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Would you choose to have had your brother survive with you but never have met and liberated Nasir?

A fucking difficult question. One that I can not make. To wish for my brother to remain alive would mean I condemn Nasir to a life of slavery; leave him at the hands of enemies. To wish my brother dead is a thought I would never hold, sooner to rip heart from chest. I wish for them both. A part of me died with Duro, and what was left, saved by Nasir.


At the end of a long, long day…

Gonna get by
Gonna get through
When the well runs dry
I’m gonna call to you.

There’s no up, there’s no down
And there’s no way around
At the end of the day

(‘The End of the Day’ by Doug Paisley)

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Skinship timeline for daehyun?

bias bias bias bias bias bias huh what bias ohh the feeelsss

okay let’s see here

> 1: Holding Hands: This kid’s hand will be itching to touch yours throughout the entire first date. Then, when you’re least expecting it, he’ll finally lock his fingers with yours and probably be all sly about it and not make it a big deal, even though he’ll probably be dying on the inside.

> 2: Kissing: I also see Daehyun dropping you off on the first date with a small peck on the cheek. Afterwards, he’ll probably smile like an idiot and say “I can’t wait to do that again.“ And the next time he tries to "do it again”, his lips will touch your lips, and not your cheek. ugh kiss me Dae

> 3: Cuddling: Daehyun looks like a cuddlier. Like a really, really, really good cuddlier. It’ll start off with him holding your hand somewhere in public, then he’ll pull you closer to him and put his arms around you. Then, he’ll start mumbling sweet things in your ear and saying, “Jagiyah, can we go home and properly cuddle?“ And when you do get home, he’ll hold you like that all night until you both fall asleep.

> 4: Making Out: A make out session with Daehyun would happen out of nowhere with you, but he would most likely have planned it carefully in his mind for a while. He’d probably start it off by complimenting you out of nowhere one day, to which you’d blush and he’d mutter how adorable you are as he slowly gets closer. Then, after that, his lips would be on yours before either of you could say anything else. And then, he’d slowly turn the kiss into more.

Daehyun I am single and ready for you LOVE MEEHHH 

Michaela Hyakuya /Slaine Troyard

Ladies & Gentleman:

We have to take this seriously… Mika and Slaine… with the same seiyuu.. im dyinggggg.. i cant breatheee…

Ono Kensho… i didn’t know the you cant break my heart only using your voiceee!!!

This two characters basically have a crappy past!! //sobs//Feeelsss feeelss everywhere… i cant even…

Last weekend was Dokomi! It was so much fun! I just love the location, was mostly shooting at the Japanese Garden ^__^.
I remade Ventus and wore Casual Levi. Next week It’s japantag. I am pretty excited for it since I will wear Roxas and Lighterfoxxx Olette. <3. All the kingdom hearts FEEELSSS ^_____________^  

I recently also made a Instagram account so If you have one! tell me XD. Would love to follow your works ^__^


This video is UNBELIEVABLY spectacular. <3

It captures the wonder of Disney perfectly.