a gun has changed their name to trappist


the worst: as adorable as it is to see u nerd out like the loser u are
sleep boi

trappist: WHO CAN SLEEP AT A TIME LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol death: hello my dudes why are we yelling

trappist: NASA!!!!!!!!!

lol death: nice
the one good thing the americans gave us

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* inhales so long they inhale a whole burrito *






excuse the blurry pics i’m still shaking over this!!


THIS!! THIS PRINT!! THE FIRST PIECE OF XENIA’S I SAW AND INSTANTLY WAS TAKEN WITH i’m still crying over how beautiful the flowers are, i’m such a sucker for this sorta ethereally/otherworldly elegant stylization and aaaaa the kids are so smol it’s adorable


it’s still so beautiful and melancholic HNNNGH MINE KOKORO !! and the metallic inks look amazing, gold in reigen’s hair, silver in the roses and the smoke, ahhhh also on the rest of the flowers too, it looks fucking EPIC irl

“oh a cute wintery serirei! how nice, looks like it would work for the cold/warm prompt…” *squints* “why is seri holding that coat over his head…. and what’s with how big reigen’s coat is… and a shopping bag…?” 

“w a i t - !”


got a touching letter too! HONESTLY i didn’t mean to get hanahaki/art relating to my fic originally but i got carried away after xenia talked about liking it ahaha~!! ZERO REGRET about it tho, it was a great decision, thank you for dragging me into it!! 

in general, a massive T H A N K  Y O U  for the gorgeous piece, and all the extras!! you shouldn’t have ahhhh i gotta sit my ass down and whip some more fic out, i can’t thank you enough!!

Something Like Magic [2]

Summary: Jon tries to get himself together. Rhaegar and Sansa bond. Jon walks in on something he really wishes he hadn’t seen.

A/N: Given the scenario in this chapter.. Rhaegar in this story (unlike another fic of mine) is intended to be a good and upstanding citizen of Westeros and a good father and gaurdian to Sansa. So don’t read too much into things bc that’s not how it was intended. K enjoy!

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Hey hey hey!!!

Go follow @the-beldames-door !!! She’s super duper nice and a chill gal :D

If you’d like to scream about BNHA, @acecreates is a wonderful person to talk to, and if you have OCS, they’d love to hear about them!!!

If you like horror, then @thelogicalloganipus is your gal to go to!!!

If you love all that lovely romancy stuff, then @romananalogicality is great for some LAMP, and I know that there are plenty of kiddos scattered around who write for separate pairs as well!!!

If you just turn your nose up to all of that stuff, but would love to read some great fics, @what-even-is-thiss is your dude!!! He even started the mud fic trend, something I personally enjoy doing!!!

If you just want to have a gay ‘ol chat, go to @alivingfandomreference @beholdagay and @cainyne 😊

And @fandomsandanythingelse is a great mix of small bits of romance here and there and a good plotline, so follow her too!!!

@raincloudverge , @here-to-vent are super duper chill and are just AWESOME people in general! @raincloudverge does some really great art, and @here-to-vent has a really good fic she’s working on, so follow both of them to get those updates!

If you just absolutely adore cuteness and if you’d love to receive a digital hug, @pirate-patton is the momdad to got to!!!

If you love overwatch and K-pop, then @skittlehaireddino is your gal!

And that’s all I have! I know I might be missing a whole lot of people, so feel free to add all those beautiful blogs on, and why you want to add them!

Adieu kiddos!!!

Partly Cloudy

Ethan being really scared of thunderstorms and there’s a storm so he hides under his desk at first the others laugh but after a huge crash of thunder Ethan starts to cry. Mark craps under the fest to sit by Ethan. Eventually Ethan and Mark come out from under the fest and teamilplier just cuddles Ethan until the storm is over

[Totally forgot this was in my inbox, I am so sorry]

 At first it was a little rain. Then a little rain became harder rain. And then it turned into harsh, splattering aesthetically onto the window pane Rain. And then it became a severe thunderstorm.

 Ethan, personally, never liked thunderstorms. Especially the thunder part. 

  “I saw lightning,” Tyler said, staring outside the large window to the office as he looked up at the sky.

