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“I don’t wanna fight you, Alex. Please don’t make me. Cuz if… we do… who’s gonna fly the ship?”

“What happened to you?”

The Expanse 2x08, for @silver-89

Just Gonna leave this here:

Drops the song Evermore from the Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack with Dan Stevens singing in the middle of the red queen fandom with a nice little note attached saying:  

Listen if you want Cal singing in RQ4 Feels. (: 

Enjoy, and happy crying, 

Lily (aka the sadistic person you love) 


Despite the world reminding her every day of her life that she’s undeserving of being given anything by it, that she was unworthy of what little she’d managed to take from it - despite all of that, she never believed a word of it.

The Women of Black Sails in 4x08

Saturn focuses on the quality of things, not the quantity. In the House Saturn resides in, you may not have a lot of certain things you want. You may not have as much friends as you like, or as many talents as you wanted. However, you’ll find out that whatever you do get from Saturn will be highly valued. Saturn will make you appreciate the hard work taken to get or make something of quality. Saturn will make you see behind the scenes because you will be behind the scenes. You will feel every movement, every struggle, and figure out every nuance.

You may feel discouraged early on because you lack abundance, but you’ll realize later on that if you were blessed with abundance earlier, you may take very important items in your life for granted. Saturn teaches that you don’t need everything to be happy… you just need one thing that is lasting, helpful, and of high quality. Saturn will make you work for it so that you’ll appreciate it when you finally get it.

List of things that I NEED from TWD this season finale so I could have a happy hiatus

1- Another Caryl scene or moment: even if they just look at each other, but one of those looks that makes me die 

2. Carol being a total and sexy badass and watching her kicking asses (we know that for sure)

3. Team Family watching carol doing cool stuff so they can feel how lost they are without her

4. a cute Aaron/Eric scene

5. Jerry 

6. Carol/maggie hug (for the lost of glenn) 

7. Shiva killing (this one is also confirmed) 

8. Tobin out of the picture (I know that is not gonna happen but I need the guy far away from Carol)

9. More Tara 

10. At least Daryl talking to carol PLEASE GOD PLEASE T.T 

Maybe there are more but this is the only I have in my mind right now, mostly I need CAROL AND CARYL LOL 

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Can you make a psd of the killer frost scene in the forest?

This is the psd I have used for these scenes (created from scratch by me), please feel free to adjust layers as needed (but do not use as a base!) - please do not claim as your own and like/reblog if using!

Without psd:

With psd:

[version 1 - forest]

[version 2- forest scenes]


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I just want Aaron and Robert to work through this mess and if Rebecca becomes a bunny boiler, they can work together to fight against her.

Please can they just keep her away from Aaron. He’s suffering enough without her stupid psycho game playing. I hate that she is literally tainting everything. It makes me feel sick every time she’s in a scene with him.

My Rebecca hate has transcended into outer space - wtf is this storyline it’s supposed to be about Aaron’s mental health not THAT stupid desperate tart someone pls just end our misery and get rid of her

My hatred for her increases on a daily basis. I swear to god can someone just murder her. She better keep the hell away from Aaron 

Fan art of You’re Not a Lost Cause by @hellofriend304

This is part of the video scene… I think it would be better to post it like this?

(I don’t know how to make the images not show unless you click in there ;;;m; )

Anyways…I don’t know if I captured the mood and expressions correctly, but I tried my best to do so. It’s my interpretation of what I read.

Please tell me if I did anything wrong cuz I don’t use tumblr a lot.

That’s all the parts I did… I feel that the next scenes would express the feel better with close ups…I just decided not to do it.

For some reason the hotel room looks like this in my head. It’s like those luxurious looking beds with red curtains all around…(Although I didn’t do much with the background) And I think the bright red and yellow creates a contrast with the content. This scene feels like it should be in a dimly lit room or in black and gray, but that wouldn’t seem realistic to the situation, so I decided to draw a really bright room with red curtain…

I tried with the bruises and stuff…I don’t know if it looks enough to show how pale he is >m<

I don’t feel like tagging cuz it has nothing to do with the original game, it’s something for a fan fic.

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The screeners said that Bellamy has a heartfelt radio scene? I hope it's with Clarke but I feel like it'll be with Octavia?

I feel like there are only two options for a heart felt radio scene at this point. Who is he separated from? Octavia and Clarke. 

Of course, if he goes out into the black rain to find Octavia, then he’ll be separated from Arkadia, which puts Kane on that list, no? Unless he’s having heartfelt conversation via radio with Abby, Murphy, Raven, Miller, Monty, Jasper and Harper now. Which could all be possible.

But the most likely is Clarke and Octavia (even odds) then Kane. 

One thing to note, he probably has to work through this Octavia deal before he has room to address anything else in his heart. Ya feel me?

This thing between Bellamy and Octavia is a necessary part of Bellamy’s story, both forgiveness and letting go and being independent from each other. You ignore that kind of stuff and it blows up later and gets messier. (see their entire relationship.)

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it. It still has to happen. 

A lot of life is like this. This show doesn’t go for happily ever after. It goes for obstacles, suffering, facing your mistakes, and learning (or not) from them. 

I think my real problem with this is that I feel like that whole “distrust” scene was so entirely contrived in order to justify Mick Rory’s betrayal of the team.

I’ve never bought into the poor bullied Mick Rory rhetoric, to be fair, and I think he gave back as nasty as he got.  (”I liked you better when you were killing people” for example.)

But even with that in mind, that scene was just too over the top.  The characters have proven they trust Mick 100 times over.  They’ve been vulnerable around him, they’ve trusted him to protect them and not to hurt them.

And the characters involved make no sense.  Ray and Jax were never the sorts to distrust Mick like that.  And Martin KNOWS Mick was hallucinating Len.

I know it’s funny for me to say this, but it honestly would have made more sense for Rip to be one of the people confronting Mick in that scene.  Even though we saw Rip make a conscientious effort to change his behavior toward Mick after the Chronos arc, he had been gone a long time.  He’s under considerable stress as the one person with real experience of what the Spear can do.  He’s had recent trauma, and he hasn’t witnessed Mick’s contributions during the last year.

It would make sense for Rip to be the one confronting Mick.  

But they leave Rip out of the scene and they use Ray and Jax?  Really?

And I feel like this was really done ONLY to justify Mick’s betrayal.  Mick will prove himself a hero next episode and the crew will probably all end up apologizing and being very grateful to him for saving them.

I feel like almost all of the characters were thrown under the bus for this story arc and it’s manipulative and more than a little aggravating.

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i wish aly hadn't asked about the rental car company, i know new girl always adds comedy to sad moments but come on this is the most deep winston scene let it be deep lol (not hating on waly i love them its just that one scene)

I kinda feel the same. actually felt a little ooc. Aly is usually very reasonable. After telling Winston the whole time he should be honest with his mother - which was the most responsible thing to do - felt a bit weird having her say thay in the middle of such an important conversation.

But it didn’t bother me that much…I was just “really Aly? Now?” lol

Anyway…I love Aly, I really hope she will be a lot more on S7. And I loved Charmaine… you can understand so much more about Winston seeing his mom, right? :)

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Isaiah tweeted something about him being "led" by Bob in one scene, like, I think emotionally. Which effected his acting. I'm sure you've seen this tweet. Do you think that scene already happened or it's later in the season?

It could have been the redemption/see you in hell scene, but I don’t think that’s likely, since it wasn’t all that highly charged, and Isaiah was pretty much doing his wise/crazy sage thing.

So that makes me feel that Jaha and Bob still have some major scenes together.