the feeling of speed

Au with werewolf Taehyung not knowing he’s a werewolf until he heads to Seoul to train with Bighit Entertainment.  He’s always known of supernatural creatures. It’s a new year and life, humans and supernatural creatures have learned to live together. He just never thought HE would be one too. 

The changes begin when he first sees fellow Daegu trainee Yoongi. 

The boy never really talks to him but he does stare a lot. Everytime Taehyung turns he notices Yoongi’s sharp eyes on him and the elder is not really glaring but it’s something similar and it throws him off a bit. He’s highkey scared afraid to talk to Yoongi. 

But then the dreams begin.

At first they’re weird dreams, really weird dreams, he’ll be in the woods or forest and he can feel himself running. He can feel himself panting and speeding past trees and jumping under branches but also it’s not him. Or at least not him in human form. In his dreams Taehyung is this beautiful mocha brown wolf with bright blue eyes and he’s chasing something…. or someone. 

He’s just not sure who. 

Every night right before he manages to find whatever or whoever he’s chasing in his dreams he’s awoken  panting and sweaty and clutching the sheets while something inside of him just feels wrong. He feels empty almost. Like a part of him is missing. 

When he’s put into Bangtan he’s excited to know that three other members are supernatural. From what he’s heard it’s a vampire, a witch and a werewolf. He’s excited because he’s heard so much about them and the rest of his members. 

Of course the moment he sees Min Yoongi sitting on the couch with that same glare he’s a bit scared. 

“Hello i’m Kim Taehyung!” 

Taehyung sticks his hand out to greet Yoongi and the moment their hands touch something inside of Yoongi just SNAPS. The elders eyes turn a bright red and the elder growls before pinning Taehyung to the couch. It’s only when Taehyung whimpers in fear that Yoongi realizes what the fuck is happening. 

The elder pushes off of Taehyung and storms out not knowing exactly what happened but also knowing it’s going to for sure come back and bight him in the ass. 

Years go by and it’s a sort of dance between Taehyung and Yoongi. Something in Yoongi’s wolf buzzes everytime Taehyung is nearby. Yoongi’s alpha instincts scream to protect Taehyung and Taehyung’s scent is just SO GOOD. It confuses the alpha because as far as he knows Taehyung is human and Taehyung should have that generic human smell all other humans have but he doesn’t. To Yoongi, Taehyung smells like the most expensive chocolates and red wine, Yoongi’s favorites, mixed with his own personal warmth of home.

Taehyung’s first heat hits. 

He’s not sure how or when but all he knows is he feels ill. He’s hot, hotter than normal, and covered in sweat as he whimpers in his blankets because something inside of him is begging for something and he has no idea what he wants or needs.  

Yoongi knows instantly what is going on and sends Jin in. 

Taehyung looks the worst but the only thing Jin notices are the boy’s flashing eyes that seem to be shifting from brown to light blue. Taehyung cries as he spots Jin. 

“Hyung Yoongi please i… i need Yoongi.” 

It’s exactly what Yoongi thought it was. 

“He’s in heat and i think our wolves are destined mates. He probably doesn’t even know why he’s asking for me or what he is but i think it’s just a case of being a late bloomer.” 

Now it’s up for Yoongi to decided on if he will go into the room and help Taehyung and claim him as his mate or not. 

hey guys, i’d really like to get a patreon up and running. I feel like I”m not doing much with this blog anymore, and having some extra financial help would be huge so I figure I can mash those two things together and do something. I’m curious for some feedback on what you guys would be interested in, in terms of a patreon from me. I have asked this a few times before and now and then I get answers like “fanfiction” or something like that but that’s not really my speed. I feel like I have things to contribute I”m just not entirely sure what that is specifically what it is that you guys would be willing to support and be interested in seeing. I kind of want to avoid having a youtube channel so I think that boils it down to either doing stuff here on this blog or via podcast? Could be writing focused or representation focused or industry focused maybe. I’m not sure. Any feedback/ideas/etc would be rad. Shoot it my way. 

Time Apart (Luke Skywalker)

word count: 513

request: Could you do one with Luke Skywalker where you two are very busy and hardly see each other but you finally make some time for each other.

requested by: anon

a/n: it’s a drabble, meant to post this on Valentine’s day but turns out, I did have some stuff to do! 

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“How long has it been?” Leia asked. As she walked beside you, you replied with, “I don’t know.” You had other objectives on your mind that were much more important than reconnecting with an old friend. "He’s been asking about you,” Leia stated, and you couldn’t stop yourself from smiling and feeling your heart rate speed up.

This caused Leia to smile. “Leia, I don’t have time for love right now. I’m trying to train soldiers and defeat the Empire. Love can wait.” You stated. She knew you were right, that was her response when you had previously tried to set her up with Han. “Can’t you spend just a few minutes with him? Luke would be here in seconds!” She exclaimed.

“As nice as that sounds, isn’t busy?” You asked. “I’m pretty sure he could spare some time to meet with the person he’s been yearning for with since their first meeting, and vice-versa.” She claimed. “We have not been yearning for each other.” You scoffed. “Yes, you have.” She nodded. “Cal, what is the most recent active mission?” You asked your right hand. “We have Yin and his group retrieving information from the ruins of Eadu,” Cal stated and you stared back at Leia.

