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Is there a patron god(dess) of storms/wind or honeysuckle? How do I choose a patron god(dess)??

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I am actually not sure about specific storm goddesses but here’s a list i found that might help

As for choosing i want to first state that you do not need to have a patron god/dess in order to practice your craft. and as for choosing you can try learning about which god/dess (s) interest you the most, leave them offerings and just generally start talking to them. There are some people who have their Gods find them so don’t fret if it takes you a bit to get noticed!

I have a few links that might help too
Ways to bond with a deity
Asking Gods for Favors
Easy ways to Bond with a deity
Communicating with your Deity
Deity Master Post by @magic-for-the-masses
Non Food Offerings Ideas
Advice About Deities by @childofthewanderer

I hope this helps you out anon! Thanks for sending this in!


The Shimada Family has been long protected by the Dragon Gods, born a new every 200 years. It is said that those who gain favor with the Dragon Gods, be it a member of the family or an outsider, will live a prosperous life.

In which Hanzo is a Dragon God (he’s over 50 but it’s stil baby for Dragons) and is absolutely smitten with McCree who’s just visiting the Shimada Castle for about 3 weeks for some Blackwatch business. McCree thinks Hanzo’s some spoiled kid who reminds him of a cat while Hanzo’s decided that the loud American must become his.

Edit* Part 1~3.  The rest is here.


1/2  ↳ 05.22.17: I’ve always been jealous of the people who get to be around you every single day. I’ve always wonder how is it like to be with you, hear your voice, and see how you paint a ray of sunshine through your smile. I’ve always been curious what your day was like every time. But then despite the things I am not favored of, I always  and forever be thanking God to have met you in this lifetime. Until now, it still leaves me in wonderment every time I think of you. All those precious years, thank you for sharing with us a part of you and showing us love. Let’s make more of those for the next 10, 15, 20, 50, 100 years, even forever. Thank you for your existence. I love you. Happy birthday, my one and only! ♡

  • Jaune: I'm sorry, but we have to run. We'll die if we fight near Qrow's semblance! We're being cursed by bad luck.
  • Ruby: Well hey, so is the Grimm!
  • Jaune: Yeah, but there's 4 of us, and there's only 1 of it! So we're 4 times as unlucky!
  • Ruby: Yeah, so it'd be expected for us to lose, and it'd take some really bad luck for it to not work in the Grimm's favor, wouldn't it!
  • Jaune: God damnit, how does his semblance actually work?
  • Qrow, pulling out a whiteboard: Well, it can all be explained using a branch of mathematics called Bad Luck Theory, or BLT.
  • Qrow: Wait, before we get into this, how many of you have taken multivariable calculus?
  • Nuckelavee: *Raises hand*
  • Qrow: Only one? Fine, I'll try to simplify it.

“Mamae, mamae!”

“Careful, Neris! I just finished that one, we don’t want to smudge it right away,” Vallera said, pushing the freshly painted mask to the side as she shifted to accommodate her daughter on her lap.

Mamae, hahren said that I could be at the dance!”

“Did he, now? Then you need a mask, da’len.” She planted a quick kiss on the top of Neris’s head. “Do you remember hahren’s lessons about the gods?”

“Why?” Neris asked tentatively.

“Well, because for the wolf dance in the new year, the children wear masks of vallaslin. Which of the gods do you favor, hmm?” Vallera waited as Neris pouted and looked away from her eyes for a moment. “I’ll give you a hint. Do you favor like me, the flames of S…?”


“Yes! Good girl,” she said with a smile, “Or maybe the wings of D…?”




“Dirthamen, yes, like your…” Vallera looked over to the edge of the camp, where Neris’s father conversed with one of the lead hunters. “Your papae?”

“No.” Neris shook her head to the sides and Vallera laughed.

“So… what do we do?”

“I want to be a hunter!”

“A hunter?”

“Yes, I want to track down the Dread Wolf and defeat him like Sulanin!”

“Oh, to find Fen’Harel you’ll need the guidance of Ghilan’nain, but to defeat him you’ll need the blessing of Andruil,” Vallera paused, “So whose will it be, da’len?”



“Yes.” Neris smiled.

Vallera laughed at her child. “Alright, my love. Do you want to paint yourself?”

Neris nodded, amber eyes fixed on her own.

“Very well, let’s see what you come up with,” Vallera said, kissing her daughter’s cheek three times in quick succession, and handed Neris her painting brush.

My piece for @thedosianlny, featuring toddler Neris and her mamae, Vallera, Lavellan’s clan artisan, painting masks for the Dance of Fen’Harel, where the children don vallaslin masks and help the dream warrior Sulanin defeat the Dread Wolf.

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Alex is out with some friends when some creepy guy starts hitting on her so she just grabs whoever is closest and says that they are her boyfriend/ girlfriend to get the creep to go away but has to kiss them for extra measures, could be a surprised Maggie who she is "only friends with" or someone else who makes Maggie jealous even though they are... you know.. "only friends"

Lucy’s closer to her. 

Physically, anyway.

Maggie is on the other side of the table – though her body is stiff and she’s more than ready to step in.

But Lucy’s closer to her and J’onn will put her on probation if she breaks someone else’s nose, so instead of decking the frat boy with alcohol on his breath and sex on his mind, Alex tosses her arm around Lucy and tells the guy she’s taken.

