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Make a Date of It

Dean knew he’d never be with Cas. 

It was just too complicated.  Yeah, the younger hunting community did seem significantly more progressive than John’s old buddies, throwing around f slurs and laughing over beers, but Dean was in his thirties.  His late thirties.  

No one came out at this age, and if he did, he was sure they would think he was faking, having some bizarre mid-life sexual crisis or trying to get attention.  Moreover, he was a legend among hunters:  he didn’t want his going both ways to become the talk of the town, their variation of celebrity gossip, even if it wasn’t in a completely negative context.  

So he could never be with Cas.  It just wasn’t practical.  

Still, he couldn’t help but feel that familiar sense of longing as he watched Cas stitch up his trench coat, delicate fans of dark eyelashes over soft, tired bags and prominent cheekbones, stubble sprinkling his jaw.

Man, it would be great if Cas was human.  If Dean was just a normal guy who’d met him in a park or a grocery store, who could have worked out his sexuality in his teens or twenties like any normal fence-sitter, instead of worrying about his brother’s life or the damn apocalypse. 

Or even if it wasn’t, even if things were just as they were now, Dean couldn’t help but think how amazing it would be to hold him in his arms late at night while he slept, press his nose to that dark mess of hair and breath in the soapy smell of shampoo.  Maybe start to see a grey hair or two.

That was another pleasant thought:  Cas going grey, Cas the silver fox.  He’d always had a thing for mature guys, though he’d absolutely never admit it, and he was surprised to find the idea of getting old together with Cas a pleasant one.

But then, he’d blown his chance to have human Cas, hadn’t he?  Cas had been human once, been ready to settle down in the bunker for good, and Dean had kicked him to the curb.  He’d spent every day regretting it.

“Dean, are you okay?”

Dean blinked, remembering Sam was there.  He was sitting perpendicular to Dean at the long wooden table, open laptop and book of lore in front of him, looking at Dean with concerned, puppyish eyes.  

Even Cas paused in his mending the wounded sleeve, looking up to see what this latest drama could be.   

Dean cleared his throat.  “’Course I’m okay.  Why wouldn’t I be?”

“I dunno,” Sam shrugged.  “You’ve just been sort of spacing out for a really long time.  You looked kind of upset.”

“Bullshit,” Dean scoffed, a tad defensively.  “M’not upset.”

“I noticed, too,” Cas pointed out.  “But it’s been a rudimentary aspect of his personality since I’ve known him, so I generally elect to ignore it.”  There was a brief pause as Dean mustered a glower.  “If you’d like, I could read his mind…?”

No!”  Dean cried, horrified by the suggestion.  

Sam ran a palm over his face, clearly trying not to laugh.  Sadistic bastard.  “It’s fine, Cas.  I’m sure Dean is just…distracted.” 

Cas nodded hesitantly.  “Very well.  Let me know if this changes, Dean:  I should very much like to help.”

“Yeah, don’t count on it,” Dean muttered, pretending to go back to his laptop.  

God, Cas was a sweetheart.  Oblivious, but a sweetheart.  Dean could see now that all he’d ever wanted to do was help.  To help Dean.

So many missed opportunities, over the years they’d known each other.  So many times he’d noticed that mouth, full and chapped and supple, when he could have closed the gap between them and let the warmth consume him.  So many times he could have said something, anything, to convey to Cas how he felt. 

Dean froze suddenly as a realization dawned on him then:  if he could look back on moments five years ago that he could have told Cas how he felt but didn’t, five years from now, would he feel the same way?  Would he still be hooking up with the same sexually frustrated housewives that liked to boss him around the way he craved, or odd bull named Larry, only to come home feeling empty and full of regret?  Would he still be watching Cas from afar and wishing he’d said something, anything, to convey that he loved him as more than a friend?  To convey that he loved him at all? 

It’s too late, said that nagging little voice in his head.  Too complicated.  He isn’t even your species!  

Dean realized he didn’t care.  He’d spent his whole life watching people wait for some idyllic scenario to come along to show their loved ones how they felt:  John promising he’d give his boys the life they deserved after he got his precious revenge, Mary studiously avoiding them until she could mold their lives into what she’d envisioned for them over thirty years prior.  

