the feels hit me like a truck

On Yuuri and Makkachin

We saw through the series the bond between Makkachin and Yuuri, the first meeting was a happy Makkachin approaching Yuuri, and then following him when he was running or training (with Victor or not). We saw that the two of them has a deep bond, and I know that Yuuri isnt the kind of person to replace one nail with another (like to see Makkachin as another Vicchan), because he knew that. So chapter 8 hit me like a truck OF FEELS

Yuuri recieves a call of Mari, saying that Makkachin is very sick. 

Yuuri then remembers Vicchan, We would think that he will break up, remembering such tragic events that occurred on his last Grand Prix.

But, the next thing he does, is call Victor, to go to Japan to see his beloved dog.

He didnt break up, mainly because he didnt want Victor to suffer like he did. Believe me, when you lost a pet and you didnt have the chance to say farewell or goodbye is the worst thing ever, you feel disappointed, hurt, regret, it instantly hurts you, knowing that you could be at their side, saying that everything will be okay, that this will last a few minutes even if it was a lie. 

So I feel very surprised and amused, at how strong this boy is, at how he can surpass his fears to protect the beloved one. He didnt want Victor to be through that, not like him. He put his fears of performing alone aside, to let Victor go to Japan. To face a competition alone in a foreign country without support (and we know how much Yuuri needs it, even after his development). Victor wolud think that it wasnt that bad (haha lies) but Yuuri doesnt think that, he knows this matter with Makkachin was important.

And it hit me, I couldnt do that, the death of my dog still affects me, But Yuuri was so brave, he insisted, and he didnt think it twice and that so admirable, so proud at how far Lil pork cutlet is doing, and im not the only one surprised :’)

bless chapter 8, bless


Random Starter Questions II
  • "How do you like your coffee?"
  • "What is THAT?"
  • "What do you mean your car's in the shop."
  • "What smells so good?"
  • "Can we just stay home today?"
  • "Want to go to the park?"
  • "What's for dinner?"
  • "What do you mean you didn't do the laundry?"
  • "Don't you have anything other than microwave popcorn?"
  • "Don't you wish time travel was real?"
  • "Ever feel like you got hit by a bus?"
  • "Karaoke?"
  • "Shall we order in tonight?"
  • "Is that the ice cream truck I hear?"
  • "Can we turn the AC on, please?"
  • "What's going on at the neighbors?"
  • "What's that smell?"
  • "Where did you get those shoes?"
  • "Can I help you?"
  • "How many times are you going to watch that?"
  • "Is that for me?"
  • "I feel stupid for asking, but, when's your birthday?"
  • "Do you have this in a different color?"
  • "Did you hear that a meth lab was found under the local superstore?"
  • "I have a headache, can you not talk so loud?"
  • "Care to dance?"

Flynn & Yuri Concept Art – Childhood and Teenage years

from Tales of Vesperia: Genealogy of the Condemned Volumes I and II

(scans by me, feel free to use)






11x04 CODA

“God, I feel like I got hit by a fucking truck,” Dean grumbled as he leaned against Sam slightly. They hobbled into the bunker together, trailing blood, and God only knew what else behind them. 

Castiel was there immediately, looking worried, but definitely not as awful as he’d had earlier. “Dean?! Sam-. Let me help you.” 

“Sam first, “Dean insisted as he passed his brother off. Sam glanced back at him, but Dean just shrugged and limped his way to the kitchen. Beer sounded good, maybe ten beers, maybe vodka, maybe whiskey. Definitely whiskey. 

He’d fix Baby in the morning, wash her up, treat her right. Maybe just go for a spin that didn’t involve hunting or blood or bodily fluids. 

The whiskey went down with a strong burn, but he needed that burn. It would clean out his insides, he hoped. Make him worthier of an angel’s Grace. 


“Speak of the devil,” he mumbled to himself as he poured another.

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jd-semperfi  asked:

My milso story: My marine & I met August '15. He was already enlisted & based in NC. We pretty much hit it off, but three days later he left for base. So I started college & we stayed in touch as friends. I think we both were developing feelings, but were unsure of what to do. One day in July, he told me he couldn't stop thinking about me. That was it for me lol. We "talked" & waited until he'd come home in Dec. Which was the hardest part. But now, we're official, in love and trucking through.

I love this! I always dislike when people are like “oh it’s so romantic that you can’t see him for months and months and you have to write letters like the Notebook!” Bitch please, it’s downright frustrating! Haha. It’s hard for sure, but it’s always worth it when you get to see them again. Keep on keeping on love, your story is inspiring! Xoxo

So finished the comic and man that was a major rollercoaster of hardcore emotions like sadness, intense feels, laughter and more. Sorry to all Medic lovers, but I kind of wanted Medic to die and some real heavy drama tbh. (Yes I am such evil, sadistic bitch everyone!)The things with the god and satan sending them back to life is kinda cliche to me and kind of ruined the comic too. Otherwise I enjoyed the epic Heavy VS CHeavy showdown and all the plot twists. The one with the Spy hit me like a truckload of trucks…hehe get it? TRUCKload of Trucks? XD

