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Sakura Haruno Fic Recommendations

I’m an admitted serial Sakura shipper. If there’s a single man in Konoha (or outside of it), you can almost bet I’ll find a way to somehow ship them. But honestly, even if I don’t necessarily ship them, I may find the story beautiful and put it here for others who ship them. Most are in the Naruto-verse but will be stated otherwise if not. 

Most, if not all, are Rated M. So be warned that almost all of them contain smut/adult content of some kind. I’m trying to branch out and read things that don’t contain smut but it’s a little challenging. I like steamy reads. 

Happy Reading!

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Screwed Up

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Request: heyyyy did you see ethan’s ikea livestream? you should do a fic similar to that where a female y/n is helping ethan build furniture and when he gets frustrated she tries to put his mind on something else also ALL OF THE FLUFFYNESS thanks ;)

Summary: Boyfriend Ethan just can’t build furniture, Fem!Reader tries to ‘help’

A/N: Hello, go drink some water, that is all. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 644

Request some more children!

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wanna chat? pt. 17

on ao3
| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17

i said a bunch of things in the note on ao3 but its like. sooo long so yeah just check that out please and thanks ilysm 

(son of a gunn = adrien, the worst = alya, lol death = nino, its red = mari)

what is happening in this anymore


son of a gunn: NASA!!! PLANETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!!!

son of a gun has changed their name to trappist


the worst: as adorable as it is to see u nerd out like the loser u are
sleep boi

trappist: WHO CAN SLEEP AT A TIME LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol death: hello my dudes why are we yelling

trappist: NASA!!!!!!!!!

lol death: nice
the one good thing the americans gave us

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Something Like Magic [2]

Summary: Jon tries to get himself together. Rhaegar and Sansa bond. Jon walks in on something he really wishes he hadn’t seen.

A/N: Given the scenario in this chapter.. Rhaegar in this story (unlike another fic of mine) is intended to be a good and upstanding citizen of Westeros and a good father and gaurdian to Sansa. So don’t read too much into things bc that’s not how it was intended. K enjoy!

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Do you know any good vminkook smut? Or domestic Jikook/Taekook/Vminkook? If you don't have any good vminkook smut, anyone of those three ships would be good... sorry if it's a bit confusing...

a l l  t h e  v m i n k o o k  ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)

be sure to read warnings and tags!! 

power & control

Shoot To Kill

i can’t stop but same for you too babe

i want it to be you

i am a good boy

Longer (and more general?) vminkook fics:

I’ll Hold You (Until Always) 

The Ink That Binds Us

Veins of Ivy

Srry I couldn’t find domestic vminkook but yo hmu i’ll write u some ;)

For more fics surrounding the three ships, there’s this list too ~~

Adventure Awaits Part Three

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Newt x Reader

Part One | Part Two

A/N: I wrote this chapter in two chunks, so I hope it remains consistent with what I have already written (and with itself). More Eliza cuteness! Not as much Newt in this chapter (don’t hate me D:) but after this there will definitely be more interactions. I promise lol. Anyways, please like and comment! I enjoy hearing what you all have to say regarding our stories. I even read them on Admin L’s fics. Please enjoy the fic, Scamander Squad!

P.S. I will be creating a page or a post soon where I can link all of the parts to this fic!

P.P.S. Newt is a difficult character to write at times. I hope he isn’t too out of character here.

-Admin K

“This still doesn’t solve our problem of who gets the bed,” you said.

“Right,” he said as he applied a salve to Eliza’s arm and wrapped it in a bandage. He hopped down from his place on the boulder and patted your shoulder.

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InuKag stories in which at one point Inuyasha is a dog?

Originally posted by d0gsp0tter

Whhhhhy this happens to be one of my most favorite tropes ever! Why. DO I EVER HAVE A LIST!! PLease consider reading them allll!! You are just after my heart now aren’t you???

A Silver Dog’s Secret by Luna Of The Rainbow Now this is very interesting! Updates pretty frequently! Word of warning though Kagome is Half Neko Demon. 

