the fawks legacy


Cleo: “Guys… My water just broke.”
Jack: “Cool.”
Kade: “It’s about time! Look at the size of you.”
Jack: “I predict triplets.”
Kade: “Don’t say that! We wouldn’t survive.”
Jack: “You would because I’m here and I’m cool Uncle Jack.”
Kade: “Five kids versus you doesn’t sound like a fair playing field…”
Cleo: “Umm, hello? Hospital maybe?”
Kade: “Oh yeah, right. Let’s go.”

So… I’ve been messing around with the Decades Challenge. I haven’t got the perfect 1890s CC, but here’s the family so far. There’s also another baby boy in the house.

I kind of wanted to have a go at this. In which case, The Fawkes Legacy may have a semi-hiatus? I’m not too sure yet. Eager for pets so I’m getting bored.

Would you like to see updates of my Decades Challenge playthrough?


A little introduction to the family:

Rowan and wife Annie live in a small little house in the heart of Oasis Springs. They are happily married and together they, quite quickly, managed to bring five beautiful children to the world. 

There’s the eldest, Charlie. He’s a good lad and helps around the kitchen when his mother calls for it. He’ll likely take over as man of the house once he comes of age. 

After Charlie came the triplets. The birth of the three took a toll on Annie and she struggled through it. It was all worth it though as William, Mary and Elizabeth are absolutely wonderful.

The youngest of the bunch, and hopefully the last, is Samuel. He hasn’t really shown off his personality yet but he is a little cutie for sure.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I’ll update on this challenge as often as possible, though I’m not sure how much detail I’ll go into it but we’ll see. I could get carried away.
With my Fawkes legacy, that’ll likely be priority more towards when Cats & Dogs come out. The new gen should start around it’s release date. (: