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  • Wade: No fears
  • Peter: Imagine if cows were nocturnal animals.
  • Wade:
  • Wade: One fear
“Remembering This” (2/2) - Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1588

Warnings: Embarrassing parents (again), fluff, maybe swearing? (I can’t remember)

Plot: Sometimes the best things in life are the moments you don’t expect to happen… like meeting a cute boy in the rain under a yellow umbrella.

Author’s Note: Sup peoples! Sorry this took so long to get out, I’ve been really busy with school lately. But, I hope y’all enjoy! (Lilleh is awesome… she made me do that)

part one


A few days later, Peter called you and asked if you would like to come over and watch a movie. You accepted and decided to wait last minute to tell your parents about the “big date” with Peter.

“So this boy,” Your mother started, glancing up at your father.

“Here we go,” you said sarcastically, crossing your arms and sinking into the chair.

“You met him at Tony’s party?”

“Well, not exactly,” you sighed, “I met him at the bus stop. He stayed with me to make sure I was okay.”

“Hm,” your father rubbed his chin, walking over to the dinner table to sit across from you. “How does he know Tony?”

“Yeah, it seems a bit weird that a child was at the Stark tower for an adult gathering-”

“How old is he again, (Y/n)?”

“He’s a sophomore, Ma.” You shrugged.

“Where does he go to school? Or is he homeschooled?”

“Is he a good boy? Does he get good grades? He smart?”

“Will he treat you right?”

“You know, no funny business. I don’t need a grandkid right-”

“Oh my god, Dad!” You interrupted, jumping out of your seat. “It’s only the first date! You both need to stop interrogating me, I know how to take care of myself. He’s a good guy okay, y'all can chill,” you laughed, shaking your head at your embarrassing parents. A buzz from outside the complex made you jump, and you rushed over to the window to see Peter outside the door. He was holding a bouquet of daisies, tapping his foot nervously on the dry pavement. Walking over to your parents, you gave them a quick hug and said you would be back before 11.

“Um, how about 10:30?” Your mother suggested with a dry laugh.

“Fine, I’ll be back at 10:45!” You winked and ran out the door, your purse in your hands and a cardigan flung over your shoulder. The noise of footsteps as loud as thunder filled the complex as you sprinted down the stairs. You stopped in front of the door, quickly catching your breath, before pushing it open and stepping in front of the adorable little dork. Peter looked up and his eyes opened wide, trailing up and down your body. Dressed completely casual, yet so beautiful at the same time. You took his breath away and all he could do was just stand there with his mouth open, looking like a complete idiot.

“Wow, (Y/n). You look- you look great. Not just great, I mean- you look just… wow,” Peter gushed, rubbing his neck as he stared at you dumbfoundedly. You let out a small giggle and fumbled with your fingers.

“You don’t look too bad yourself, Parker.”

Peter laughed and gestured towards the daisies. “I thought roses were too stereotypical, and I was gonna get you sunflowers but,” he handed you the bouquet, “I thought the daisies were beautiful.”

You smiled, how did you get so lucky to meet such a gentleman?

“Well, daisies are my favorite.”

The two of you stared at each other for a few moments, before breaking into laughter once more due to the awkward tension between the two of you. Peter lifted his arm, nodding his head as a gesture for you to place your arm in his. You nodded and slid your arm through his, laughing once more as the two of you started to walk down the dimly lit street.


“Oh, my! You must be  (Y/n)!” Aunt May exclaimed, pulling you into a tight embrace. “Peter was right, you are so beautiful!”

You looked over at Peter, who’s cheeks were burning bright red, almost brighter than yours.

“May,” Peter started, “Think you could let us in first? You know, before you embarrass me?”

You snorted, and immediately covered your mouth. Pulling away from Aunt May and walking through the door, your eyes scanned the small, adorable apartment. A bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter, along with a date loaf resting next to the bowl. A cute little couch with a small red blanket draping over it, in front of a flat screen TV, which was probably the most expensive thing in the apartment. You loved the flat, it really looked like the perfect style for the Parker’s.