Person or Puppy? By AmericanStarryKnight89 This is very very cute oh gosh and it’s ComPLETE!! Can you believe it??!! 

Reincarnations by The Fluffy Muffin Queen Okay this starts if real angsty and I admit I cried. Not that making me cry is hard to do and ITS COMPLETE!! Very well written IMO!! 

A Dog is a Girl’s True Love by XoXStoryprincessXoX Okay just so you know this is incomplete and I cry. 

Fear, Curse, Friendship and Love by Fire Inu Princess I felt lots of emotions with this. So much fluff and IMO romantic. AND IT’S COMPLETE THAT’S IMPORTANT

Dog Run by Rei-Mornie Incomplete and so much potential and wonderful I-mournie ;^;

Puppy Love by InuyashasGrl26 This is complete and kinda short. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t good!! This fic deserves more love IMO

A Dog’s Life by SkyWolf This is sooooo goood and it’s incomplete. I need an ending so bad it kills me. 

A Very Good Dog by crimsondragonn I am still holding out they’ll update!! One day!! yYou never know it could happen!!! 

Man’s Best Friend by jellophish VERY VERY GOOD!! 100% A+ lots of Kudos. This fic makes me happy. And it’s complete. 

Beauty and the Dog? by Hukysuky This is very funny I had a good time!! Incomplete tho…

Circus Dog by K. Higurashi is very interesting and fun and COMPLETE!! 

Love That Dog! by SeraphimEclipse This is super cute IMO! SO fluffy and I am a sucker for fluff. Incomplete ;^;

On All Fours by ZFoxy I had such high hopes. This was so amazing. It’s incomplete. Which is too bad. 

Inuyasha the Inu by Cymbala is so so cute!! And hilarious! And Complete! It’s short but I wouldn’t change a thing. 

The Dog by Millie M. Banshee This is a very interesting fic!! Like I am so happy this writer is very talented! And it’s complete!! 

The Dog Prince by DemonGirl-Setsuna is very awesome! I love retellings of Fairy Tales with Inuyasha! And it’s complete! Recommend for reread!! 

Boy Goes Dog or Dog Goes Boy by Anifun OiMy gosh I forgot all about this fic. I must rEREAD IT RIGHT NOOOWW!! >this is good. I’m so happy< complete BTW

The White Dog, My White Dog by CerberusOfThe5 Incomplete and I wish there was more. I have a crush on this fic. ;^;

Puppy Love by Zanandrea ABSOLUTLY ADORABKE AAFKH yes. Complete. Perfection. 

There is certainly more that I missed! But from the top of my head these are the ones I love. 

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Sorry to add more to the prom dress requests but they are too cute! If you could I would love to see junkrats and roadhogs reaction

I’m glad everyone is enjoying them, and that the prom dress request fan fics seem to be so popular! They really are fun to write


Growling, you were walking around the Numbani in search of your incredibly strange boyfriend, Jamison Fawkes (a.k.a Junkrat). Yesterday he’d said that he’d likely be at the scrap yard looking for new parts, but you’d checked and he wasn’t there.

It wasn’t that, though, that had you muttering under your breath. It was the fact that in the bouqet of roses he’d left for you this morning had one of his small ‘Love me!’ bombs, and the smoke from the small blast had set off the sprinklers inside of the house.

So half of your morning had been spent with you attempting to mop up the water and blow dry the furniture. The two of you had already spoken about bombs in the house and he’d broken the rule…again.

Yet, as you searched the city, you couldn’t seem to find him anywhere. Where had that damned man gone, you thought. It wasn’t like Jamie was usually hard to find. After all, wherever he went there was a trail of trouble and smoke.

At one point you were heading back to the city center when you heard a small commotion. You could hear a strong Australian accent talking fast and excitedly, and looking up you saw the tiniest wisps of smoke in the air. It had to be him.

Heading around the corner, you frowned when you saw Jamie scuttling from people to people, showing off something rather proudly. You couldn’t hear what, but the people he spoke with seemed mildly uncomfortable till an omnic waiter shooed him out of the outside dining area.