Dean wasn’t going to repeat their mistakes.  He couldn’t.

Think of the hunters!  the voice persisted.  Do you really want them knowing you like guys? 

Dean scoffed inwardly.  At the end of the day, who fucking cares?  He’d met gay hunters before.  One of them was a goddamn witch.  The hunting community had changed a lot since he’d last been involved.

And yeah, he was sure there was still some homophobia lurking, but was he really gonna let that stop him?  Besides:  there might be some young hunter kid scared to come out of the closet, who might be inspired to if he knew Dean Winchester was bi.  

Dean could have really used someone like that when he was younger.

“Cas, do you wanna go get burgers?” 

Dean blurted the phrase out without thinking, causing both Sam and Cas looking up in surprise.  

Dean swallowed, suddenly feeling very awkward as silence hung thick in the air.  

“I mean…just if you want to, that is,” he added, rubbing the back of his neck self-consciously as he felt his ears grow hot.

Cas blinked.  “Certainly.  You know I love burgers, Dean.”

Dean stared at him, then chuckled awkwardly, not really processing that he’d just said yes.  “Yeah, that’s, uh.  Kinda why I asked.”

There was a long silence before Cas offered, “Shall we go now, or…?” 

Dean blinked, still in a haze as he registered the question.  “No no.  I mean, uh.  We can if you want to, but I was kinda thinking we could go tomorrow night.”  He swallowed, palm rubbing over his trachea.  “Y’know.  Make a date of it.” 

Dean chuckled awkwardly again as Cas’s eyes widened, expression unreadable.  He was peripherally aware of Sam’s comically baffled facial expression, eyes wide and mouth hanging open.  He looked as though if you poked him with your finger, he would fall over. 

Finally, Cas said quietly.  “I would love that, Dean.”

“…Great.”  Dean cleared his throat, nodding slowly.  A nervous smile spread over his face.  “Great!  Uh, tomorrow at eight, then?”

“That would be wonderful, Dean.”  

Dean had to resist the urge to giggle like a schoolgirl.  Everything about this was incredible.  The fact that he’d just asked Cas out on a date.  The fact that he’d said ‘yes.’  The way Cas said his name. 

Dean.  Dean.  Dean.  

Dean thought he could listen to that voice say his name forever and never get tired of it.

He and Cas sat there in mutually baffled silence for a moment or two longer, before Sam’s exhausted, relieved sigh broke the spell.

“Fucking finally.

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I am a fence sitter & can explain most things away but some things I just can't!! 1) Jensen's expressions - he absolutely adores Jared!! 2) the handholding at MinnCon - whichever angle I look at it from why would Jensen continue to keep his hand like that!! 3) damn is he loveable - a fandom that thinks you are gay for each other and you say about your co-star that damn is he loveable!! Sounds smitten rather than bff! 4) Move to Austin with rumours - why 5 mins away? 5) sleep with one! Odd joke!

Hello, dear anon!

I know what you mean. There are many things I can’t explain away and you just mentioned the best of them. I’m feeling nostalgic, so how about we look at them a little?

1. “Jensen’s expressions - he absolutely adores Jared!!

Right? The sheer love and adoration in Jensen’s eyes moves me to my core. That is not how I look at my friends, not even the closest ones. How lucky they are to have each other!

2. “the handholding at MinnCon - whichever angle I look at it from why would Jensen continue to keep his hand like that!!

Originally posted by honey-chris

The fan says to Jensen that he’s her favourite and Jensen just sneaks his hand to hold Jared’s while he does the comedy elbows for the audience. I can’t tell you how much I love this moment. (Another angle)

3. “damn is he loveable - a fandom that thinks you are gay for each other and you say about your co-star that damn is he loveable!! Sounds smitten rather than bff!

What I see here is both of them being incredibly ballsy. Not only did they dare to share these videos, Jensen caption this kissy video like that as well. I can still hardly believe this actually happened. (My post here)

4. “Move to Austin with rumours - why 5 mins away?

You know how one sometimes gets the irresistable urge to respond with a vague “For reasons”? This is one of those moments. Just kidding! Of course there’s something to read on the matter. If you’re interested in some tinhatty views of how that came to be, look here. Here’s a little something as well.

