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9 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as violence, blood and description of unpleasant injuries

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The room fell silent.

“Can I talk to you?” You asked Jimin calmly as you entered the exquisite dining room, he was sat at the head of the large table, every man in the manor house surrounding him as he briefed them with the upcoming plan of action.

“Sure.” Your brother smiled, sliding his chair back with his legs as he stood up, his warning gaze flitting between Jungkook and Taehyung, who sat either side of him eyeing you curiously.
“Minho you can take it from here.”

Today was the day Jimin planned to kill Hoseok, if anything you should’ve been proud of your brother for being so brazen and bold, but you couldn’t shake away the bad feeling captivating your body. Heading up the stairs to Jimin’s office you quickly and quietly made you way inside and sat down, Jimin in tow. He sat across from you, his once shiny silver hair now beginning to darken into his natural brown/black colour, his bangs lightly grazing the contours of his hooded, dark chocolate eyes.

“What’s this about? Did somebody hurt you?” He asked, brows knitted together curiously as his gaze settled upon your worried expression and the fact you were fidgeting with your sleeves.

“No, it’s just-“ Even though you promised Sung you wouldn’t say anything, you had to confront him, you had to make sure he was 100% certain he knew what he was doing, and after what happened to Jin you knew better than anybody that Hoseok was a dangerous, psychotic man.
“I know about the attack… And I just want to make sure that you know what you’re doing…”

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Supersunned: Part 1

A/N: That’s right I did it. Based on this post by @preciousthingsareprecious .

It is I, your friendly neighborhood fluff dealer~

In which Bruce invites Clark and his family over for a cookout.




    Damian sat at his desk in his bedroom, hunched over his sketchbook. The soft sounds of his pencil scraping over the paper was the only thing to disturb the otherwise silent room. His drapes were closed, his door shut. He didn’t want anything to disturb him.

    It was the second day of ‘summer vacation’, which according to Dick and Tim was 'the most important part of the whole year, Dami, come on’.

    True, it was nice to not have a daily distraction from training and patrol, but otherwise Damian didn’t see the point of treating an extended break from school as a national holiday.

    His door opened suddenly, surprising him. His pencil shuddered on the page and messed up one of the lines he was so carefully laying down.

    “Damain! The Kents are here!” Dick announced, bright and much too loud. He was shirtless and barefoot, wearing only a pair of swim trunks, dark with streaks of bright blue.

    “I know.” Damian grunted, grabbing his eraser and carefully rubbing at the incorrect line.

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  • Show Host: Crowbar, if Eggs were a food, what kind of food would he be?
  • Crowbar (sarcastically): Uh, I don't know, an egg?
  • Eggs: Ooh, I said herb-crusted tilapia, but then I changed my answer to egg!!
  • [Buzzer light goes green with a thumbs up]
  • -
  • Show Host: Trace, we asked Doze what color hat you are.
  • Trace: Oh that's easy, I'm red!
  • Doze: Aww, I said green. I'm colorblind.
  • [Buzzer light goes red]
  • Doze: Was that the green light?
  • -
  • Show Host: Now, Miss Paint? What is the Handmaid's occupation?
  • Miss Paint: She works in Felt Manor!
  • The Handmaid: I said evil villain bent on destroying the world.
  • Show Host: Judges? We can accept that answer!
  • [Buzzer light goes green. Handmaid and Miss Paint fist-bump]

based off of Real by Years & Years

Damian Wayne 

yall should seriously go watch dope,,, it’s on netflix and its a roller coaster ride its so good 








You ran around the trees laughing, your hair whipping behind you. Damian was shortly behind you, he wasn’t laughing. You had known Damian for years and the relationship was coming to an end. This was one of those “I want to be with you but I know this won’t fix anything” type of dates. 

Every time Damian caressed your skin, his hand would burn. Every time he talked you wanted to scream. You two couldn’t stand being near each other, but you craved one another. When you would lay down at night you would itch for him to hold you like he used to. His eyes would burn with desire every time you walked into a room, but he knew you would only piss him off the moment you opened your mouth. 

You two would scream at each other until your throats were raw with hate. His hands would grip the counter top so tightly the tiles would crack under his touch. The windows would shake at your shrill voice. 

