the ferret plague

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Sorry about that. I mean, what do you think about Draco having a ferret? Like in Eighth Year one just becomes attached to him and won't leave him alone and he complains to Pandy all the time and then the ferret an apple onto Ron's head one day when The Silver Trio is arguing with The Golden Trio and then the next day the ferret has a name and a collar that Pansy made just for him and and Harry just glares at the creature wrapping itself around Draco's shoulders.

Well, could’ve been interesting and a fun scenario but i don’t see Draco interacting with ferrets at all.
While the ferret scene is funny from Harry’s perspective, it’s highly traumatic from Draco’s. Not only he was humiliated and mocked in front of his worst enemy and a bunch of other peers, he’s also tortured.
Ferrets are very sensitive animals, their bone structures are pretty delicate and Draco was turned into one and slammed on to the stone floor several times. By a vengeful death eater who resented Draco’s father for not staying loyal to their cause.
Draco was literally screaming in pain as Moody/Barty bounced him around! Barty Jr could have broken his bones, crack his skull, even snapped his spine and all the while everyone around him were laughing as he flailed in pain. Barty even goes further to assure Draco Lucius can do nothing, and Moody’s keeping an eye on his son.
Can you even imagine what that would do to someone who’s as proud as Draco? He’s literally fourteen there, with parents like his it’s more than a safe bet that he’s never gone through something like that in his sheltered life. Granted, he’s seen so much worse in his life after that, but i think that would stay with him.
It doesn’t really matter how cute or persistent the ferret is, the way i see it Draco’s more likely to call an exterminator than live with a reminder of his pain and humiliation. Especially one that would cause everyone else to remember and mock Draco all over again.