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It’s midnight, and even though I’m not awake and you probably aren’t either, I just wanted to say: I’m thinking of you. Always and forever and then some.
—  12:00AM// queue the reminder

Me(internally): ugggh they are so amazing and beautiful and smart and cute I wish they’d notice me😣

Them, one day: Hey you’re super awesome, do you wanna go out sometime?


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I write and I write
I release and I release
but it seemed
no matter how hard I tried
you continued to invade my mind.
Perhaps it was time
to accept reluctant defeat
and admit you were here to stay
a permanent presence, only I could feel
locked away so tight, yet just as free
to follow me along
this path that I lead.

A Constant Companion

You Left; I Tried

I wished I would have been a fish,
The lover of humans, a cute big dolphin.
I might have come with all my speed,
Piercing every wave of the ocean.
Just for you, to save you from drowning,
And be the part of the greyish ocean.
You never knew what it was,
Gulping you so deep so hard.
But my pains, my agonies and my sorrows,
All gathered, assembled in a dreadful form,
A wrathful, horrible and powerful storm.
All I could do, and what I did,
I steered my ship right towards you.
For you once again, I withstood the storm.
Though every clash, broke my ship, bit by bit.
The Clouds, the Winds; the Stars, the Moon,
The Constellations, the Planets; the Galaxies, the Universe,
I tried my best, all of them saw.
But Ocean, this time, was ready to accept
You forever; so down you went,
When I shouted and cast away a rope,
A rope so strongly tied to my heart.
But like always, you didn’t hold this time,
I pulled it out, wrapped it around my heart.
If ever in history, would it be written,
What made the difference, was only one thing.
You found me dying, but you left.
I found you dying, and I tried.

– Mohib ( @tenaciousbirdreview ).

Inspired by the post of @whispering-soul-in-darkness, I wrote this poetry.

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spockvarietyhour  asked:

how do you feel about the ongoing sorta not defined relationship between Quark and Ro?


Like, on the one hand, I’m kind of delighted by it, in that she seems to like him both in spite of his flaws and SORT OF because of them? It’s very relatable, ha ha haaaaa oh god. and i like that (from what i’ve skimmed, anyway) some of the authors have used their relationship to explore quark’s reluctance to change as a person. there’s a conversation along the lines of “if I became a better person, would I even be ME” in one of them that i LOVED.

on the OTHER HAND: what if ro and kira kissed

You wouldn’t break
a bird’s wings
just to make it stay.

That’s the reason why
you should let a heart go,
when it feels suffocated
in your embrace.

—  ma.c.a // Free Will

“If I’d’ve known that would be the last hug you ever gave me, I would’ve held on longer.”

- D.N. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #189