the felicanos

A Barrage of doodly things that I haven’t posted in a while...

Some sketches I drew from a previous mini request event in another site.

>Italy-kun trying out Sushi while Japan goes ‘doki doki’ with anticipation at Italy’s reaction to its taste

> Australia and Koala-san!

>Japan and America watching a scary movie . (I want to see America’s face)

> Chibi Englanddd

>The trio having fun at the island~!

> Hungary-kun!

> Something with Seychelles and America with the feeling of
“I’m not really sure what they’d be doing but I think it would be fun to think of something.”

> Mr. England and Liechtenstein 

> Iceland drinking soft drink

((Uwaah Apologies for the inactivity everyone! I was busy drawing more stuff. Please look forward for some fanarts soon~!))

glameowt  asked:

How would the axis and allies react on their daughters wedding day (yes this includes prussia romano and canada)

Hey hey hey, Admin Sarah always includes Matthew, he’s part of our Allies, always. And Admin Jay is always happy to include Romano and Prussia!  (Note: vater means father, bambina means baby girl)

America: “I remember when she was like…football size…”
Alfred would be a little teary, but this is his daughter’s day. He can cry later, but to be honest, if she is getting married, he better like the husband/wife-to be. He doesn’t want any divisions in the family, so they have to get used to him being around. He wouldn’t hover, but he doesn’t want to lose his precious baby girl. Though as he walks her down the aisle, it would hit him like a ton of bricks. His daughter isn’t a baby anymore, he doesn’t have to hold her hand anymore. She’s setting off on her own adventure. And he just hopes he did enough.

England: “Why does time always go so fast?…”
Arthur would have to check himself a few times during the wedding. He wouldn’t want to ruin his daughter’s magical day, but if her husband ticked Arthur off in anyway, it would stick with Arthur for years. That is his perfect daughter, and her day and life must be as perfect as she is, and if anyone ruins it they will feel his wrath. Though he would also be teary and would cry a few times since he would remember all the times when she was little, every skinned knee, every paper cut, every cuppa tea by the fire and would still see her a little girl sometimes. Arthur would be proud of the woman his daughter has become, but he would always be a little sad that she was all grown up, since he knows she would be living her own life and he would have an empty house again. 

France: “Non..! I’m not ready!…”
Francis wouldn’t be ready for his daughter to get married. Even if she has been talking about her wedding day for years, he would never be ready to see her grow up. Though, Francis would give his daughter anything she needed for her wedding day, and likely pay for her to have her dream wedding. His daughter and future son/daughter in law only deserve the best…though this doesn’t make him old…does it?…

Canada: “My baby girl…”
Matthew would stand there in shock, still in shock as he walks her down the aisle, though his eyes would be brimmed with tears. Matthew wouldn’t be able to believe he has a daughter half as beautiful as she is; or that she was finally growing up and getting married. As much as it would hurt to see her get married, he would be happy to see his baby girl so happy and in love.

Russia: “My little sunflower…all grown up…!”
Ivan would be both ecstatic, and hurt. Of course, hurt because his little girl grew up. In Ivan’s eyes, daughters never grow up, the remain six years old with pigtails and skinned knees forever (whoever catches the reference gets a prize from Admin Sarah.) Despite Ivan having a hard time letting his daughter get married, if she was happy and he could at least tolerate her husband/wife to be, he would be happy for her. Though, some could see him crying on her wedding day.

China: “You look so cute! And remember, woks are good for swinging at people too!”
Yao would be prepared for this day the most out of everyone. He would be confident that he raised a beautiful and proud girl, but also a girl with a good swing with a wok. Just in case. He would be a little teary as he walks her down the aisle, but in the end, if the husband/wife-to be passed his vigorous tests and high standards, he is confident that they are both in good hands with the other. Worst case scenario: Wok. 

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ceylon-morphe286  asked:

axis reacting to finding their soulmate? romano and spain included plz?

Germany: “O-oh…there you are…to be honest…I didn’t think we would find each other…”
Ludwig would blink and shake his head before looking at his s/o. He had a soulmate? And he found them? He didn’t really know he was looking. Between work and everything else, he hardly had a free moment…yet here they are. Maybe they could help him? Maybe…since they were his soulmate…they would understand how he worked…how he thought..and maybe he wouldn’t be so overworked all the time, because someone would be there to help him.

Japan: “Ah. So this is how it goes…almost like anime…”
Kiku would be pleasantly surprised to find his s/o. He would love to talk and learn about his s/o as a person, but he would also find it funny that they met and it was like a scene from an anime. The perfect lighting, the racing hearts, the glimpse shared between them. It was perfect, and he would eventually find a scene like it in a show…but not yet. He would wait until he and his s/o were comfortable, then he would spring it on them. 