“Jamison Fawkes,” you said angrily with your hands on your hips. Junkrat stiffened and blinked, slowly turning to you. “What on earth have i told you about bombs in the house? Do you know what i had to do all morn….”

Your eyes caught on what was in his hand. It was a picture of you in your prom dress, what had been a bit frilly and pink…the color drained from your face and you stepped back. Hadn’t you burned all of those dreaded pictures?

“I’mma sorry, darl’, but i just wanted me best girl to know how much me loved ‘er!” Junkrat pouts. “The flowers were nice, right?”

For a moment you didn’t say anything. Junkrat frowned and hobbled closer on his peg leg, staring at you in curiosity. Your eyes hadn’t left the picture and when he looked down and realized what he was holding, he blushed.

“I, ah, found it’n the fire place, darl…poor place fer such a pretty picture, i say,” Junkrat says carefully, slowly coming closer.

“Is that a joke? Look at that picture! That dress…god, i look hideous,” you whisper, and you saw panic set in Junkrat when tears welled in your eyes. “W-were you…showing that to other people?”

Junkrat frowned and cupped your face, his metal hand gently pushing back your hair. “I’mma sorry, darl’. I just thought you look’d so pretty, and i felt so happy again that a gal like you would like a dongo like me…” Junkrat said quietly, thumb stroking your cheek and leaving a little smudge of dirt and soot.

It didn’t bother you though, as you looked at him with surprise. “Your not a fool, Junkrat,” you said softly, your hand coming up to cover his.

“I am, dearie. I didn’t mean to upset you, darl’. I was ‘ere just really proud that…that out of all of me mistakes,  i still somehow won the love of such a pretty gal like you,” Junkrat said softly, looking a bit sad. You realized that for Junkrat, it had been really important of him to show off the picture and show that he had a life similar to everyone else, one that wasn’t just bombs.

Even though you still hated the picture, Junkrat wasn’t a good liar and so you decided to believe the words he considered true. Honestly too, the man looked like a heart broken puppy. Jamie hated when you were upset with him…

After a moment you sighed and pressed into him, hugging him tight. Immediately his arms enveloped you and the two of you headed back home after a few minutes. You even let him keep the picture, for what it was worth.

“You’re still in trouble, Jamie. That bomb…”

“I know, darl’. I love ya, k’now?” he said, walking hand in hand.

With a smile, you glanced at him. “I know.”


Your lover, Roadhog, was a very quiet man and honestly, it suited you as you too were also not much of a talker. The two of you seemed to share a connection of a sort that allowed silence to mean as much as words. Just being in the presence of each other was good enough.

Today the two of you had gone to Numbani. It had taken some convincing to get Junkrat to agree to the both of you leaving without him. But the two of you rarely went on dates alone, and there was a food festival in Numbani that you were dying to go to.

Food was one thing that the both of you very much enjoyed. Roadhog’s size had never bothered you before, and honestly you still found him cute. The best part was that you were currently going to school to become a chef, and so every week Roadhog would let you use him as a guinea pig to use for new recipes.

Your boyfriend was even honest. If it didn’t taste great, he didn’t tip toe around it. But there was only one time that had ever happened, and since the dish had been intense to make in the first place, you were actually thankful.

Holding his hand, the two of you were slowly making your way through the 40 or so food trucks and stands. It was a nice day and there were a lot of people there. Some of them looked at Roadhog and moved aside, rather intimidated. It didn’t surprise you, as Roadhog really was a large man and the mask didn’t exactly scream friendly.

But it just made you press closer as you hummed quietly, taking it as permission to keep him all to yourself. Nothing about Roadhog scared you.

“Mako! Mako look over there!” you gasped, letting go and running to a stand. The stand had what looked like belgium chocolate covered kabob sticks that had pieces of banana’s, strawberries, grapes and marshmallows on it.

Immediately you looks at him with big eyes. The food looked so good…

Without question, Mako pulled out his wallet and took out a 5. Beaming, you handed the tiller the $5 and received a plate with two kabobs. They looked so good and messy…

Turning, you beamed. “Thank you!” you squeaked, handing him the plate so you two could find somewhere to sit. You tended to be a bit clumsy and drop a lot of things, so whenever you felt you were carrying something delicate you liked it when he held onto it.