“Am I not good enough for you?” He woould yell and you would scoff. 

“Who ever said you were?” Your words sliced his skin, your emotionless eyes licked his wounds with fire. 

When he would press his lips to yours in a timely manor, you felt alive in the worst way ever. He would rip your clothes off of you and pay no attention to your needs. He used to make love to you, used to make you feel like the most important person in the world. Now his teeth nipped at your skin and his eyes held no love. It was nothing but fucking, nothing but loveless fucking. Your nails scratched down his back and his groans would power over yours. When he was done he would push you off of him and you would scrub your skin raw. 

When he first met you, he was head over heels. Your strong tone made his knees weak, your laugh made him see stars. When you first met him all you wanted was for him to talk to you, you had never seen someone so beautiful. The relationship sparked fast and soon you two were inseparable. The love lasted for three years, the fourth year you two drifted apart, and now in the fifth you two couldn’t stand the sight of each other. The reason you stayed together was unknown. 

So now you two had ditched the “I really want to be with you and I sorta love you” date, to the “I want to be with you but I know this won’t fix anything” date. Just you running around the trees was enough to make him want to explode, your delicious laughter only made it worse. Yes he was into you, and you were him, but the relationship was heading nowhere fast and neither of you could stand it anymore. If you stayed together it would only hurt the both of you more, but for some reason, it seemed like that was both of you wanted.

All That I Am — Part 3

a/n: i am the absolute worst and took an unplanned break from this piece, but hopefully it’ll be back in full swing after this! this isn’t really edited, so if you find any mistakes just tell me! thanks to everyone for sticking with me, you guys rock. as always, comments are appreciated!

Rating: T

Word Count: 4,130

Part 1 / Part 2

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Requested by @shesaworkoffiction: I was just wanting something where the reader and Draco are married and Scorpius is around 2 years old or so. Maybe it’s snowing? Something with a Winter vibe. The reader is watching her husband and son and is so content and happy with her life. As is Draco. He doesn’t feel like he deserves such a caring wife and loving son after all the mistakes he’s made in the past, but he adores the both of them. I so believe Draco deserves to be happy. He has such a beautiful soul. ♡

Word count: 1347

Originally posted by ephemeralsyzygy

It was one of those timeless January nights, which could have happened any other year; except not, since Scorpius just celebrated his second birthday. He was playing with his toys on the carpet of a living room of Malfoy Manor, but every now and then he seemed to get lost in the snowfall on the other side of the window. 

The piano in the corner of the room was playing itself, enchanted by your will, as you sat on the couch, watching over Scorpius as you read the papers. It was a nice moment, oddly quiet for a house in which the two previous days had been filled with a toddler’s wails as he had fought fever. He had finally gotten better, and his good mood seemed eerie to you. 

Downstairs, you heard the front door creak open and close, as your husband  came home from the Ministry. He’s been working tirelessly for the past years, and you knew he did so to find a meaningful way to redeem himself. You heard him talk to another voice, a woman’s voice perhaps a little familiar, so intrigued, you picked up Scorpius, leaving a stuffed animal in his grip, and headed downstairs.

You passed his office as you looked for him, and you saw him rummaging, obviously looking for something. He saw you in the entrance, Scorpius in your arms, and his concentrated frown immediately lit up.

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So, I still can’t really believe this but here we go. After I posted my first Drarry Drabble about a month ago, some of you asked me to continue it and I did just that to say thank you for 4k followers! The sequel starts where the first one ends, now from Draco’s point of view. Or: Draco’s reaction to seeing Hagrid carry a lifeless Harry. 

~2,5k words, no smut, angsty. 

He kept staring at the spot between two fir trees, the spot where messy, black hair and a ragged jacket had been swallowed by darkness just minutes earlier, until bridge and trees and sky were indistinguishable and the sting in his eyes forced him to blink. 

The tears came automatically, ran freely down his cheeks and didn’t care that he hadn’t asked for them. They didn’t give a damn about him being a Malfoy.

