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9 Reasons Deadpool is Surprisingly Feminist (NSFW)

1. Four Excellent Examples of Strong Female Characters.

Vanessa, is a quick-witted sexually adventurous woman attracted to Deadpool for reasons beyond his physical appearance. Angel Dust, literally a strong female character who can go toe-to-toe with Colossus and is not shy about her Lesbian activity. (She recognized Vanessa because she frequents that strip club.) Negasonic Teenage Warhead though meant for the purpose of mocking teenage angst, still a powerful ally in control of herself. Blind Al, a crotchety elderly person that shows how women can be just as disgustingly funny as men. Also she’s not within the typical age range of 18-24 years old, a female demographic over-represented in hollywood. (Seriously, I bet the number of women over the age of 35 in superhero movies is less than the number of times I’ve watched Brony porn. Hint: Less than three…I was kind of curious and I wanted to see what the rage was about…and no shame if you’re into that kind of thing because clearly Deadpool is–which leads me to my next point.)

2. It’s Okay for Men to Like Unicorns.

Yes, feminism means men get equality too! For example a man can possess feminine qualities (graceful, nurturing, emotional) like feminine things (pink, dolls, fashion) and still like vagina, without being called derogatory terms. Besides unicorns are awesome and everybody should like them. They are glittery war machines which look amazing while impaling your enemies. Clearly, they are Deadpool’s favorite mythological creature.

3. “Happy International Women’s Independence Day”

If you’ve seen the movie then you know what I’m talking about. (Spoilers) We all know Deadpool was kind of into it. (See every Deadpool comic ever.) Here’s a hint: lots of women want to try it.

4. Gender Fluidity

Deadpool himself is a gender fluid character. Though the plot of the movie is the classic damsel in distress, it doesn’t mean that he’s locked in with the uterus express for the rest of his life. Deadpool is well known for his wide range of sexual attraction. An example is the end credits sequence in which he shows his attraction for Ed Skrein. When was the last time you saw an action hero consensually taking it from behind?

5. “I pity the guy that pressures her into prom sex.”

Ultimately this is a nod to every female who has had the unfortunate experience of being pressured into sex (It happens more than you think.) But Deadpool is pointing out that Negasonic Teenage Warhead is more than capable of handling herself and pathetic losers should beware. Notice I said ‘losers’ in general because ya know… women will pressure people into having sex as well. (It happens more than you think.)

6. Three Excellent Examples of Emotionally Mature Men.

Wait a minute… does that mean…Deadpool is emotionally mature????  Sure it does, ultimately he’s a guy dealing with terminal cancer who uses a revenge plot and humor to cope. (There are worst ways of coping–like crack.) He never picks on the weak or powerless to feel powerful. At the beginning of the movie he helps out the girl in the skate park and does not expect redeemable sex. On Wade and Vanessa’s first date, when presented with the instant opportunity of engaging in sex he chooses…ski ball. He’s not a man ruled by his sexual desires, like so many men in pop culture are perceived to be. Not to mention, he gives the bad guys an opportunity to walk away. Feminism calls for men to be allowed to show emotions other than rage and sexual ferocity. Deadpool shows a vast array of emotions from joy to despair. Major props to Ryan Reynolds for possessing the acting chops to pull it off.  

Colossus is an all-around gentleman. Though practically a walking fortress, still manages to be gentle, considerate and believes in a higher standard of morals. He tries to convince Deadpool to do the ‘hero’ thing, allows Angel to fix her costume during a wardrobe malfunction, and he is disgusted with violence. Men should be allowed to dislike violence just as women should be allowed to like violence.

Weasel is a good example too but barely skates under the wire because he’s a bad friend (Betting on Wade’s death, making fun of his appearance, getting distracted at a strip club during an important moment.) However, he is supportive of Deadpool and Vanessa’s relationship, occasionally encouraging Wade to pursue it. Or even laughing along with Wade while he goes through his darkest times. Perhaps he placed that bet against his friend because he is confident in the fact that, “He never wins at anything,” and therefore Wade is safe from death. He may be a good/bad friend but, more importantly, he’s honest about his actions. Example: “I’d go but I don’t want to.” At the end of the day, honesty counts for a lot.

7. Equal Display of Genitalia

So many times women are the ones naked on screen, which happens in this film. Mostly we get well-endowed breasts and ass, occasionally we get hints of vagina. However, there are so few times men are naked on screen. Penises…Penes?…Penii(I had to google it) are the most underrepresented genitalia in film, probably second to man butt, and then followed by vagina with hair. But in this film we get equal representations of both sets genitals. We get Wade penis and butt as well as breasts, female ass with a dildo attached, and vagina. This film is an equal genitalia employer.

8. Demonstrating the Realistic Problem of Female Costumes.

Angel Dust’s wardrobe malfunction is shedding light on a major problem in superhero films. Superhero female costumes are hella unpractical, more so than male costumes. Realistically, there would be a nip slip in every battle. Everyone one on the planet would have seen Wonder Woman’s melons by now–different comic universe I know. Take it from us well-endowed females…these things need to be strapped down when in motion.

9. Slaughtering the Box Office on Valentine’s Day Weekend.

We always expect the big movie on Valentine’s day weekend is the love crazed-women dragging their obedient boyfriends to yet another Katherine Heigl movie (just kidding Katherine you’re lovely). But no…this year it was equally men and women secretly rejoicing that such an awesome movie would be dawning on a weekend that would make date night exciting. The fact that Deadpool broke records at the box office and claimed king of the weekend meant female ticket buyers contributed to the success. (Believe it or not–but women will pay for date night.) Which undoubtedly proves women can enjoy violence and butt jokes just as much as men. And at the end of the day isn’t that what gender equality means? I dream of a world where men and women can laugh at butt jokes together!