Also really bummed out that my TF2 fanart for Medics death won’t really fit in anymore and won’t really make an impact of extra sadness on anyone anymore, since Medic’s still alive. =/ I’ve inked it for like an hour and wanted to get up extra early to finish it, but now I don’t even know if I really wanna finish it. Might leave it black and white and not color it like I wanted to even though I was looking forward to a lot and now it’s kinda ruined for me…😒😞 This is also the reason why I kinda wanted Medic to stay dead and have a dramatic ending with everyone mourning him like on the cover. Sorry I am just such a sucker for dramatic + sad conclusions and endings. I don’t know. Just tell me if I should still color the drawing and post it. I am not sure if I want to anymore…

In general I enjoyed the comic anyway and it also seems that the writers pay attention to all of our posts here on Tumblr, like conspiracies, theories, our wishes for what should happen next in the comic etc. I really like this detail. =) Now onto waiting for the next comic and hopefully it’ll come out soon enough. Really wonder what the hell Helen is up to.

anonymous asked:

Why haven't you been working out lately!? You weee doing so good at the start fo the year! Don't lose motivation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven’t worked out because I’ve been incredibly sick the last two weeks and it’s not good to irritate your lungs by excessive exercise when your lungs are irritated by Satan’s phlegm. I’m not losing motivation (I mean a little cuz I feel like I was hit by a truck) I’m just trying to take care of myself! Hopefully I’ll be back at the gym Sunday if the antibiotics start working quickly 😊 thank you for trying to keep me focused, I did need the reminder to focus on my goals even when sick because my eating has been 👎 so thank you love ❤️❤️❤️

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"you're here." ian breaks through the sound of something sizzling in a pan with a groggy and rough morning voice. george looks up at the noise and flashes the other a smile that makes ian feel like he had been hit by a truck. "where else would i be?"

Part 2 (perfect for getting me back into it thank you much)

Help me Granger

Setting: St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies ( Maternity Ward)

Draco looked like hell. He felt as though he was hit with by a truck. It seemed as though he could not catch his breath. His chest hurt from the constricted feeling of helplessness. There in the bed lay his ill wife. Next to her bedside their daughter Lyra wrapped in a nest of pink blankets that looked like a mound of spun sugar.

Sitting in the chair across from them he looked over and sighed. A heavy emotional laden sigh. Astoria gave birth to Lyra 4 weeks early. Though technically full term Lyra was still considered one day premature. The pregnancy and delivery were not easy on Astoria, she was sick and nauseous for most of it and during the delivery she refused all of the pain potions offered to her.
Draco had seen people being tortured but to watch his wife’s pain during childbirth almost made him faint. If it was not for Healer Hermione Granger in his ear the whole time coaching him to be strong for Astoria he most likely would have.

The door clicked open gently and as the aforementioned witch poked her head in quietly. Noticing Draco slumped in the chair she glided over to him with a cup of tea in her hand. “Draco?” She said barely above a whisper.

He lifted his head from his hand to meet her face. Noticing the cup of tea he gladly took the it then taking a brief sip muttered a quiet thanks. Hermione nodded and gave him a half grin. “You look like hell, you should get some rest.” She said.

He looked intensely at her, his grey eyes couldn’t hold any fire. He was tired and worried and felt helpless. “There is no rest for the weary Granger.”

“Look I can’t have three sick Malfoy’s on my hands. What would the world think?” She said but there was humor in her tone.

Draco snorted at that. “I suppose not but… I…Granger I feel helpless. Look at them. What can I do to make them well? How could I even begin to…” Hermione cut in.

“You are not helpless… Look take off your shirt.” Draco shot her a look of complete horror.

“I am not making a pass at you, you arrogant git. You want to help so I’ll show you how. Maybe in another lifetime where I’m a pureblood and you’re a Muggle born with bad hair.” She retorted. Draco softly chuckled slowly doing as she said and unbuttoned his shirt shrugging it off.
Hermione walked over to the bassinet carefully picking up baby Lyra.

“Recline a bit.” She said while unwrapping Lyra from the blankets. Once Draco was a comfy position, Hermione placed Lyra wearing only a diaper and knit hat, on his bare chest. The warmth seemed to make Lyra’s skin more pink. Hermione draped the blanket over the pair.

“Is this all Granger… Just this will help?”
His voice laced with doubt.

“Yes it’s part if it. You are using skin to skin to promote a bond and pass on positive energy to her. Talk to her Draco. Tell her happy, soothing things, tell her about… How you love to fly or how much you love your wife.. Tell her how much you love her. Encourage her, let her feel your warmth. It will help both now and in the long run.” She said shooting a quick glance to Astoria.

“She will be alright Hermione…” He began but Hermione cut him off.

“She will be fine… The three of you will.” Hermione said with confidence. Just then Draco looked down at little Lyra. Her eyes were open fixated on his face. “Hello stardust, I’m your father. Mum is in bed under the weather now but she’ll be up to play with you soon enough…” He softly spoke to the babe in his arms.
Hermione looked over to see the Lyra had Draco’s same eye color.

“…this here is a friend of Daddy’s. She’s helped quiet a bit with you, Lyra Jean…”
Hermione gasped at hearing her middle name.

“Draco… You don’t have to…” He cut her off before she could finish her thought.

“I don’t, but you’ve helped me Granger.” He said looking up to smile at her.

The end