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When Night Comes *Vamp!Bucky Barnes x Reader*

Title: When Night Comes |The Lost Boys (1987) au|
Ratings: Explicit content (18+); Smut later on. Mentions of blood and violent topics. Murder & aggressive behaviour. Vampires and supernatural monsters.
Characters: Bucky Barnes, The lost boys characters (some), Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton & Sam Wilson /Alongside/ Sharon Carter, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff & Rumlow
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Steve (great-great-grandson to Bucky - explained). Sharon Carter x Reader (siblings)

Summary: You had just moved to a small beach town in Santa Carla, California with your sister, Sharon. You spend most nights on the boardwalk as your sister works at a small cinema in town. After an accidental run in with the mysterious, Bucky Barnes, motorcycle gang leader things go a little upside down. Something about you lures him in and something about him gives you apprehension. Like most women though, you’re attracted to him, although most women aren’t seen again.

I’m sorry this part is so long. I wanted to introduce The Lost Boys without actually introducing them, making this over two-thousand words, I am awfully sorry. Everyone blame my best friend @promarvelfangirl​ she never told me not to!

You gaze out of the car’s window, head resting against the glass as you take in the sights. The sun blazing and hot, your new life in sunny California is beginning today. You sigh gently and push yourself off of the window, sitting up against the leather interior of you sisters car, glancing her way. Her golden hair was illuminated by the California sun, her eyes looked tired but hopeful. Sharon needed out of your hometown, not wanting her to go off on her own, you tagged along because it seemed you both needed fresh new starts.

“So, our apartment is right near the beach. Close to the boardwalk,” Sharon breaks the silence. “I have an enough money saved from…”  she trailed off before starting again, “from before, that should be enough to hold us over on rent for a few months.”

You nod slowly. “That’s good, there’s bound to be jobs here for us.” You shrug, Sharon let’s out a little chuckle of an agreement.

“This is gonna be fun,” it sounds like she’s trying to convince herself more than you. “Us, two sisters, leaving our horrible lives behind. Starting anew, it’s gonna be good!”

Sharon pulls up outside the apartment building, it’s a small little complex area, gated and looks nice enough. You both get out of the car; Sharon is smiling widely up at the building making you smile, she needed this and you’re more than willing to make this work. You watch as Sharon gets the keys to the place, her smile never faltering even when you park the car in the lot, and getting the few bags you brought with you both.

The apartment was medium sized, open planned too. Two bedrooms and one bathroom, it had a little balcony that overlooked the beach and the boardwalk. This was now your new home, it would do as a Kickstarter place, eventually you actually wanted a house but leaving with a few clothes and little money meant this was it. You pulled your bags into your room, it was homely; a small double bed up against the window and a wardrobe plus vanity. The walls were an off-white, carpet a light grey, simple and just what you needed.

“Hey, tonight we should go walk along the beach and boardwalk, see if there are any available jobs.” Sharon leans against your doorframe, you give a gentle nod as you sit on the bed. “I just want to say, thanks, for coming with me. I know leaving all your friends and our parents behind were difficult.” She smiles sincerely, you give a little grin back.

“Listen, we’re a team, me and you.” You stand up and walk to your older sister, “I couldn’t let my partner in crime leave without me, that boring old town wouldn’t have been any fun without Shazza,” you hip bump her and she laughs rolling her eyes. “Ice creams are on me,” you call as she turns to leave.

“You bet your ass they’re on you, Y/N.”


The boardwalk in the evening looked beautiful. The sounds of music coming from the arcades plus the few rides, people’s mindless chatter as they walk or sit. The bright lights illuminated the area with red, white and yellow. Sharon walked on ahead a little, not one for stopping and taking in the sights. Your eyes cast over the crowd by the entrance; California was different to what you were used to, the people and places, it would take some time to get used to.

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Your eyes glance over a group of men, all crowded around one, motorcycles all lined up. All clad in leather jackets, ripped jeans and biker gloves. They were parked outside the entrance to the boardwalk, the place you wanted to go into once Sharon had looked around. One was sat on his bike, white hair slicked back and black coat, a smirk as he watched one of his friends talk. His white hair made his pale skin look slightly less ghostly, although his cerulean eyes stood out against his white complexion. A girl clung to the back of him, bright auburn hair that even at night looked fiery, a red leather jacket and ripped jeans. Her hair looked vibrant against her pale skin, her dainty hands stroked through the male’s hair affectionately causing you to look away.