The crying drained the little energy he had left, but trying to hold it back made it worse, so choking on his tears and letting his shoulders shake with every sob was all he could do for several minutes. Wishing his feet would just give in under his weight and let him faint, he took in a deep, unsteady breath, and wiped his face with his dusty sleeve when he realised they wouldn’t do him this favour.

He was completely at a loss. Didn’t know where to go from there. His hand ghosted over his lips, just where Potter had touched them, where his breath had tickled them, and Draco felt like throwing up. A humiliating sound escaped him when he imagined the curse hitting Potter’s chest right where his hand had rested, the racing heartbeat he had felt then having probably fallen silent already. 

He couldn’t keep standing there, he then decided, it was impossible to stand that kind of torture even a second longer. Swallowing hard even though it hurt his dry throat, he turned around, his breath still uneven from his breakdown, and made his way back to the castle. Only then did he feel the headache and the sting in his cheek, his vision blurring again when he remembered that Potter had done that, for reasons he could not yet bring himself to think about.

Sudden noises made him look up, and he found himself standing in the empty entrance hall. Breathing, and the shuffling of feet. He hadn’t been walking for very long, so whoever it was, they must have been nearby earlier. Draco’s pulse quickened and he felt like he should think of something to say, but his head was empty and all sane thought had left it on the bridge to the forest.

Then, when he let his eyes flick over to the stairs, he saw them: Holding hands, trembling, eyes set on him accusingly, waiting for something to happen – maybe for him to speak? To explain himself? Whatever it was, their eyes seemed to grow bigger with each second that passed, and even though Draco might have felt uncomfortable or embarrassed otherwise, he didn’t feel anything at all. 

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The King and His Queen - Closed RP

As Oswald entered the manor, he felt peace that seemed almost odd for his life. But the peace was now a constant. The love of his life now lived with him, and life couldn’t be better in his mind. Well, work still created stress of course, but he made a point to never involve Re’ in those affairs.

“Re’? Where are you, love? I’ve got a present for you!”


BTS Reaction to You Having Your Collar or Hip Bone Pierced.

I’m going to to the Got7 Reaction separately so that will be coming soon!! ~~ 

I’ve wanted a collarbone piercing for so long so this request was amazing <3



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Jin would be shocked when he found out you had you hip bone pierced. He found out when he pulled you into a random hug, as he hugged you he softly ran his hands down your sides in a comforting manor and felt the stubs through your shirt. Once he pulled your shirt up slightly to reveal the piercing he would stare at it in shock but after a while he started asking questions like “Did they hurt to get?” “When did you get them?” “How did I not know about them?”.


Originally posted by yoongbeans

Yoongi found he extremely sexy, he always knew you had your collar bone pierced as it isn’t a very easy piercing to hide. The piercing was one of the many reasons he was intrigued by you when your first met so he loved it.


Originally posted by hyperhoseok

When J-Hope found out you had your collar bone pierced he literally screamed but when he calmed down he, like Jin, asked a lot of questions mostly about how much it hurt when you got them. When he got used to the piercings he grew to love them and would love to run his fingers softly over the small studs.


Originally posted by jeonsshi

Like Yoongi, Namjoon found your piercings extremely sexy. He found out you had your hip bones pierced when you were in the middle of a very heated make out session, he was running his hands all over your body and when the brushed over your hips he pulled away from the kiss with a confused look on his face. When you told him that the small lumps he felt were just your piercings he would be intrigued and want to see what they looked like.


Originally posted by jeonsshi

Jimin would find your hip bone piercings unique because he didn’t know anyone else so had them(he probably didn’t even know they were a thing until he found yours).He discovered the piercing when you were reaching for something and the material of your shirt slightly hitched up, after he saw the little metal studs he calmly asked you what they were and when you told him he would smile and tell you he loved them. 


Originally posted by yoongichii

When Tae found out about your hip bone piercing to say shocked would be a under statement. He would repeated ask you how he didn't know you had to it which you would shrug and tell him you thought he knew. After he calmed down a bit he would ask if there were any more piercings he did’t know about.


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I don’t know any other way to put this but Jungkook would be extremely turned on by your piercing. He would joke around when he first found out about them and what ask things like “Since when was my girlfriend more bad ass than me?!” but he joking mood would quickly disappear when you showed him the piercings.