Lucy catches on immediately, nodding and slipping her arm around Maggie’s waist.

The gesture looks too familiar, too intimate, and Maggie is bristling, now, for an entirely different reason than she was a moment ago.

She and Alex are just friends – hell, Alex and Lucy are just friends – but Maggie can’t take her eyes off the way their arms are wrapped around each other, the way Lucy looks protective, the way she stopped into the bar to meet them before changing out of the military uniform that is so much more intimidating-looking than the lowly detective shield on Maggie’s belt.

“Nah, you two are just friends, I didn’t see you doing any couple-y things bef – “

But then Maggie’s stomach is sinking and her brain is exploding, because Lucy is turning Alex’s face to hers, and she’s closing her eyes and she’s parting her lips and Alex is kissing her back and Maggie doesn’t know if she never wants to stop watching or if she wants to run out the door and never look back.

She settles for stepping around the table, putting her body between the gaping guy and the woman who’s supposed to be her best friend.

The woman who – she can’t deny it anymore, not now, not the way her stomach is churning and her eyes are burning to see her kiss another girl who’s just a friend, just a friend, just doing her a favor, just a friend, but god are they using tongue? – she can’t deny anymore than she’s solidly in love with.

She puts her body between Alex’s and the guy’s, and she stares coolly up into his face and she decides that if she has to take her anger out on someone, he’ll do just fine.

“Lady’s clearly not interested, man – move along.”

She fingers her badge and he practically snarls, but he obeys.

Maggie’s eyes close and she savors the moment before she has to turn around and watch the aftermath of… whatever just happened between Alex and Lucy.

“You defended me,” Alex’s voice jolts through her spine, and Maggie almost jumps.

“Lucy seemed to have it under control. I was just insurance,” Maggie shrugs, and she wavers, unable to decide whether to sit back down or to plead some excuse and leave to hit up the gym, to cry alone in her bed. To scream into her pillow and to bathe in her own pain.

Lucy and Alex exchange a glance, and Alex reaches for Maggie’s hand. 

Maggie pulls back.

“Mags, you… are you okay? Did that guy hurt you? Did – “

“Well you wouldn’t know, would you, you were too busy making out with someone who’s just supposed to be your friend.”

“Maggie, what – “

“Sawyer, listen – “

“No, it’s whatever, Danvers, I didn’t mean… you know what, I shouldn’t have said anything, I’m sorry, obviously you can kiss whoever the hell you want to, and you know I love you, Lucy, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean – “

“What did you mean then, Maggie?”

Alex is standing, now, hand still extended, still reaching for Maggie’s, and Lucy watches them with a small smile on her face.

“I’m gonna… go find my own date,” she murmurs, knowing full well that neither Alex nor Maggie fully registers her words, and not minding in the slightest.

“Maggie, what did you mean?” Alex wants to know, because Maggie is still just staring at her.

Staring at her like she’s wavering on a precipice, and Alex is the wind.

But Alex is also the parachute, the protection from the fall.

“I meant it should’ve been me, Danvers. Because I… I want to be the one you kiss, and not just because some guy’s hitting on you. I… I wanna kiss you, Alex. I wanna do so much more than kiss you.”

It takes Alex so long to respond that Maggie almost goes into her bag for an anti-anxiety pill.

It takes Alex so long to respond that Maggie can hear her own heart beating, her own blood pounding through her veins.

Her own fate being decided by this woman, this incredible fucking woman.

“Then kiss me,” is what Alex ends up whispering, and when Maggie does – god, god, when Maggie does – Lucy whoops loudly from across the bar, and tells anyone who will listen, and even the people who won’t, that those are her girls, her friends, she got them together, she did it, she gets all the credit, she knew it all along, and aren’t they just the cutest?

Let love and faithfulness never leave you;
   bind them around your neck,
   write them on the tablet of your heart.
Then you will win favor and a good name
   in the sight of God and man.
—  Proverbs 3:3-4

“That not all men are piggy, only some; that not all men belittle me, only some; that not all men get mad if you won’t let them play Chivalry, only some; that not all men write books in which women are idiots, only most; that not all men pull rank on me, only some; that not all men pinch their secretaries’ asses, only some; that not all men make obscene remarks to me in the street, only some; that not all men make more money than I do, only some; that not all men make more money than all women, only most; that not all men are rapists, only some; that not all men are promiscuous killers, only some; that not all men control Congress, the Presidency, the police, the army, industry, agriculture, law, science, medicine, architecture, and local government, only some.

I sat down on the lawn and wept.”

– Joanna Russ, On Strike Against God


Siphnian Treasury

Delphi, Greece

525 BCE

The Siphnian Treasury was a building at the Ancient Greek cult centre of Delphi, erected to host the offerings of the polis, or city-state, of Siphnos. It was one of a number of treasuries lining the “Sacred Way”, the processional route through the Sanctuary of Apollo, erected to win the favor of the gods and increase the prestige of the donor polis. It was one of the earlier surviving buildings of this type, and its date remains a matter for debate, with the most plausible date being around 525 BC. Until recently it was often confused or conflated with the neighbouring Cnidian Treasury, a similar but less elaborate building, as the remains of the two had become mixed together and earlier theoretical reconstructions used parts of both. That is the reason I struggled to find reconstructions of the Cnidian counter-part but to no sucsses.