Before you left the stand, you noticed something on the ground. “Mako, you dropped something…” You said, picking it up. You weren’t going to look, as it was none of your business, but then your eye caught on something familiar.

Looking at the picture, it took you a moment to realize what it was. It was a small photo of you from prom, wearing a pretty green dress and a chef’s jacket. Embarrassment filled you and for a moment, you could only stare at it. This photo was not one of your best moments.

“Why…why do you have this?” you asked in a small voice, looking up at him with wide eyes.

Roadhog didn’t say anything and after a moment, turned and started to walk away. Distress filled you but you followed him to the edge of the festival, where he sat with a thump under a large tree that cast some shade over the grass. Putting the plate beside him, he patted his knee.

Hesitantly, you sat on his lap, clutching the photo.

Reaching up, Roadhog unlatched his mask and it took you a moment to realize the poor man was blushing a bit.

“I…I like carrying it,” he rumbled softly, his voice deep and scratchy. “I…get a bit sad when you leave, so i like looking at the photo and thinking of how amazing my little chef is going to be.”

For a moment all you could do was stare. Roadhog rarely said anything about how he felt or gave you compliments, even when it was a two-way street. So it touched you more then you expected you would.

“Are you angry at me?” Roadhog said finally, cradling you against his stomach.

Eyeing him and then the picture, you sighed in defeat and shook your head. “Its really hard to be angry when you say something as sweet as that,” you said, patting his stomach and resting against him. “Is there any way i can just get you a more recent picture when i don’t look so ridiculous?”

Shaking his head, a smile quirked his lips. “I like this picture. It doesn’t look silly. I think you look very…pretty,” Mako says, struggling to think of which word would be better.

After a moment you couldn’t help how your face softened, loving when he said dopey things like that. “Okay, you sentimental fool, i guess i can let you keep the photo. But only on one condition,” you said seriously.

Roadhog stared at you, one eyebrow raised slightly.

Picking up the plate, you grinned. “I get both kabobs,” you claimed earnestly, and immediately started to dig in.

With a little rumbling laugh that shook you, Roadhog easily gave up the chance of food for the ability to keep your photo in his wallet, and carry it everywhere he went.

Ok I am aware it’s awful fushimi was afraid of mikoto but please consider how awful it’d have been if he wasn’t. He already throws shade at reisi like 24/7 and he actually approves of the man. Fushimi would’ve sassed mikoto out of the country. Mikoto would be like “I’m going to bed” and the poor man would get “never wake up” in return like. The sass potential between the two of them is horrendous. Although it’s cute to imagine fushimi more or less acting as suoh mikoto’s personal whistle-blower.
But The Pages Are All Torn and Frayed

Basically, this is based off of the music video for “I’m Not Okay” and it also includes (but is not limited to) gratuitous mentions of a drunken fascination with a lamp, one evil lacrosse team, two breakdowns in a bathroom, grandmothers with green hair, a couple bruises, and a whole lot of revenge. Enjoy!

Don’t mind the shit summary, it’s actually pretty awesome. ((a little basic but not TOO basic)) It’s really funny tbh i laughed a lot and then it made me really emo and then really horny idk it’s good u should read it k. 

anonymous asked:

I love all of your writing (even tho some if it k i l l s me) and your writing style is amazing I love it sm. One of my favorites of yours is could you maybe calm down (which I'm kinda sad you haven't updated in a while but that's okay). And I love your oneshots??? That one with the bridge was so cute???????? You're an awesome writer bless

YO I CANNOT BE ASSOCIATED WITH COULD YOU MAYBE CALM DOWN!!!! I repeat, that is not mine!!!! But it is an amazing fic!!!

But otherwise thank you so much! I love the bridge fic too, it’s one of my under appreciated works. That sounds conceited… oh well.

You are so sweet!!! Thank you so much!!!! Like you have no idea how much I needed support at this exact moment!!!

