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i. touch me someone, i’m too young to feel so numb // ii. there’s a hole in my soul, can you fill it? // iii. this mess was yours, now your mess is mine // iv. i will hold on hope and i won’t let you choke // v. telling me how you’re going to outlive your body // vi. and a sun to maybe dissipate, shadows of the mess you made // vii. all I want is the taste that your lips allow // viii. might be a sinner and i might be a saint // ix. run away with me, lost souls and reverie // x. now hold the one you love in both your hands, apologize for what you did and he will understand

anyway I love Yuuri

Underappreciated* Yuuri caps from episode three post:


what is happening this is so cute.

full glasses push determined Yuuri!!

IT’S ENOUGH TO GET A MAN PREGNANT. Remember when this ridiculous smitten boy said this lmao.

he lacks confidence.

Yuuri plz omg.

back massages from Takeshi

You can do it, Yuuri (Yuuri freaking out here is too cute)

remember when Yuuri doubted his ability to portray sexiness and Eros and at that very moment he looked like this

I don’t want Yuuri Katsuki to ever have to eat broccoli again after looking at this. I don’t even hate broccoli, but that is tragic. 

he skates

when he’s being so sweet and compassionate and perceptive to Yurio at the waterfall!

a good looking man


I love… this shot? It looks almost Ghibli-esque to me.

Yuuri in the ballet studio gives me life. I want to see more of it!

There’s no way I could be the playboy (Victor, somewhere: sobbing into his pillow)

Yuuri(s) on tv

wow amazing

such a good sport look how appreciative he is of Yurio

I wanted to appreciate how BEAUTIFUL AND DEEP his edge is on this spread eagle?? +10 on all of Yuuri’s PCs tbh. 

being Eros is exhausting

that figure

a smile that could probably bring world peace


what the hell?? someone pinch those cheeks (Victor preferably)

he still looks nervous here awww.

but then Victor gives him that gentle squeeze

and he smiles. 

*Note: all shots of Yuuri are underappreciated because it’s not possible to appreciate Yuuri enough 


Kenny Omega vs Candice LeRae BOOK IT

what your favorite osomatsu-san character says about you

oso: appreciates bad people. probably liked eddy from eene

kara: you crave stability in your life. probably vanilla af

choro: you’re fucked up in the weirdest ways possible. straight up into heavy femdom bdsm

ichi: least stable type of person on this list. kinkmaster of the 3rd kind. weird fetishes

jyushi: chaotic good or chaotic evil there’s no inbetween

totty: you’re not a bad person but you’re not a good person either. wanted to fuck the onceler in 2012

iyami: someone should put you in a box floatin down the river grandma

totoko: you’re either gay or a dude who draws porn. also into femdom

dekapan: 40 year old mom or 40 year old teenager

dayon: rarest type of person. frequents 4chan and faps 5 times a day. probably still thinks dabbing is cool

nyaa-chan: you’re in it for the porn

hatabo: straight up fucking evil

chibita: you’re probably a very nice person. usually thinks being kinky is a bit gross

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry that people don't care about your blog as much anymore. You were definitely one of the most popular blogs of Outlander, especially of fanfic, but because your posting schedule got all wanky bc of real like, it is not so anymore, other fanfic writers came along and I am sorry. I still love your blog!

I think this is the most backhanded compliment I have ever received lol. First off, I am so glad other fanfic writers came along because now we have so much more than we ever did when I first created my blog about a year and a half ago.

I feel like you are a wee bit upset that I haven’t been updating and sent this passive aggressive anon. Or at least I think that’s what it is. I write and use this blog because it’s entertaining, not to win any contests.