Run Away 

A month ago you found out that your biological father is Bruce Wayne after your mother passed away. Her dying wish was for you to get to know your father. You were brought to Wayne Manor, it felt so alien compared to the little two bedroom apartment that you and your mother lived in. The first thing you noticed when you arrived here was the many family portraits. Apparently your father has adopted many children, which some may say was very kind of him but you resent him for in a way since he never bothered about your existence until now. He claims that he didn’t know but you have a feeling that is a lie. As well as your adoptive brothers you have a half-brother too, his name is Damian. You don’t speak to him much, in fact, you don’t really speak to anyone. 

For some strange reason you don’t feel apart of this family, not yet anyway, maybe you never will. You hardly see your father, he’s rarely ever home. Damian is around during the day but after a certain time he disappears too into his room and you don’t see him until the next day. Alfred, the family butler, is the only person you ever see around this place. You have never felt so alone, your life here is miserable. Alfred senses that you don’t quite fit in and has tried on many occasions to make you feel welcome and at home but you just reject him. He understands you still need time to adjust, you have just lost your mother and your life has changed dramatically since your arrival. 

You lay awake in your bed, staring up at the ceiling, wondering when things will get better. You’re not sure how long you can keep going like this. Suddenly a loud noise can be heard outside, you jump out of bed and go to the window to investigate. A bright light blinds you, eventually, your eyes adjust to see a large car driving away from the Manor. Was that your father? What is he doing driving so late? You decide to investigate further, feeling like there is something he is hiding from you. 

Emerging from your bedroom you make your way to Damian’s room, knocking lightly on his door. “Damian? Damian are you still awake?” You whisper, not wanting to disturb Alfred’s sleep. “Do you know where dad is going?” There is no response so you carefully open the door. To your surprise, Damian isn’t in his bed, it doesn’t even look like it has been slept in at all tonight. Where could he be? 

“Damian?” You start to wander around the Manor by yourself. “Alfred?” Still no answer no matter whose name you call out in the dark. 

Damian’s pet dog Titus gets out of bed and walks over to your side, you pet him gently. “Where is everyone boy?” You ask and he just whines before rushing off into the library. Reluctantly you follow him, perhaps he is trying to show you something. 

When you walk into the library you switch the light on and find Titus sitting in front of one of the bookcases, wagging his tail. No one seems to be in here and you are even more confused than before. “Why did you bring me in here, boy?” You give him a questioning look. 

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Put “GET FLUFFY” In my askbox and I’ll have no choice but to be a fluffy mcfluffertin and use a number generator to see what fluff u get

9. Piggyback ride

…Now before you get any /sick/ ideas, he fell asleep on my back. I found the poor thing on a train that I had to take for Prime Minister business. After giving him a proper meal and getting to know this bo- Eeez… I decided to at least let him stay with me for a few days. Or at least until he wants to go back with his little family. He told me he’s waiting for someone very important to come back. I couldn’t very well take him away from a promise so important. Its important to keep your promises, irmao. He wouldn’t stop talking about you and how much he misses you. Never break your promises to children, @badlydrawntykimikk.


Bowen had been yearning to return to the manor, to see Verity once more. Finally, after trying to hard to negotiate a lot of time off, he got his chance. Assignments had chewed up much of his time previously, but he was glad once he was on his way. Arriving at the manor, he felt a bit nervous, hoping that Verity would still be happy to see him, as well as hoping they could be affectionate yet again. With a light smile on his face, he proceeded to knock on the door.

==> Mindfang, enter Felt Manor.

Time dawned near to the instance of confrontation; the metaphorical hands felt like they struck at twelve, pointing at the Captain to answer its chime. She hadn’t assumed this day, night, whatever time it was in the Void would come. It had and she was here to receive it.

As the former Handmaiden dispatched from the camp; an individual she’d still find herself gripping her fists at the thought of aiding her. She learnt it befitting now, than any other, to direct her wrath to someone worthier of it.

While the former Handmaid was drawing her older, perspicacious alternate out of her shell, it blinded her watchful eye on the pirate to make her move. The Marquise manipulated the perception of light, rendering her entire entity as a person invisible.