Title: Like Ghosts

Fandom: K Project

External: AO3

Rating/Warnings: 18+ (NSFW), Knifeplay

Summary: “Saruhiko…doesn’t it hurt?” “No. This is the only way it doesn’t.”

Notes: My gift for Sarumi Secret Santa, for Maru. I was torn between writing cute fluff or angsty smut and, well, the angsty smut won ^^

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kay so here’s jinmon just being cute and stuff

look at seokjin’s gaze i mean really

lookin’ swag at fashion shows together

Raising Sugabear together

distracting each other in interviews


super secret suave af spy AU they take part in



here’s a cute selca they took together ENJOY IT!

here they are showing the world that seokjin has a bigger bottom lip amongst other things like how did they even work that one out? think about it

here take a closer look at the icon of this blog




And now for some important fancams:

Now go read my JinMon fics:

And just remember kids, if someone brings up kimseokjinhyosang you know what to tell ‘em


Birthday Boy

author: incadence



Escort AU

Rated: M

Description: It’s only when Yoongi’s changing out of his clothes and opening the shower faucet to warm up the water that the weirdness of the situation hits him. There is a prostitute in his dorm. Eating his popcorn. Watching his guilty pleasure K-drama, when it’s his birthday.Yoongi sighs. 

He’s definitely going to stab Hoseok or whoever was behind this with multiple flaming candle sticks.

Comments: I LOVE this story. I believe I reblogged it from the author, but I think it needs an official rec. The story is so cute. Jimin is too cute as an esort, that I like Yoongi wonder how he is one. Yoongi as the grumpy Birthday boy is funny. Read this story for it’s very cute and funny.

@starbase221b prompted me a bunch of stuff like six thousand years ago, and I just got this one written.

Ever since they made the transition from friendship to relationship, Jim has had more freedom to touch Spock than ever. That’s really saying something, because Spock almost never made a move to prevent him touching him before they got together.

It’s become something of an addiction. He’s not ridiculous about it, he never fails to be professional and do his job when he’s on duty, but when they’re alone, he takes any opportunity he can get to put hands on his Vulcan.

Like now, when he has Spock sprawled out on top of him. He’s slowly stroking every inch of him that he can reach. Spock’s face is pressed into his neck, his whole body vibrating with what Jim calls a purr (but Spock refuses to even acknowledge.)

He touches Spock’s long, bony back, pats his ass playfully, rubs the back of his neck, touches the spot where soft skin becomes soft hair. Trails his fingertips lightly around the side of Spock’s neck, up towards his ears where he drags one over the curve behind his pointed ear.

In about two seconds Spock goes from a relaxed puddle of Vulcan to being as stiff as a plank of wood. Jim is startled at how tense he suddenly is.


“Refrain from touching me in this manner, Jim,” Spock says, in that tone of voice he got when his mother spoke to Jim over the vid comm and told him embarrassing stories from Spock’s childhood. The tone he gets when he’s desperately trying to retain his dignity.

Jim feels himself start to grin mischievously without even meaning to. “What do you mean? Like…this?” He touches Spock behind the ears again, and makes a delighted noise when Spock wiggles. “Spock! You never told me you were ticklish.”

“I am not ticklish, Jim, Vulcans have control over their body and its reactions to outside stimuli.”

Right. Of course he isn’t ticklish. That’s why when Jim tickles behind his left ear he twitches, and when he touches behind his right he…

“Oh my god! You squeak!”


“I’m sorry, it’s just so cute, oh my god.”

Spock looks distinctly pouty and Jim takes his hand away and stops teasing him, rubbing circles on his back instead and kissing his forehead, his heart bursting with how much he loves him, unable to believe how lucky he is.

Spock evidently forgives him because he tucks his face back into Jim’s neck and resumes purring.


Okay… Darkiplier is fun and all but when you make him RAPE someone. It’s not fucking okay. Stop. I read a TERRIBLE fanfic. (didn’t know it was Darkiplier because they didn’t put it in the title or the description.) it was all cute and shit at first and then they gave Mark a personality disorder. I was like, okay cool, whatever. Then they introduced Darkiplier. I was like 😐 k. Not gonna let that discourage me. THEN HE FUCKING ABUSED THE CHICK AND RAPED HER. THAT IS TOO FUCKING FAR. YOU REALIZE THAT IF MARK FUCKING READ THAT HE WOULD BE TORN APART RIGHT?!


