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What was the moment you've seen Germany at his worst (as in most intimidating) and what was the moment you've seen him broken?


A Barrage of doodly things that I haven’t posted in a while...

Some sketches I drew from a previous mini request event in another site.

>Italy-kun trying out Sushi while Japan goes ‘doki doki’ with anticipation at Italy’s reaction to its taste

> Australia and Koala-san!

>Japan and America watching a scary movie . (I want to see America’s face)

> Chibi Englanddd

>The trio having fun at the island~!

> Hungary-kun!

> Something with Seychelles and America with the feeling of
“I’m not really sure what they’d be doing but I think it would be fun to think of something.”

> Mr. England and Liechtenstein 

> Iceland drinking soft drink

((Uwaah Apologies for the inactivity everyone! I was busy drawing more stuff. Please look forward for some fanarts soon~!))

Ballet AU

Okay but now I got an idea with the whole ballet au…

Germany being the hardass instructor that will only take those who have potential under his wing

Italy being a VERY talented young dancer who is determined to be award winning

Imagine Italy approaches Germany first, and tries to prove that he’s worthy of being taught as his protégée, but in the middle of his demonstration, he doesn’t land properly and falls

What if Germany helped him up and told him how to nurse his ankle so he could still dance but still ultimately said “Don’t come back until you can dance properly.” But he said to come back, and in the back of his mind was very impressed.

Imagine feliciano has a recital and Ludwig actually visited because maybe he was a bit too hard on feli….

Imagine him making his way backstage and he’s stared at by all the other dancers Feli dances with, only for him to stop at the youngest dancer there (the prime age of 20) and ask if he would like a private contract…

Imagine Feliciano excitedly accepting, jumping on Lud for a hug (of course to be curtly pushed back by Lud because it’s “unprofessional.”)

Imagine that through their lessons, Ludwig begins to not only watch Feliciano’s impressive technique, but how his lithe form smoothly takes turns and easily raises into an elegant pointe.

Imagine that Ludwig pushes Feliciano much more than his other students because he wants him to be that much better.

Imagine that at a dance contest, Felicano makes first division with a contemporary ballet, his eyes always falling back on his inspirations during the pirouettes, the same blonde he’d been chasing all his life, and as he comes back to meet with Lud, they hug in celebration, and before they pull back… they share a kiss.