Through transportation of the Void, she found herself in the quarters of a familiar room.

Beyond the desolate jade hue décor, that as she spectated, was a common theme around the entire house, was an eyesore. The living room persisted of brightly painted canvases entailing the destined doom of a cerulean fleet of ships; engulfed in fire by a large firebeast of the sorts soaring in the smoky sky.

The thought of someone framing these future instances reminded her of sport hunters. Who’d hold giant beasts proudly in their arms, taking pictures to savour their inflicted misery as an everlasting trophy. It sickened her and added nothing more than the disgust she had already accumulated from this man. 


(Requested)I need more psycho luke omg pls write more xxxx
-More psycho luke pleaseeeee
-I need more psycho Luke in my life 😫 it is perfection
-Literally check your blog everyday to see if you updated psycho luke I’m obsessed

Pairing: Luke Hemmings☠

Rated: [R] Not recommended for those under 14+ (graphic scenes!! and/or language)

A/N: Aw, Psycho Luke has feelings a twisted, sorda way..and tbh this is a briefly dirty chap, I don’t like using the word cock in my writings but Warning again, it’s used x and oh shit things about to get serious:o

•Crying harder, you were too scared to answer Luke. He just stared you down with more confidence than you ever witnessed before. Your heart feeling like it’d beat out of your chest if you didn’t breath carefully. After cockily throwing questions at you, he tried to explain.
Apparently he did commit all the crimes he said he did, maybe even didn’t have the strength to be curios any longer. After going on a total rampage in this hell hole, he was in fact killed. Which explained some things to an extent..

“So, um…when we have sex? Is that all in my h-head…or-”

“God no.” Luke laughed, calmly walking to sit down beside you. You kept your distance, still biting back tears.
“I’m real, or at least long as you want me too.”

“Luke, if I would’ve known who you were from the start. I would’ve wanted you as far away from me as possible..” You trailed off. Raking a shaky hand through your hair. He tried to meet your hand, hold it. But you shied away again. Still wanting more answers.

“Do you like-..remember dying?”

Huffing loudly, he dropped his head to stare at the ground. You didn’t mind because if he looked at you with those dark eyes, one more time…you’d probably piss yourself. Luke’s confession was in no way helping your crazy-asylum state of mind. Only making it worse.

He shrugged, playing with the ring around his pinky finger.
“No..not really. Just that I’m dead and trapped here. That’s why most patients don’t leave here. In fact, you never leave..we’re all destined to die within these walls one way or another.”

“Well, why didn’t you tell me you were…-”

“-What, a ghost?”

You nodded solemnly receiving a mere scoff from him.
“Oh I don’t know, what would I say? Hi I’m Luke. I’m dead, wanna fuck?”

A smile whisper across your lips and you couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. Nodding and timidly letting your legs unfold from your feeble position.
“Yeah, that sounds about right.” Your laughter echoed within Luke as you two fell silent once more.

“Can anyone else see you?”

“Well duh, Y/N. You’re just…special is all.”


“Because I actually like, you. Which is saying A LOT because I hate people. I just wanna be with you so badly and it’s weird..”

Rolling your eyes, you licked your dry lips and looked around the room. It was messed up and now junky to say the least. Luckily, Sister Jude hadn’t found you in her office yet or else you’d have your brain fried again! You endured enough pain within the past few days to last a life time. Sitting beside Luke, you were more than conflicted. Not quite sure if you were terrified for life or willing to try and wrap your head around the reality of it all. You may be falling in love for once, and the guy turns out to be dead. What a lovely story that’ll make someday..
Gathering enough strength to get up you quietly began putting papers back, Luke eventually followed suit. When you tucked away the last folder and closed the drawer, a pair of hands met your waist. -Making you jump naturally, he scared you.

“Why so jumpy?” Luke’s white teeth exposed with humor dripping from every word. You turned around in his hold, cautiously letting your hands run up then down his arms. As if his touch were now unfamiliar to you all over again. A sickening feeling to be that close to a mass murder whom was sly and charming, even when he was dead.

