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What did you think about the k5's little tantrum? I'm sick of grown ass people blaming Annalise for their problems.

I think it was unnecessary. All they should’ve said to her was, “Thank you for repeatedly saving our ungrateful asses, and we’re sorry for throwing your life so out of wack.” 

What Michaela said about Annalise pimping her out to Caleb, and knowing she was vulnerable after Aiden was such bullshit I had to rewind the scene to make sure I heard right because:

  1. Annalise sent her over their to find out if the siblings were hooking up with each other. Sure she mentioned Michaela’s physical qualities (after saying she was smart), but she in noway implied that Michaela should actually sleep with him.
  2. Annalise warned Michaela not to develop feelings for Caleb.
  3. Annalise didn’t know that Caleb was a psychopath/murderer. All of them thought that Philip had committed the murders.
  4. Did Annalise even know that Michaela and Aiden had broken up? The reason the others found out her engagement had been called off was because she blurted it out when she was yelling at Rebecca. Before that she had been pretending as though nothing had changed. 

The bottom line is that there’s nothing stopping any of them from going to the police, and putting all this insanity to an end. None of them want to face the ultimate consequence (jail time) for what they’ve done, so they’re guilt-ridden, etc. and throwing it all on Annalise to try and make themselves feel better.