the fear of running out of reading material

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(that was amazing. your ideas are lit. personally I have multiple fidgets but no spinners) Ok picture this: Richie, to preface his radio dj carrier, does the morning announcements at school. no one knows how he hasn't been kicked off yet. He usually calls out his friends like "last night stan was a cHEATER AT MONOPOLY" or rambles on about eddie.

- oh this is where Richie really shines

- he actually goes to school early in order to start announcing the boring stuff early and then get to the ‘good stuff’

- “okay ladies and gents, today’s word of the day is ‘abibliophobia’, the fear of running out of good reading material, speaking of which, shout out to Ben Hanscom! Hope the library hasn’t gotten too boring now you’ve read through it four times bud!”

- the principal would try and censor him but he’d always manage to work his way round it

- “holy shots, it’s prom next week!”

- “good hecking god Eddie Kaspbrak looked cute today”

- and speaking of Eddie…

- he hated Richie’s new job more than anybody at school because Richie had his own special “Eddie’s minute” in the morning where he’d talk pointless crap about stuff he likes about him or that embarrass him just to make Eddie blush in front of everyone

- “Derry high school, did you know that Eddie Kaspbrak puked all over his mother because your dear host fed him a few too many pop tarts? Bet ya didn’t!”

- “listeners! I once gave Edward K a tennis ball sized hickey and his mother threatened to take him to hospital for a rash!”

- eddie forgets Richie isn’t in the room with him and usually ends up shouting at the intercom for him to shut up

- Richie watches the security cameras when the losers club walk down the halls and plays ‘bust a move’ by young dmc as they walk to class to make them feel and look cool

- “I should be a director, cos damn I’m good”

- Richie waits for Stanley to walk into school one day before aggressively hissing into the microphone: “Stanley Uris! This is god speaking, you will be smited down where you stand if you do not apologise to Richard Tozier for your traumatic actions last Saturday evening whilst playing a rather competitive game of TWISTER!”

- Stan just flips off the security camera

- “you cheATED AND YOU KNOW IT YOU LITTLE SHI-“ the principal finally got the mic off of him for a little while after that


Summary: When Barry Allen gives up on love, he gets turned into a hideous ‘beast’, and must find love before the last petal falls. When Y/N comes across his hideout, can she break the spell?

Gender: Female

Notes: Yay, part two! I wasn’t sure if I was going to get this up today, and then it wouldn’t be until Sunday, but I managed to do it this afternoon. This turned out longer than I expected, and I had to cut it off earlier than I originally planned. But the reader and Barry finally meet!


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Hi! Can you suggest to me words that are related to books and/or reading? Thanks! :D

abibliophobia (n.)

the fear of running out of reading materials

biblichor (n.)

the characteristic, faint, musty smell of old books

bibliophile (n.)

a lover of books; someone who loves to read, admire and collect books

librocubicularist (n.)

a person who reads in bed

tsundoku 積ん読 (つんどく) (n. Japanese)

the act of leaving a book unread after buying it, typically piled up together with other such unread books

vāde mēcum (n. Latin)

favorite book carried everywhere; a handbook of useful information kept at one’s side lit. “go with me”

dhvani (n. Sanskrit)

lit. ‘sound’ or ‘echo’; the feature of a poem/line of having a hidden meaning that strikes you in the second or further readings, but not the first

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good words to know 

  • abibliophobia - the fear of running out of reading material
  • canoodle - to hug and kiss
  • bumbershoot - an umbrella
  • hobbledehoy- an awkward or ill-mannered young boy
  • snickersnee - a long knife
  • shenanigan-a prank, mischief
  • kakorrhaphiophobia- fear of failure
  • ulotrichous- having wooly or crispy hair
  • zoanthropy- delusion of a person who believes himself changed into an animal