“Does Y/N have to be waiting for them to return or can Y/N return to Hoth?” She asked Cal. “Y/N is not needed for their return,” Cal stated and Leia smiled back at you.

“Great, because I need you on Hoth.”

“It’s freezing!” You exclaimed. “Welcome to the last three months of our lives,” Leia stated as she guided you through the base. “You seem to have adjusted.” You stated as you noticed she wasn’t shivering, nor complaining. “Three months.” She reminded you. You smiled, “Guess the cold didn’t freeze your snarky comments.”

She chuckled, “We have missed you on base.” 

“Han missed his target and Luke missed his therapist.” You told her. “Well, I missed my friend.” She stated, which caused you to smile. “But I am happy you were promoted. Hell knows you deserved it.” She noted.

As you followed her around a turn, you were met with Han, Chewie, and Luke. Luke immediately smiled as his eyes landed on you. Han presented his smug smirk, while Chewie greeted you with a hug. “I’ll be damned, you actually got her off Yavin,” Han commented. “It hurts you doubted me,” Leia replied. Luke cleared his throat and walked up to you as Chewie backed away.

“Hi.” Luke smiled.

“I don’t need the force to sense the awkwardness,” Han whispered and was soon punched by Leia. “Ow!” Han exclaimed. “C’mon, let’s leave ‘em alone,” Leia said and the three left the scene.

“Thought you’d still be training.” You spoke. “Yeah…I just wanted to see you.” He said. You couldn’t help but smile. You cheeks began to heat up and you lowered your head to prevent him from seeing the impact he had on you, which was useless. “I missed you.” He stated. “You’re going to be the end of me, Skywalker.” You smiled.


Time Trial - Gravity Rush 2

Does this remind anyone else of the speedway levels from the original Spyro trilogy? It’s a very “video game” feeling challenge theme and it fits the high speed, free flowing acrobatics required to ace the game’s many challenge missions.

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we already know the album title and we all know Eclipse had everything so the possibility of the ENTIRE album being out in the open isn't surprising at all. Lanas management/security is fucking awful she really needs a new team lmfao

He did have everything? Wtf.. I hope the rest of the album doesn’t leak.. I have a feeling Lana and her team should speed up the date if they wanna be careful of all the “fans” who leak.

not to get wildly specific but you know that feeling of euphoric vindication you get when you’re driving the correct speed and someone is riding your ass trying to intimidate you to go faster and you don’t do it because you don’t believe in living your life recklessly to appease other people so they get in the next lane over so they can speed up in front of you but karma grabs them by the throat and they get stuck behind someone going under the speed limit so they have to drive back behind you because you’re an adequate driver and you know what you’re doing and you can feel the guilt + shame permeating their vehicle as you just continue listening to your music of choice and safely heading towards your destination like lmao i would die for that feeling
watch me draw!

Hello, friends!

It was requested more than once so here it is: my YouTube channel!

I’ll be posting a variety of content: speed drawing videos (both digital and traditional), tutorials, art tips, drawing challenges, q&a videos in my pajamas, etc. Maybe even a random vlog here and there. And, of course, suggestions are always welcome!

So please do subscribe if this sounds appealing at all :D

And enjoy this simple self portrait speed drawing video!

  • Lena: How was your day?
  • Kara: Weird, actually. I stopped this chick from robbing a bank and I know she's supposed to be the bad guy but I couldn't help but feel like she was misunderst-
  • Lena: Excuse me one moment.
  • Lena: *speed dials Harley Quinn* Listen you little fucker I swear to god I will pull your head through your asshole by the piggy tails if you keep fucking with my shit
Which lazytown character should you fight


Who wins: Sportacus

The bad news is this guy has over 4000 confirmed jumps and boundless energy, strength, and speed. The good news is he probably won’t hurt you too badly. You will lose, though.


Who wins: ???

Robbie has a bad track record with winning fights, but that doesn’t mean he won’t give you a run for your money. This could go either way. But if you win you will feel awful about yourself.


Who wins: you

Stephanie has good speed and stamina, but she is lacking in brute strength. If you can hit her hard early on, this one goes to you.


Who wins: Stingy

Fight Stingy. He fights dirty and he’ll go right for the eyes, but he deserves to get roughed up a bit.


Who wins: you

Ziggy is erratic and pretty weak, as well as quite annoying. But he is a little kid and you probably won’t earn many bragging rights (or much satisfaction) from beating up a four-year-old.


Who wins: ???

The outcome of this fight completely depends on if you’re fighting irl or a video game. But why would you want to fight Pixel?


Who wins: Trixie

Trixie will obliterate you without breaking a sweat. Do not fight Trixie.

The Mayor

Who wins: you

It is actually physically impossible to fight the mayor. He does the job himself by tripping over his own feet before you can even make a move.

Miss Busybody

Who wins: Miss Busybody

Your greatest mistake is to underestimate Miss Busybody. When it comes down to it she has what it takes to deliver a smackdown, verbal or physical.



Who wins: Íþróttaálfurinn

Do you have a death wish. There is no way you come out of this fight with your dignity or your ribcage intact.


Who wins: ???

It depends what you mean by “winning.” There is no way this goes how you were expecting. Also, if he beats you he will step on your face in high heels.