“Y/N. I know you’re not Ok, so there’s no need for me to ask. But please don’t be scared of me. I wouldn’t be able to handle it if you were.”

Closing your eyes slightly as you allowed him to rest his forehead against yours, you pecked his lips. The after taste of venom and sweet honey suckle left upon your lips in return. A taste that lured you in with a wanting affection.
Hugging him while remaining to tremble, a stray tear trickled down your face. Seeping into his shirt.

“I-it’s just the darkness..I think it has me.” Your inner voices were subcontinuosly referring to Luke. But you brushed them aside to generalize your statement.

“I’m sorry. I promise you I’ve changed from my past, since you’ve gotten here. This asylum isn’t as dark as it was. You’re the only one that’s actually given me a chance..”

“I didn’t give you a chance really, you kinda hunted me down and violated me in the shower. But besides that, yeah-I was all for it!”

“Don’t play the innocent card Y/N, Ms. ‘Fuck me while you still have the chance..” He mocked you, making your cheeks flush over at the thought.

“This explains so much on why you never sleep. Just thought it was your crazy actions as usual..” You giggled. He looked a little hurt by your comment, trailing his fingers up your thigh.

“I’m not crazy..” He whispered, his accent registering strong and heavy. You simply nodded, not wanting to revisit angry Luke at the moment. You chewed on your bottom lip when he fished a hand up to squeeze your boob. Making you playfully swat his hand away.

“No. I wanna try something new.” You winked, making him lean against Sister Jude’s desk. When you sunk to your knees without a word, Luke raised an eyebrow. His normal eyes for the time being-peering into yours curiously. Admiring your persistence on getting what you wanted. You still hadn’t forgotten what he was capable of on a murderous level, keeping track of his hands being in your view. When you lowered his pants and stripped his lower half naked, an erection wasn’t short behind. Springing up come in contact with your hand.
He hissed at you, mumbling a curse word before moving your hair out the way. Trying to prevent himself from exposing an even vulnerable side that he preferred to leave for your worries. Never his. Until your lips finally wrapped around his tip, your mouth opening wider to sink down lower. Slowly bobbing upward, tasting his already wet and sensitive skin.

“Fuck, s-sure you haven’t done this before?” He breathed out, letting his head fall back. Withdrawing back for a second, you used your hand to pump his cock. You batted your eyelashes innocently, prepared to torture him for as long as you could- a bit of payback for him stabbing you. You certainly forgave him, but you wouldn’t forget.

“Mm, never said I hadn’t.” You winked commencing to deep throating him. By the way he began to stir about and grip the edge of the desk, you knew he was close. You got faster, causing him to try and suppress his moans. Within seconds releasing into your mouth. You groaned against him making him twitch again as you swallowed cooperatively.

“Shit, babe that mouth of yours.” Luke brushed a strand of his damp hair aside. Bringing you up to sneak a hand under your thigh and straddle his waist. Both of your knees uncomfortably yet pleasantly digging into the wooden-surface. Smirking mischievously, you kindly assisted him in removing his shirt. Letting your hands catch hold of his sweaty back muscles. His breathing still falling into steady rhythm from his previous climax.

You grabbed a hold of his jaw, staring down into his darkening pupils. Finding them enticing and daring just this once..

“I want you to kiss..lick…bite…scratch.. suck..fuck me Luke, please.” You growled. His attention focused on you and your body as he nodded slightly in a daze.

“Yeah..yeah. Whatever you say. Fuck she looks appetizing, I want her blood again. So bad.” His last sentences being directed towards thin air. You shook your head in a pretending state of disappointment. Dancing your fingers across his skin to fist the back of his hair. Pulling his head down to expose his neck completely to you.

“Luke, stay with me a little longer..tune out the voices.” You cooed kissing farther down his chest. Giggling a little. Humming a slight response to your joking manor, You felt his fingers sneak their way inbetween you two. Stroking your damped area before gliding them into the thin material of your panties. His fingers slowly collecting your wetness before pressing into you. You gasped quietly, slightly taken back by his unfamiliar gesture of…affection? He usually pumped into you without mercy but he was actually…taking his time? It threw you off guard, the pads of his finger reaching a place you didn’t know he was capable of reaching!

