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Running Home To You (Part 2) [a Barry Allen/Sebastian  Smythe imagine]

Request: The Running Home to You imagine tho…. Y U GOTTA DO ME LIKE THAT!!!!!! 😥😰😭😪 DA FEELS 👏🙌 I HOPE THERE IS A WEDDING SCENE 👰👫👬💕💍💎

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Part 1

Sebastian gulps, straightening out his tie in the mirror. It’s like the one he used to wear back at Dalton. Except, instead of performing at sectionals or regionals, it’s his wedding day. Blaine brought Kurt and a few other Warblers, along with yours and Barry’s friends. “How do they look? Are they gorgeous? I mean,” he scoffs, “Who am I kidding? Of course they are. How many minutes do I have?” he rambles, spinning on the heel of his shiny black dress shoe.

Raising his hands, Blaine chuckles, looking back at his husband. Originally, Barry was a bit wary of having Blaine at the wedding (“He looks exactly like Music Meister; just with more hair gel!”), but after coaxing the speedster warmed up. “Woah there, Seb, we were actually coming to get you.” he chuckles, nodding his head. “Come on.”

With one final check of his hair, which he brushes behind his ear, he straightens his tie, following the pair to the hall. Pressing his hands to his black slacks, Sebastian inhales, stopping at the doors. They had figured Barry would be at the alter, then he would enter, followed by you. Squaring his shoulders, he sees Blaine and Kurt push the doors open; everybody stands up. Slowly, he pads down the aisle with Joe, tears hiding in his eyes as the music plays.

Joe smiles when they get to the end, nodding at his son before standing to the side. With a breath of air, Barry takes one of his fiance’s hands, grinning from ear to ear. “You look so handsome!” he giggles quietly, leaning towards his face.

“Well, you don’t look so bad yourself, B.” Sebastian whispers, tugging on one of the speedsters lapels, chucking at the little Flash symbol pinned on. He’s about to say more, but the music starts up again, so he stands up straighter, placing his hands in front of him.

The doors reopen and you emerge, holding onto (whoever’s) forearm. Your sparkly white dress cascades behind you as you walk, nervously peering at your friends. Sebastian slaps Barry’s chest; both of their mouths hanging open. Blushing, you step in front of the two men, wobbling slightly in your silver heels.

They both reach out to steady you, grinning. “You look…” Barry trails off, sucking in a breath, green eyes shimmering with tears.

“Amazing.” Sebastian finishes.


“Barry, Y/N, from the moment I met you two, I knew I was in love. I’ve always thought I’d marry a man and settle down and shit…” the Warbler laughs dryly, “In a way, I still am, but in addition to a wonderful man,” he smirks at Barry, turning to you, “I scored an absolutely gorgeous woman as well.” he beams, “And, the two of you make me better; you make me feel loved, wanted. I vow to make you both feel loved until my last breath- Y/N, please stop crying, you’re making me cry.” Sebastian chuckles, wiping his eyes.

You sniffle, waving your hand in front of your face. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” you breathe, swallowing harshly as Barry rubs your arm. “Oh, is it my turn now?” you pant, looking around; people laugh quietly and Sebastian nods. “Okay, okay, um,” you swallow, trying to get ahold of yourself. “Boys, my beautiful boys,” you grin at them, “I love you more than the entire multiverse. You both are the complete opposites, and sometimes you get on my nerves, but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s not the same without the two of you.”

“Barry, I’ve loved you from the start. You’re so full of light and everything pure in the world and you let me be apart of that. When we need you, you’re there in a flash.” you pun, watching him wipe the corner of his eye, chuckling softly. “And Sebastian,” you turn to him, “Ever since you entered our lives, it’s been an adventure. Over time I began to love you. I learned how passionate you are and hardworking…” He sobs into his hand. “I remember the first time I needed you… You sang to me when Barry left… Your Song. That was the moment I knew I loved you.” you pout, trying not to break. “My vow is to always be there when you need me.” you swallow.

Biting his lip as the audience claps, Barry inhales, rubbing Sebastian’s back. “Hey, I still need to go.” he laughs, watching Sebastian get himself together, nodding. “Erm, well, Y/N, Bas, I’m not the best with words. I tend to ramble and get ahead of myself and make everyone awk-” Sebastian coughs. “-ward… Like now, heh.” he laughs quietly, “Anyway, you guys… are the loves of my life. Y/N, you had my heart right from the start. And, Bas, I know I wasn’t with you until after Flashpoint, but, god, I’m so glad we found you. The two of you are the lights of my life and… I’m so happy to have you.” he grins, “I vow to protect you whatever the circumstance; both of you.”

You sniffle, drying your eyes as Sebastian gulps his tears. As if practiced, Joe hands all of you the rings. You go first, picking up the gold band and turning. The Warbler cracks a smirk, eyeing how you slip the ring on his finger, kissing him. It’s salty because of how much he’s crying and you suck on his lip softly, pulling away. Then, Sebastian, through sobs, picks up the silver band, sliding it on Barry’s finger. They share a kiss, much like yours and Sebastian’s, before Barry is smiling at you. You hold your hand out, eyeing the way the speedster hesitates.

Thumbing the diamond, Barry grabs Sebastian’s hand, placing it on his. A little sob escapes the Warbler when they put the ring on your finger together. Both men kiss you as the audience cheers. Now, you are Mrs. Y/N Allen-Smythe.


Since when are the popular guy of school and the creepy loner BFF?
                 What about the mutual scar Nance’ and Jon are sharing on their hands?
                                       And does she have two boyfrends now?

The fact that they were people others would sit around making up whispers or gossip about was enough in itself to be impressive. Rumors. Unfonded. Most of the time.
They were known as the Three Amigos or the Three Stooges or the Three little Pigs. But their favorite was the Three Moirai –Nancy unilaterally decided she was Clotho ; Steve was Lachesis ; and Jon, Atropos.
In some way, despite being labeled now persona non grata, they were secretely envied. A clan of three, a family, inseparable. And in high school, most kids never had that.
Whatever had happened in autumn 1983, it changed everything. It changed them.

It’s My Turn

Here’s a feelsy little ficlet based on the scene in the 2nd trailer with Molly on the phone looking emotional. I have no basis for, well, anything…but I just thought I’d have fun. :)

Molly cursed under her breath as she heard her mobile ringing on the table. She hurried to dry her hands from the dishwater and run over to answer, her pulse already racing.

“Yes, hello?”


Her heart soared but also ached at the familiar sound of his voice. “Sherlock, where are you? What’s going on so far?”

“Are Mrs. Hudson and Rosie ok?”

“Y-yes, they are, but what’s going on with you?” Her fear was mounting, given the way he was evading her question.

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Sam woke from a deep sleep and his heart was still fluttering. It had been so real. Your arms were around his neck again. He had breathed in your smell. The sound of your voice, instantly soothing away any anxiety, and your laugh lifting his spirit. He had crashed into bed fully clothed and now he was thankful. He was able to jump up out of bed and search. 

He rushed through the bunker ending up in the library, hoping against all hope that you would be sitting on the floor in front of the fire with a book and a cup of tea, warming your toes in their thick woolen socks. You would look up with a smile and your eyes would be sparkling, like they always did, more than anyone he had ever known.

But he was met only with an empty room and a cold hearth. There was no sign of your boots near the bottom of the stairs where you always kicked them off. No coat on the coat hook. The flowers in the vase in the corner were dried and dead, the water molding the stems, but still he refused to throw them out.

It was a cruel realization and he felt his heart breaking into even smaller pieces. It had felt so real but it was only a cheap fabrication in his mind. You were still gone, and the emptiness settled in more deeply.