the female voice


“You have one new voice message,” the pleasant female voice on his communicator chimed when Keith got back from training.

Keith frowned, baffled; if it was an emergency the team would have contacted Kolivan directly. They were the only Non-Blade members with his number, after all. He hesitated for a moment before pressing the button. Lance’s face appeared, a sheepish smile on his lips. He was the last person Keith had expected. He was thinking maybe Hunk asking about the whereabouts of his gloves (Keith’s pocket) or maybe Pidge, asking more questions about the Galra.

Lance was a surprise, to say the least.

“Uh…hey man. I know its probably weird to hear from me-we’re all fine and everything!-um, but I was looking up what date it was back on earth and I just….I wanted to call and say happy birthday. I’m not sure if you even knew it was today or whatever, but I uh…I got you something for when you get back, if you want it, and um. Yeah. So. Happy birthday, Mullet.”

The message ended on Lance’s small smile, the screen darkening a little to ask Keith if he wanted to save the message or delete it.

He hadn’t even known. The date, his birthday…no one had told him anything, and yet Lance…

Before he quite knew what he was doing, Keith had hit the call button. He scrambled the moment he did so, remembering just how sweaty he was from training. His fingers slicked back damp hair and he toweled off his face vigorously, flinging the fabric off screen the moment Lance answered.

“Two ticks, Keith.”

He frowned down at the black screen. “What?”

Lance popped back up, his smile wide. “Had to hide your gift. Couldn’t spoil it!”

“You didn’t have to-”

“I know.”

Keith licked his lips and swallowed, mouth dry. “How did you know it was my birthday?” he blurted out.

Lance’s face went rosy and he rubbed the back of his neck. “I just…I remembered. From the Garrison. Is that bad?”

No one remembered his birthday. No one except for Shiro, anyway. Keith swallowed the lump in his throat and took a shaky breath. “No,” he managed, lifting his eyes to meet Lance’s. “Thanks. Even Shiro didn’t…I mean, I didn’t remember either, but he usually does.”

Lance frowned a little. “I’ve been meaning to talk to you about him. But that can wait. Here, hold on.”

He leaned off screen and returned seconds later with a purple and orange cupcake, and single candle flickering in the center. “Make a wish.”

“But I cant-”


He snickered and shut his eyes, thinking for a moment and then blowing gently against his tablet. When his eyes opened again, the candle was smoking and out, Lance’s tiny smirk of satisfaction giving him away.

“What’d you wish for?”

Keith gave a warm grin and shook his head, warmth coiling in his chest at the thought of his wish; getting a long, tight hug from the paladin in front of him. “If I tell you, it won’t come true.”

Lance shook his head, eyes twinkling. “I bet it was for a new knife,” he joked.

“Oooh. Is it too late to change?”

They giggled quietly and Lance wiped at his eyes, getting a smidge of tangerine colored frosting on his cheek. “I should probably go,” he breathed. “Allura wants us to work on hand to hand.”

Keith pursed his lips. “Wait, you wanted to tell me something about Shiro.”

Lance’s smile fell and Keith regretted bringing it up. “Later,” he promised. The soft look was back and he lifted the cupcake, winking. “Happy birthday, Keith.”

He dropped the Shiro subject and nodded. “Thank you, Lance. Talk to you later?”

“You know it.”

They hung up and Keith promptly pressed both hands to his face to hide the goofy grin on his cheeks. He was so fucked.

Hey quick question: I’m in a bad fucking situation right now and need some real help. This school project requires me to have a female voice for 7ish lines, if any of you have the free time and a decent mic you’d be absolutely saving my life. I can’t really offer much in cash unfortunately, but consider it a ticket for free art from me 

 I MEAN finally I came back to my school, and it was fun to see my calssmate’s again :> <3 I need to talk to them more even if they are more older then me but they are nice and funny XD AND my bro bro virtu-al take me in a voice-acting thing without knowing it- I mean I didn’t have to do a character that is official mine but I had to let listen my voice to a really sweet and nice lady that is the director for see if she will never call me in the future for future parts!!!! and she liked it?? my bro sayd that was a positive thng too that she notice that I have a ““male”“ voice for lil kids, I mean darker and etc. since here in italy voices like mine and few voice actors females are pretty hard to find! I hope I didn’t do nothing wrong ‘cause I was so scared that I couldn’t say the copion…BUT ANOTHER SUPER COOL THING!! she is the one that take the voices of WAKFU in italy!!!!!!! and we did the try in one of the characters there!!!! I DID AMALIA ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS HELP?? I mean not like the official voice actor of her voice- just a lil try to listen my voice and they taked a random character- BUT IT WAS COOL HHHHHHHH

this is the ONLY picture of me from Pittsburgh Pride this weekend. I was so immersed in the love surrounding me I didn’t once feel the need to take my phone out - something I rely on heavily for my social anxiety. But this weekend was different. This weekend was my first Pride passing as a man & being shirtless.

