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My wife was painting her first model earlier (a vintage marine) and while painting she said - not knowing anything about the looooore or the discourse going on about it :

“It’s a woman in there”

I froze for a few seconds and then said “though I agree there are people who say they can’t-” she interrupted me and said : “come on people are stupid you can’t tell who’s in there”
-“yes but the lore states…”
-“it is a woman and she has a family back home”

At which point I started laughing out of pride. My wife’s the shit and she just made proof that girls want to relate to their little plastic gals just like us to our mans.


Promt #2: Sunshine

I don’t know why I was inconsistent with the coloring with the comic…

But I always thought that Corrin would see Azura as someone who always stood by her… No matter which path she chooses. I especially loved her in Revelations…

I see so many fans praising the new empire trailer because Luna is a total badass there and saying they wish she was like that in the game too, and I’m like “Are we talking about the same Luna??? Because Luna IS a badass in the game too or do you ignore that just because she loves a guy and shows her fragile emotional side???”. OR ARE YOU TELLING ME PUSHING A GUN AWAY FROM YOU WITHOUT GIVING A DAMN ABOUT THE ARMED SOLDIERS AROUND YOU AND STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF A GIANT MONSTER TO ORDER THEM AROUND WITHOUT SHOWING FEAR IS NOT BADASS??? SHE ONLY NEEDED MORE SCREEN TIME AND THAT’S IT.

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Keep forgetting to post here, whoops.

Asui Tsuyu from My Hero Academia~ I did this a while ago actually, but I’m posting since season 2 is here!!

FROG WAIFU! She’s my favorite female character in the show for sure.

I did this in a rush last year but if I have time, I’d like so add some shiny effects and some water droplets. I’m quite happy with the effect of the water surface though.

Did you know that when I was in high school I was obsessed with the SAW franchise and during one particular summer my beautiful waifu helped me make a female!Billy The Puppet (instant) cosplay? Would you like to see some pictures of it? I could post them tomorrow, after all it’s halloween and I’m spending the day at university (which means I’m afraid I’ll be too tired to draw something new xx)


All you young wild girls. You make a mess of me. Yeah you young wild girls. You’ll be the death of me. All you young wild girls. No matter what you do. Yeah you young wild girls. I always come back to you.❞

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Oh hai guis.

I’m not really gone, just quieter than usual. I got sucked into Dragon Age: Inquisition hard (just like happened with Origins) and that cuts into my playtime alotted for FFXIV quite substantially. I’m 70 hours in now (and I read that most people finish the game by then…) and haven’t really done too much with the main quests, because while the game is not open world, it allows for way more exploration than Origins and roaming around the beautiful landscapes, picking up all the stuff and fighting the occasional band of baddies takes time, goddammit!

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I never understood the interest in girl Scout, or any of the classes, really. Can you help me understand the interest? (I feel it's important to point out in case this is seen as hate for girl characters that I am a girl who just doesn't really get genderbends in general.) Thanks!

I’ll be talking about this primarily more in the “what Femclass models are available?” cisgender mentality because let’s face it there are some genderbends where you’re like “is this a pinup or are they for real with this concept?” or “heLLO TRANSGENDER OPTIONS PLZ” and those are valid arguments, but Femclass models are easy to go off of rather than expand upon the subgenres of Femclasses that exist. (We will also ignore the “because females are my waifus” argument because while that’s hella legit even if questionable, let’s face it, some people are like HOT DAYUM SHE CUTE and they want that option. That’s okay because I guarantee that every male merc has his fair share of “THIS IS MY HUSBANDO HE IS MINE”.)

First thing’s first: you don’t have to like Femclasses if you feel like you don’t want to! It’s totally okay to not be grown to them even if you are female. With that said since you asked me about them and since I love Femclasses, here’s how I feel about the importance of liking them or at least seeing what the big deal is with them:

So the idea of a genderbend is part of a fascination for AUs in the sense of “what if people were genderbended in a cisgendered way?”. So one would take a male or female character and redesign them with biologically considered male or female features. In the case of Femclasses for TF2, it’s become not so much “what if people were genderbended?” but more of “what if we had female diversity within TF2?”. This is evident with how the outfits or the designs of most female classes are radically different from the original male classes. (We’ll get to how that’s a problem for some later.) Some females such as myself are all up for having female diversity within a game that canonically has put its foot down in terms of expanding upon that (aside from one of the most badass secretaries in existence). The Femclasses give us an option to expand upon that desire to include female mercenaries in a universe where only the mercenaries have been seen as all-male and we’re either not okay with that or we just want a second option.

To what extent depends; I saw somebody who was female who said they could not get into TF2 because they had no options of playing as a female character. That’s very common within video games and you might say “well, that shouldn’t matter since you can play as a man or a woman in some single-player games and have no choice of changing what your gender is”. But the fact is some females like the option of playing as a cisgendered female because they identify more with them or want to play more as them. (You don’t have to be female either to want to play as a female, I know plenty of males who would want to play as a female.) 