And I’m not talking about a small fanfic. This fic had 9.5 FUCKING THOUSAND PEOPLE READING IT.


You hear it in the silence (Baekhyun Scenario)

So it’s time for a little scenario :3 I know it took some time. I’m sorry. Writing requires inspiration xD Enjoy lovelies, Admin A~

Her PoV:
The first time I saw him, was at my best friend’s house. He made this little parties with his closest friends from time to time. I usually didn’t go because they were older than me and I barely knew them. To be honest I don’t even know how we became so good friends. But there I was, something wanted me to go that night and I don’t regret it at all.

He was there, talking with some other guys. He looked so handsome with that messy hair, black shirt and some jeans. <<Later I found out this wasn’t how he normally dressed, it was just a casual day>> but the part that really caught my attention was his smile. He had this thing that made people laugh, that made people feel comfortable around him and also made them never want to leave his side. 

I tried all night to look at him without being obvious but I know it was kind of impossible. He was like a magnet. I just couldn’t stop myself. At the end I wanted to catch his eye, at least once. But it seemed like a lost case, of course he wouldn’t notice me, I was a simple girl and he was… out of this world. But just when I was losing all my hope, just when I was about to leave, he turned towards the door and looked into my eyes. 

Baekhyun PoV:
She was standing alone, sometimes with Allen (I heard they were close), looking everywhere. I sometimes felt her gaze on me but whenever I tried to look at her, she was busy with something else. It must have been my imagination. She had this something in her eyes that made me want to get lost in them forever. 

I wanted to go and talk to her but I don’t know why she paralyzed me. And just when I was about to, she headed to the front door. She was leaving, it was pretty late. I turned to see her one last time, when our eyes met. I couldn’t breathe, my heart forgot to beat and I stood there like a stupid teenager boy who just saw the love of his life and didn’t know how to talk to girls. This was definitely not me.

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Sunday Recs (SHUSH! It’s maybe still Sunday somewhere lol) 😉

yes yes, I’ve dropped the ball a little, but to be fair last week at work was crazy so most of my weekly reading was done Saturday and Sunday……still, HERE we are now, and it’s CS AU WEEK!! And it’s my first cs au week and I truly do not know what to do with myself (and so much awesome fic lol) I’m slowly making my way through the fics, and the artwork, and videos, and my Gosh, y’all are such a gift to this fandom! thank you! <3

Today’s rec’s however, are brought to you by my never ending list of saved-for-later fics. I find myself drafting and bookmarking so many stories, yet actually getting to them takes me a bit of time.Still, better late than never!

  • Peace, in the struggle -  AreYouSittingComfortably
    This is a 3B-ish divergence/speculation kind of fic. SO incredible. I’m in love with the writing and how vividly I could picture the moment the author presents. Remember David’s words to Emma about enjoying the moments? Yeah, well, this story is Emma’s and Killian’s moment –the one when she stops fighting the fact that he has real actual feelings for her, and it’s just so beautiful!

  • Pirate Glasses -  sheawrites  
    um, excuse me, did any of you ask for the cutest domestic fluff in history? lol THis is a future-ish fic that has Killian in dire need of glasses to keep him cutie from squinting at everything in order to see! I loved it! Emma taking care of him is a weak spot of mine and there’s plenty of that here, so yeah, read and love it! :)

  • can you feel it right now? - @cutieodonoghue
    UGH, so much about this story has me hooked! It’s a WIP multichapter! I tried to resist it, but I just couldn’t! Neighbors AU with a side of single!mom!badass Emma AND A FAKE RELATIONSHIP! So far I’m loving this so much! CS are so in point and still THEM in this universe which I’m forever thankful for to the author!