5. “sleep with one! Odd joke!

(Gif by the invaluable @one-soul-two-brothers) Oh boy. This is the mother of all slip-ups! This is definitely difficult to explain away… Do you know what the non-believers are saying? That he responded on Jared’s behalf. *scratches head* Yeaaaahhh… I don’t know how that could be. (Posts: 1, 2, 3)

Anyway, thanks for reminding me of these great moments! If you need a pillow to make your fence a little more comfortable, you need only holler and I’ll bring you one. I hope you’re having a fabulous day!

don’t be fooled one bit by Independents saying DEMOCRATS need them….

NO We Don’t, our democratic candidates will always win in blue states without the majority of them supporting them and depending on the red states, there too.  It’s Independents who have no representation, and idiotically, by their own choice.  I’m tired of having to compromise to these fence sitters just to earn their support and votes and then in the end on election day, they say screw us and go to the side that screws them.  Then these centrist stand for nothings have the audacity to come back and blame the Democrats that they refused to even support.

The Independent Voter, especially the ones who are now affected by their own stupidity, NEEDS US MORE THAN EVER and more than we need their support or votes…..So, we can choose to help them, like we help most others who have been kicked to the curb by the GOP or we can kick them to the curb too.  Either way, If those bystanders, fence sitters, centrist Independents want any of us to fight their battles for them anymore (disgusting that they are the majority and can’t fight their own battles), they will have to take 2-3 steps to the left, but I would suggest they take leaps instead, to catch up to the decades they skipped.

Big Booty Better Thighs (Seventeen Headcanon)

(AN: I would like to start off by saying that this really isn’t a “most likely” situation. I feel that all of Seventeen are not anywhere near shallow enough to turn a girl down just because of her body type, even though they are teenage boys. They are teenage boys. Who are usually a lot more insecure than they come off, so they wouldn’t target any girls’ insecurities no matter what. That being said, I feel like you expected me to produce an answer here, so I decided to do this in the headcanon style and I hope you like it! <3 Also, very, very slight smut warning - I talk about sex but no explicit descriptors.)

(Part Two)  

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Sex, Religion, Politics

Tell me–

did you fuck someone last night?
Cum hard in some girl (or guy–
no judgment here)?

Have you heard the word
of Jesus Christ? Bomb shit
for the Prince of Peace?

Are you left, right, or
mugwump, fence-sitter, center?
Ass or elephant?

Tell me about the things
that matter–the gooshy bits.

All the things that we know
(we know, oh god, we know)

are too moist
for polite conversation.

– S. E. De Haven (SnuffyArt)

What did you think?

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What do you make of shipper receipts like #carparkibiza and the old interview of Cait knowing exactly what time Sam wakes up in the morning? I'm long term fence sitter, leaning toward different scenarios as info crops up. My current likelihood scenarios are 50% SamCait together, 40% Sam in the closet, 10% Sam straight and genuinely single. (Sam/MM=real is not on the list)

Eh, most everything involving twitter I gotta chalk up to them fucking with the curious and confused for their own jollies.

I’d say I’m 50% he’s gay, 40% with Cait, 10% single, side of bread buttered, unclear. But, like you, 0% chance he’s a garbage man.

Can We Have Our Community Back, Now?

So, I’ve generally been avoiding the subject since it came up earlier this year, but there’s been some stuff going on with what’s left of kemetic tumblr in the last week or so that’s really been bothering me.  It has to do with community policing and the kemeticcallouts blog.  Behind the break, you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to.  It’s kind of me venting.  I probably shouldn’t even post this.

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Oh the fat lady has most certainly sung--and she is telling lies

I’ve been dealing today with being bashed by numerous extreme shippers (ES) because of a certain ES blogger’s public post about how upset she was with an “anti” who dared to contact her privately about some concerns. And surprise, surprise, many ES assumed I was the “anti” and bashed me accordingly. (They didn’t mention my name but it was clear to whom some were referring.) It is interesting that it didn’t seem to dawn on the ES blogger to contact the “anti” directly with her concerns instead of using her blog to bash the “anti’s” attempt to communicate privately. 🤔

Someone screencapped this comment to the ES blogger’s post and sent it to me. It was so outrageous I had to respond. 

