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Understudy - Jasmine Cephas Jones x Reader

Summary: Based on a request I received, reader is the first female to play Alexander Hamilton, but is an understudy. Lin gets sick, giving Jasmine a great opportunity to make her feelings obvious to the protagonist.  

Warnings: Few swear words, allusion to smut. 

Word Count: 2,315 (I planned this way shorter and it just EXPLODED)

Request: @lawnmowerswig - Okay so I know I just gave you a prompt a little while ago (and it was amazing btw. You’re great man!!) but like Jasmine man.. Where like a girl plays Hamilton for the night and they kiss and it leads to more and ends with like half naked cuddles???

A/N: Okay so I SUCK majorly because I haven’t posted in forever because my writer’s block has been absolutely killing me, but here is me delivering on a request that I got embarrassingly long ago, I am so sorry it took me so long. This helped me push past my lack of inspo, so I’m ready for the Hamwriters Write-A-Thon! 

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The truth is, it was hard being Alexander Hamilton. Actually, to be more specific; it was hard to be the first female playing Alexander Hamilton. The idea itself had been a rock thrown into a pool of still water; plenty of ripples were created. The enthusiastic fanbase that had grown into a cult following of the musical had mixed feelings about this. Some were ecstatic. Others were less impressed.

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like before hannibal actually released any episodes and I found out they swapped starling (btw when I have children, and maybe a daughter, I am going to name her Clarice because I love love love clarice starling THAT much) for graham I made a joke like “lol…okay so they swapped a strong female lead for some homoerotic subtext” (a la sherlock style) and like BOY HOWDY did they ever just forget subtext and just go full speed ahead and I do not regret eating those words because Hannibal is refreshing and well represents lgbt characters where the original author initially failed catastrophically?? Hannibal is amazing and I love it so much?


Can I have a private idol life ship please. I would prefer a male idol for bf/gf part. Your blog is amazing btw 😊😊


of course my lovely! & thank you - @teasemekookie

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your position - main rapper, lead vocalist

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male idol best friend - pentagon’s e’dawn

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female idol best friend - aoa’s hyejeong

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i hope you like your ships.

thank you for the submission.

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BTW !! I just want you to know Alien is my ultimate favorite movie I grew up on. Ripley was the first strong female lead character I was introduced to. She was one of my first role models as a girl growing up... I know that might be weird, but it's true !! Following your blog is an absolute blessing. It's so amazing to see you portray my role model so well and bring her to life, reminding me of my roots and what has helped me be as strong as I am. I just want to thank you.

WOW,  THIS HAS TO BE ONE OF THE GREATEST MESSAGES I HAVE EVER RECEIVED.    —–     You have absolutely no idea how much I understand this. Ripley is so important to me.   My family will go through the Great Movie Ride in Disney World simply because they know I want to see Alien’s show case.   I love hearing the announcer talk about how ‘the queen of sci-fi’ changed roles for woman with this simple movie.   How Ripley’s role was originally supposed to be for a MAN.    I love listening to the commentary during Aliens and hear Micheal Biehn say how he wanted RIPLEY’S ROLE.    There’s a lot of powerful woman out there,  but nobody like Sigourney took the 80′s and made a character so outstanding.   Ripley’s just about everything:   she takes no bullshit,  she’s intelligent,  she’s handsome.   Nothing about this role was promiscuous.    This was a woman in an engineering role that didn’t wear high heels or make-up.   Everything about the movie was spot-on, characterization wise.   The coverall outfits,  her tone as an officer aboard the ship.

Anyway,  thank YOU for loving Ripley.    That means just about as much to me.

The third movie butchered a lot,  but when you’re in a time of need always remember one certain Ripley line:

‘  your ass is already on the line.   the only question is:  what are you going to do about it?  ’

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i love your wsyw stuff! i was wondering, have you seen Orphan Black? if not, check it out! it's a SUPER good watch; a strong female lead, sisterly bonds, really great character development, and of course, family is a big aspect of the show; not to mention, actress tatiana maslany does an AMAZING job in the show... i highly rec it if you haven't seen it!

A series about amazing, complex, kickass, beautiful women of color running a sugarcane farm in Louisiana? And the lead is bisexual? There’s an all-female directorial team and Ava DuVernay and Oprah are producing it?!


(It’s called Queen Sugar, btw.)