the felt picture book


The new book migration!

So the reason I’ve been sort of quiet the last two days is because I have been re-arranging my entire apartment to celebrate my new life plan!

 And this new arrangement included FINALLY getting my bookcases all in one place. There’s technically a fireplace in that wall but it smokes whether the flue is open or closed and it lets in drafts whether open or closed so I decided ENOUGH! And I covered it up. With books!

I started out by stripping ALL the books off of all five cases, piling them on the floor and sorting them. First by “read” or “haven’t read”, then I sorted the unread pile by “never gonna read this” and “still wanna turn those pages”. 

In the end I took 3 boxes and 6 bags of books to Goodwill.

I weeded out at LEAST 130 books and it felt pretty awesome.

The three book cases in picture 2 are the books I own that I have read. The books in the other two cases in picture 3 then are…. *moan of shame* MY TBR!!

LOOK I TOLD YOU IT WAS OUT OF CONTROL. *sob* But thankfully, with this new arrangement, I have to LOOK at all the books I haven’t read, so hopefully I’ll be motivated to reduce it. 

September 24, 2015
  1. Aquarius
     Felt-tip pen

  2. Gemini

  3. Aries
     Beef stew

  4. Libra

  5. Leo
     Picture book

  6. Sagittarius

  7. Cancer
     Flower shop

  8. Taurus

  9. Scorpio
     Digital camera
     Light blue

  10. Virgo

  11. Capricorn
     Beauty parlour

  12. Pisces
     Electronic dictionary
     Light blue