the feels wont stop

problematic: my s/o

-literally way too cute
-makes my heart beat extremely fast
-takes my breath away
-heart feels funny in a good way around them
-wont stop making me smile

Friendly Reminder

that while you can make jokes about Feyre manipulating Lucien in ACOWAR by using his mating bond with Elain, that will not make him change. It will make him worse. His condition will get worse as the female he saw as a friend, manipulates him again and again. Just as Tamlin did to him.  

borderline nightmares

- message delivered
- message read
- when ur fave “needs space”
- when ppl pick on u for being dramatic
- when u just gotta
- explaining splitting to nt friends
- anyone finding ur journal
- when ppl ask why youre “copying them”
- when ppl ask why you are “so clingy”
- when ppl say they will listen and stay and ur like o god i know it isn’t true but u still end up believing the same bullshit
- when u cant help but forgive people who have pushed u passed ur boundries and fucked u over
- when u cant feel
- when u can feel
- when u wanna disassociate but ppl wont stop talking to u
- when u cant stop disassociating
- disassociating during lectures/class/tests
- “tell me about yourself”
- “whats your sexuality?”
-“ha! every1 does that… ur normal dont WORRY”

Don’t ask me why I ship it, because I’ll tell you it was fate, I’ll write poetry to the ship and wish for a better cannon on stray eyelashes and shooting stars, don’t ask my why I fell inlove with that ship (I don’t know how love works) I just know that it happens, that otp found me in the night, drew me in like a siren and made a believer out of me. They call my love for this otp “delusional”, “insane”, (“unrequited”) but this wont stop my feelings. This is my otp and I have a shipper heart. Honesty I Don’t think I stood a chance.
—  A shipper’s love story

taehyungtops  asked:

Please save my bestfriend I SWEAR HE's A STRAIGHT BOI but after he read "I wont' stop you" wTF HE'S BEEN FEELING JITTERS DOWN THE CORE wtFFFFFFFFF 🤧

Have I just helped to prove the fact that Jeon Jungkook has the power to turn straight boys gay/bi etc? :3 IF SO - MY LIFE IS NOW COMPLETE I CAN REST IN PEACE QUITE HAPPILY~~

daily npd feels:

- sorry what was that i zoned out…no don’t repeat yourself i dont care

- if you keep talking for another second i wont be able to stop myself from hurting your feelings

- oh you think you’re a narcissist? that’s great now dont ever try to one up me again bitch

- who are you again. wait dont tell me i dont care anymore

- if someone doesnt give me attention right now im going to scream……no not you youre inferior

- get the fuck out of my way rat

- if i see one more ugly person im going to vomit

(feel free to add on)

imagine… how much johnny *wheeze* has improved as a dancer since we saw him at the smrookies show IN BANGKOK *wheezes and chokes* *drinks water* *thinks about it again and gets so excited water comes out mi nose*