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the only thing that gives me pause is that is seems so risky to post that announcement, you know? just like you said, how is she ever going to explain not having a baby??? it seems like a foolish move, because you're claiming a baby was born that doesn't exist. now its public. i... just don't get it kristen

Right?? It’s still just so weird. She flies so under the radar that maybe they can get away with it. And the people close to her probably know she’s a surrogate so they knew it wasn’t her baby and she wouldn’t be keeping it. It’s risky but so are fake marriages and having kids with beards. What they should have done was ignore the surrogate thing from the start. But they didn’t and so they felt they needed to prove she had a baby too. It worked. The only people questioning are hats and it maybe pushed some fence sitters to the other side. The name seals the deal for me. I think they’re having a laugh at the entire fandom’s expense. Hats because it threw us into an uproar. And hets/general fans because they’re either so blind or stupid that they’ll believe anything.

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how can you not protect your lesbian sisters when bi women are out there stealing posts, calling us lesbos and lezzies, and deliberately portraying us as mean and irrational? i'm disappointed in you bc you obviously want to be a fence sitter who gets to keep followers from both sides. it's the notes you care about. lesbians are being harmed and your answer shows you think it's horizontal aggression.... damn

I never used the words “horizontal aggression”. That isn’t what I believe at all. I’m happy to talk on any of these issues, but I have a rule for myself that I try not to get involved in things that are going to cause me to feel like I am getting into a massive argument.

If you honestly think that I’m okay with lesbophobia, or that I think it’s okay for bi women to be homophobic, I don’t really think you’ve been listening to me, or that you understand how much those things hurt me.

You’re on anon–why don’t YOU go get involved in that argument? I’ve been in it many, many times and I don’t find it to be the most helpful way to spend my energy. I don’t know why you think that this requires my personal labor. I haven’t slept more than two hours a night this week because I have so much work to do and there are so many people I talk to about what is going on in their lives that I think it’s actually really, really presumptuous of you to ask me to weigh in on a specific issue.

Quite frankly, I gain followers every time I get into a fight standing up for my lesbian sisters. You can accuse me of only caring about the notes but here is what I care about: other women, my grades, and my health.

I’m here for women who need help. I’m here to give my opinion. I don’t really enjoy debates that stress me out. I spend a lot of time being a resource, but I’m a person.

if you send me asks about the drama in the community I am just going to delete them, I hate drama, I am here to post about feminism and vent about how misogyny affects my life, not to fight with other feminists

I want to argue with people who are obviously anti-feminism (in order to spread the message to fence sitters who are reading the argument) not with people who I want to have solidarity and community with

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So, the lovely fence sitters are all laughing about the bully accounts on IG. Well, the next time ES feel bullied, please let's all laugh about it. Apparently that's ok and bullying is funny.

But they are all about love and light, right? I’m so confused.

Alice 🐇 🤷‍♀️

What I see, a lesson in perspective

This is not only to my tumblr followers, but also to fence sitters, and the sorts of feminists I end up having chats with on youtube. Because there seem to be some serious misconceptions about the men’s rights movement. I maybe just be wasting my time here, but you know it never hurts to try.

Anyway, what I’ve come to learn from conversations with feminists online, is that they think the people in the men’s rights movement fit certain stereotypes. What they see in their minds doesn’t exactly match up with the sort of people I regularly see in the movement.

They think MRAs look something like this.

Now I’m not trying to shame the man in this picture. I just think that this picture sums up the feminist stereotype of men’s rights activists pretty well. They believe, that every MRA is an overweight disheveled manchild who’s lives in his mother’s basement. The reality is that we have people in a variety of professions contributing to the movement.

These men guard their identities to protect their jobs and families from being attacked by feminist trolls. You might scoff at the concept, but many workplaces have zero tolerance policies surrounding accusations of workplace sexual harassment. It might only take a phone call to someone’s job where they allege that this person is a pedophile, to put that person’s job in jeopardy. An action which could put them and their family on the street.

What I see when I think of men’s rights activists.

Pretty stark contrast eh? It’s kind of hard to look us in the face and call us a misogynistic hate group. It’s really easy to sit behind a keyboard and assume that everyone supporting men’s issues outside of feminism is a monster. That we’re all harassers, trolls, and ne’er do wells.

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I was a dumb artist,

took a catalogue of hits to the edge of the cliff and I slipped
but it felt good
I put on red and I lose
I regret all my tattoos

I just want to be a fence sitter
fence sitter with you

Berkeley riots make me ashamed to be a modern left-winger.

I know that inviting Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at the university was a bad idea. But any protest against it should have been peaceful. Instead, left-wing extremists started a riot.

Do you think causing a whopping $100,000 in property damage, and brutally assaulting non-violent protesters, proves you to be the good guys?