“So, (Y/n). Do you like date loaf?” May asked, gesturing towards the loaf on the counter.

“Hey, why don’t we go watch a movie in my room! Over this way,” Peter nervously grabbed your hand and led you to his room, quickly shutting the door as soon as you were inside.

“I am so sorry,” Peter apologized.

“It’s okay Peter,” you smiled, plopping onto his bed, “I don’t mind. She’s sweet.”

“Yeah, but you really wouldn’t want to try that date loaf. It’s just…”


“Yeah, yikes supreme.” Peter chuckled and began to search through one of the drawers in his nightstand. “So, (Y/n), what would you like to watch?”

“Well, Peter,” you joked, “what can we watch?”

“I’ve got Westworld, the original GhostBusters,” Peter continued to shuffle through the drawer until he finally found the DVD he had been searching for. “And my personal favorite, Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back,” Peter had a cheeky grin bearing his adorable face.

You gave him a shocked look, “Wait… Star Wars?”

Peter’s smile faded, “Yeah? Why, do you not like Star Wa-”

“I LOVE STAR WARS!” You exclaimed, jumping off the bed and snatching the DVD from Peter’s hands. Your eyes were lit up with excitement, scanning through all the legendary cast names and the short summary on the back of the DVD.

Peter stared at you in awe, how did he get so lucky to meet such a beautiful dork like you?

*2 hours and 7 awesome minutes later*

Peter had snuck you up the fire escape to sit on the roof. The two of you were now gazing over the beautiful city lights, your head leaning on his shoulder and both of your legs dangling over the edge of the building.

“I could stay up here forever,” you mumbled, your eyes reflecting the sparkling lights. Peter gently kissed your forehead and let out a content sigh.

“I would gladly stay up here with you, (Y/n).”

You slid your hand into his and gave it a gentle squeezed. The two of you laughed and continued to stare out at the city.

“You know, you never told me what you do for Stark?”

Peter tensed up. “Well, I mean technically I did.”

“Sure, you did technically tell me what you do. But I mean… what exactly do you do as an intern?”

Peter’s thumb gently rubbed the top of your hand and he exhaled. “Can you keep a secret?”

“Peter,” you sat up and stared into those beautiful, brown puppy dog eyes, “this is our first date. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I can keep a secret. But you don’t know that for sure. I’m not saying you shouldn’t trust me, but you would be extremely trustworthy to tell me something that is clearly a big part of your life.”

Peter furrowed his eyebrows, “Are you saying that being trustworthy is a bad thing and that I shouldn’t tell you?”

“I’m sorry, I make sense 12 percent of the time and the other 88 percent of the time is just complete and utter nonsense,” you giggled, covering your eyes and slightly shaking your head. “I’m just an awkward mess-”

Peter cut you off with his lips suddenly pressing against yours. Your arms gradually wrapped around his neck as the warmth of his lips kept you entrapped in his presence, making you wish that this moment would never end. His hands lightly trailed up your body towards your cheeks before softly pulling away.

“Wow, that was-”

“I’m Spider-Man.”

Your eyes flew wide open, “Random.”


Peter started to tell stories of his best moments of being Spider-Man. You listened carefully, watching the way he told every tale with a hint of excitement and the way he moved his hands when reenacting each time he webbed up a criminal. You were starting to fall hard for this boy, and he was making it really easy too.

“And then, I was like, ‘You know, in the future, if you’re going to steal cars, don’t dress like a car thief, man.’ And his face was priceless!”

You grinned as Peter started to laugh so hard that tears were forming.

“Hey, Peter?” You whispered, “What time is it?”

Peter glanced down at his watch, “Uh… 11:02.”

“Shit!” You yelled, standing up quickly and backing away from the edge. “I was supposed to be home about 17 minutes ago! Oh my god, they are gonna kill me-”

“Hey! Don’t worry-”

“No, Peter,” you interjected, lowering your voice, “My parents are very overprotective and would never let me out this late, let alone walking home by myself at this time of night!”