  • Friday (Saturday), I’m In Love - @high-seas-swan
    I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time I read this! more like grin. like a complete idiot! it’s an au universe,  answer to this prompt: “Okay, buddy. You’ve been serenading the wrong window for about five minutes now, time to let you know my neighbor is out of town.” And Killian SINGS! He sings and I just about died! lol Also The Cure, and it’s winter, and she’s freezing, and he’s freezing, and there’s pinning! pinning that’s SOOOOOO mutual, and things most certainly escalate but it’s not forced or anything! It’s precious!!!! <3

  • Because that’s what our family does - @blowmiakisscolin
    Captain Cobra Swan 5B One-Shot.   My notes for this one: lots of UGHHHHHs and CRYING! lol! MY GOSH! This is a pre-S5B speculation kinda fic. LIAM’s here! They are in the Underworld and he “welcomes” his little brother, but then Emma gets there, and my favorite part, Henry! meeting Liam! declaring they are there to save Killian! ugh SO moving!

  • at my worst, you are my best -  @alexandralyman
    itty bitty little drabble of “what if Killian got the same split-self treatment the EQ/Regina had” Only it takes on the greatest possible turn ever and I just love it. Even Killian’s darkest self loved Emma Swan most and that is backed with canon and I’ll go down fighting if you try to tell me otherwise lol This ficlet is just so sweet and a ‘suck it’ to the haters who think Killian could ever hurt his Swan.

  • untitled little things o/s -  @dani-ellie03
    Another little drabble, packed with ALL of the feels! Family feels, CS feels, HAPPY EMMA feels! My sweet girl deserves to be happy and sit back for at least a minute so bad! this little fic does such a wonderful job painting that kind of scenario! :)

  • Under a Starry Night Sky -  @rumsandleatherjackets
    Such an underrated little gem! LITTLE MOMENTS lil postS5 ficlet! :) I love those! It’s such a beautiful quiet moment between them. I think these two are so allowed to be “selfish” and just take some time to be them and enjoy the fact that they are alive! the two of them! I love the idea of Emma planning a whole evening out for her pirate! it’s just so moving and lovely! i loved loved this little fic!

  • Close Your Eyes, Brother -  @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable
    I CRY! Jones Brothers backstory kind of fic. Think baby Killian, afraid of the dark and bullied by the older brats during the early days after his father’s abandonment. SO angsty, but comes to show Killian and Liam’s relationship and that bond of theirs that is just so so so beautiful!!!

  • Armour  -  @profoundlyfadedprincess
    Quiet post S5 moment. This one is so sweet, it’s them, unwinding kinda from the underworld events. it’s such a sweet little thing! middle of the night conversations, and they are open and vulnerable! so sweet!

  • some aloe for that burn -  @spartanguard
    This is THE cutest thing! Killian of all pirate cuties gets sun burned and it’s probably the cutest fic I never knew I needed in my life! Domestic fluff is what I’m here for and this one takes the cake! i loved loved loved it! :) The writing is spot on! it manages to be funny but also moving and sweet! I LOVE IT!

  • untitled -  @wingedlioness
    Smuffy goodness galore! Please and thank you! You know those posts about folks missing Season 1 Emma? Well, this is again a perfect ‘suck it’ to the haters! Killian Jones would have indeed loooved S1 Emma and this fic shows you just how much! I loved the idea of this, and the actual fic is just so silly and awesome! i loved it!

  • Proud of Your Boy -  @incaptainswanwetrust
    Oh yeah, I did not cry reading this bit about Killian Jones meeting his newborn baby! Allergy season, y’know? lol! no, but in all seriousness, this is just the cutest thing! Bit of angst, touching on Killian’s insecurities about being a father, but then you have him actually having a a “father/son” conversation with his tiny newborn son and I just about died! SO CUTE!