Italy: “Yay! I knew you would find me! I kept worrying and worrying but here you are!”
Felicano would be overjoyed to hear about his soulmate finding him. He would be talking so much and showering them with affection that they would have to wait to even get a single word out. Though Feli would love to hear about their life and would shower them with kisses and food, just to make them happy. He would love for them to catch up on lost time however possible, whether that be by cooking together or just spending time together. 

Romano: “Listen up…just because you are my soul-mate…doesn’t mean you’re less of a jerk-face…”
Lovino would be skeptical at first that he has a soulmate…though once he felt the racing in his chest and the tingling in his palms, he would know it was real. At first, he would be guarded and questioning them about where they had been and why didn’t they find him sooner. But it wouldn’t take long before Lovino would slowly start to open up and show some real affection. Though Lovino will always be very protective over his s/o and also would need to know they aren’t going to leave him…he hopes they wouldn’t but he would need to hear it every so often.

Spain: “Aha! So now we have forever together!”
Antonio would almost be in tears as he meets his soulmate. He would love to talk to them and see what life they have had before meeting him, then planning the rest of their life together. He would shower them in kisses and all kinds of affection as he holds them close. Antonio would never want to leave their side. He has waited too long to meet them, so he would never want a second without them. 

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anonymous asked:

For the doogie college ask could you please do the 1p an 2p axis

So for those just tuning in, the prompt was about the s/o being drugged from having their wisdom teeth removed before bursting into tears about not being able to send their dogs to a good college. So now we are all caught up! -Admin Jay

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Germany: *blinks but chuckles before smiling at his s/o* “Don’t worry, our dogs are very smart. They will have many scholarships.”
Ludwig is an amazing, if not the best dog trainer around. He would never have a dumb dog, so if his s/o was drugged up and worrying about doggy college, he would reassure them their dogs would get full rides. If it makes them laugh, while they are sleeping the anesthesia off he would actually type up doggy college acceptance letters to place by his s/o’s bedside, or in their mailbox. 

Japan: *smiles softly and shakes his head* “You come up with the funniest things…”
Kiku wouldn’t really know what to say or do in response to his s/o’s drugged announcement. He would quietly console them but take pleasure in their little high state. It would be amusing. Though he would make sure they make it to bed and sleep as he waits to take care of them with pain medicine ready. 

Italy: *giggles and shakes his head* “Why would doggies go to college? That’s silly! Our doggies do theater!”
Felicano would get a good giggle out of his s/o’s drugged state and their random announcements. But he wouldn’t want their dogs to go to college! That is too serious! They would be bored! Besides, who would give them all their tummy rubs? 

2p Germany: “HA! We should find a doggy college!”
Lutz would burst into laughter and shake his head as he smiles at his s/o before bringing them to bed as he works on training their dogs to sit with graduation caps on their heads. Just so his s/o can see them when they wake up. He would even write a poor version of a dog’s graduation speech. That way the whole ceremony could be complete, and he could prank his s/o into thinking they slept through their entire dog’s college life. 

2p Japan: “You’re drugged.”
Kuro would just roll his eyes as he drives his s/o and puts them to bed. Their nonsense may make him smile a little bit but he wouldn’t admit it. Not until they are awake and he can tease them about it. 

2p Italy: “You’re so high right now. Our dogs are royalty. Not college students.”
Luciano would scoff and laugh, but soon he would roll his eyes. Their dogs were pampered and royalty. Not college students. Let alone ones needing to worry about funding if doggy colleges existed. He would just chuckle and tuck his s/o into bed as he soon draws them ideas of dog colleges and their dogs in graduation gowns…before just sketching his s/o in various positions. 

Ballet AU

Okay but now I got an idea with the whole ballet au…

Germany being the hardass instructor that will only take those who have potential under his wing

Italy being a VERY talented young dancer who is determined to be award winning

Imagine Italy approaches Germany first, and tries to prove that he’s worthy of being taught as his protégée, but in the middle of his demonstration, he doesn’t land properly and falls

What if Germany helped him up and told him how to nurse his ankle so he could still dance but still ultimately said “Don’t come back until you can dance properly.” But he said to come back, and in the back of his mind was very impressed.

Imagine feliciano has a recital and Ludwig actually visited because maybe he was a bit too hard on feli….

Imagine him making his way backstage and he’s stared at by all the other dancers Feli dances with, only for him to stop at the youngest dancer there (the prime age of 20) and ask if he would like a private contract…

Imagine Feliciano excitedly accepting, jumping on Lud for a hug (of course to be curtly pushed back by Lud because it’s “unprofessional.”)

Imagine that through their lessons, Ludwig begins to not only watch Feliciano’s impressive technique, but how his lithe form smoothly takes turns and easily raises into an elegant pointe.

Imagine that Ludwig pushes Feliciano much more than his other students because he wants him to be that much better.

Imagine that at a dance contest, Felicano makes first division with a contemporary ballet, his eyes always falling back on his inspirations during the pirouettes, the same blonde he’d been chasing all his life, and as he comes back to meet with Lud, they hug in celebration, and before they pull back… they share a kiss.