the fezening

@my-sxe-world tagged me to post 11 things about me 

  1. I’m 1,75 m tall 
  2. otters. I love otters 
  3. everyting is a mess around me
  4. my first metal concert was a festival called FEZEN in 2015 
  5. i really like avocado 
  6. i wont ever eat spinach
  7. i have 2 military bags. a smol one which i use daily and a huge one 
  8. i have an older sister and older brother
  9. i have my battle vest for almost 2 years by now
  10. i make crepes (hungarian ones) nowadays often
  11. eventhough i’m not bad at engish in school i still have a shitty grade from it 

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