the feelings: in europe

Eurovision salty
  • Spain 2016: Sends a urban goddess with amazing voice, and a quick-paced song about empowerment and courage, rumoured as one of the favourites to win
  • ...still ends on one of the last places.
  • Spain 2017: Sends an arrogant beach boy that the entire country hates with a cringy song and neon-pink background. Forces the entire continent to watch it in the final bc big5
  • Spain 2017: *evil grin* REVENGE IS SWEET

Baba Yaga 

Baba Yaga hails from the place where fear and wisdom meet, she straddles the gap between life and death and holds the secret to both.

Also known as Jezda or Jazi Baba, Baba Yaga is an old witch who lives in the forests of Eastern Europe. It is said that her teeth, nose, and breasts made of iron and that her hair is made snakes. She moves through the forest using a mortar and pestle. Her house sits upon chicken legs which allows it to spin around and move. Her fence is made out of the bones of people who have displeased her. Baba Yaga is a very complex women who is thought to be the personification of death as well as having dominion over fertility, fate and nature. She has the gift of prophecy and can impart great wisdom.  If you wish to benefit from the gifts of Baba Yaga you must undertake an arduous journey to her house and then you must survive the tasks Baba Yaga puts forth to test you. 

“My kind of pity is a feeling which I find no name adequate. I sense it especially at the idea of the lot of mankind, as when I observe with anguish and contempt the politics of present-day Europe, which is, under all circumstances, also working at the web of the future of all men.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §367 (edited excerpt).