“Y/N?” Your name was called; you turned to Sharon who was stood outside of a small theatre. You stroll over, a male stands beside your sister, kind face and smile as he smoked on the cigarette careful to not blow smoke in your face. “This is Clint, he owes this cinema,” you look and see what movies are playing. Only two; The Fearless Vampire Killers and The Wolf Man.

You glanced at Clint, his sandy blonde hair and kind blue eyes, he had a few tattoos up his arms but most were covered by his rolled-up grey sleeves. “Those look like old horror movies.” You observe and he nods once.

“This movie theatre has been around for years,” Clint smiles. “Plus old horrors are classics, kid. Besides people come here to make out and not watch the movies, it’s here where everyone’s parents got together.” You chuckled with Sharon at that. “Anyway, Sharon we’ve got a job opening, our last ticket rep hasn’t been turning up.” He shrugs gently and stubs the cigarette out on the floor with his boot.

“I’ll take it,” Sharon says almost instantly, you give her a look but she shrugs you off. “It’s a good starting point, listen I’m gonna talk to Clint some more, I’ll text you when I’m done. Go have fun,” she nudges you away, you sigh gently but do as she says, giving a last look to Clint who smiles softly.

You slowly walk back towards the boardwalk entrance, kicking a few stones with your black converse. You peek up through your lashes to the motorcycles, none of the gang was there, you gave a little sigh of relief; it’s not that you thought they’d say anything to you but that little nagging feeling tugged at your stomach, a sign you should have listened to when back at home. You looked at the bikes as you got closer, all black and shiny, big handlebars and a few decorated with stickers. 

As you walked past, you hear someone shout, thinking it was Sharon calling for you, you turn but stumble and bump into someone and lost your footing.

You fall backwards and land on something, whatever it was fell with you and crashed to the floor, you fall on top of it. You groan in pain, your back was pressing into something hard and cold. When you opened your eyes the colour drained from your face, you had knocked over one of their motorcycles. You shot up and begin trying to pull it up, it was too heavy, of course. Nothing looked broken, you hoped; the first day here and you’re already going to get on some gang’s hit list, for sure.

“Did you do this?” A deep voice called, you stopped trying to pull on the handle and your heart rate picked up in speed.

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Slowly you turned around and the air got stuck in your throat. You hadn’t seen this man amongst the crowd of people, you would have remembered him. His eyes were a deep, stormy grey, that stood out against his light skin. Dark stubble littered across his clenched jaw, framing pink lips that were pulled into a frown. The man’s hair was long, tickling against his jaw and he swept a hand to push some behind his ear, both hands covered by black, fingerless, leather gloves.

You debated on lying, he looked menacing and tall, broad shoulders hidden under a black leather jacket. “Uh-yes, I did.” He raised an eyebrow, “but it was by accident, I swear. I heard someone yell, I tripped and fell into it, I really didn’t meant to. God, I am so sorry, I’ll pay any damages.” You rush, holding your hands to him and he continued to stare at you for a few seconds. You gulped when he stepped to you, you held your breath not knowing what he was going to do but instead he stepped around you, gripping the bike and pulling it up with ease. “…I am really sorry.” You mumble.

You watched as he examined his motorcycle, you crossed your arms over your stomach and frowned, praying no damage had been done. Truthfully, you didn’t have any money to give him to pay for damages. You cursed yourself for meeting a handsome guy this way, breaking his motorcycle; not that you think you’d have a chance with him but it would have been nice to meet this sinful guy in different circumstances. Eventually, his eyes drifted up to you, you tried not to look too worried or afraid.

“It’s fine,” you let out a long sigh and started to breathe normally. “You’re not from around here,” it was a statement more than a question, you nodded once. “Yeah, people around here usually put a lot of space between themselves and me or our bikes.” You frowned, turning to see that people kept their distance from you and this guy, giving curious but concerned glances to him. “They’d also blame another person.”

