the feeling of falling

I was unaware I got this screenshot until reviewing the ones I got properly and I just…

Things I think when I kiss you

Trying not to stretch onto tiptoes,

I press my heels into the ground;

I’m worried it might be printed on the soles of my feet.

I fear that when your lips are in my hair

it may be wound round every follicle.

I dig my fingernails into my palms

(or yours)

And paint them neutral shades in case it shines

From beneath my cuticles.

I’ve doused myself in cocoa butter

In case I emit the scent of it on my skin.

I bite my lip,

Wrap my arms around my belly,

Kneel to hide the writing on the backs of my knees.

It is no use, darling,

Because you aren’t ready for the words,

But they cling to my eyelashes like sleep

and are braille between my freckles.

I’m sure you can taste them,

Unexpressed, effervescing

On my tongue.


happy birthday to our cute jimin!
thank you for being our angel

My favorite feeling is feeling your lips on mine

autumn moments to cherish
  • the smile on your friend’s face when you give them the perfect gift
  • discovering new songs you adore that fit the season
  • leaves crunching under your feet
  • drinking hot chocolate together with a loved one
  • buying lots of new books because you’ve finally got time to read in the autumn holidays
  • being proud of oneself for little accomplishments
  • strolling through the city after school when it’s already dark outside
  • finding a new great study-spot/cafe
  • the taste of pumpkin flavored everything
  • the cozy feeling of being inside while it rains
  • buying new oversized sweaters and scarves
  • preparing for halloween with your friends

I cant even imagine the amount of pressure that namjoon must be feeling with all these upcoming american interviews…i really hope the people doing those interviews do their research so there arent any dumb, rude, or awkward questions