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ok so, about crushing waters/child of the ocean au

Basically, the story follows this idea of mine that Lance’s family is blood/soul tied in relation to Ceto-the Greek goddess of the dangers of the ocean and of sea monsters. It’s based on a story that I hear when I was very young about the deities of the sea.

The idea is that Lance’s Great grandmother was Greek… but she hid the fact that she was also a ‘Child of the Ocean’, those who gained favor from Ceto by giving her their last breath of air when they were drowning. These people can change their form into that of sea beasts, and in some aspects control the ocean. Their bodies and general biology also changes so that they’re able to shift from their beast form to their human form, which also effects other aspects of their bodies such as gender, lungs, and occasionally changing them from warm blooded to cold blooded creatures. Most of these children of the ocean decide to stay there, and use their powers during storms to drown sailors in revenge for the painful afterlife they now live, but they’re still thankful to Ceto for saving their lives.

The gift also carries on through the blood, by with each generation, the effects weaken, unless they call upon Ceto for aide once more. 

So, when Lance prayed to Ceto, he called upon her to help him in his time of need… by turning him into some type of sea beast. I don’t think he’d be a merman, because while they can be constituted as seabeasts, they’re not really monsters, so I’ll probably come up with something for him to continue with the AU. 

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Could you do headcanons on how the Big three kiss their s/o?? Like how intimate, how often, where they like to kiss their s/o the most?? If u could make it poly that would be great, thank you so much, I love your blog!!

I very much hope I could write it well enough and that you’ll like it and that it is what you hoped for!


- It would take him a while until he grew comfortable and confident enough in his relationship to instigate kisses more and more on his own, or to get the courage up to ask for them. He loves and enjoys them, though his partner would have to be patient and give him some time to get used to all that attention bestowed upon him.

- He gives really gentle and light kisses; he loves to kiss his partner’s cheek or the corners of their mouth. When kisses get really intimate with him, he tends to cradle their face in his hands and he pays close attention to what they like when he kisses them and he does his best to ensure they enjoy it.

- The more emotional he feels about them, the gentler his kisses become and he just tries to show how much his love means to him and how much he treasures them.

- He isn’t kissing them overly often, though he always accepts the kisses they want to give him, as long as they’re not in public, or at least not in front of a crowd.


- She tends to kiss her partner more when they cuddle. She starts out pecking their lips and depending on how playful she feels, she would pepper kisses along their jaw and cheeks and against their nose.

- If they’re not hugging or cuddling, she tends to place rather chaste kisses against their cheek and mouth or, if they touch her face, she kisses their hand.

- Mostly, her kisses hold lightheartedness to them, something easy and comfortable. Often enough, her kisses can turn playful. If she gets more intent though, her partner knows right away, since she becomes more languid before deepening the kisses, firmly and hot.

- Nejire is always happy to accept and receive kisses from her partner. She likes sharing chaste kisses in public, though nothing deeper or more intimate. If her partner doesn’t like to kiss in front of other people, she respects it and if they are okay with it, she loves to holds their hand.


- He enjoys kissing his partner and he’s always aware of if they are welcoming it or not. Still, he’s no over the top kisser and while he instigates enough kisses, he also lets his partner come to him if they want one.

- His kisses are always very warm and often enough, with a hint of a happy smile. Mirio loves to let his partner lean or rest against him while they’re kissing, cradling them close and concentrating on just them.

- Intimate kisses can get a bit wet and sloppy with him, especially if his partner is reciprocating with just as much intensity. Aside from that, even if they’re kissing deeply, there is always that underlying thread of lovingness from him that never misses, no matter how they kiss.

- Mirio isn’t one to really instigate public kisses, though he willingly gives his partner one if they ask. He rather hugs or holds his partner’s hand, or gives them the occasional peck against the cheek.


- With those three, there are a lot of kisses while hugging or cuddling, especially when they feel very comfortable and just want to show each other and their partner how happy they are or how much they love them.

- Mirio and Nejire don’t push Amajiki or their partner if they are more shy and reserved and while they are both vocal and reassuring that they would always welcome affection, they also make sure Amajiki and their partner know they have all the time and respect and support in the world to grow comfortable in their relationship.

- Receiving kisses from all three at the same time can get a bit dizzying, since Nejire is very clear and capturing in her kisses, while Amajiki’s brush and lightly press along spots they love and Mirio’s warm them up from the inside out.

- While some of them tend to hog each other or their partner at times when kissing, they are all aware that everyone is together in this relationship and they do their best to keep everything equal or to extend invites for the others to join the kissing session.

Hey, guys! I wanted to announce that I’m joining the PIxel Horror Jam that starts in July. It’ll be about four months long, running until the end of October, but because of ~reasons~ I’m not certain I’ll be able to commit to all that time. Details on that below.

But the game itself! It’s called Achroma, if the art up there didn’t give that away. It’s… a difficult thing to describe, but the idea is that you play a robot person living in a society governed by an autocratic AI. Also, um, the robots have technicolor blood - except for you. Yours is grey. Listen it’s a little bit of a weird game.

But, good news: you get to play as this cute robo person:

(I got real lazy with the hands and feet…)

Also here’s some more random concept art (I’ve been satisfying my urge to get started by messing around with random pics.)

I’ve got the game outlined and about 50% of the script done. My plan is that it’ll be fairly short, maybe an hour or two at most and visual novel-y in genre. I’m not trying for anything real ambitious here, just a small little thing.

