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Pan’s Labyrinth- Everything Else

One of the greatest works of prolific horror director Guillermo Del Toro, Pan’s Labyrinth is a tale of a girl who escapes to a supernatural world beneath her own during the aftermath of the brutal and bloody Spanish Civil War. It always leaves the viewer guessing what is reality and what is fantasy, even up until after the movie ends. Creatures such as the Pale Man are malevolent beings, whereas others, such as the great toad, are more neutral (until disturbed). Caverns, great feasting tables, and tree hollows are some of the many places the viewer gets to glimpse in the world beneath our own. 

Opening Tonight - “La Capra” by Camilla d’Errico for Gallery 1988 x Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘In Service of Monsters’ exhibition.


Most of the posts I see on tumblr show Cernunnos as basically a Celtic version of Pan but from what I’ve read he’s completely different. To me, Pan is more of a typical satyr, young, and has a lot to do with fertility and sex. Cernunnos on the other hand is more like the Faun from Pan’s Labyrinth, much less human-looking, if he looks human he would take the form of an old man, not a young one, and not chiefly associated with fertility. 

Cernunnos sits between worlds. He is the god of spirit work, new beginnings, and liminal spaces. Of course he is also associated with the stag, the forest, and hunting. I believe he is a sort of guide between this world and the spirit world.

Possible Offerings:

  • Coins, gold
  • Pine cones pine needles, acorns, stones, other forest-related objects
  • animal bones and pelts
  • Images of snakes, deer, and cattle
  • Mirrors, divination-related items
  • Grain, wheat, oats
  • Bread, potatoes, other root vegetables
  • Wine??? Ale??? (I haven’t read anything saying he WOULDN’T like alcohol so I’m thinking it’s okay)

Your thoughts on this are always welcome :)


I can’t believe that I forgot to add my Baby Groot piece to my list. In any case, I still have these pieces up for sale if anyone is interested. Please let me know by ask/fanmail and I’ll give you my asking price. I’m willing to negotiate to an extent. It would really help since I have to move really soon and on top of that, I have the bill from my visit to the emergency room last month… All pieces, except Groot, are on 11"x14" bristol. Groot is on 10"x14 ¼" Deleter kent paper. As always, any reblogs would help tremendously. Thank you!