“Well, not gonna lie, I thought about it.” You chuckled nervously and he smirked with a nod. “Again I’m really sorry, I’m just clumsy. I think I hurt myself more than your bike.” You joked lightly.

His eyebrows knit together. “You’re not bleeding!” You frowned back him, how would he know that? “I meant, are you bleeding?” He corrected himself, placing his hands in his pockets.

“No, I don’t think so. Gonna have a gnarly bruise though,”

Did I just really use the word gnarly? You thought to yourself, cringing as his eyebrows raised. “I’m gonna… go, let you go about your evening. Sorry, again.” You turn and leave, cursing yourself for being so idiotic and annoying, he definitely thinks you’re weird. Not that his opinion matters, although, when did these butterflies appear in your stomach? But you couldn’t figure out if they were those anxious, warning you of him butterflies or actual nervous, shy butterflies.

You walked into the boardwalk; still thinking about that awkward and cringey encounter. First day here and already you’re making the wrong impression on people. The arcades music filled your ears, children and teenagers playing the games to win those crappy prizes. Your eyes landed on the guys from earlier with the white hair, he’s without the girl but two others; a curly blonde with a dark jacket that has patches on the arms and back. Plus a brunette with longer hair past his shoulders, an earring dangled out of his left ear, he also looked to be wearing no shirt under his black jacket and a very strange necklace dangled around his neck. The man with white hair turned to the yell of the name, “David”, your eyes drifted to see the broad-shouldered guy who you had run in with.

You slowly walked past but the distance made it difficult to hear what they are talking about. You assume the white haired man is named David, he places his pale hand on the blonde’s shoulder, smirking at something he said. You’re too caught up in staring at them to realise you’re about to walk into an arcade game: you smash into the large metal object, a shriek leaving your lips at the suddenness. The sudden bash from you causes the game’s music to loudly ring out, you cringe back and glance around seeing if anyone saw that.

To your unfortunate luck, the men are all staring, David and the two others don’t seem that bothered but chuckle to themselves… but the other one, the one you looked a fool in front of earlier, has an eyebrow raised and amused smirk; the second time you’ve done something stupid in front of him. You feel the heat rush to your cheeks, turning away quickly and leaving in the opposite direction seemed like the best escape.

“Y/N!” You turn, still in eyeshot of him and his eyes trail to your sister and back to you, his mouth moving but eyes boring into you; you try not to look back at him. “You okay? You look a little flushed.” Sharon frowns, pressing her hand to your forehead.

You push her hand away, chuckling at her motherly personality. “I’m fine, just a little hot from all that walking.” You lie but she buys it; turning her head she looks around the boardwalk and turns back to you with a small frown.

“Why are those guys staring over here?” She nods in the direction you’ve been keen on not looking to, you shrug gently. “Creeps! Come on, let’s go get some food.” You nod, letting Sharon grab your hand and pull you away. Glancing behind yourself, the men aren’t there anymore, you frown slightly but put your attention back to your sister. “So, Clint has given me the job. I start officially tomorrow,” you smile a little and nod, not really paying her too much attention. The nagging feeling, this itch, that feels like someone is watching you makes you feel paranoid and unsettled.

You glance around, narrowing your eyes at the crowds of people but no one really stands out. “That’s nice.” Sharon hums in agreement.

“Apparently, the previous person was his sister but she has been MIA and not turned up.”

Sharon continues to talk about the work she’ll have to do. You try and pay attention, trying not to feed into the paranoia feeling you have. Only it kept growing like someone was closing in on you, your heart picked up in speed but no one stood out in the crowd. You suggest leaving, claiming to be tired from the long journey and walking around. As you leave the Boardwalk the revving of engines pulls you from Sharon’s attention, all the motorcycles starting up.

None wearing helmets, all decked out in leather or denim. A few even have the New Romantics style mixed with the dark vibe that David had going on. The girl was perched on the back of his motorcycle, smirking at another blonde who had long, swept hair and bright blue eyes. The other blonde, with the patch jacket, was the first one to speed off and down the road. The brunette followed, almost racing him and hollering, you frowned at the recklessness they seemed to have.