“(Y/n), it’s gonna be alright. We can just call your parents and I can walk you home,” Peter spoke calmly, with a small chuckle.

“Oh, yeah. That works too. Maybe you can tell me another story?” You suggested, shrugging while giving a small wink.

Peter blushed, “Definitely.”

You bit your lip and nodded your head as you made your way over to the fire escape. But when you didn’t hear footsteps behind you, you turned around to see Peter standing still, staring in your direction.

“What are you doing?” You asked.

Peter flashed a small smile, “Remembering this.”

You smiled in response, holding out your hand, “Come on, Spider-Man. Take me home.”


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Being Peter's best friend would include:

- him telling you first that he’s spiderman

- helping him w/photography projects

- helping out his aunt May when he’s our doing spidey things

- inviting him and aunt May over for dinner during the holidays

- listening to obscure music you’ve both found, mainly forgotten indie bands and 90s britpop on lazy Sunday afternoons

- kicking Flash’s ass

- studying together and ultimately slaying him w/your science knowledge

- stitching him up after a fight / spidey things

- being huge nerds and having fights over whether the movie or the book is better (you always win bc he says movie)

- binge watching all your favourite film and tv series

- spending the day w/him on the anniversaries of both his parent’s and uncle Ben’s deaths

- setting him up on dates (which he’ll bail out on bc he’s either too nervous or tied up in saving people)

- being each other’s first kiss bc you’re both teenagers and embarrassed that you haven’t kissed someone before

- telling each other “I love you” and being completely like Scorbus but in a platonic way

(Can work for both Andrew and Tom’s adaptations and works for all genders)


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Tim Drake-

Dolphin kisses
Help yourself 
Serious crime
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Ten years
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Damian Wayne (Younger)  -

Only the best for him



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Why should I want your help?(2)
Is this the right advice?(3)
How about Grayson’s advice?(4)
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Get out:
Get out (1)
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Dick Grayson -

Nightwing Stripes
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 It’s not a date …(1)
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This is serious!
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Cassandra Cain:

I was right. 

Roy Harper:

Birthday Princess
Assist me?
Little talks (NSFW)
“Boyfriend” does my makeup challenge
Sorry (NSFW)
Feelings (NSFW)
Heroic deed
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The System:
Stop punk! (1)
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5 Minutes:

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Keeping up with Arsenal:
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Wally West:

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Conner Kent:

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Jaime Reyes:

Pumpkin Spice
Moved on

You’re dead:
You’re Dead (1)
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Metropolis is nice (1)
Compatible (NSFW) (2)
I thought we were going to Metropolis (NSFW) (3)

Garfield Logan:

T is for ? 

Alfred Pennyworth:

“What did you see now?” 

Bart Allen :

Don’t fake it
Blessed sushi


Father’s day :

Bruce -  Happy Father’s day
Damian -  My little Princess
Tim -   Gotcha!
Dick   -  Circus
Wally   -  Ice cream
Jason -  Cupcake day!
Roy -   Baby Otters

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Head Cannons:

Snapchat Holidays:

Text Convos:

Group text: Birthday party for a Princess

Dick Grayson:

crush with child
best friend
 best friend cont.
 Princess Nightbooty 
More Dick Grayson dressed up as Bruce Wayne for Halloween that you didn’t ask for

Kyle Rayner :
Kyle Rayner with a male s/o

Roy Harper:
In love with his best friend

Wally west:
Wally west with an s/o that hangs out with just guys

Jason Todd:
Head canon on Jason finding out his s/o is batgirl
Jason comforting his s/o after a shocking experience

Diana Prince:
Sex with Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) would include (Head Canon NSFW) 
Dating Wonder woman would include 

Damian Wayne:
Being married to Damian Wayne includes

Kaldur teaching his male s/o to swim

Barbara Gordon:
Oracle with female vigilante s/o…

Garfield Logan:
Head cannon: Someone flirting with Beast Boy’s s/o


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Just imagine the guys getting action figures of themselves and their s/o.

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