the feel good inc

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Would you make a playlist for Komaeda kin ? I hope this isn’t a bother !

its not a bother at all! its my pleasure <3 

guns for hands - twenty one pilots 

leave me alone - fidlar 

wires - the neighborhood 

american trash - innerpartysystem 

meant to be yours - heathers 

afraid - the neighborhood 

feel good inc - gorillaz 

i am sh!t - crywank 

airplane mode - limbo 

body - mother mother 

migraine - twenty one pilots 

help - pink guy 

mad hatter - melanie martinez 

i can’t decide - scissor sisters 

miss jackson - panic! at the disco 

me: *having just discovered gorillaz, watching Feel Good Inc for the first time*


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me: oh lort,, who is that???  👀 🔍

Murdoc, in every other fucking video:

me:  👀 ………………… …. *slowly puts down magnifying glass* ….