 Ethan was on edge, praying that nothing would startle him into embarrassment. That was before the five consecutive alarms blared on all their phones making Ethan almost jump out of his chair. All of them conveyed the same message: Flash Flood & Severe Thunderstorm Alert In Your Area

 Gosh did he hate the sound of the alarms. It made the hair stand up all across him. Ethan drummed his finger, tried to focus on the work in front of him. Then he focused extremely hard and ended up finishing a lot faster than he expected. He submitted the video to Mark and leaned back in his chair.

 You see, any other person would be relieved they just finished the day’s work, but Ethan was scared that now he had nothing to do but wait until the storm would pass until he could safely get home.

  “Tyler, wanna give the rain a chance and go home?” Ethan asked, hoping he would agree. Tyler gave him a confused look.

  “Of course not, did you not just hear the alarms a few minutes ago?”

 Ethan nodded his head and turned back around in his chair. He tapped his finger on the desk nervously when the first thunder clap echoed across the city and filled their eardrums. Ethan flinched unexpectedly and stared out at the window. Nobody seemed to notice him, which was a relief.

 Every now and then, another smack of thunder would make Ethan jump to the point where all he wanted to do was curl up into a ball and cry.

  “I’ll go get some candles,” Kathryn mumbled, “I have a feeling if this keeps up the lights will go-” and with that, another clap of thunder and the lights flickered into darkness, “-out…”

 Amy groaned and Tyler let out a sigh as he stared out the window, the extremely gloomy gray light being the only light source. Even as the sun set behind the clouds, it would begin to become nearly pitch black in the office.

  When Kathryn handed everyone a candle, she found Ethan curled underneath the desk and rocking himself slowly. She giggled.

  “Ethan what are you doing down there?” She asked, a smile tugging at her lips.

  “N-nothing,” Ethan whispered, trying not to let his fear show.

  “Ethan are you scared of thunderstorms?” Tyler asked, a smirk tugging at his own face. Amy began to coo at him, almost mockingly.

  “Cut it out, guys, he’s just a little scared,” Mark said, being sympathetic.

  Kathryn said nothing as she just placed the candle next to Ethan so he had some light. Tyler and Amy, however, continued to mock Ethan and pretend to act scared with each thunder clap. Ethan was feeling less scared and more agitated by their actions up until the point where an extremely huge crash of thunder echoed into the building, making Ethan cold to the bone. 

 Ethan curled back into a ball and began to whimper, frightened by his friends’ actions and the thunder. The rain that banged against the ceiling was no help to calm him. Mark flipped the others off, moving them out of his way to crouch next to Ethan and sit next to him. Amy and Tyler giggled, but they stopped teasing Ethan and just moved away to not bother the two.

  “Hey… hey, hey, hey,” Mark whispered, attempting to uncurl Ethan from his cocoon, “it’s alright, they’re just assholes, okay?”

 Ethan nodded his head, tears quietly running down his acne-stricken cheeks. Mark wiped the pad of his thumb to wipe them away from his eyes. Ethan gave Mark a half-hearted smile.

  “Hey, I got a game for you. Each time we hear thunder, i’ll make a stupid joke. How about that?” Mark said, smiling so that he can get Ethan into the mood.

  “I don’t know, Mark, i’m not really in the joking moo-”

 When a soft clap of thunder announced itself, Mark interrupted Ethan to start the game.

  “Bananas,” Mark simply said with a dopey smile. The other male raised an eyebrow at him before another thunder crash scared him. “Hmm I like dick.”

 Ethan chuckled, “is that a joke though?”

 Mark gave him a playful smirk and Ethan continued to softly giggle.

 The game went on like this for a while, occasional giggles and hearty laughs from Ethan and Mark from underneath that desk. Amy decided to go to sleep, Kathryn and Tyler stayed up, sitting next to the large window and staring outside, fascinated by the rain. They looked behind them to see Mark and Ethan smiling at each other as Mark spoke about something quietly.

  “They’re cute together,” Kathryn said, looking at them the way a mother would.

  “Yeah, they really are,” Tyler replied with a smile, “I feel bad for being a dick. I just… i don’t know. Got caught up in the moment with Amy, I guess.”

 That was the last they said on the topic before looking back out again. 