  • Yes, my mission in life is to “brainwash” newbies and fence sitters. 🙄
  • Yes, I read “EVERY SINGLE” one of the HUNDREDS of ES posts generated weekly and work hard to be “so damn negative” about each one.😈
  • I confess! I say “this is my opinion” a lot. Perhaps in the future I should state everything like it is a fact the way many of your leaders do. 👍
  • As for being “disappointed” in the “Show” or in “almost everything OUTLANDER,” my question is: WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? I have in fact often DEFENDED the show from some of the fans (usually shippers) who are constantly complaining about “not enough Jamie and Claire sex,” “too much Frank,” or “not enough BTS pictures!” Oy! Go read my other blog @contemplatingenjoyingoutlander. You will see reasoned discussions of the books and show there. 
  • In terms of being disappointed with Sam & Cait–the people who are REPEATEDLY ANGRY AND DISAPPOINTED WITH SAM AND CAIT ARE CERTAIN EXTREME SHIPPERS. Any time Sam or Cait don’t behave the way the ES want many of them trash them on their blogs, tag them in nasty tweets, and/ or complain to Starz, Sony, the press, women’s organizations, you name it (usually about Sam–poor Sam).
  • In contrast, I have defended Sam and Cait against ES attacks. Yes, once in a blue moon I have expressed a slight disappointment when there is too much shippery fanservice. But such a statement is almost always followed by sympathy for the difficult position S & C are in. So please don’t distort what I have said.
  • The people who act like they know “C/S/MM/T personally & know how they think, act, feel, etc.” are extreme shippers. You folks INTERPRET EVERYTHING that Sam and Cait say or do in order to find “breadcrumbs.” So I debunk your shippery assumptions by using common sense and basing what I say on the assumption that Sam and Cait told the truth in the KDS/ IFH denial video.

Kindly don’t say anything if you are going to make things up about me or exaggerate things. I know it is what you ES do all the time to anyone who gets in the way of your ship but I’m really tired of it. Thank you.

NOTE: This is just my opinion as a fan, nothing more. If you disagree, you are probably an extreme shipper. Good luck with that!

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to put it, but I'm struggling with J2. I ship the hell out of them and there are moments when they're captured staring, as I'm sure you know. Random touches and touches that linger. Like at Minncon XD But then I hear them talking about their wives, and Jared always brings up Gen/Ruby. Then they post pictures with their wives and I'm like, 'J2 aren't a thing. Look at this'. And it's just so hard to wrap my head around, if they were together, then why 1/2

2/2 why would they beard for so long? And sometimes they act just as normal friends and ugh. Sometimes I wish that, if they were together, which I hope so much, they’d come out but then I get a fear that generates a physical sickness of retribution that they would get. Gawsh, I don’t know what I’m asking for. But, help? And thank you, also c:

Nonnie, we need to talk about some word choices you made but first please answer below questions FAST, no thinking allowed! 3! 2! 1! GO!

  • GAY or STRAIGHT the way they interact?
  • GAY or STRAIGHT the way they behave individually?
  • Do you scream GAY or BROTHERS when watching the panels?
  • Do you think they spoiled fans with their “bromance” too much?
  • “Bromance” or because no suitable words better than GAY?

There’s an interesting thing I’ve been observing. How long can pure Js shippers keep their sanity when the boys have no interactions? In past two months, not only hats, I see many non-hat fans are missing the boys like crazy. The point is, the Js didn’t go MIA! They’re very active in their own social media! Just not with each other!

Here more questions for you, again no thinking allowed! 3! 2! 1! GO!

  • Will you struggle when they have less interaction?
  • Will you struggle when they don’t do what you wish them to?
  • Do you read J2 fics?
  • Do the perfect Js in your heart live in an AU world you read?
  • Do you miss them in last 2 months?
  • Do you feel annoyed when there’s not much Js last two months?
  • Do you like J/D J/G selfies?
  • Would you rather have Js selfies or J/D J/G selfies?
  • Are you wives friendly?
  • Are you only wives friendly when they have no interaction with Js?

I’m asking because I think you’re struggling with your positioning. To solve it, few more questions for you. Now this is the thing I wanna ask at first place.