I can’t even begin to describe the euphoric feeling that washed over me when I felt the sun on my chest with my trans flag strapped across my neck, I felt invincible. For once, I felt strong.

I’m never going to back down. I’m never going to stop being visible. I’m so proud to be trans. I’m so proud to be queer. I’m so proud to be me.

To the wonderful women who guessed where Star Wars was going

Hello everyone. I know I haven’t been posting much recently and I’d like to explain why.

I had been slaving for months and months, (since June 2016), gathering evidence and writing metas about how I believe kylo Ren found the Kenobi lightsaber and in turn had a vision of Rey when he picked it up. Just like she had a vision of him when she picked up his ancestral blade.

I found countless tweets, visual evidence, audio evidence, photos and themes all backing my theory up.

One day a big YouTube blogger took this theory and put it in his video.

He initially didn’t credit me and he read parts of my meta in his video and passed my theory off as his own. He only decided to credit me once many people complained about it (thanks to those who helped)

His video has generated over 1 million views and he has made god knows how much money off of my hard work. People in his comment section are praising him for discovering the “secret”.

Despite the minuscule and well hidden credit he eventually gave me, sadly the majority will not know where it originated from.

The same blogger is now making money off of the reylo community. Yes he decided to credit people this time but the sad truth is that male fans in his comment section are suddenly only now giving reylo credit. Only now taking it seriously and why? Because a man is talking about reylo.

I think one of the worst comments I saw was: “I never gave reylo credit but now that you have made a video it makes sense, your theories are the bomb!” So despite this blogger clearly stating that it was the women of tumblr who predicted this. It’s still ignored and not appreciated and the credit is still going to him?

We as a community we’re shunned, ridiculed and treated appallingly for a year and we slaved so hard on tumblr with millions of words and metas. We predicted so much accurately and now male youtubers are taking our hard work and jumping on the band wagon because now it’s “safe” to discuss reylo because it seems clear that’s the way the story is going. Now money can be made off of reylo on YouTube. But they are not using their own content. They are taking OUR content and making money. Capitalising of of our hard ass work for the past year or so.

ReyKenobiFiles and myself have a podcast and we are relaunching it. Let’s get female voices heard a little louder. If we have coincidentally mentioned your theories please message us and we’ll add you to the credits!


June Foray, who voiced Rocky and Natasha cartoon characters, dies at 99

“Known as the “Cartoon Queen,” she’s most famous for her voicings of Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Natasha Fatale on the “Rocky” cartoon show.

At 17, Foray moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career, and in 1950, she landed the role of Lucifer the Cat in “Cinderella.” Her versatile and comic style helped land her both male and female animation roles; Rocky, for example, spoke with a cheery young boy’s voice and Natasha’s lines were deep and husky.

Other notable roles voiced by Foray included Nell from “The Dudley Do-Right Show,” Witch Hazel from “Looney Tunes” and Cindy Lou Who from Chuck Jones’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas." 

Read the full piece and see more photos here

List of characters 


Photo 1 source: June Foray, Virtuoso of Cartoon Voices, Notably Rocky’s, Dies at 99


Okay seriously…how fucking gorgeous are Olara and Varl? X_X

Petty trolling in clinic

As I’m bidding farewell to my second to last patient, I hear two female voices yelling at each other in the waiting room.

Turns out, it’s my last patient, screaming racial slurs at another patient. 

The nurse calls security, who help my attending and I pry the two women apart.

I get my patient into the clinic room. “Ma’am, that kind of behavior is not appropriate here. You will be respectful and behave yourself.”

My patient squints at me. “I don’t understand your English, are you from here?”

Mind you, I was born in the US, raised in the US, I get teased for using SAT words and enunciating like I’m performing theatre. You know why she asked me this question? Because I “don’t look like an American”. Her words, not mine.

Okay. We gonna do this racist shit?

I can play this game. Let’s go.