Reasons why CN should greenlight Infinity Train:

-It´s awesome

-It has an undergoing mystery

-It has a female lead, making it suitable for the female demographic

-It’s easy for kids to relate to glad-one and sad-one

-It’s super easy making merchandise of one-one, like, you should be mass producing it right now.

-It’s awesome

-Kids already loved the gravity falls mystery, so why wouldn´t this work

-You have infinite train cart possibilities.

-It’s awesome, do it already

Girls like action figures.

Well, according to the Toy Fair 2017 report, since including female demographics into their sales figures last summer, they’ve tripled their sales earning, earning them a collective 3.7 billion dollars from the 3rd and 4th quarter. 2 billion more than from the first half of the year.



The lesson learned here is: Girls like action figures. 

You know, I’m not going to give them shit about taking so long to figure out the obvious, because the important thing is that they did. They learned, got rewarded and are going to keep going with this. I see nothing bad about this.

That is unless you’re a whiny manchild who thinks having any girls in anything just pandering to a minority of feminists and cucks, because if it wasn’t in G1 or Beast Wars it’s worthless…

…Seriously, I’d rather have an armada of fangirls in my Transformers fandom, writing Rodimus x Drift slash fics than even one more 30/40 year old dude whining about how things aren’t as cool as they were when they were the target demographic and that’s why they only buy third party stuff now.

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I don't understand why Cartoon Network had to go and cancel shows just because they didn't want a majority female demographic to watch them. Teen Titans and Young Justice were two of the worst cancellations to be made and they need to come back.
Juno, 'Juno' - Hollywood's 50 Favorite Female Characters
Played by: Ellen Page

Some Current Thoughts on Olicity

I think right now we are seeing some of the benefits of polling that took place in the Hollywood Reporter last year. Yes, Felicity was voted the #1 favorite female character by viewers - visitors to their site like us. But more importantly, she placed very highly on this earlier poll of industry professionals and was actually the top choice amongst that female demographic. 

This was huge, I think, because it was not a poll where Olicity fans could participate, but a poll of entertainment industry people - peers of the showrunners and network executives, etc. and by choosing Felicity that sent the folks who make Arrow a message that she was not just a fan favorite, but a quality character, a unique presence on the show that was admired and respected, one that elevated the material. One to be valued and cultivated further. 

So that was last December, just as the winter hiatus was happening. I think they probably came back in January and had to take a serious look at where things were heading. Of course, it takes time to make plans and adjust stories, but I think that we are at the point in production where they are finally implementing those plans, particularly now that they have a Season 6 commitment. 

I am very excited for what is to come and very grateful that poll happened. I think it was a metric of credibility that the show needed to go in the right direction. 

Is it just me, or is DC absolutely killing it at marketing towards little girls? I picked up Wonder Woman, Super Girl, and Batgirl t-shirts for my niece this weekend at Walmart and I know they have an 11" doll line as well as Lego kits and action figure style playsets all aimed at a young female demographic. Marvel really needs to step up their game!

i think my whole issue with sans/the onceler and the way people treat it like this huge plague is like. have you seen the way female characters in games/shows are treated by mostly male audiences? freaking… my little pony is just one example. there’s a million and one female characters that are treated exactly like sans/the onceler and no one bats an eyelid but somehow the other two are turned into memes because it’s a mostly female demographic (from my personal experience)

The Eggold Effect

But it wasn’t all bad for Liz last night. She did, after all, swing by her ex’s boat where things got a little steamy. “I think most of the female population wanted more of that scene,” laughed Megan. “I tease Ryan (Eggold) I call him 14 per cent because that’s how much our female demographic raises each time he’s on the show. Every time he’s on set I’m like, ‘hey 14 per cent, how you doing?’”

I wrote this fic as per request at least six people in a stream I was watching, one of which may or may not have been @midumatsu. And since it’s her AU that this fic is about, it is only important that I mention her in this!


My rambling aside, here’s basketball star!Karamatsu x idol!Osomatsu!:

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It didn’t quite hit me just how many Naruto Fans are FEMALE until I saw this video ⤵

For all the negative annotations we/people associate with the Naruto fandom, I got to say that their’s also so much good in it.

 Naruto was a story that touched so many people’s hearts despite geographical barriers, religious inclinations, cultural diversity, and even gender-set boundaries. And this video couldn’t have put that in better perspective.

So many people believe that because something is shounen that it won’t or isn’t meant to appeal to or be properly appreciated by a foreign demographic (female viewers in this case) when that is most certainly not the case. 

All the beautiful ladies who participated in this wonderful video are proof of that! So if you ever find yourself in the situation where you just can’t help wondering why you’re still in this Fandom, Female or Male, remember the positive and let go of the negative. Commemorate the fact that the good far out weighs the bad.

Thank you, Kishi-Sensei.

as a woman, i am fucking tired

it would be so awesome to stage a nationwide female viewing blackout

imagine if we could get a grassroots movement, starting season premiere week

and get women to just say no

and turn off their TV for an entire week. no DVR, no downloading the ep or viewing them online.

losing the entire female demographic would be HUGE

maybe then they would realize just how big their female audiences are, and maybe then they’d start listening to us as viewers and valuing us as people.