the feeling is reciprocal in the song and the video

I don’t know how to describe this video, so I’ll say this instead:

You make more of a difference in people’s lives than your mind has led you to believe. You mean much more to people than you realize. You are truly not alone in how you feel. 

Support goes both ways– if he’s helped you, you’ve helped him.

Please don’t leave.

Song: The Amity Affliction - Pittsburgh (Acoustic Cover) 

okay so you know the song Genghis Khan by Miike Snow?

it’s got a really quality video and so I am feeling the need for 2 movies? Sorta cheesy spy comedy thing where the super villain is only fighting the spy because that’s his “role” and what he’s meant to do. His wife urges him on (also she would be the most badass character in the movie) and is the real villain. The spy learns that the villain is in love with him, and is shocked to find he reciprocates the villain’s feelings. (Surprise, the spy was only fighting the villain because he thought he had to) The badass wife leaves the villain because she believes that he’s gone soft, and then she decides to do the dirty work and take over the world. (She waits until the sequel to do so, because she’s smart and plans)  The villain and the hero get together and have a happy marriage and stuff.

Then the sequel happens and the hero and villain team up to take down the badass new villain. She’s really competent and that’s when  A T EAM OF TWO MARRIED LESBIANS TEAM UP WITH THE HERO AND EX-VILLAIN AND ARE WAY MORE BADASS. I don’t know what happens after that.