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artist: defsoul ( 임재범 )
album: la vie en rose - the first full album
genre: r&b / soul  
release date: march 28th, 2017 
language: english / korean  

this is the second album by artist im jaebum, also known by his producing name defsoul. it’s a piece completely dedicated to his producing style and features ten different artists, including himself ( see nostalgia ) – though the mystery remains just who some of the artists featured actually are. the album’s title is la vie en rose, meaning “life through rosey glasses” and features a simple pink rose for the cover. not much had been posted to allude to the album beforehand, which caused many of his fans to be surprised by the album’s release so suddenly ( though rumors had been speculating that it would have been by the end of march ). nevertheless, his promise has been fulfilled and the wait is over – here is la vie en rose.   

full album tracklist:
castaway ( ft. unknown ) @rkrose
cold water ( ft. moos & JIYEON ) @rkpjy , @ianrk
put my hands on you ( ft. hwang inho & lee taeyong ) @rktaeyxng , @rkinho
like you ( ft. unknown ) @rkrose
tell me ( ft. unknown & YMT ) @yienrk , @rkrose 
calling in love ( ft. jasta & king ) @dahyexrk , @kingxrk
sober ( ft. gabriel kim ) @rkjongin 

listen to the full album here :: defsoul’s previous ep here ! 

I spent more time on his hat than his face tbh and didn’t put a lot of effort in his clothes but here is the thing

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“ I am traveling the world, falling in love with each landscape and capturing birds in its real ecosystem.”

  • “Diana Beltran Herrera (b. 1987, Colombia) is a designer and artist that has been working over the past years with ordinary materials as wire, cardboard, plastic, and paper, the primary medium in the production of her work. After graduating from her BA degree in industrial Design at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University (Bogota, Colombia) in 2010, Herrera decided to pursue design as an experimental practice, researching daily about different materials that exist around us and are present in our everyday lives. For Herrera, there is a considerable distance in the relationship between human and nature, and throughout her work, she aims to repair this relation by producing elements that are constantly removed, altered and forgotten. Her work is presented as a resistance of time. Her sculptures portray the ideal state of a thing and also act like a model of representation of a reality that doesnt suffer any change.”

all images ©diana  beltran herrera