The thunderstorm lasted all night. The team woke up the next morning and everyone stretched and yawned as they woke up one after another. After what seemed like hours, Tyler suggested they all just sleep and fight for the couch. Amy, who was knocked out like a rock, was already half-draped across the couch when they moved it. Kathryn slept on the other end. Tyler laid a few blankets for the others. They all woke up in a huge pile, somehow the girls got cold and just cuddled with all the guys on the feet of the couch.

 They all rose and fixed themselves as they moved the couch and tried starting up the computers and flicking on the lights.

  “So the wi-fi tower East of here went down. So we’re probably going to be internet-less for a while. I don’t know if you want to go back to the house and work there or…” Kathryn explained, looking at the news on her phone.

  “Let’s take a few days off. I’ll make a video when I get home explaining that things’ll be slow again,” Mark said, nonchalantly wrapping his arm around Ethan’s shoulder.

 Everyone seemed to take notice except Mark, Ethan blushed and everyone else kinda just ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

  “Ethan, I’m sorry for being mean. It was totally out of place and I should’ve been a lot nicer,” Amy said.

  “Yeah, me too.” Tyler added, giving him a sympathetic smile.

  “It’s okay…” Ethan said, shrugging. The team all went in for a hug, admiring each other’s company. Ethan was stuck in the middle and felt at home. 

 Maybe it is true what they say: In order to get to the rainbow, you have to go through the storm.

[Sorta kinda changed it up a bit but it’s fine… I hope yall like it.]
baby we've got new love - itjustkindahappened - SKAM (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

This week’s theme is AU’s. Today’s post is a midlength oneshot. If you like this fic, please consider leaving it a comment/kudos!

baby we’ve got new love - itjustkindahappened / @tequiladimples (9.5k words)

Isak is hella fucking gay and desperately single, and Eskild wants to change that. Even just has a thing about timing.

Coffee shop AU with an ironic amount of tea enthusiasm and a whole lot of pining.

Our Ramblings:

  • A really adorable and fresh take on a coffeeshop au based on That One Tumblr Post; the concept feels really fleshed out with realistic misunderstandings and small twists like how the sign declaring that the coffeeshop’s barista is “hella fucking gay” is Eskild, not Isak
  • Isak’s headspace is really well-written! Grounded and realistic in a way that doesn’t detract from the lighthearted vibe of the fic
  • Isak and Even’s relationship in this fic is really well depicted and feels very true to them; lots of delightful, adorable, realistic banter over tea, and we love those brief flashes of moments of Even’s vulnerabilities that make him feel like a well-rounded complex character
  • Love the side characters in this fic too, especially Eskild and Sana
  • Overall, super cute and very heartwarming!

Sarah’s favorite lines:

Even tastes like the moon and black tea and Isak holds on.

Kathi’s favorite lines:

But Even isn’t looking at him like he’s obnoxious, is the thing. He’s always looked at him like he thinks Isak is amazing. Like Isak is capable of all the things Even deserves, like Isak deserves them for himself just as much, like Isak shines, like he’s something wondrous.

anonymous asked:

InuKag stories in which at one point Inuyasha is a dog?

Originally posted by d0gsp0tter

Whhhhhy this happens to be one of my most favorite tropes ever! Why. DO I EVER HAVE A LIST!! PLease consider reading them allll!! You are just after my heart now aren’t you???

A Silver Dog’s Secret by Luna Of The Rainbow Now this is very interesting! Updates pretty frequently! Word of warning though Kagome is Half Neko Demon. 

Person or Puppy? By AmericanStarryKnight89 This is very very cute oh gosh and it’s ComPLETE!! Can you believe it??!! 

Reincarnations by The Fluffy Muffin Queen Okay this starts if real angsty and I admit I cried. Not that making me cry is hard to do and ITS COMPLETE!! Very well written IMO!! 

A Dog is a Girl’s True Love by XoXStoryprincessXoX Okay just so you know this is incomplete and I cry. 

Fear, Curse, Friendship and Love by Fire Inu Princess I felt lots of emotions with this. So much fluff and IMO romantic. AND IT’S COMPLETE THAT’S IMPORTANT

Dog Run by Rei-Mornie Incomplete and so much potential and wonderful I-mournie ;^;

Puppy Love by InuyashasGrl26 This is complete and kinda short. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t good!! This fic deserves more love IMO

A Dog’s Life by SkyWolf This is sooooo goood and it’s incomplete. I need an ending so bad it kills me. 