“Ladies,” a clear, smooth voice calls. You cast your eyes to see David looking directly at you and Sharon, a smirk upturning at the corners of his lips, “Welcome to Santa Carla.” You frowned at his greeting, did his friend tell him about you? Does he just know you’re not from around here?

You nod in thanks, hearing a silent hiss from Sharon to leave. “Thank you?” Your voice making the words sound like a question, he lets out a chuckle. The girl clinging to him looking at you, her green eyes against pale skin making her look outworldly, her eyes narrowed as she glares.

“Don’t mind him, he likes to make people uncomfortable.” Your eyes drift to the person with a deep, soft voice. He now has his hair tied back into a small bun at the nape of his neck, his forearms are resting on the handlebars of his motorcycle. A smirk cast to his friend and then to you, a wink dropping with his right eye. You feel the heat rise to your cheeks, Sharon links her arm through yours and gently pulls you away. He gives a wave as you’re pulled away from them.

You hear the engines roar to life and then the motorcycles speeding off, you glance and watch as they drive off down the road. “They’re trouble, Y/N. Stay away from him,” Sharon mumbles, also watching them drive off. “Clint said there’s a motorcycle gang around, real trouble makers. I don’t want you getting involved!” You nod and walk home in relative silence on your end, your mind thinking back to the man on the motorcycle.

(I appreciate feedback and what you think will happen in this series- I’ve taken ideas from various movies. Let me know if there’s anything you want to see happen. Thank you for the patience, I’ve been having problems with my laptop that I hope will be fixed over the weekend. Fortunately, I have a mum who loves that I’m blogging and writing and has lent me her laptop. So, shout out to my mammy, Michele, what a saint. -  Rosalie)

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Dark Tanz Theory

So, I had this thought for quite a while now, and it slowly made its way into my headcanon. So I thought, why not share it with you guys? Maybe some of you will have interesting thoughts about that.

Here it goes. It always seemed to me that Rebecca and Yoine were a little old of age to have a 17-year old daughter as their only child in life. So, my theory goes that the Chagals had at least one child, maybe even a daughter, before Sarah. What if this daughter was around at the time when Sarah was just a newborn and therefore wouldn’t be able to remember her? But now comes the question, why exactly is she not around during the events of the musical? Well, she could have left, been married off, all of that…but what if Sarah is not the first person in the Chagal family whom Krolock managed to seduce to his midnight ball? What if the Chagals had a daughter that got lured away by the Count while Sarah was still a newborn?

But why would Krolock constantly come back to the same family? Well, all I can say is: my theory is supported by the Finnish production: During the “Nie geseh’n” Scene, as soon as the “Sei bereit…” verse is heard from the distance, not only do Sarah and Alfred hear it, but so does Rebecca. So, here is where it gets a little expanded upon. What if Krolock intended to seduce Rebecca when she was at a much younger age, but through some way she managed to repel this invitation? Maybe or maybe not this triggered some sort of Vendetta from Krolock’s part.

The years pass, and the Chagals, a rather normal family, get their first child, a daughter. As soon as she comes of age though, she starts having mysterious dreams about an unknown stranger (we know from “Gott ist tot” that Krolock in one way or another reaches out to his victims years before he actually takes them). Later, when the family just has the second child, Sarah, the Count starts getting more directive and eventually invites the first daughter to his midnight ball (hopefully not by swooping inside the bathroom). She gets bitten and maybe even turned, doomed to stay at the Count’s castle for all time.

The years pass and now Sarah, who doesn’t remember her older sister due to her age that time and wasn’t told about her by her parents, starts having the same dreams about an unknown stranger calling out to her. And this is where the parents get overprotective. Yoine and Rebecca, who both have gotten older by now and slightly out of shape, with Rebecca taking less care of herself and Yoine lusting after younger maidens, both of that starting out of grief, started taking extreme measurements.

