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{Oooo Anon [first one] you are lucky that I already had the Allies one done, because both groups would be 8 and I take 7 max. And why does everyone want fighting…}

Allies over here!

And Germany’s is over here!

APH Italy/Felicano:

When he found out that he had scared them, he would try to calm himself, reassuring them that it was just because of the heat of the moment. He would apologize and try to re-think things rationally, talking to them again and making sure his tone stayed even. 

APH Japan/Kiku:

He would instantly feel guilty as soon as he noticed the fear and bow deeply, hoping to get their respect for him. He would apologize profusely, up to the point where his S/O may be laughing at him for apologizing so much. He would try to lighten the mood 

APH Romano/Lovino:

He would notice the fear and step back instantly, not wanting to scare them any further. He would apologize on the spot, trying to win their favour back. He would be beating himself internally, what-if’s running through his mind the entire time. 

A Barrage of doodly things that I haven’t posted in a while...

Some sketches I drew from a previous mini request event in another site.

>Italy-kun trying out Sushi while Japan goes ‘doki doki’ with anticipation at Italy’s reaction to its taste

> Australia and Koala-san!

>Japan and America watching a scary movie . (I want to see America’s face)

> Chibi Englanddd

>The trio having fun at the island~!

> Hungary-kun!

> Something with Seychelles and America with the feeling of
“I’m not really sure what they’d be doing but I think it would be fun to think of something.”

> Mr. England and Liechtenstein 

> Iceland drinking soft drink

((Uwaah Apologies for the inactivity everyone! I was busy drawing more stuff. Please look forward for some fanarts soon~!))


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  • Spain: so.. when are you heading back to italy
  • Romano: my boss wants felicano & i back soon..
  • Romano: you know i don't want to leave you
  • Spain: please don't hug me the day you're departing
  • Romano: what the fu- tonio why??
  • Spain: because i'll hug back, unable to let you go

zac-baegans  asked:

How would the Axis including Romano and Prussia react to their S/I trying to Snapchat them and try to use the filters on them while they are talking at a world meeting?

APH Italy/Felicano:

He would snapchat them back if he got bored and had nothing to do. It was something that he could use to occupy his time and he wouldn’t really mind it at all. 

APH Germany/Ludwig:

That man doesn’t even touch his phone during the meetings because he doesn’t want to get distracted. He might check his phone during a break but that’s it. 

APH Japan/Kiku:

He’d check a couple of them but not a majority because he does in a way want to pay attention but the meetings are sooo boring. He wouldn’t be constantly pulling out his phone though. 

APH Romano/Lovino/APH Prussia/Gilbert:

He would snapchat back with silly faces as well and take derp pictures of the others with witty captions. It’d all be hilarious to the two of them. 

anonymous asked:

Can I get Italy, Russia, Romano and England's reaction to an s/o who is obsessed with books, like if something happens to their favorite book they want to cry? (I'm a horrible human being and like books more than most people and yeah oops, I feel guilty about it.)

APH Italy/Felicano:

He would find their fascination with the book adorable and would be willing to listen to them go on and on about the book. He’d be willing to comfort them if they got upset but he would also be the one who would have to remind them that it’s just a book and that the characters don’t really exist. 

APH Russia/Ivan/APH Romano/Lovino :

He wouldn’t really understand but he wouldn’t do anything. He’d listen to them, but he might not exactly understand their fascination. 

APH England/Arthur:

He’s the same. He would totally understand what they were thinking and probably does the same as them at times. The two would just sit and discuss books for the longest time ever and just waste hours discussing them.