A Very Good Dog by crimsondragonn I am still holding out they’ll update!! One day!! yYou never know it could happen!!! 

Man’s Best Friend by jellophish VERY VERY GOOD!! 100% A+ lots of Kudos. This fic makes me happy. And it’s complete. 

Beauty and the Dog? by Hukysuky This is very funny I had a good time!! Incomplete tho…

Circus Dog by K. Higurashi is very interesting and fun and COMPLETE!! 

Love That Dog! by SeraphimEclipse This is super cute IMO! SO fluffy and I am a sucker for fluff. Incomplete ;^;

On All Fours by ZFoxy I had such high hopes. This was so amazing. It’s incomplete. Which is too bad. 

Inuyasha the Inu by Cymbala is so so cute!! And hilarious! And Complete! It’s short but I wouldn’t change a thing. 

The Dog by Millie M. Banshee This is a very interesting fic!! Like I am so happy this writer is very talented! And it’s complete!! 

The Dog Prince by DemonGirl-Setsuna is very awesome! I love retellings of Fairy Tales with Inuyasha! And it’s complete! Recommend for reread!! 

Boy Goes Dog or Dog Goes Boy by Anifun OiMy gosh I forgot all about this fic. I must rEREAD IT RIGHT NOOOWW!! >this is good. I’m so happy< complete BTW

The White Dog, My White Dog by CerberusOfThe5 Incomplete and I wish there was more. I have a crush on this fic. ;^;

Puppy Love by Zanandrea ABSOLUTLY ADORABKE AAFKH yes. Complete. Perfection. 

There is certainly more that I missed! But from the top of my head these are the ones I love. 

Ok I am aware it’s awful fushimi was afraid of mikoto but please consider how awful it’d have been if he wasn’t. He already throws shade at reisi like 24/7 and he actually approves of the man. Fushimi would’ve sassed mikoto out of the country. Mikoto would be like “I’m going to bed” and the poor man would get “never wake up” in return like. The sass potential between the two of them is horrendous. Although it’s cute to imagine fushimi more or less acting as suoh mikoto’s personal whistle-blower.

Adventure Awaits Part Three

Originally posted by pixalysparkelz

Newt x Reader

Part One | Part Two

A/N: I wrote this chapter in two chunks, so I hope it remains consistent with what I have already written (and with itself). More Eliza cuteness! Not as much Newt in this chapter (don’t hate me D:) but after this there will definitely be more interactions. I promise lol. Anyways, please like and comment! I enjoy hearing what you all have to say regarding our stories. I even read them on Admin L’s fics. Please enjoy the fic, Scamander Squad!

P.S. I will be creating a page or a post soon where I can link all of the parts to this fic!

P.P.S. Newt is a difficult character to write at times. I hope he isn’t too out of character here.

-Admin K

“This still doesn’t solve our problem of who gets the bed,” you said.

“Right,” he said as he applied a salve to Eliza’s arm and wrapped it in a bandage. He hopped down from his place on the boulder and patted your shoulder.

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But The Pages Are All Torn and Frayed

Basically, this is based off of the music video for “I’m Not Okay” and it also includes (but is not limited to) gratuitous mentions of a drunken fascination with a lamp, one evil lacrosse team, two breakdowns in a bathroom, grandmothers with green hair, a couple bruises, and a whole lot of revenge. Enjoy!

Don’t mind the shit summary, it’s actually pretty awesome. ((a little basic but not TOO basic)) It’s really funny tbh i laughed a lot and then it made me really emo and then really horny idk it’s good u should read it k. 

anonymous asked:



kay so here’s jinmon just being cute and stuff

look at seokjin’s gaze i mean really

lookin’ swag at fashion shows together

Raising Sugabear together

distracting each other in interviews


super secret suave af spy AU they take part in



here’s a cute selca they took together ENJOY IT!

here they are showing the world that seokjin has a bigger bottom lip amongst other things like how did they even work that one out? think about it

here take a closer look at the icon of this blog




And now for some important fancams:

Now go read my JinMon fics:

And just remember kids, if someone brings up kimseokjinhyosang you know what to tell ‘em


Title: Like Ghosts

Fandom: K Project

External: AO3

Rating/Warnings: 18+ (NSFW), Knifeplay

Summary: “Saruhiko…doesn’t it hurt?” “No. This is the only way it doesn’t.”