So as she begins to ramble, I begin to squint. 

And cock my head. 

And every one or two sentences, I interrupt her and say “can you say that…more slowly?” or “wait wait one more time. Enunciate, if you wouldn’t mind.” “Oh I’m so sorry I didn’t understand that.” She’s just here for her med refills. I already filled them out before she came in. I draw out this torture for the entire twenty minutes. By the end of the visit, I’m smiling serenely and her face is the color of a tomato.

My medical assistant sits outside my clinic door and hears this all go down. When I’m done with the patient, he picks up where I left off.

“Ma’am, I’m going to need you to speak clearly, I’m having a hard time understanding your English,” he says, as he provides her discharge paperwork and final instructions. I’m choking down my laughter in my clinic room. 

Don’t fucking push your racist shit onto my patients, my staff, or me. 

Only other lizardfolk can say that

Context: I am playing a Lizardfolk woman (Marigold) in a party of other animal-folk in a world. I am also a man that often forgets to use a female character voice, so every NPC ends up thinking the character is male. These three conversations happen within 10 minutes of each other.

Marigold (me, Lizardfolk Brawler): Well that went surprisingly well. Who knew I could be so diplomatic?

Fang (Skinwalker Noble): Hell yeah, you did good my Lizard!!

Marigold: No! You can’t say that word! Only Lizardfolk can say that word!!

Fang *dying with laughter*: You mean lizard?!

Marigold: Especially with the hard ’d’ at the end!


Marigold: Okay before we get into another confrontation, can we actually talk about our plan first?

Vithe (Catfolk Oracle): Well these are mongrelmen tried to fight us before. Maybe we should try intimidation.

Marigold: Well lucky you have an huge fucking lizard with sharp teeth to intimidate them. *points to self*

Vithe: Aw yeah, Marigold’s gonna use that big lizard dick to scare them!

Marigold: I told you, IT’S A TAIL!


Marigold: You know, I could probably just break down the door. I can get some special bonuses in anyone in there if I succeed.

Vithe: And what are you going to use to break down the door? We’re in the middle of a neighborhood!

Fang: What do you mean? Marigold can just use her hard ’D’!

Marigold *jumping on Fang*: IT’S A FUCKING TAIL!!ppqth


Augusta Savage (1892–1962)

A prominent name in the Harlem Renaissance movement, Augusta Savage was not just an artist, but also an important Civil Rights activist.

While Augusta showed a passion for art at a very young age, her religious father disapproved greatly. She never let her family’s opinions deter her, as she continued to refine her talents and accepted encouragement elsewhere. Her talent and hardwork did not go ignored, as she enrolled in tuition-free Cooper Union and even received a scholarship which covered living expenses. However, as clearly gifted as Augusta was, many could not see past her race. After completing her schooling, she applied for an art program in France, and was rejected due to her race. Rather than let her set this back, she used her experience to draw attention to these hateful prejudices.

Augusta was finally able to travel and become even more well-known as she received fellowships and grants which allowed her to travel over Europe, later returning to a poor America as the Great Depression was in full effect. Commissions were lacking during this time, but it did not slow Augusta. She opened a studio in 1932, became the first black artist to join the National Association of Women Painters and Sculptors, and was a founding member of the Harlem Artists’ Guild.

By the time of her death, in the 1960’s, Augusta Savage was almost completely forgotten and was far from a famous name at the time. Thankfully, she is remembered today for her Civil Rights achievements through art.

Above: Bust of Gwendolyn Knight, who was a close friend of Augusta, one of her most famous busts: Gamin (1929), and The Harp (1939). The Harp, also known as Lift Every Voice and Sing, was created for the 1939 New York World’s Fair. It was extremely popular, but was destroyed with the other installations at the end of the event.

Missing (Eggsy Unwin Imagine)

A/N: Hey pals! Sorry, I’ve been away for so long - mock exams are getting crazy! I should be writing more soon, and I hope you enjoy this one! It’s my longest one yet - sorry it’s taken so long!

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Warnings: kidnapping, swearing, violence, angst (it’s a jolly one…)

The gun in Eggsy’s hands shook imperceptibly next to the man’s head.

Blood trickled from a wound on his temple, trailing down his cheek and running over his lips. Eggsy didn’t seem to notice; he pressed the barrel harder into the man’s face.

“Where is she?” He hissed. A crackle sounded through his earpiece and he flinched.

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