the fearless 20

Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui wants fans to feel fearless

Lauren Jauregui thinks it’s important Fifth Harmony make their fans feel fearless.

The 20-year-old singer - who stars in the chart-topping group alongside Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei and Dinah Jane - has been outspoken on a number of issues over the years, including the current US President Donald Trump, and Lauren feels the band can be a positive influence on their young fans.

She shared: “For me as an artist, pop culture has so much power and influences society on a regular basis - I see it in the kids, I see it in everyone that I encounter, everyone is influenced by pop culture whether we want to be or not.

"Something that’s so important, is just like empowering these kids and letting them know what their voice means and showing them that they shouldn’t be afraid. Because there’s nothing to fear.”

The ‘Down’ hitmaker feels a responsibility to make “empathy cool”.

Lauren told HOT 97: “This world is our reality, we create the reality that we exist in so if everyone can just think about what they’re doing and think about what’s going on and really care about it for just a second of their time.

"Empathy is so important and making empathy cool and make empathy a really amazing thing that everyone should want to practice. We should care about each other.”

In November, Lauren penned a letter criticising President Trump and his supporters.

And despite receiving some subsequent “backlash” from her letter, Lauren stands by her comments.

She said: “I kind of saw a lot more support than I saw backlash.

"For me, the whole message was really important and at the time I felt in my heart compelled to say something about it because I so strongly believe in what I believe in and I myself I love who I am and I love who these women are. And we represent that.”

50 Lessons I Learned From Books

1. If you have access to a Time Turner, definitely use that to fix your major life threatening problems, instead of waiting for say, four more years to see if things get worse.

2. Bad days happen. Even in Australia.

3. If there’s a guy who throws really jazzy parties and calls himself great, he’s probably over compensating.

4. You can’t only take, you must also give.

5. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.

6. Books you read at just the right age, moment, or time never, ever leave you.

7. A golden ticket doesn’t solve all your problems.

8. In your life, you can be both happy and sad, and still wonder how that could be.

9. To truly know a person, you have to consider things from their point of view. Climb into their skin; walk around in it for a bit. Most people are nice if you get to know them.

10. Mockingbirds don’t do anything but make beautiful music for us to enjoy.

11. There are no ducks in Central Park in the winter.

12. It may not be universally acknowledged, but sometimes, love is right in front of you.

13. Good friends will bring you through anything.

14. The nice thing about the Museum of Natural History is that nothing ever changes, even though you do.

15. You’ll think of it tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day.

16. Always check the back of your closet to make sure you’re not missing out on anything cool.

17. Sometimes, unrequited love is as real and unattainable as a light shining on a faraway dock.

18. Every hero needs a sidekick.

19. The nervous, nerdy kid can win the fearless, brilliant girl’s heart.

20.  “Salutations” is a fancy way of saying hello.

21. All children, except one, grow up.

22. If you let high school kids self-govern themselves, the stuff will hit the fan.

23. If someone grants you one wish, don’t use it to go to Disneyland.

24. You can fight monsters and still be home in time for supper.

25. It’s when you really love someone that they become real.

26. “Wendy, one girl is more use than twenty boys.”

27. Mistakes happen, if you’re tending to people (or rabbits), even if you didn’t mean any harm.

28. You are braver than you believe, smarter than you seem, and stronger than you think.

29. The shy neighbor kid probably just wants a friend.

30. Matchmaking doesn’t always end well, even if you think you’re good at it.

31. “Women could manage everything in the world without men’s help—except having babies, and God knows, no woman in her right mind would have babies if she could help it.”

32. There is a place where the sidewalk ends but before the street begins.

33. All you need is a crayon and some creativity.

34. Life is hard for everyone, even if they’re the Chosen One.

35. Everyone has a backstory. Even the villains. Especially the villains.

36. Everyone’s a little bonkers. All the best people are.

37. No one knows who they are at age sixteen.

38. Our world would be a very strange place if it didn’t have any color.

39. You are not in love at age thirteen, though you will swear you are.

40. You will remember books in the lowest moments of your life, especially the books that saved your life.

41. No one really knows what will happen after the apocalypse, but I hope it’s nothing like the books.

42.  If it’s between the shy, nerdy boy and the cocky one, the choice is obvious.

43. What you imagine…sometimes comes true.

44. The perfect happily ever after really only happens in fairytales.

45. You can promise to be good, but it is easy for little monkeys to forget.

46. Your parents might not always understand you, but they have your best interests at heart.

47. You might be royalty. You just don’t know it yet.

48. If someone is really hard on you, chances are, they’re protecting you.

49. You are not alone.

50. There is always a new beginning, a chance for a sequel, where the victim can become a hero in their new adventure to be had.


the best of taylor swift on twitter/instagram - part 1


From 14 years old at the Fearless tour to now 20 at 1989, with Cassie @dressedlikeadaydreamxox

Taylor you, your music, words and character have been a huge part of my life since I was 13, I could go on and on and on, about how much you have done for me since then, inspiring me and helping me become the person I am today. From 7 years ago when The Best Day was the story of my school years too, but seeing who you had become inspired me to get through it, To today where you have given me the courage to make a much needed change in my life and move all the way across the country, in order to follow my dreams.

From the very beginning I have found such enjoyment in dressing up for your tours. Fearless was my very first concert ever, we found the closest dresses we had to ones you had worn and curled our hair just like yours. Then for Red we wore red tutus, made some sparkly red shoes and decorated tshirts with all Red’s songs. And then now, here’s my costume for 1989, I used the basics of your HYGTG tour outfit but instead of the lights I have printed various images of everything about you that means the most to me, from my drawings about particular lyrics not just from 1989 but also Fearless, Speak Now and Red, to quotes of things you have said, and ‘bakeitoff’ photos because that also means a lot to me.

So @taylorswift I am glad to say I am lucky enough to be seeing you first in Brisbane (Aisle 319, Row 12, Seat 48) and then for a second time in Melbourne on night one (Aisle 28, Row J, Seat 35), So I shall see you there very soon xxxx

Thank you so much to everyone who follows me! I cant believe in such a short space of time ive gained so many… its crazy!! But im so grateful that you all think my blog is good enough to follow! The dream woulf be to be good enough for the one and only taylorswift to follow xD but probably not… BUT ANYWAYS this is a follow forever of all my fav blogs! The ones in bold are my ultimate favs and you guys will get a message at the end of the list :D ❤ LOVE YOU ALL ❤

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bette–davis–eyes i know we dont talk or anything but your one of my fav blogs tbh! And i died when you said you loved mine okay!

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tayswiftnation i think your blog us hella awesome! And we can both be sad about our pets if you want… i all of the understand ❤

taylorswiftgetinmybed KLARA I FEEL LIKE WE HAVENT SPOKEN IN AGES!! I MISS YOU!! i will forever be jealous of your magical voice okay. But i still luvya… xD ❤

timeerasingyou judith… i actually cant not love you even though im HELLA JEALOUS THAT YOU’RE A PRETTY BALL OF TALENT! xD hehe just messing :P your amazing and i wish i was you okay! ❤

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