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Another speedpaint! I feel like making these has gotten me to do more full paintings.  Zhonesi having some trouble with a giant octopus.
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It was requested more than once so here it is: my YouTube channel!

I’ll be posting a variety of content: speed drawing videos (both digital and traditional), tutorials, art tips, drawing challenges, q&a videos in my pajamas, etc. Maybe even a random vlog here and there. And, of course, suggestions are always welcome!

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And enjoy this simple self portrait speed drawing video!

We all know how Sportacus gets speeding tickets in Lazytown.

We all jokingly assumed that it’s because he’s a speed junkie or ticketed himself for going one mile over the speed limit, but this is Lazytown. The only character we see driving a car regularly is Stingy, who always drives slowly. Assuming he’s obeying the speed limit, then we know that Lazytown’s speed limit must be based on walking speed. The average human walking speed is 3 miles per hour while the average jogging speed is between 6 and 8. Imagine Sportacus getting a speeding ticket for jogging at 8 miles per hour (12 kph)!

The first time: “You’re giving me a speeding ticket because I’m jogging?”

BTS Scenario | Riding

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Requested from Anonymous.

 Warnings: Smut

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FILLED REQUEST: the manual, a young love! park jihoon au

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pairing: park jihoon x reader
genre: fluff, angst
wordcount: 2779
summary: Park Jihoon has always done things by the book. When your life intertwines with his, he finds himself wishing there were a manual for love.
warnings: none
(as per the request, this is vaguely inspired by eddy kim’s the manual! cross-posted on ao3.) 

The first time Park Jihoon really notices you is when you leave a note in his locker, asking to see him in your classroom after class hours. You’re both freshmen at Seoul’s premium performing arts high school, and barely two months of the school year have passed. Jihoon already dreads the awkward confrontation, but is too polite—and too unwilling to make enemies—to turn you down.

“Park Jihoon,” you say, your ears blazing red, “I like you.”

He asked around about you before coming here, finding the typical background: kid from the provinces, looking for a company to enter as a trainee, multi-talented. Unlike most of the others, however, you take your studies seriously, and naturally attract the other academically inclined students in your class. Bossy, blunt, and forward—not really words to describe an idol personality.

“Um,” he says, trying to find the words to say. You’re watching him with a calculating look on your face, and he swears you can see right through the bullshit consoling words he’s about to spout. Instead, he says, “I think we’d be great friends.”

And you shrug, closing your eyes before smiling at him. “It was worth a shot. You mean it?” Jihoon is surprised to find he does, that in a school full of fake smiles and soulless civility, your honesty is refreshing. When he nods, you come closer and shake his hand to seal the deal.

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