So - what about DE, and what about the time thing? Well, my next semester of college includes a few very demanding classes. During that time, I doubt I’ll be able to focus much on else besides. So DE will have to go on hiatus until after next semester - I might work on it in the meanwhile, but I don’t want to make promises. As for this: I didn’t want to start DE and then drop it again, but I also didn’t want to do nothing. So I’ve decided to try and make this little oneshot game. If the due date comes and it’s not complete, I imagine I’ll just post what I have, maybe return to it when I have more time to devote.

Anyway, thanks for hanging around. I’m excited to see where this goes.

Imagine Woozi calling you on your birthday so that he could wish you but gets interrupted by the other members who keep screaming birthday greetings to you in the background.

BONUS: Despite the other members interrupting him and overall making it hard to have to a peaceful conversation with you, Woozi isn’t bothered by it one bit since it’s because them that he is able to hear the sounds of your adorable laughter through the call.

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junglecock the type that would say he'll help you in the kitchen but he just ends up wrapping his arms around your waist, kissing and nipping at your neck as you're cutting up onions and you're like "bruh, i needa finish this can you not?" and he just smirks and is like "i'm not telling you to stop. by all means if you wanna finish then finish"

HDNDODMWODME NOT OKAY NO THANK YOU I DIDNT NEED THIS RN IM 😭 I would turn around and give him a piece of my mind ,,, by kissing his stupid face all over bc he’s too cute

10 (questionably) fun facts

Forever ago @parentingbycommittee tagged me to share 10 fun facts about me.

1. I can’t think of anything. I’m really bad at talking about myself. I guess this is kind of a fact in itself.

2. I just deleted two facts after deciding they were too lame.

3. If I could read books all day, I would. Even just having them around makes me happy. For homework in elementary school once we had to estimate the number of books in our homes and my dad helped me estimate that there were over a thousand.

4. I had a pet parakeet as a kid. When my siblings decided they each wanted one also, we built a massive floor-to-ceiling enclosure out of wire in my room so they’d have space to fly around. It was noisy as crap and I had misgivings from the start but for some reason I never complained. Sometimes in the middle of the night one of the birds would have a nightmare or something and fly around banging into the walls and they’d all end up in a frenzy.

5. I am not someone who can just whip together dinner from whatever is in the kitchen. I need a recipe laid out concretely so I can follow it to the letter. I wish I had the skills to create and experiment with meals.

6. I am often happiest and most in my element when I’m alone.

7. Of course I value friends and family but I’m terrible at staying in touch. I rarely initiate conversations and I have to remind myself to ask how the other person is doing. I do best with people who share a passion I have, so we can babble excitedly about that for hours, and/or people who also deep down just want to be alone, so we can chill in parallel instead of having to do something draining like UGH go to a party.

8. Given these last two facts, I always think it’s funny I ended up in a career where I am constantly thrown into uncomfortable situations with tons of new people, where I have to confront and be confronted by people, where I have to make phone calls and knock on doors and ask and answer a hundred awkward and scary questions. When I’m out in the field I often freeze up in the moment, and then I go home or back to the office and clear my head and figure out how to say what I want to say. Sometimes I feel best about my work when I write it all out in a court report and when someone who reads it tells me they feel like they were THERE.

9. I was objectively uncool and extremely shy as a kid/teen but my self-esteem was always through the roof. I never needed to dress or look a certain way to feel good about myself. I never thought about or put effort into my appearance. I didn’t wear makeup until I was 21, I chose outfits based on comfort and practicality and knew nothing about brands or trends, I never did anything with my hair. I may have been quiet and awkward but I was never insecure in myself. Looking back now I cringe at some memories when adult-me knows I embarrassed myself in front of other kids, but overall I think it was a positive thing that I felt so secure without needing to meet other people’s expectations about what was cool.

10. From a young age (maybe 10?) I have had a recurring vision of myself as an adult, sitting alone in my parents’ cabin in the woods. The image that pops into my head is me sitting on the couch, holding a mug of hot chocolate in my hands, looking out the window as a thunderstorm rages outside. I think this started as a fantasy, imagining myself as a grown-up, in my favorite place, taking care of myself. But there was always something ominous in it too. I would be excited by the thought of growing up and going back there, maybe living alone there, and then this feeling of gloom or dread or worry would creep in. It felt like a real thing that would happen in the future, something to be afraid of because the circumstances bringing me back to that spot all alone wouldn’t be entirely happy ones. It still feels that way.

I tag @pixiedoodlein @in-wayy-over-my-head @tempmom @fosterlet @northlandparenting …I find these pretty fascinating to read.

so. something that’s been bothering me recently about my blog is that. both ck and eliot (as apparent by ck’s choice to actively bring his appreciation and love of the culture into his portrayal) have cherokee roots and i haven’t really touched on it. mostly because i’m scared i’ll get it wrong even though i’m actively researching and trying. because i’m not a part of the culture or anything and i know that eliot is respectful and loving when it comes to his native american heritage. so. idk. i feel like it’s important to eliot and to my portrayal of him and i just don’t even really know where to start in bringing that more into how i write him. and it’s lowkey stressful. i mean it’s not something that would effect every single thread just. there are occasions where it would be brought up and i don’t want to fuck it up.

OKAY I was skeptical of MeUndies and annoyed that they seem to be everywhere but I finally got a pair and DAMN I have a happy booty right now

Updated list of muses

My own take on the Beast
Butch Gilzean from Gotham
Bruce Wayne from Gotham
Lenny from Legion - when I watch the show. I know they’re going to be my muse.
Shego from Kim Possible
Joseph Oda from The Evil Within
Octavia from The 100

And that’s all I can recall for now! This is to come in the next few weeks/in-between things. I’m feeling so much better and I look forward to even more in the days to come!

Thank you to everyone’s kind messages and support this eve - it means so much to me.