the feels i have for this song

im a little late to the party but fuck rhaegar targaryen amirite

well I’ve been afraid of changing

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‘cause I’ve built my life around you

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but time made you bolder

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even children get older

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and I’m getting older too

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Day 4: Draw your OTP as an au

Heres the coffee Shop AU that no one asked for.

Just gonna throw this over here


Mirrorbright, shines the moon, its glow as soft as an ember
When the moon is mirrorbright, take this time to remember
Those you have loved but are gone
Those who kept you so safe and warm
The mirrorbright moon lets you see
Those who have ceased to be
Mirrorbright shines the moon, as fires die to their embers
Those you loved are with you still—The moon will help you remember

Every Time We Touch
Every Time We Touch

Your arms are my castle, your heart is my sky
They wipe away tears that I cry
The good and the bad times,
we’ve been through them all
You make me rise when I fall

‘Cause every time we touch, I get this feeling
And everytime we kiss I swear I could fly
Can’t you feel my heart beat fast?
I want this to last
Need you by my side 


here we are now, with the falling sky and the rain
     we’re awakening ♪

one of the scenes I would really love to see (as I’m sure many people have thought of!) is Rey experiencing her first rainfall ☺ also because “Awakening” has become one of my theme songs for TFA and all the new kids, there’s something about it which is very beautiful and fits so well thematically ;;

AND BONUS PIC: Finn + Rey (+ Poe’s jacket of a thousand uses (〃▽〃) )