“Ahh…” You sighed as your breath hitched, your face resting in the crook of his neck. Taking note of your flustered reaction, Luke took pride in it. Smirking before using his other hand to quickly pull your hair back slightly. Making you look up at him. His eyes glossed over with darkness again, concealing a bit of lust. You were way past the point of being scared and timid anymore, back to being lost in a sea of ecstasy once more. Your mind clouded. You bucked you hips into his hold which eventually faded into, you riding his fingers. Him pumping them faster yet carefully to match your pace as you began to pant out loud, for more. But as if remembering your purpose of how to get him back, you refrained yourself from releasing amongst him. Lowering your lips to suck on his skin, biting down his shoulder. He swore out loud, moving his hand faster. Whimpering, you kissed him. Your lips hovering just above his lipring.

“L-Luke…shit I love your fucking fingers…” You caused him to smile wider. Staring his demon-like irises down with conviction.
“But that’s the difference between us, you can’t stop once you start something. But I can..” You winked, abruptly sitting up and swinging your hips off of him. He spat out confused. Trying to lower his level of flustered-frustration.

“Wa-Y/N that’s bullshit a-and you know it. Fuck.” He hissed at himself, settling on keeping his hands over himself to hide his boner whilst you talked.

“It’s not bullshit Luke. You deserved that for what you’ve been doing lately. Maybe if you be a good boy, I’ll let you finish next time.” You laughed fixing your hair and wiping the corners of your lips. He groaned before parting his lips to say something, but was cut short when the door flew open…

Shit. You mentally screamed, wishing you were the dead one…


“A few minutes! Not that long, and yet you dumbfucks take your eyes off of two of our most profound sinners, and they end up in my office!! One of them with his wet Gentiles and bare ass of my polished desk!!!” Sister Jude screamed at the guards. Making you snicker uncontrollably, the only one in the room to find it highly amusing.

After walking in on you and Luke..for the second time….
She separated you-no surprise- in which you ended up in the Hydrotherapy room again. Her deciding that a long rant and some water would make you finally break down and 'repent….’ That word grew of distaste to you by now. She couldn’t possibly do anything more to you than she’s done already.

She scolded you with rage, the back of her hand connecting with your already tender facial structures. Your cheek bone stinging with a numbing pulse. You spit on her shoes, blowing the hair from your face.

“Electrocute me sister! Read me the bible and I’ll pretend to give a damn while you speak absolute nonsense.”

“I don’t have to Y/N. It seems Hemmings has already filled your head with intolerable and idiotic crap! What’s he told you, huh? That he’s changed…that he cares about you and will make an exception? That he’s sorry? Sweetheart, if you believe that you really are out of your mind..”

You thrashed at her aside from your binded hands and feet.
“Fuck you!! You wouldn’t know the first thing about half of the people here. I may be out of my mind Sister, but you’re a fucked up bitch that needs way more help than any of us do!!” You yelled back with impatience. She could torture you as much as she wanted. Keep you isolated as much as she wanted. But you’d see Luke again, and she couldn’t do anything about that.

Using a rag to wipe the stressful perspiration from her face, she came closer. Grabbing a tight grip on your jaw aside from your hissing and groaning.
“Luke thought otherwise when he fucked me.”

Her words made a knot spring into your throat, she we lying. She wanted to get inside your head. It’s what she thrived to do..

“You’re lying-”

“Oh really? When I was moaning out his name, I’d surely think otherwise…” She laughed. Your chest rose and fell quickly, screaming outloud when she let go of you. Not even sure if you were mad at her for telling a lie…or the truth? You asked Luke after he confirmed himself as a ghost, if there was anything else you should’ve known. He would’ve told you.
Or would he?

“F-fuck you…” Your bottom lip quivered. Not from sad tears but bitter and furious ones of rage. The feeling of being incapable of controlling your own limbs, more than aggravating.

Taking a deep out loud, she dismissed the rest of the guards and ordered the doctors to prepare the machines. Stepping forward again, she smiled slyly before running a finger down your bruised cheek to your stomach.

“Go a little easier on her this time, this ones’ with child…”