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Madame De Fer and Kid

Based off a reaction thing @dragonagecompanions did ages ago, it’s been rotting in my google docs so I figured I’d post it. (Will be on my ao3 account soon)

The circle was full of children, new ones constantly being dragged in shaking and afraid and so young. It was these children who were harmed most by the circles rebelling, not a single person who voted thought of the children. The shaking and frightened kids who feared their own magic more than the templars, the children who were still training to control their magic.

Most died when the circles left and the fighting began, those that didn’t chose to stay with the few mages who stayed at the circles.

The first time Vivienne met the young boy was as she was leaving the circle just after the vote. Seething with rage hidden under an icy visage, she almost didn’t notice the small boy. He was shivering in the hallway and wearing only the thinnest of clothes.

    “Madame De Fer, what’s going to happen now?” intense brown eyes stared up at her fearfully.

“The mages have voted to leave,” she spoke stiffly and the child’s small frame shook.

“Wh-what’s gonna happen to me?” the small boy’s shaking intensified and Vivienne sighed internally.

“You’re going to stay here, sweetheart,” she knelt down to the boy’s height and brushed some hair out of his face. “You and the other apprentices will stay here.”

    “But what about my magic?” he was on the brink of tears. “It hurt brother, I don’t know how to stop it.”

“Oh, don’t worry, sweetheart, I will ensure you get all the training you need.” She paused in thought. “How long have you been here, sweetie?”

“The metal men brought me here a week ago, they said they’d keep my family safe from me,” the tears started rolling down his face. “Who’s going to protect them now?”

“Now look here, darling, the Templars may not be very useful anymore, but I promise that you and your family will be safe.”


“Madame De Fer never breaks a promise, so you can believe me, sweetheart.”

From that moment on the child stuck by her side, every time she’d visit the circle he’d be right there with the same wide eyes.

Time passed surprisingly quickly and Vivienne was proud to find that each time she returned the young boy was showing more and more affinity for ice magic. A part of her she would never admit to having was intensely flattered by his chosen path.

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yo here i am all doing fine and all and u gotta bring up lexa ! lexa and her tattoos !! lexa and her tattoos and glowing all avatar like like wtf thanks fer nuthin (but thanks so much tho)


No, but like how cool would that be though?? Like avatar lexa going into the avatar state and kicking ass!

(reposting my own art below because I can) (Imagine her tattoo is actually lit up)

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Melly,your Zaynglish posts are the only source of light in these times of fuckery. *takes the guitar and sings* your my wonderwall


P.S. You should know that at this point typing in Zaynglish is second nature, so I actually originally typed out “Thahnk yew ahm soh glahd yew lyke muh Zehnglish pohsts”

Dragon Age Inspired perfume oils by Siren Song Elixirs

Here is a current list of all available perfume oil fragrances by Siren Song Elixirs, each inspired by the characters of Dragon Age with full descriptions in each listing. 

First Knight – Dragon Age Alistair
Apostate – Dragon Age Anders
Andraste’s Grace – Dragon Age
Seeker -  Dragon Age Cassandra
Spirit -  Dragon Age Cole
Commander - Dragon Age Cullen
Lion of Ferelden – Dragon Age Cullen
Krem Brulee - Dragon Age Cremisius Aclassi
Amatus – Dragon Age Dorian
Tal-Vashoth -  Dragon Age Iron Bull
Wicked Grace – Dragon Age Josephine
Nightingale – Dragon Age Leliana
Witch of the Wilds – Dragon Age Morrigan
Dragon Age Sera (pending retirement and reformulation as ‘Red Jenny’)
Solas – Dragon Age
Fen'Harel - Dragon Age Solas
Dread Wolf - Dragon Age Solas
Frilly Little Cakes - Dragon Age Solas
Madame de Fer – Dragon Age Vivienne
A Murder of Crows -  Dragon Age Zevran

Still to come:

Fenris, Isabela, Merrill, Oghren (BEER!), Varric, Solavellan, Vhenan, Anders alternate, and a possible alteration or alternate to Solas.