In the movie “The Fearless Vampire Killers”, Sarah mentions how she has been to some sort of boarding school and how fun and enjoyable it was there. This is entirely possible because, A. At the time of the musical, Transylvania is located in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, where school was mandatory for both genders. And B. The Chagals live in a very small village, unlikely that there is a school. So, this only presents us with the option, that Sarah had already been outside of the village, therefore experienced freedom already. When she came back and started to get closer to 18, the locking up and hiding her from everyone could have started.

As we know, that didn’t really help and made the situation worse because, ironically, those safety measurements increased Sarah’s desire to regain freedom, which made her all the more open to the Count’s invitation. And when the midnight ball was approaching, he got his chance to deliver it.

So, with this in mind, imagine the sheer terror the Chagals felt when Sarah actively ran away into the woods. This time it’s not just “My daughter’s in danger, I must safe her”, this time it’s “Oh no, no, no, not again!”

And you know what? This would, in my humble opinion, be a good way to reintroduce the song “Angels Arise” into the show. Before you lynch me, hear me out: The Broadway version is AWFUL, but “Angels Arise” is not really a bad song in itself. In fact, if used correctly, this song is actually rather beautiful. I mean, look it up on YouTube without the mushroom scene, just as a song itself, it’s actually pretty lovely.

My way of reusing this song would be between “Das Gebet” and “Trauer um Chagal”. After Yoine runs off after Sarah, Rebecca could have a little solo moment, or maybe even with Magda if we go along with that. “Angels Arise” is described as a Transylvanian lullaby in the Tanz universe. What if this was a lullaby she used to sing to both of her daughters? What if she is singing it to comfort herself into false hope that everything will be alright? But as we all know, in the very next scene, things take a turn for the worse.

Oh wow, that was quite a long read, longer than I intended XD Well, I hope some of you reached this place and even maybe enjoyed it either? Let me hear your thoughts about this :D 

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Herbert is Kinda very hot i Dont know this stuff but can ya please tell more about him and his personality

“Herbert is kinda very hot” must be the most accurate thing I’ve received in a while ;)

Herbert von Krolock is Count von Krolock’s son (or not, depending what part of the fandom you want to believe)

He’s quite flamboyant and the “princess” of the castle. Being the counts son, he pretty much does as he pleases since daddy lets him.
Oh yeah, if you didn’t figure that out yet, Herbert’s a vampire.

Herbert is from the musical Tan der Vampire (Dance of the vampires), or the movie The fearless vampire killers. 

He develops a crush on the hero of the story, Alfred, who goes to the castle with the Professor to “save” the girl he’s in love with. 

Herbert is not walking, he’s strutting.

Ruffles on everything!

Herbert is definitely the kind of character that would go sulking in a dark corner if he doesn’t get what he wants.

Herbert is utterly fabulous and he knows it.

If you want to know more of the gay princeling (I know he’s technically the viscount), you love vampires and you don’t like twilight, I’d say you should definitely check out the musical. 
The full version is available on youtube with English subtitles. (DON’T WATCH THE BROADWAY VERSION! YOU’LL BURN YOUR EYES. THEY FUCKED UP BIG TIME, JUST BELIEVE ME) 

It’s got great music

A great story

And the stage and costumes are amazing as well

Check it out. You won’t regret it.

-the Mun

Tanz der Vampire Historical Facts #2

So, there are a few more small things regarding the historical part of Tanz der Vampire, which I would like to comment on quickly. This post will probably not be as long as the previous one XD

-How educated was Sarah? I mean, the first assumption might be “She’s a village girl, of course not.” However, the reality was a bit different. As mentioned in the previous post, Transylvania was in the Austro-Hungarian Empire at that time, where basic education was a mandatory matter. So Sarah would have been obligated to learn how to read and write by the Imperial law. She also mentions being at school in the movie “The Fearless Vampire Killers”. This would also mean that she experienced some form of Freedom before because obviously, the school was in some sort of bigger town (the small village the Chagals live in most likely would not have had a proper school). Therefore, being locked up in this hindsight would have been even duller and painful, which made her all the more attracted to Krolock’s invitation, because he wouldn’t just give her freedom, he would give it BACK to her.