That’s not creating a “safe space.” That’s just terrorism. Committing acts of violence against people so that they won’t dare publicly disagree with you is, by definition, terrorism.

Riots like these won’t stop racism from becoming normalized. Sadly, racism has already been normalized.
What these riots will do is convince fence-sitters that the left starts riots every time dissenting viewpoints are heard. It’ll make all leftists look like brutal criminals.

I mean, sure, you could have used actual reasoning and logical arguments, instead of just brutally assaulting anybody who doesn’t believe what you’ve decided that they have to believe. But hey, maybe it somehow normalizes racism if we act like human beings instead of behaving like savage animals.


And just to be clear–I’m a proud leftist. But I’m also a leftist who’s against terrorism.

I have so many thoughts about this post.

1) C'mon, Hill, if you’re going to pander to Hamilton fans like this, you can’t be a fence-sitter. PICK A SIDE!

2) But really if those catty little jerks could found a country despite a ridiculous amount of petty nonsense and fundamental philosophical differences, how is it that our Congress can’t even pass a budget?!

3) Why haven’t I seen more memes comparing Sanders to Hamilton and Clinton to Burr? I mean, ignoring the fact that Hamilton is responsible for Wall Street, because, let’s be realistic here, meme-makers don’t usually put that much thought into things. But the whole “wait for it” vs “not throwing away my shot” thing is TOO PERFECT. (Okay, granted, I’ve been rather absent from tumblr for much of the past several months, so… they probably are all over the place and I just haven’t seen them).

4) Not to mention, I can totally see Clinton singing Room Where it Happens.

5) However I really hope that analogy doesn’t extend much beyond that point because I’d really like to avoid an Election of 1800 type debacle and also obviously no It’s Quiet Uptown style tragedy please.

Please don’t send me asks about how to argue with antifeminists.

You might notice that I don’t engage much with antifeminists on this blog. Debates, no matter how well-sourced or well-argued, will never change their minds. The only reason to debate them is to educate fence-sitters and less experienced feminists.

If you don’t quite have enough knowledge to form arguments that will teach bystanders, my advice will always be just don’t engage. The debate will be pointless. Focus instead on educating yourself on the issues.

Please don’t come into my inbox asking me to privately teach you just enough to win an argument. You need to have your own, firm understanding of these concepts and their contexts before you can form effective arguments about them. Borrowing my knowledge won’t really help you.

I’m really not cross with you - a lot of you are baby feminists and I am SO proud of you for putting forth this kind of effort! But it’s really important to learn first, argue second, or you’ll muck it up and be more frustrated than before.

So, yesterday…

Hubby told us When He Was Young, he wanted to be King Arthur. Wifey thanked Hubby for supporting World Child Cancer. Hubby told Wifey he was proud of her and her work with World Child Cancer. Hubby liked a Shipper message about Wifey’s and Hubby’s tweets killing her (in a non-deadly way). Shippers rejoiced! Well, those who hadn’t fainted rejoiced.

What I’m wondering is…

Have any Fence Sitters moved to The Ship? Are any Fence Sitters still thinking about it? What’s stopping you?

Where am I?

I’m where I’ve been since 24 hours after the IFH. Enjoying the landscape and partying with my peeps. On The Marriage Train.

If you’re ready to ride, come join us!

@just-a-wretched-woman Knife Wumman 🔪, your butt’s suffered enough splinters. It’s time to believe! Give it a try. What better place to start than from Scotland during My Vicarious Scottish Vacation™. Come on! You know you want to…

It’s been one year since I first experienced One Direction

Today marks one year since I first got dragged to a bloody One Direction concert and I wanted to say a few bits, I don’t know what, really, but I had to.

I was looking through my old whatsapps conversations earlier that I’d had with my friend who took me. I was looking for a specific conversation about Harry (more about that later) but I found SO MUCH that I want to show all of you (below the cut, but I have a bit more to say first)

I’ll probably do another gushy post when I hit my Tumblr anniversary but thank you so much to all of you for making this fandom bearable. I first kept up to date on things on Twitter and when I joined Tumblr, I was a self-proclaimed “Larry fence sitter”. I followed a big load of Larrie blogs (some of which I suppose I still follow) and despite saying I wasn’t going to be a Larry blog and saying I was gonna mix it up a bit, get rid of some of the Larries and pull back from the whole Larry thing for a while, it never really happened. Just as, when I started to become interested in the band, I said I would take a break from bingeing on them and I never did go a day without living and breathing these four boys. 

Anyway, it didn’t take me long at all to fall of that fence. I got far more than I bargained for when I looked into this little conspiracy and thought the larries were a bit loopy at times and completely misread the situation and the larries. There were a lot of comments by me I passed by in my whatsapp scrolling that made me cringe. It wasn’t easy to see how sceptical I used to be.