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Hey so i'm just kind of starting to get into anime and I rlly trust your judgement so i was wondering if you had any recommendations?? I've seen One Punch Man and a little bit of Deathnote but that's it

kuroshitsuji it’s amazing i love it, death note is also rlly great, if you want something funny i would recommend ouran high school host club that one is my favorite, just whatever you do don’t watch sword art online it’s terrible
«La perte de la Guyane serait un désastre stratégique et géopolitique pour la France»

“Dans ces départements et territoires, l'affect, l'émotionnel, le symbole sont des facteurs déterminants du climat social. Les Guyanais attendent avant tout un geste politique fort montrant que le pouvoir politique s'engage à traiter leurs problèmes. Leur territoire a été trop longtemps considéré comme le pénitencier de la République avant de devenir le fer de lance de l'une des technologies les plus essentielles pour le monde qui vient: celle de l'espace. La Guyane est un département hors du commun, par son histoire, sa position géographique, son environnement naturel. Elle attend un signe de volonté du pouvoir politique et un plan global pour une reprise en main sur tous les plans: sécurité, démographie, environnement, emploi des jeunes. À cet égard, elle n'attendra pas la fin de la période électorale… “

1993 - Le Schtroumpf noir

Il était grand, fier et sûr de lui. Charismatique, ancienne petite main télévisuelle, il tenait son équipe d’une main de fer sans gant de velours. De la pointe de ses mocassins labellisés au sommet de sa chevelure teintée de rouge, il incarnait l’image du rupin punk, du chef cool et ferme, efficace et détendu du slip.
Il est arrivé un matin avec un lobe en moins.
Racontant son agression par un chien, décrivant un combat féroce, rude, une lutte âpre, longue mais pour une chute victorieuse.
Il avouera bien des années plus tard qu’au cours d’une scène de ménage dévastatrice, sa femme lui avait déchiqueté l’oreille avec ses dents.

Que je l’aime cette table en ce beau jour de printemps. Elle garde nos traces dégoulinantes aux senteurs mêlées, vestiges de nos étreintes. Les 4 fers en l’air, tu m’as éventrée par ton pilonnage incessant. Ton désir distendait ta peau et gonflait tes veines, ton sexe dressé m’a honoré et mes hurlements ont répondu à tes assauts. Je n’ai pas rêvé, tu étais là, je le ressens encore dans mes chairs échauffées ainsi que par ton odeur intime qui flotte encore sur moi…<3

dai characters as things teachers have said to me

cassandra: oh sorry. i was into this new romance novel i got over the weekend and spaced out what was your question

varric: i have a retirement plan in place and it’s going to be rad. i’m not telling any of you because it’s super cool and all of you will steal it but it’s cool i’ll be famous 

solas: im kinda of like the school gypsy. im here for one year and boom then im gone

iron bull: the june on the board is a reminder for when i have to arm wrestle this kid in my algebra class. if he wins they get 10 extra points on their finals but if i win i get satisfaction of winning and my pride 

dorian: i think it’s important that you all learn to be yourselves and not like your peers or your parents. like me for example. my father was a mean bastard. me? im a sarcastic bastard. be yourself kids

cole:i think sophia’s right, not all ghosts have to be mean. if i was a ghost i’d be a helpful ghost. i’d do taxes or something

vivienne: and this is… wait, wait a second. let’s take a moment to take in what he is wearing, those shoes do not that match that outfit 

blackwall: hey guys just a side note in this contest between teachers dont vote for me. if i win not only will i be decorated but they’ll make me and mr chasse shave our beards and if my beard goes i go

sera: i hate the no cursing rule. as long as im not cursing at anyone i should be already. if i say ‘hey student fuck you’ then im screwed but if i go to this crap tv and say ‘come on you piece of shit turn on’ i should be alright, right?

cullen: cough drops? that’s drugs you cant have drugs here. I’m kidding i’ll take anything to numb the pain of living. 

leliana: if a bad guy were to walk into this room i could kill him in eight different ways so there’s no need to worry about anything like that

josephine: why did everything in history have to end in a fight im sure if they all just got into a room and talked it out they could have gotten to some sort of agreement