-And now we get to the question, pretty much everyone is asking themselves in the Tanz fandom: What is Krolock’s first name? Well, the majority of the German-speaking fandom kinda established, that his name is Breda. The reason for this assumption is because, in the movie, Alfred and Abronsius stumble upon a tombstone with the name “Breda von Krolock” written on it. However, we later see that this is not the Count’s grave but of one of his ancestors, therefore the Count’s name couldn’t possibly be Breda, right? Well, that depends. As @kahorifutunaka kindly pointed out to me, if we look at the traditions of old European noble houses, we see that they had a trait of naming their children after meaningful ancestors. It is therefore entirely possible, that the Count was named after one of the previous Bredas, which would make him Breda II or Breda III, but still Breda nevertheless. Also, Breda means “Lover of the Night”, which is probably one of the most fitting meanings you could get for Krolock.

-This one has more to do with the vampire mythology that developed throughout History. Could it be that Krolock secretly used ancient vampire powers and we just didn’t see him doing it? First of all, one of the legends states that vampires control the weather. We saw quite a lot of strange weather changes throughout the show: Alfred and Abronsius get trapped in a snowstorm, which immediately ceases once they reach the village and the sky clears up right after that, Alfred and Abronsius chase Chagal through a snowstorm, which immediately clears when the castle is in sight, the humans escape from, the castle through a snowstorm, which immediately stops once they reach a point, where Sarah and Alfred can easily escape into the further world. What if Krolock used the weather to get the characters from point A to point B at just the right time? Also, vampires are stated to possess extremely strong telepathic powers. It is, therefore, possible that Krolock wasn’t just talking to Sarah in all of his scenes, he was actively hypnotising her to get her to come with him. And then there is also the legend that vampires have to be invited in a house in order to get inside. Krolock swooped into the inn like it was nothing, without any difficulties. Either he is THAT powerful, or someone at some point already gave him permission to enter. This also coincided with the theory that Rebecca once eluded Krolock, which is hinted at in the Finnish version.

So, another post done XD It was longer than I thought, but hey, I had a good time XD And I hope you did too^^

Alfred and Abronsius’ Journey

I found it quite refreshing to voice my headcanon about the Chagals in the previous post. I decided that it would be quite funny to write another one down. Let’s see how this one goes.

So, Alfred and Abronsius have travelled to Transylvania in search for vampires. We know that. However…is Transylvania the only place they visited in search of bloodsuckers? There are two main points that prove otherwise.

The first one is found at the beginning of the movie “The Fearless Vampire Killers” where the Narrator states that Alfred and Abronsius have been travelling across all of Europe, or at least alludes to that. Great, but where did they go? Why would they travel to other places if Transylvania seems the most obvious choice? Well, here is the second small hint.

During “Trauer um Chagal” Abronsius specifically mentions Van Helsing, the vampire hunter in Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”. He even alludes to agreeing with his vampirism theories, along with his own one. So…is it possible to say that Tanz takes place in the same universe as Dracula, just in another place at another time?

If we follow this thought…there are several other classical vampire stories that are written like journal entries. We have “Dracula”, “Carmilla” and “The Vampyre” as the main candidates for this, but we also have lesser-known works such as “The Family of the Wurdelak” and the stories about Clarimonde and Lodoiska.

Where do all these stories take place? Well, Dracula has Transylvania, London, Exeter and even Munich if you count “Dracula’s Guest” into it. “Carmilla” has Styria, a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at that time, “The Vampyre” features England and even Greece. “The Family of the Wurdelak” features Serbia. The story of Clarimonde has France in it, while Lodoiska takes place in Bohemia. If we take all of these places into account, it makes for quite a big journey over all of Europe, doesn’t it? So, what if Alfred and Abronsius have been travelling according to classic vampire literature? If Tanz takes places in Dracula’s universe, this would mean that the entire novel would be legit journal entries made by real people. Who says the other vampire stories aren’t the same in that universe?

Following this logic, Alfred and Abronsius have been travelling throughout Europe and visited all of the destinations in the vampire novels, collecting evidence and witness accounts. I mean, can you imagine a scenario, where Abronsius questions poor Arthur Holmwood about Lucy’s demise? XD

So, they have been to London, Whitby, Exeter, Styria, Munich, Bistritza, Serbia, Bohemia, France and even Greece. Makes quite for a journey, doesn’t it? But they obviously didn’t find any vampires because they were all killed off in their respective stories (except Ruthven, who disappeared off the radar). So, after having been through all of this, the only place left to go was the deep heart of Transylvania, where they finally found Krolock.