  • Persistence -  @laschatzi
    CAPTAIN CHARMING!!!! Night before CS wedding drinks with Dave! This made me SO happy! so freaking bloody happy! I love these two and my Goodness, them bonding is one of my favorite things! I love how David so very subtly lets Killian know he thinks he is worthy of his daughter’s love! SO MOVING! and then there are bits like  “True Love’s Kiss doesn’t work with memory loss,” in which we have David unknowingly clearing things up for Killian while also reassuring the cutie! it’s so sweet! I love the last lines most! the best! :)

  • To The Pain -  @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable
    What a satisfying read this was! I guess this goes under future-ish GEN fic with a generous dash of angsty CS. In my honest opinion, Rumple became nonredeemable after this season. This fics deals with that, with what he did to Milah and how some deeds should not go unpunished. And Killian, my God, he’s the one to give f’ing Rumple what he deserves, and like I said, it’s just so satisfying to read. The ending is all shades of bittersweet but also fitting and so moving!

  • You Can Wrap Your Arms Around Me -  @amagicalship
    Smutish post 521 o/s. This was one of the first pieces of CS fanfic I read and it is still one of my favs after a re-read this week! This is just such an intimate moment between them! the kind of moment I want SO MUCH to happen in canon! It’s perfect and extremely well written!

  • Locked Up -  @ive-always-been-a-pirate
    A Daddy!Killian One Shot! Oh THE CUTENESS! The little bits with little Liam are extremely precious! It’s such a little one shot but you get an incredible glimpse of what their lives are now, how much Little Liam takes after BOTH his parents! AND THEN the bits with Emma are just the cutest things in the world! and it all comes back to Tallahassee! I loved looved loved the throwbacks!

  • It’s Our Ship -  @rollyjogerjones
    Daddy!Killian One Shot! What can I say, I’m a sucker for him as a Daddy lol! But this time he’s fathering a teenage daughter —-one that is so much like him but also Emma and I swear to God, it doesn’t get any better than that! He’s such a good dad! I loved all those little bits of backstory, and just how Killian dealt with his kid’s fears! it really is just so sweet! instant fav!

  • Roger the Cat & Betty the Asshole Betta Fish -  @itsalostgirlthing
    This one right here made me grin like an idiot the whole entire time! NEIGHBORS AU! AND ROGER! He’s a charmer and i love him! Picture CS co-parenting Killian’s cat —it’s utter perfection! I died! I truly did! this one shot made me SO happy! it’s a winner from the first line to the last one! also the asshole fish! Such a great story! (OH, and Captain Swan! Killian calls Emma CAPTAIN SWAN! I went to heaven at that one, I swear lol!))

  • Fair Fight -  @laschatzi
    NEVERLAND!! Missing scene kind of fic. Words can not describe how much I loved this! Killian polishing Emma’s sword fighting skills! and it’s the way he did it that absolutely destroyed me! He’s so HIM in this fic! this is exactly how I would picture Killian approaching Emma about her abilities  as well as the methods he uses to teach her! this IS so perfect and in character! one of my favs reads this weekend!! :)

  • White Picket Fence” -  @shipping-goggles
    This is a bit of 5B canon divergence. It’s such a sweet thing! the conversation between Emma and Killian is honest and you get to see those little bits of insecurities they are still dealing with, but, you know, they are together, so it’s just nice to see them have an open conversation about their future and just how that future’s gonna look like! also, it points out the resemblance of Emma’s dark!one home (CS HOME!) with a castle, which I have to admit, I never stop to consider, but I can see so see it! great story!! :)

  • Impression Soleil Levant -  @captain-emmajones
    Neighbors AU meets “I’m your kid’s K-teacher, nice to meet you!” It’s THE best! can you just picture Killian as these little kids’ teacher, all perfectly polished, with the crazy PTA moms drooling on him all the while he only has eyes for Emma???? yeah, I can too! I LOVED THIS! The little bit with Killian reading the kids was almost TOO much! SO CUTE!

Next weekend (hopefully SUNDAY! lol) I’ll dive in properly in cs au week fics and rec my favs!! :) I haven’t yet contributed to cs au week, but I’m planning to have something up Day 6 & 7 (hopefully!)

For now, here’s the one story I did post this week(last week shush lol),
It is my take on a so needed CS quiet moment plus how I think a proposal between those two should go down! ;)

AND, that is it for now lovelies! Hope you all have an awesome week! Also, HAPPY CS AU WEEK! keep on reading all the goodies! it’s sooo much fun! this fandom is so active and talented it makes my heart happy! :) <33