Now the controversy with Femclasses comes from a few things:

  • appearances that cause distaste in either “not attractive enough” or “too attractive”
  • appearances that are considered impractical for a warfield 
  • appearances that are based on model quality and therefore do not want to use the model because of LQ
  • the idea that female mercenaries have no part in TF2 lore because of the time period 
  • the idea that female mercenaries have no part in TF2 lore because of one’s preference for keeping the game as faithful as possible to the characters established
  • the idea that female mercenaries have no part in TF2 lore because of one’s preference against somebody else’s preference due to how they feel it is for fetishism or personal reasons instead of logical reasons

Let’s break down each one of these one by one based on my experience with using Femclasses and having to deal with shit from every side when I use them. (And there is some personal bias here, heads-up.)

  • this assumption is based on people putting their opinions if they do not like Femclasses that Femclasses are one of the two: “ugly, fat, gross-looking and should look prettier or sexier”, or “too attractive/young-looking/not battle-hardened enough, wears makeup when shouldn’t give a shit about makeup, doesn’t have enough body build/diversity, doesn’t need boobs”
  • this assumption is based on how many of the designs have something that would be detrimental to how you perform on a warfield e.g. skirts and belly-buttons. Skirts are very restrictive if you have to run and so having that on Scout when she’s a runner, especially a pleated one, would be uncomfortable to run in which is why people want shorts/a skirt more viable for running in/pants. This is a backlash not only based on practicality purposes but for anti-fanservice or anti-“I get this is a lady don’t fucking shove her in a skirt for me I already KNOW IT’S A LADY” feelings. (Don’t get me fucking started on how I feel this argument 80% weak considering practicality is dead in TF2 both in-game and in-universe and Medic wears a long-tailed coat that causes all sorts of issues in a fighting environment.)
  • this assumption is based on how models might look lower-quality than the models TF2 has, this is true especially when one tries to use them in SFM or puts hats on them and they have not been updated in a long time, or it breaks TF2’s art style (see second last point)
  • the assumption that TF2 time periods are exactly like IRL time periods, going back to what I mentioned before on don’t get me started on how dead practicality is in TF2 in-game and in-universe Shakespeare was a bodybuilder who fucking killed people and New Zealand is At-fucking-lantis
  • the personal preference to not want a game’s established universe tampered with and therefore do not like the idea of Femclasses, feeling they are unnecessary to the game as fanon. There is some debate as to whether this is MUH MALE MERCENARIES OH NO due to how much these people have been willing to put up with all the other shit the TF2 dev team has thrown in their face that deliberately has broken the established artstyle TF2 started off with before the era of hats and other ridiculous things; the counterargument would be how TF2 had never introduced female diversity in the first-place, thus cementing the acceptance and comfortable environment of having an all-male cast and not having a problem with it. (See: r/tf2 or Youtube everytime somebody uses a Femclass model on their SFM poster or video even if it’s not in a sexual manner and get really upset about it) 
  • the assumption that if anybody uses a Femclass it’s because they’ve got an attraction for it or can’t accept the fact that TF2 is an all-male cast or are petty people who can’t play TF2 without their silly mods (see: r/tf2 or Youtube everytime somebody complains about sv_pure being now vanilla on Valve servers or everytime they use a Femclass model because they fucking want to and have a right to use it not everything has to be about sex*)

*unless you are pro-sex feminism but pro-sex or pro-fetishism/anti-kink-shaming =/= pro-sexploitation or pro-fanservice if you understand what I’m trying to get at

*additionally with anti-sexploitation or anti-fanservice you have every right to complain about a Femclass’ outfit design choices or build e.g. that one Fempyro’s proportions and latex suit, Femscout’s skirt, Femsniper’s belly-button, BUT a counterargument would be “well they’re wearing that sure but that doesn’t mean they can’t function as people that have been trained to break your skull in and then laugh after you die”

I think this has become an important issue now that Overwatch has been released, has been called “Blizzard’s TF2”, and has offered right off the bat, 5 female characters who are mercenaries. I read somewhere that basically Overwatch is taking advantage of all the things TF2 has failed to neglect, and I have to agree: they’re already offering a competitive scene, they’re already offering more diversity in terms of characters’ races or skin colours (we have a god damn gorilla and 3 sorry 2 robots), and they’re already offering gender diversity by introducing 5 females right off the bat. I repeat this because that is a lot more than most class-based games would introduce, and while their body diversity could use some work, they’re not completely fanservice-based a la Super Monday Night Combat, Tekken or Soul Calibur, and there is more than one female meaning that there is no token singular female like other heterosexual male-targeted audience games would do. 

tl;dr: You don’t have to like them! You don’t even have to like the idea of them either. With that said, if you’d like to figure out why others like them aside from attraction, consider the diversity options if you want to play as a female or if you want to see female characters mixed with the male characters that can also be mercenaries. There’s some problems that you can acknowledge and accept in the full-ass spectrum of problems ranging from the concept of what defines gender to the model details, but these can help your preference as to whether or not you would like to be interested in them. Just remember the most important part: doesn’t matter what you look like as long as you can kick ass the same way.


fangirl challenge: [1|7] female characters


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