  • Are you a religious believer?
  • Do you think being gay is a sin?
  • Do you think being gay is a choice?
  • Do you think gay men should keep their sexuality secrets?
  • What is a closet?
  • Why coming out would generates a physical sickness of retribution?

Congrats! I finished asking. Part 1 is to identify the way you see them. Part 2 is to identify the way you ship them (fantasy vs reality). Part 3 is to identify the way you see “GAYs”. Where do your struggles mainly come from, can you find out now?

Now which picture describe you the best? (Please forgive my bad drawing)

Of course there is one special case:

Last and most important:

If hate doesn’t exist, how’d you introduce yourself, a tinhat, a fence-sitter or a shipper?

(p.s. their bearding business didn’t start JUST from 2010. As a tinhat, I believe they’re in the closet long before their career starts. Wives are just official ones with papers signed. Therefore 7 years isn’t LONG at all.)

When the answer has more questions than the Ask I’m sorry I don’t know what I’m doing I hope you don’t struggle anymore but probably unable to do it because I brought tons of questions to you please just have a nice weekend

anonymous asked:

Hello, I love your blog and it's really interesting c: but I'm a fence sitter and am constantly pulled to either tin hat or simply shipper. Any mention of their wives and I'm not sure what to believe. I was just wondering what you thought of the Dallascon 2014, when G came on stage. Both J & J seemed happy to see her, no annoyance from what I could tell. She went off stage, J&J held hands, she came back on and gave Jay a kiss. Sorry if this was asked before and thank you for your time c:

Hello, dear anon!

Thank you for the kind words! I’m happy to hear you’ve enjoyed reading my blog. As for the question, I’ve answered it once before here. Dallascon was a very interesting convention because Jensen announced his move to Austin at the gold panel. I believe G and the fam were brought over for the sole purpose of hetting up the announcement.

I thought the J’s were generally in a good mood at that convention, and why wouldn’t they be? The secret was out, they no longer had to pretend they weren’t in the same city. The earliest slip that I can recall of them both living in Austin came as early as 2012! Who knows how much time Jensen actually spent in Malibu before officially relocating to Austin.

To me it seems like a small price to pay for the exponential growth of freedom to have Jared beard a little for the cameras and the audience. Under these circumstances, it doesn’t surprise me an awful lot that the J’s were able to remain care-free and easygoing, even when they shared a stage with G. The little kiss they shared was off-center like always, but otherwise they did a fairly good job.

Ahh, the beginning of Austin era! I will always look back at this convention fondly. Thank you for throwing me a message, sweet anon! I hope your spot on the fence is comfortable to sit on. Take your time inspecting the grass - surely you’ll find one of the sides to be greener at some point. ;) Have a lovely day!

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anonymous asked:

Do you think the 'wild Houis uprising' was because people somehow began to believe Blind Gossip? (Even though we all know they've contradicted themselves on larry more times than anyone can count including claiming theyre both str8?) Or do you think the 2 things were coordinated? I mean cd both be an OT push to finish off Larry fandom by blaming L for the stunts not Simon? The blind, RLawson and Houies make Harry blameless so a seductive narrative for tired harry larries. OT must be cheering.

yeah this is pure speculation but i get the sense the blind gossip post was the beginning of a calculated attack on the fandom and on people bts.

i think they know at this point that those of us who are still here can never unsee louis and harry being in a relationship (and the same goes for industry people who have seen too many things or heard too many rumours over the years to ever believe louis and harry weren’t actually a thing) so they decided to go the houis route and give the doubters and the fence sitters a third option; rather than just being forced between choosing the all option (larry is real/the stunts are fake/simon is the devil) or the nothing option (everything we’ve been told is true there are no stunts louis and harry are both straight) there’s now a middle ground (louis and harry were together but louis suffers from internalized homophobia and chose the closet over coming out hence why the stunts are so obviously not real).

i think 1dhq knows there’s no way the really vocal fans or the ones who are very secure in their opinions are going to leave so they’re focusing on picking off the weaker larries (i.e. the people who’ve never really had a particular fondness for louis or who never really viewed him as anything more than a prop for harry) because they would be the easiest ones to sell this new narrative to (and these fans often so far up harry’s ass they completely ignore everything louis’ done to push against his own closet too because they equate his stunts with him wanting to be closeted [the double standard there is infuriating but anyway]).

i also think that simon and his people are whispering in people’s ears bts to try and spread that particular rumour as being ‘the truth’ as well (much like they used to do with gryles rumours).

