the feminazi post

So I’m usually pretty quite in class, but last week I threw my pencil case at my English teacher for using “girl” as an insult and he was like super shocked and puzzled and then today at lunch he asked to talk to me, and he asked if I intended for the pencil case to hit him and I said yes, and he was so surprised that I felt so strongly about the girl insult that I chose to assault a teacher, and I said “I’m a feminist” and by the end of the conversation he said “I am very surprised. Keep being a feminist, because there’s not enough people willing to fight like that for gender equality, especially in a building full of teenagers. I think it’s great.” And I am so happy right now


“ All anti-feminists are either men or just brainwashed housewife religious feminists!”
Well this female non-religious anti-feminist has something to say. I left the feminism and sjw movement not because someone brainwashed me but because you destroyed any sort of love I had for people. I wanted to not spread hate, but you kept telling me too. 

 You told me to hate artists because they didn’t draw to the ships you liked or because they were “ fatshaming” but I really liked the style and respected the time put into the art.

 You told me to hate men because they are all rapists, but my friends were men and I never heard a bad thing about women come out of their mouth.

You told me to demand trigger warnings for needless things because everyone’s by something offended but, I wanted to enjoy free speech and wanted to listen to my favorite creators without fear of them getting held back by ‘triggers’.

You wanted me to do so much that I didn’t want to do, and if I refused I was wrong, I was hated, I was “scum”. I deserved death, I was ugly. You used every single harsh tactic you could to keep me in this grip. But I realized that your views doesn’t dictate me. 

It's so broken...

Just looking at tumblr. It disheartens me. I mean, there are many good people who use tumblr, but those rotten eggs will get to me. The feminists, otherkin, and other bullshit that has been made due to tumblr.

Feminists, or at least the ones who know what they’re doing, good for you. Strong, independent woman. No problems with that at all. But the radical ones. You know, “kill all men!! Women are superior!!” Them? They need to chill. For one thing, men don’t allow women to do some things because their body can’t handle it. Women’s bodies are constructed to hold kids. I mean, look at the way their pevis’ look. Just stop arguing that women are better and you wanna kill all men. Because chances are, you actually won’t do that.

Otherkin, stop. You are not an animal or god or whatever in a human body. You are a normal human being. Now, thinking about being an animal, I don’t mind that. Fuck, I’d love to be a tiger. That’s be so cool. But if you act like the animal you wanna be, then you make yourself look stupid. Just stop. You’re making fools out of yourselves.

Gender and sexuality idiots, let me get this straight. There are multiple genders, huh? Oh, it’s even on a spectrum, huh? Tell me, can you prove what science has not? There are two genders, male and female. I do not count Hermaphrodite as that is a genetic mutation. Females have a vagina, to breed, and mammary glands, to feed their young. Males have a penis, a reproductive organ that provides the sperm for a full child to grow inside the mother. There are no in betweens.
There are only few sexualities. Heterosexual, being attracted to the opposite sex. Homosexual, being attracted to the same sex. And bisexual, being attracted to both sexes. I would count pansexuality, but that’s just a byproduct of bisexuality. Asexual within humans does not exist. Asexuality means you reproduce by splitting and creating another version of yourself. It does not mean the absence of romance and/or sexual activity. That’s just every gamer on a Tuesday.

Will any of you put this to heart? No. Why? Because it’s the fucking internet. We don’t listen. We only wait to be heard. Humans as a whole do not care what other humans think. Now, would I offend and possibly “trigger” someone? Yes. That’s my goal. If you give me a nasty reply to this, I’ve done my job. But it’s not only that. I wanna show those who are questioning what they should do the light. I wanna try to make the world a better place. Will I do that? Nah. I can’t change hearts. I mean, I’m just a guy sitting in his bed making this.

If you have a complaint, comment, concern, question, whatever, just shoot me a message or put it in my ask box. If you made it this far, congratulations. You’ve endured this post. I’m done here. Now to watch the people complain

“If you post half naked pictures on your social media.. don’t complain about guys in your DM or commenting on your pics. You asked for it”

I’m literally about to scream what kind of idiotic, backwards, anti-women, pre-2000’s mentality is this???

It literally doesn’t matter how naked I am in a photo, men STILL do not possess the right to harass me about it.
It does not matter how proudly I wear my sexuality and femininity, men have no right to demand attention from me for it.
And I will spend the rest of my LIFE complaining about disgusting, gross, slimy men AND women messaging me:
About my nudity.
About how sexy I am.
About all the things they’d do to me.
About wanting to hurt me.
About wanting to make me feel worse than garbage for my confidence and self love.

I will keep speaking out about the woman-hating and the degradation and the humiliation that all girls go through- that YOU have gone through and are trying to put me through.

I will keep posting whatever I want, whenever I want, and demanding respect the entire way. I won’t settle for any less.

I will keep believing in a future where a mentality like yours is shameful and heinous- where speaking down to your fellow woman about her life experience and how she is treated due to her looks is unacceptable and frowned upon.

I will keep being this person you’re trying so hard to snuff out and extinguish, the person who loves herself and the women around her.

And along the way, I pray I keep growing into someone even more beautiful and loving.

And I hope you will grow beyond your current self too. I hope you will one day be done with the jealousy, rage and insecurity. I hope one day you can feel love and happiness over another woman’s success. Most of all, I hope you can replace that festering hatred in your heart with love and support, because I promise it’s so much more satisfying.

I see posts on tumblr all the time and every single time, when a teenager has a problem, their parents are always to blame.

Bad grades? The parents didn’t help you with your homework.
No job? The parents didn’t help you search for one.
Too many chores? The parents are too hard on you and don’t pay you.

If you are reading this post, that means you are on social media and are around 14+. That means you are a teenager, and probably in high school/college. The one thing that teenagers want the most is to be treated like adults. That means being responsible for yourself.

If you have bad grades, you are responsible for consulting your teacher about missed classes, and what you can do to improve your grades. Your parents didn’t take the exact same class you were in, so they only know what you write in your notes.

If you don’t have a job, it is your responsibility to get one. There are sample resumes on Google, and your school’s guidance counsellor can even help you write up a resume. If you are under 18, it will be much more difficult to get a job but there are places hiring students, like fast food places, restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, etc. The trick is to not be picky (which is why I don’t have a job right now, lol.)

If you are complaining about doing chores and not getting paid, wait until you go to college. Who will be cleaning your apartment/dorm? You. How much will you get paid? Nothing.

I’m not saying that all parents are saints. There are some parents who abuse their children and are very overprotective. But people need to learn the difference between overbearing parents and responsibilities that you have as a person who wants to be taken seriously as an adult.