(what follows is an essay. With subheadings and everything, so you can even skip whole sections if you want)

(This whole post is entirely UNNECESSARY but I had to get it all out for me)

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How sweet it is! ❤️❤️

How ‘bout those shippers?! ⛴ ❤️

And us trainers?! 🚂 ❤️

Oh, why not… And those fence sitters?! 🚧❤️

We Wonder?  We Believe.  We Know! ❤️❤️

I put this wee piece together a while ago, but it’s been sitting in my drafts folder. Today seems like a good day to set it free. Happy Saturday/Sunday Everyone! Happy Thanksgiving Weekend, Canada! 😎 🇨🇦 🍗🌽🍞


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Heaven has a place prepared for me and you // Hell is another place that has one prepared too // There is no place in-between that we can go // It’s either Heaven above or Hell down below // Heaven is a place with streets paved with gold // Hell is a fiery furnace with unquenchable coals // Heaven is found with forgiveness and prayer // Hell doesn’t care; it will take you as you are // We are all destined for one place or the other // There is no place in-between to run for cover // We must decide now where we intend to stay // We cannot be fence-sitters come judgment day


Did you hear that little flutter followed by a soft fluff.  That was the last fig leaf cover what was once called the “Worlds Greatest Democracy”.  And the way they did it hurts the worst.  The alleged Super Delegates that came over to Hillary want to “Remain Anonymous”,  There is NO EVIDENCE that anyone decided to support Hillary, but now many “Fence Sitters” will jump aboard with a winner.  This is the “Winner Syndrome”, or “Everybody loves a winner” and :Defeat is an Orphan”.  It could easily come out 20 years down the  road that this is a “PR Stunt” by Clinton Staffer.  If this was the Media of the  60s at least a few “Reporters” would be demanding names.  No one can prove that Supers did or did not throw in their support.  This calls for even Hillary supporters everywhere vote tomorrow for Bernie, just to prove that you want Democracy and even your own Candidate should not think they can freely steal your vote and slap you as worthless.

hey guys

there’s been a lot of discourse lately about kemetics and social justice, and by now i think you all know what side i’m on. anyways, this is a post for the in-bewtweeners, fence-sitters -people who may sympathize with the sj cause and people wanting to stand up against racism and antisemitism in our circles, but don’t want to get involved because they’re worried about getting yelled at or dragged into drama. it’s true a lot of tumblr sj rhetoric is toxic. a lot of people on here are toxic. people often do blow genuine mistakes out of proportion, or misunderstand you when you really are trying your best, or any number of other things.

but you should still try.

no one woke up one day “woke” (lol). we all had to learn, and learning is often a painful and humbling process. but it’s worth doing, because the reward is that we make the world a little bit better in the process, and in our actions from here on out. if you have said or done something racist or antisemitic in the past, be brave and accept responsibility, apologize, and take the opportunity to learn. if you see a friend of yours saying or doing something racist or antisemitic (or anything problematic, really) be brave and tell them why it’s wrong. take the time to learn about the mechanisms behind these social ills, about things like privilege, tone policing, respectability politics, and cultural appropriation, so that you’ll have a better understanding of what people are always yelling about on here.

in doing so, you’ll be exercising compassion for your fellow human beings in one of the most vital ways we realistically can. you’ll be transforming our community into one that not only is safe for all of us, but one that can slowly start to make the outside world as a whole better. the process of learning and changing is hard and unpleasant, but it’s worth it. please, try.

When a sensationalist headline says shit like “Trump in favor of running Muslim-specific databases” the media narrative has several devastating outcomes.

For starters, their primary objective only appears to be slamming Trump. That’s what you see on the surface. One of the main purposes for sensationalist hit pieces like this (whether the target is Trump or anyone on any ‘side’ of the aisle) is to rile up the opposition, to put its supporters on the defense. They now drop whatever was at the front of their mind to champion a new cause against [enemy]. This serves to boost morale and convert fence-sitters.

The ‘blowback’ (though I suspect the consequence is intended) is that—regardless of whether the sensationalist claim is true—supporters flock to defend the untenable policy proposal with any contrived justification they can muster. They do this for free. For some, the proposition may have never crossed their mind once in their entire life, but again to find that sense of ‘belonging’ (boost morale), they champion their cause.

But perhaps the most dangerous outcome is that a sensationalist narrative can often [perhaps intentionally] derail national discourse as well as deflect heat and especially distract the audience. When, for example, the Fifth Estate lambastes Trump’s Muslim database, they do so outside of the context of mass surveillance and even reality. These databases already exist and not just for Muslims, but for every American citizen. Specifically in NYC they do have these Muslim databases and these have run at the behest of not one, but two Democrat mayors. It’s the Democrat Obama administration which is fighting to maintain the NSA’s security powers and it will be the future president, R or D, who willfully continues and expands it.