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Hiya!! I'm just curious, what is your absolute favorite song from the new gorillaz album, and from the former albums? BTW your art style is so stylish !

Oh!! Well, I dont know if it counts, but Sleeping Powder is probably my absolute favourite out of ALL their new songs! Though if you want to stick to the Humanz album specifically, then I’d say either Saturnz Barz or Andromeda. Though Humanz is probably my least favourite album out of them all since it’s not exactly my style of music but I still do like the album overall! Just not a favourite

Other faves are: Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood. Demon Days - Feel Good inc. Plastic Beach - Rhinestone eyes. Though I adore a LOT of the songs on these 3 albums, it’s hard choosing just one!! I basically listen to all 3 of these albums at work constantly lol

also, ahh thanks so much!!

me: *having just discovered gorillaz, watching Feel Good Inc for the first time*


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me: oh lort,, who is that???  👀 🔍

Murdoc, in every other fucking video:

me:  👀 ………………… …. *slowly puts down magnifying glass* ….