Any thoughts on this? I just had this flooding through my head uncontrollably XD

anonymous asked:

did vampira and elvira ever become on good terms?

Unfortunately Vampira (Maila Nurmi) and Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) never truly resolved their differences in regards to the development of the show and the subsequent lawsuit.  Much of the animosity was on Nurmi’s part but given her circumstances her anger was justified if not slightly misguided.  

In 1981, More than twenty years since appearing on television screens as Horror Hostess Vampira, Nurmi resurfaced from decades of obscurity to become a consultant on developing a  remake of the “Vampira Show” entitled “Fright Night”. The collaboration with KHJ and the development of “Fright Night” was fraught with problems which ultimately came down to Nurmi’s protectiveness of the Vampira Character and ownership of the character. Nurmi had fought similar battles with ABC during Vampira’s initial run and it had ultimately resulted in a premature end to Nurmi’s career.  For Nurmi, Vampira was a creation that she had nurtured and loved: for Vampira took the place of the children she would never have. And because of this she would protect her “child” at all cost. After three months of discussions, Nurmi left the production due to not being consulted on the casting of Cassandra Peterson whom she thought was completely inappropriate as Vampira.

Cassandra Peterson was a buxom red-head who beat 200 other hopefuls for the job as a campy horror host. Peterson had similar background to Nurmi as both had modelled, been dancers and both had spent time with Elvis in Las Vegas. However they came from completely different generations and temperaments which made their ambitions and ideas about the character completely incompatible. Elvira’s ‘rough and ready’ bimbo personality was a stark and inelegant contrast to Vampira’s aloof and witty persona. Both would share a dark sense of humour but Elvira was decidedly much more crass and rude than Vampira ever was. Nurmi was livid about Peterson’s take on the characterisation:

“ … Initially they [KHJ] wanted me. I wouldn’t do it because I didn’t want Vampira to be anything but perfect. I certainly didn’t want her to be portrayed as a slut.”

After Peterson was casted, Nurmi removed herself and all traces of Vampira from the production. KHJ were undeterred by this setback and decided to continue to develop a female hosted “Fright Night”. They began by encouraging Peterson to develop the look of the horror host herself;  

“… I had really long red hair and I loved that [Roman Polanski] movie Fearless Vampire Killers. I loved Sharon Tate. I wanted a really pale, ghostly look: big, dark eyes and white lips — like a dead girl. And they didn’t like that at all. They said, ‘No, it has to be black hair, you have to have a black dress.”

Despite not having permission to use the Vampira character, Vampira’s influence was still clearly evident in the look and development of the show. This was a fact not lost on Nurmi, as Peterson recalls:

“ It was a bummer because later, Vampira gets all geared about it. Like, excuse me, that’s not even a costume I wanted to do.”

After developing the look of the host, taking her from a wasp waisted vamp into a punky undead rock groupie, Peterson came up with the name “Elvira”. Peterson claimed to have wanted a clunky and unattractive sounding name and came up with Elvira. Nurmi claimed KHJ wanted an equally Vampyrotic sounding name. In any case, “Fright Night” was renamed “ Elvira’s Movie Macabre” and Peterson  went on to become the most successful horror movie host in history.

As Elvira’s success began to become apparent (Due in large part to Peterson’s considerable assets) Peterson and KHJ quickly turned Elvira into a brand name, licensing costumes, comic books, action figures, pinball machines, video games, perfume as well as releasing two modestly successful feature films.  For Nurmi, Elvira’s success both reopened old wounds and enraged her and prompted her to launch a lawsuit citing copyright infringement due to the likeness between Vampira and Elvira.