The vast majority of Independent Voters, STAND FOR NOTHING & NO-ONE.

my previous post, where I stated “Democrats don’t need them”, apparently hit a nerve.

..these fence sitters don’t like being called out either.

It’s time to close the primary’s to just party and let these Independent voters get their shit together and elect their own people to represent them.  OR JUST BECOME REPUBLICANS AGAIN, since that’s who they usually vote for.  Time to the end this neutral nonsense, you can’t keep claiming centrism standing on the right.

Look I don’t trust the republicans to impeach because they’re getting too much of what they want from trump and like they hate Americans soooooo…
But I am seeing a lot of fence sitters, people who hate Hillary, the “give him a chance” people, and the like finally coming to terms with the fact that their narrative about this country and the election was wrong. They see that Russia did do this and that Trump was indeed worse and more corrupt. And hopefully the democrats can use that in 2018 and 2020.

I was a dumb artist,

took a catalogue of hits to the edge of the cliff and I slipped
but it felt good
I put on red and I lose
I regret all my tattoos

I just want to be a fence sitter
fence sitter with you

What I see, a lesson in perspective

This is not only to my tumblr followers, but also to fence sitters, and the sorts of feminists I end up having chats with on youtube. Because there seem to be some serious misconceptions about the men’s rights movement. I maybe just be wasting my time here, but you know it never hurts to try.

Anyway, what I’ve come to learn from conversations with feminists online, is that they think the people in the men’s rights movement fit certain stereotypes. What they see in their minds doesn’t exactly match up with the sort of people I regularly see in the movement.

They think MRAs look something like this.

Now I’m not trying to shame the man in this picture. I just think that this picture sums up the feminist stereotype of men’s rights activists pretty well. They believe, that every MRA is an overweight disheveled manchild who’s lives in his mother’s basement. The reality is that we have people in a variety of professions contributing to the movement.

These men guard their identities to protect their jobs and families from being attacked by feminist trolls. You might scoff at the concept, but many workplaces have zero tolerance policies surrounding accusations of workplace sexual harassment. It might only take a phone call to someone’s job where they allege that this person is a pedophile, to put that person’s job in jeopardy. An action which could put them and their family on the street.

What I see when I think of men’s rights activists.

Pretty stark contrast eh? It’s kind of hard to look us in the face and call us a misogynistic hate group. It’s really easy to sit behind a keyboard and assume that everyone supporting men’s issues outside of feminism is a monster. That we’re all harassers, trolls, and ne’er do wells.

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I hate wishy-washy “I am a superior genius because I have no strong convictions” fence sitter types who think saying things arent black and white means the answer is always smack in the middle. But they say it for shit like calling Fascists and Anti fascists both extremists

However, sometimes people start arguing points that they think are opposing and their BOTH FACTS. 

Like, people saying Russia hacked the election. And then people saying no they couldnt have and you dont need to blame russia for america’s fucked up issues.

ok check this out.


Mindblowing!! Literally, both of these are true. America is FUBAR. Russia helped sway that FUBAR lead around so that the FUBARness benefits Putin.

Yep! Thats it. This is literally the case!  So why the fuck are people still arguing Russia-wot-done-it versus No-Russia-not-do-the-thing????

Russia couldnt have done the thing if this country wasn’t fucked! How bow dah

mephilia  asked:

What do you think of Aqua x Libra compatibility?? Bc I always see astrology blogs and just astrology articles in general say it's the perfect pairing, and I'm an Aquarius and I don't think it is at all :|

mmm… mixed feelings. like, on one hand, theyre both air signs so theres an understanding but. libras tend to be very flirty and romantic and aquarius arent and i think sometimes overly flirty people can make an aquarius uncomfortable. and libras are fence sitters and aquarius arent like commitment gods or anything but i dont think they appreciate having someone not sure if they wanna be serious or not, and aquarius dont like wasting time