the fawngod

god how do I explain this–

there’s a lot here okay idk how to give context without just flat-out info dumping. Aaaaaaaa

okay two kingdoms are at war. In between them lies miles of briar that used to be a forest protected by a very weak, but very pissed off god. Said god has decided it needs to stop sitting around waiting for these two mortal nations to stop pulling shit around it; it needs to join the fray. Cue an unlucky bastard trying to get from one kingdom to the other via briar patch. Unlucky bastard almost dies because oh god miles of briar patch. God agrees to save unlucky bastard in exchange for his humanity. Unlucky bastard arrives at his destination with one less eye but otherwise intact. Unlucky bastard tries to explain to his friend what the fuck happened; friend fucking hates the god for a lot of reasons and tells unlucky bastard he needs to fight the god’s influence. Friend also points out that unlucky bastard is a twig of a man who has no place being on a battle field. God turns unlucky bastard into a wolf-man and uses him as mouth piece to shut up friend. Friend hates god 1000% more.

There was once a forest born of a god and inside its forest it was always spring. The only thing the god knew was the nature of life and it was content. One day humans came into its forest with torches and fire magicks. The humans were at war and the forest stood between them and their adversaries. The forest burned and so did the god. For a brief time it only knew the pain of burning. Then a young boy, so full of life and potential, but also wanting and frustration and hate, offered himself to the god. He knew the god was weak, was dying. The boy loved the god and its forest and thus was a perfect host. The god took the boy and knew what he knew. The god became a he, like the boy. To protect himself, the god’s forest became a thick patch of briar no mortal man could hope to cross and live, and the god retreated into the heart of the briar and cultivated one perfect glade with what small part of him had been left untouched and pure.

I think I renamed her from Aria to something else bUT I CAN’T REMEMBER WHAT so I’m going through names rn

Cordula is pretty, and would be a nice nod to her uncle Herz…

Anyways she’s a beautiful princess from a multi-cultural kingdom and I should draw her more often (and her brothers at all)

Just because most of these losers need a name change, this is probably the easiest way to explain the lineage;

in exchange for keeping third-born there from dying as an infant, the god of the forest asked for a festival in its honor on third-born’s birthday. And the king and queen were like sHIT if we give one kid a festival the other two are gonna flip. And then they were like SHIT WE ONLY HAVE THREE KIDS we have to make a fourth so all four seasons are represented fuckfuckfcuk 

totally rough but wow I am le tired and wanted to post this anyways

so the Fawn God thing I keep tagging Herz shit with–well see the God gets hurt? Like really bad so Herz gives himself over so the God can use him as a vessel

and that’s not exactly ideal and the God’s still super weak and so sometimes (especially concerning matters Herz would’ve really given a shit about) Herz slips out again and the God doesn’t always realize this. Herz’s soul isn’t entirely conscious, but he’s still definitely present and influences the God throughout the story and keeps the God’s form really, like, unstable

but mostly it just pisses Cole off because sTOP WEARING MY BROTHER LIKE A SUIT YOU GD DEER!!!!!!

this pic of Kief is giving me issues and if I go any further–like I really wanna color it–I’ll probably just crop it and avoid the frustration (plus his clothes would cOVERED in embroidery omg so much of it)

so here’s the full thinger. Kief has v. awkward childhood, what with being a reincarnation of his father’s best friend and eventually having to legitimately share headspace with said best friend. Things get better once that’s all sorted out tho and he even gets his parents blessing to keep dating the forest god. The little shit becomes a hell of a marksman and outdoorsman in the process. He also has a fondness for heights and scales trees and castle walls alike. Its not uncommon for him to fall from the ceiling to join a conversation. Especially if said conversation is his older brother being a douche-bag and Kief’s contribution is a variant of ‘I heard you were talking shit’

the firstest of first passes at the king and queen of the fawn god story. They’re both warriors in their own right, the queen originally a princess from another kingdom who played bodyguard to her younger sister and kept her heritage a secret until the king-to-be asked her to a duel, fell in love with the way she split his cheek and approached her about buying her contract and making her part of his father’s army. She explained her lineage to him then and said she’d agree if he promised she’d receive no special treatment as a soldier and a princess. He was happy to agree because he felt the same; he was a soldier before he was a prince. 

also he really wanted to eventually marry her.

And they did, and they have three kids, one of which is the reincarnation of the fawngods lover which coincidentally was also the king’s best friend, so that’s weird. 

diloolie replied to your photo:King Ravihard’s children, one of which is a…

fuck, the little kid looks like she’s done with EVERYONE’S SHIT.

She is the most done; she’s like the collective done of the kingdom just rolled up into one tiny person 

her mom literally had to fight off an assassination attempt right before going into labor with her so like even her introduction into the world was a result of being super done

but no like I know I rehash the same lore over and over again when I talk about the fawngod and I’m sorry I just

the god changes sooo much when it has to bond with Herz like for a long time its locked into just a few set of forms, its cemented in gender for the first time in its existence, it is sUPER ANGRY and vengeful and violent and it was never like that before and sure its partly because the Marrow family fucked it over, but also because Herz is angry and vengeful and violent. He didn’t often act on those impulses but he def wanted to and those desires seep into the god and shape it into something deadly and a little cruel. Herz wanted the god to get back at the Marrows so that became a goal. And at times Herz’s soul overpowers the gods–influencing it even stronger than usual, into doubt and insecurity and longing and just all these bullshit human emotions that send it off the rails into making really bad decisions that end up hurting Herz’s family 

like Rav fucking hates the god, but every action he holds against it, from taking his brother to hurting and enslaving Ben to pulling weird shit with his son, all of it is Herz’s fault and his soul’s meddling with the god’s decision making. ‘Cept for one part but I'ma keep that bit to myself for right now

Mari has a knack for poetry, has written several books of it in fact, and her written works are celebrated the kingdom over and have been translated, by her, into four different languages, but she can’t carry a tune

Aria is musical prodigy trained in opera, who knows how to play seven different instruments and has written at least one symphony, but she can’t create a solid metaphor let alone a sonnet 

they complete each other is what I’m saying