Since her short lived celebrity as Vampira, Maila Nurmi’s life had been tumultuous and she had often suffered for her creation. Vampira was initially entertained as a macabre curiosity in Hollywood but the fascination quickly changed to distain. America in the 1950 was still very much conservative and many balked and complained at Vampira’s ghoulish presence once the novelty wore off. After she was blackballed by the studios, due to wanting ownership of her creation, and was publically denounced in causing James Dean’s death by “cursing” him in a gossip column, Nurmi fell on hard times. She worked as a cleaner and linoleum fitter and demeaned herself in appearing in Ed Wood’s “Plan 9 for Outerspace”.  Although Hollywood had forgotten about Nurmi, She was often plagued by obsessive and abusive fans. They would harass her and leave disturbing and satanic messages and offerings. Most upsetting for Nurmi, who was an immense animal lover, was fanatics leaving killed animals on her doorstep. The worst incident involved a man breaking into her home, assaulting her and keeping her captive for hours. When she reported the attack, Newspapers treated it like a joke. She could not escape Vampira’s legacy and at times when she lived in abject poverty, she would feel regret about creating the character. Nurmi had suffered so much for a character that she felt such pride and love towards. She lived in relative poverty and obscurity compared to Peterson who had achieved fame and fortune off of a character that Nurmi felt was a cheap knock off of Vampira. Nurmi wanted to protect her creation from Peterson’s demeaning portrayal, shameless marketing and wanted financial compensation due to copyright infringement. She decided to launch a $10 million lawsuit against Peterson for stealing her act. She appealed to the press, gaining several sympathetic stories and also running an advertisement for help. Nurmi said in 1982:

“I submitted pleas for support in the free ads in newspapers thinking that the public would come to my defense in a barrage of silver bullets. No one came.

The lawsuit was dismissed on Decided March 31, 1989. The Times reported that Nurmi’s own lawyers had petitioned to withdraw from the appeal because Nurmi was no longer responding to attempts to contact her (Not uncommon as Nurmi often had no electricity or telephone). The judge on concluded that the characters were distinct enough to avoid any potential confusion and the case was dismissed.  It did not help matters that Nurmi had stated that Vampira was a campier and sexier take on Charles Addams’ Morticia and thus equally a knock off. Nurmi was also very guarded and mistrusting (due to previous treatment), which made it difficult to work with her. Nurmi took this decision badly and harbored a lasting resentment about Peterson and Elvira’s success, saying in 2005 to Bizarre Magazine: 

“Boy, has the devil got that bitch — it’s the devil in her blood,“ 

After the court case, Nurmi sunk deeper and deeper into poverty. At one point she lived in a garage with only cardboard as insulation and often had friends donate food. In the last years of her life, she saw a small resurgence of interest in Vampira which brought her a degree of happiness although it paled in comparison to Peterson’s success.  Living in such horrible conditions, she could never forgive the fact that Peterson was immensely successful profiteering from a knock-off Vampira while she languished unrecognized in abject poverty. Peterson, for her part, has never publically bad mouthed Nurmi.

 ” I’d like her (Nurmi) to be friendly with me. I don’t know why she has such hostility toward me”.

 For Peterson and many others, Elvira is too distinctive and developed as a character in her own right to be just a Vampira knock-off.  While there are similarities in the format of the show and the look of the host, those similarities aren’t attributable to Peterson whom Nurmi held responsible. Peterson was told to don a black dress and black wig by KHJ and yet made her own character from it. She embraced the character of Elvira and marketed it as a character not as her own creation like Nurmi did. Peterson could never get why Nurmi held such resentment towards her as Vampira was ripped off of Morticia. But for Nurmi, Vampira was a character she had devoted decades to and had suffered for and her connection with was deeply personal. For Peterson, Elvira was just a character that she enjoyed and would put on and make lots of money from.  She never took Nurmi’s slurs too personally whereas Nurmi took all of Peterson’s actions exceedingly personally. Nurmi went to her grave hating Elvira while Peterson was indifferent towards Nurmi. However when Peterson heard of Nurmi’s death, she made a generous donation towards one of Nurmi’s favourite animal shelters after hearing that Nurmi loved animals. Sorry for the long answer. I thought it best to try and explain why they didn’t resolve their differences based on the evidence I’ve seen. If you have anymore Vampira related questions, feel free to submit them to the ask box and I’ll do my best to reply!  

- Sam


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