the feline feeling

NAME OF YOUR MUSE: selina amelia kyle



  1. selina doesn’t necessarily hate water but it makes her extremely uncomfortable because it brings back the memory of the headmistress of her old home throwing her into the water in a bag. ( catwoman v1 issue 00 maybe? )
  2. she lowkey knows more than she lets on. even in the comics, it’s hard not to notice how fucking smart she is.


  1. read trashy magazines ( she loves to keep up with the kardashians )
  2. lots of yoga
  3. shop until she drops

SEVEN PEOPLE THAT YOUR MUSE LOVES: ( in no particular order )

  1. holly
  2. ivy
  3. harley
  4. bruce
  5. the robins ( she appreciates them so much )
  6. helena
  7. holly again


  1. getting holly killed ( in the new 52  don’t get me fuckiNG STARTED )
  2. drinking that entire bottle of wine that one weekend in mexico with harley and ivy 


  1. water ( the churning and dark kind )
  2. her credit card being decline

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(a catlad au starter for jaonvsthecrowbar)

Tim gulped from where he was perched on the edge of a five story building across from the Gotham City Museum. Taking a deep breath, he slowly scanned the area; relishing the last few moments before committing his first solo crime. He stood tall, fingers drumming against his thighs in nervous anticipation. He shut his eyes and gave himself moment to simply feel. To feel the wind hitting his flushed cheeks, the concrete building trembling beneath him, and to feel his legs tense as they readied themselves for action. When his eyes opened again, he leapt, letting his body fall through the air with almost careless abandon.

A few seconds later, he landed softly on the roof of the museum and ran over to the skylight. After quickly setting up his rope and gear, he unlocked a panel and lowered himself to the ground. Being careful not to set off any alarms, Tim quickly glanced around.

‘Basic security system. Not many triggers. Have to be careful once I get closer to the displays, though.’ He paused upon noticing a small red light in the corner of his eye. ‘Two cameras to the left and three on my right,’ he thought as he smirked and stared straight into one. It wasn’t as if he needed to hide anyway. Behind the mask and goggles, no one knew who Stray was. No one outside of Catwoman and the teen himself, of course.

After locating his target-a nearly priceless ancient jewel that was recently recovered after being lost for centuries- he ran over to it, being sure to jump over or disable any triggers he noticed. Tim let out a small sigh of relief. As he reached out to remove the glass the jewel was protected by, a loud, blaring alarm rang throughout the building. Panicked, Stray glanced around to find what set off the alarms. 

Shit,” he cursed angrily after spotting the two small round sensors on either side of the long glass columns. “Now?! They chose now to install new motion sensors. Just my luck,” he grumbled angrily. Having decided not to spend his time whining and waiting for the authorities to catch him, Tim hurriedly smashed the glass and grabbed the jewel. He ran back over to the rope to quickly make his escape.

Feelings, Felines, and Flapjacks

Fandom: Frozen
Rating: K
Pairing: Early Kristanna. 
A/N: Another lil’ thing just to sort of get me back into writing and such. Big/Little Ice Bros AU. (I don’t even know with the title it’s late and I’m bad at them and I’ll rename it later.)

When Kristoff first meets Elsa, it’s like pulling teeth, getting more than two words out of her at a time. Conversations are not so much conversations as they are desperate attempts to fill the awkward stretches of silence between the two of them; he spends most of his time eyeing the clock, counting the hours until Anna gets back.

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I love things of sensation. I love sensuality. I take great fascination to things of this realm. The taste of a lover on your tongue, the smell of birds of paradise bathed in the morning dew, the sight of the velvet moon, the touch of a lingering finger tracing your cheek, the sound of people murmuring as you feel yourself drift asleep at a party. The way your back arches and your body feels feline when being felt and experienced with your lover. How it feels to have warm drops of water fall onto your back after the long day. The smell of a match to the Marlboro your friend lights up. How it feels to run your fingertips through your hair. To laugh uncontrollably and to be filled with the present. Something of sensation, of experience and the simplicity of it all. It just fills me with this riotous ardor.
—  thoughts