Notes: My gift for Sarumi Secret Santa, for Maru. I was torn between writing cute fluff or angsty smut and, well, the angsty smut won ^^

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@starbase221b prompted me a bunch of stuff like six thousand years ago, and I just got this one written.

Ever since they made the transition from friendship to relationship, Jim has had more freedom to touch Spock than ever. That’s really saying something, because Spock almost never made a move to prevent him touching him before they got together.

It’s become something of an addiction. He’s not ridiculous about it, he never fails to be professional and do his job when he’s on duty, but when they’re alone, he takes any opportunity he can get to put hands on his Vulcan.

Like now, when he has Spock sprawled out on top of him. He’s slowly stroking every inch of him that he can reach. Spock’s face is pressed into his neck, his whole body vibrating with what Jim calls a purr (but Spock refuses to even acknowledge.)

He touches Spock’s long, bony back, pats his ass playfully, rubs the back of his neck, touches the spot where soft skin becomes soft hair. Trails his fingertips lightly around the side of Spock’s neck, up towards his ears where he drags one over the curve behind his pointed ear.

In about two seconds Spock goes from a relaxed puddle of Vulcan to being as stiff as a plank of wood. Jim is startled at how tense he suddenly is.


“Refrain from touching me in this manner, Jim,” Spock says, in that tone of voice he got when his mother spoke to Jim over the vid comm and told him embarrassing stories from Spock’s childhood. The tone he gets when he’s desperately trying to retain his dignity.

Jim feels himself start to grin mischievously without even meaning to. “What do you mean? Like…this?” He touches Spock behind the ears again, and makes a delighted noise when Spock wiggles. “Spock! You never told me you were ticklish.”

“I am not ticklish, Jim, Vulcans have control over their body and its reactions to outside stimuli.”

Right. Of course he isn’t ticklish. That’s why when Jim tickles behind his left ear he twitches, and when he touches behind his right he…

“Oh my god! You squeak!”


“I’m sorry, it’s just so cute, oh my god.”

Spock looks distinctly pouty and Jim takes his hand away and stops teasing him, rubbing circles on his back instead and kissing his forehead, his heart bursting with how much he loves him, unable to believe how lucky he is.

Spock evidently forgives him because he tucks his face back into Jim’s neck and resumes purring.

You hear it in the silence (Baekhyun Scenario)

So it’s time for a little scenario :3 I know it took some time. I’m sorry. Writing requires inspiration xD Enjoy lovelies, Admin A~

Her PoV:
The first time I saw him, was at my best friend’s house. He made this little parties with his closest friends from time to time. I usually didn’t go because they were older than me and I barely knew them. To be honest I don’t even know how we became so good friends. But there I was, something wanted me to go that night and I don’t regret it at all.

He was there, talking with some other guys. He looked so handsome with that messy hair, black shirt and some jeans. <<Later I found out this wasn’t how he normally dressed, it was just a casual day>> but the part that really caught my attention was his smile. He had this thing that made people laugh, that made people feel comfortable around him and also made them never want to leave his side. 

I tried all night to look at him without being obvious but I know it was kind of impossible. He was like a magnet. I just couldn’t stop myself. At the end I wanted to catch his eye, at least once. But it seemed like a lost case, of course he wouldn’t notice me, I was a simple girl and he was… out of this world. But just when I was losing all my hope, just when I was about to leave, he turned towards the door and looked into my eyes. 

Baekhyun PoV:
She was standing alone, sometimes with Allen (I heard they were close), looking everywhere. I sometimes felt her gaze on me but whenever I tried to look at her, she was busy with something else. It must have been my imagination. She had this something in her eyes that made me want to get lost in them forever. 

I wanted to go and talk to her but I don’t know why she paralyzed me. And just when I was about to, she headed to the front door. She was leaving, it was pretty late. I turned to see her one last time, when our eyes met. I couldn’t breathe, my heart forgot to beat and I stood there like a stupid teenager boy who just saw the love of his life and didn’t know how to talk to girls. This was definitely not me.

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